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Ta'Vaalor map by Nihrvanah

The Fortress City of Ta'Vaalor, situated in northeastern Elanith on the Mistydeep River, is one of the five elven city-states (along with Ta'Illistim, Ta'Ardenai, Ta'Loenthra, and Ta'Nalfein) that comprise the Elven Nations. It is the seat of power of the House of Vaalor.

History and Geography

"Ta'Vaalor, the work of the great Aradhul Vaalor, is more a fortress than a city. The Vaalor have always produced the finest warriors of the elven race. All Vaalor, male and female, enter the military at a young age, serving for some hundred years. Perhaps because of this, they are the haughtiest of the Elves. They had little tolerance for the lesser peoples of the lands, especially mixed-breeds. They have never suffered the elven culture or bloodlines to be tainted by others."

Ta'Vaalor was founded 210 years after the establishment of the Elven Calendar (48,897 years before the Modern Era), when Aradhul Vaalor led his house to the shores of the Mistydeep River. The central walled fortress was built on an island, with the river serving as a natural moat. To the west lie wide grassy plains dotted with farmlands and orchards, and to the east the terrain is rougher with swamps and woodlands. With the slow decline of the Elven Empire, some of the outer settlements have been abandoned to the wilderness. In recent times, the city has had to occasionally fend off incursions of orcs, trolls, and undead.

Qalinor is the current King of Ta'Vaalor and Sovereign Commander of the Crimson Legion, succeeding Tyrnian in 5113.

The city was made accessible to adventurers in 5101 with the the opening of the trail across the Dragonspine Mountains. It is separated from Ta'Illistim and its environs by the Lake of Fear. A free ferry service (funded by King Qalinor) crosses the lake every 15 minutes or so. Passengers can bribe the ferry captain to speed the journey along at the price of 5,000 silvers worth of gems or notes, or 2,500 for citizens. Experienced adventurers may also take the more dangerous Aradhul Road between the two realms.

As part of the Teleportation Review, the Chronomages allow instantaneous travel between Ta'Vaalor, Ta'Illistim, and Cysaegir. The cost of a daily pass is 5,000 silvers for unlimited round trips. As teleportation directly into Ta'Vaalor is prohibited by law, the Chronomages maintain a stone turret southwest of the city, just past Victory Bridge.

In 5122, the docks of Ta'Vaalor were made available to Open Sea Adventures.

Among the city's wandering residents are a dwarven recruiter, a sleek golden ferret, a light-robed erithian woman, the Guard Captain, a middle-aged blonde elven priestess, a ragged old blind man, a robed erithian monk, and a white-robed acolyte.

The Ravelin

Main article: Ravelin

The Ravelin is a small outpost in the hills northwest of Ta'Vaalor proper. It features common amenities and a few specialty shops, as well as rowboats that can be used to explore the Mistydeep River. Unfortunate adventurers who fall into the ravine from Aradhul Road may sometimes wash up near the fishing docks.


From Phoenatos 26, 5109 until Koaratos 26, 5120, upon the decree of King Tyrnian, visitors to Ta'Vaalor were required to hold a monthly permit to do business. Having a permit allowed one to trade in the town shops and enter the city gates at night without being subjected to a lengthy personal search. Permits were free to new adventurers and to citizens, but cost several thousand silvers otherwise.

This decree has been rescinded by King Qalinor. Visitors are no longer required to carry papers to enter or do business within the walls of the fortress.

Military and Citizenship

Main article: Crimson Legion

The Crimson Legion is the official military of the House of Vaalor. All Vaalor elves are required to serve a hundred years in the Legion, unless they are not qualified for physical reasons. At the completion of their term of service, they are granted full privileges of citizenship.

The citizenship available to adventurers residing in the city should be viewed as provisional until one has completed their service in the Legion. Any Vaalor elf and full (provisional) citizen of Ta'Vaalor has the opportunity to join the Crimson Legion as a reservist and will be eligible to be promoted by the Lord Legionnaire Commander for dedicated service.

Elves of the other noble houses (except for Dark Elves) who reside in Ta'Vaalor, as well as cousins from the sylvan settlements, qualify for partial citizenship in Ta'Vaalor. The Crimson Legion itself is restricted to the House of Vaalor, but any residents of the city, even non-citizens, may assist the Legion as auxiliaries if they so choose and may be honored by the Lord Legionnaire Commander or the Sovereign himself for exceptional deeds in defense of the city.

Citizens of Ta'Vaalor may display their allegiance with a citizenship pin: an eahnor wyvern badge or a golden wyvern pin. Citizenship pins are distributed periodically by representatives of the City-State.

Vaalorian Medals and Decorations may be awarded for legionnaires and civilians who have served the city honorably.


A general guide for invasions was posted by GM Mazreth in January 2017 describing the level breakdowns/locations of creatures.[1] Not all invasions are guaranteed to follow this guideline.

