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Category: Towns
Topic: Ta'Vaalor
Message #: 10598
Author: GS4-ALYIAS
Date: 5/5/2009 11:01:21 PM

The court of King Tyrnian announced that in order to facilitate the ease for travellers to see and do business in Ta'Vaalor, the ferry crossing the Lake of Fear has been refitted, and extra rowers have been hired.

Responses to this latest development have been mixed. While most spurn the idea of more outsiders, some business owners are pleased with the announcements, with one exclaiming, "The King is dead on with this decision. This means we'll have halflings, half-elves, dwarves, giantkin, and all other sorts of folks showing up! I can't wait for the silver to roll in!"

The result of this upgrade is that the ferry runs approximately twice as fast as it did previously.

Category: Towns
Topic: Ta'Vaalor
Message #:
Date: 04/11/2018
Subject: A Royal Announcement

To the people of Ta'Vaalor,

Late last evening, the Captain of the Lake of Fear ferry was found wandering aimlessly into the Ravelin. Incoherent and near death, the Captain was able to give bits and pieces about what happened.

The freeze happened so quickly, they had no time to react. The force of the ice crushed the ferry with ease, and all hands were tossed into the semi-solid mass that was once the Lake of Fear. The Captain kept his wits about him and managed to move across the more solid areas and worked his way toward shore. What happened next is still unclear, as the Captain will only speak of the screams of his crew and the cold.

With this news, the Crown declares both the ferry and her crew lost, and extends its deepest condolences to the families of the crew and commends them for their years of service.

His Majesty King Qalinor the Sovereign Commander of the Crimson Legions

Category: Towns
Topic: Ta'Vaalor
Message #:
Date: 08/01/2018
Subject: Captain, My Captain

Late this evening, the ice over the Lake of Fear finally broke. Over the course of several hours, the ice chunks rushed downstream into the MistyDeep and a potential passage opened up...

Boarding the new ferry, it felt familiar. The awning was near identical, as was the rest of the vessel. The Captain was pleased; it felt like home. With a grin on his face and a tear in his eye, he exhorted his lost crew to "put your backs into it" one last time. Turning, he reviewed the new crew lined along the docks. "They have some large shoes to fill," he thought.

Certain all preparations were complete and had been double checked, the Captain gave the order to cast off. There were no passengers this run, he needed to 'feel' the waters first to see if they had changed.

Just as he had suspected, the freeze had not reached the deeper parts of the lake and the subsequent cooling of those waters had changed the currents. Thinking to himself, "I've been on this lake nigh on two decades, and still she teases me," he mused. "To port!", he shouted to his new crew. "Let's catch these new currents," he thought to himself.

The northern shore faded into view… much too soon. The currents pushed the vessel, rather than trying to rip the wheel from his hands. Quickly doing the math, "...carry the one, multiply by five…". The currents had cut the travel time considerably. "If these conditions remain", he thought, "my route will be in high demand". "Ready the lines!", he shouted. "Bring her about for the return trip and put your backs into it this time!." Though she was different today, the Lake was still his love and it was if she was happy to see him again too.

OOC Notes: The ferry now travels much quicker than before. It is still free from the Ta'Vaalor side but costs 100 silvers to board from Ta'Illistim. I am certain the Captain still enjoys "tips" if you are so inclined. However, after losing his crew, he is no longer quite as greedy as before.