The general guide for invasions was amended by GM Valyrka in September 2021 after suggestions were made during the annual OOC meeting. [2]

Creature Level Gate
Lowest Level Victory
Second Lowest Amaranth
Third Lowest Vermilion
Highest Level Annatto

Town Defenses

Main article: Ta'Vaalor/Defenses

Players may also avoid direct combat by taking advantage of the town's built-in defenses.

City of Ta'Vaalor

Help for New Adventurers

See also: A beginner's guide to Ta'Vaalor and Ta'Vaalor new-player jobs

Ta'Vaalor is one of the cities where young adventurers may start out on their journey. When just starting out, make sure to complete the sprite quest that starts automatically when entering the lands. Afterwards, one may stop by Silverwood Manor to ask the Mentors for guidance, or proceed to explore the city. Visiting the major shops and government buildings in the city for the first time will award immediate experience. One should also explore Malwith Inn and find the door inside at Casu's Cafe for some lessons with Retired Airship Officer Tedrik.

The traditional gathering spot in the city to rest and meet fellow adventurers is King's Court, just south of the towering central Guardian Keep. (If you need help finding it, type: DIR TOWN SQUARE)

Young adventurers can earn silvers by running errands for Sassion. Sassion can be found in the building inside the Vermilion Gate. Pass beyond the curtain inside. She'll ask you to deliver messages to the guards at the four gates and to the guard at the southernmost end of Amaranth Court. By the way, these guards do sometimes get thirsty while on duty - so if you happen to have a glass of water handy, they may well appreciate it.

Young adventurers should also ask the various shop proprietors for a job. Some of them are looking for various goods and oddities.

Places of Interest




Citizen Only
Legion Only
Legion Officers Only
Entrance is granted solely when escorted by a GMNPC
Profession Guilds


Main article: Category:Ta'Vaalor Shops

Weapons and Armor

Adventuring Supplies

Clothing and Jewelry

Food and Drink


Additional shops may be found nearby in Ravelin.


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Area Level Range
Catacombs 1
Long neglected and often used a convenient dumping ground for trash and deceased paupers, the catacombs of Ta'Vaalor have become overrun with filth and vermin. A strong stomach (and a spare pair of boots) is strongly recommended for any who would seek to explore the unhealthy depths of Ta'Vaalor.

Rumors: Normally deserted, the catacombs have seen a recent influx of travellers. This has prompted the locals to suspect that something sinister may be afoot deep underneath their grand city.

Briar Thicket 1
Briars, brambles and filth mark the presence of nature's artist, the kobold. Taking the local brush usually inhabited by rabbits and squirrels, the place has become dug up and twisted with a style infathomable by many, loved by few. Take an extra bar of soap with you if you plan any excursions into the area.

Rumors: Lost hundreds of years ago, the single most powerful gem ever known was rumored to have been transformed and hidden within the thicket in plain sight. Many wizards have gone mad searching for it.

Ant Hill 1
This was once a fine farm, worthy of feeding a good part of the fine nation of elves. But nature once again proved more challenging as it ushered in doom in the form of ants. Making their home right in the center, the farmers were probably the wiser by leaving for greener fields.

Rumors: The secrets of many places are known to those that do not desire.

Yander's Farm 1-14
Lazy fields, country living. Time seems to slow when you visit this well known barn. The ever-absent Yander keeps a fair stock of rolton and urgh but one wonders how he makes a living as he is rarely if ever seen tending them.

Rumors: Some say the entire barn is simply an elaborate ruse to hide a secret laboratory where the infamous Yander works dark magics for ill purpose.

Rambling Meadows 1-4
Hilltop: 22-23
Nature's grasp reaches out in the overgrown fields and meadows of this region. A farm long abandoned leaves little clue to the reasons for rapid exodus of the former inhabitants. Still, the local ogres probably had a hand in it, though it's less likely that they have the wits to remember doing so.

Rumors: Certain weeds are sharper than others and care must be taken not to sit in unfriendly fields.

Glaise Cnoc Cemetery 1-5
Unlike many outlying cemetaries in Elanthia, the Glaise Cnoc cemetery has been well kept and maintained as a suitable resting ground for the brave soldier-folk of Ta'Vaalor. Unfortunately, the restless spirits of many soldiers slain before their time lay within the cemetery gates and can often be seen wandering aimlessly within. Caution is thereby urged upon those who seek passage beyond the gates.

Rumors: It is said that the spirits of those who cannot rest will not harm the living who still mourn for their dead. However, spirit wards are always useful, just in case.

Plains of Bone 8-20
Little can be said of death that can calm the soul of one who has laid eyes upon the Plains of Bone. Where scattered bones end, sculpted begins at the spiral-shaped gate made of the remains of those long forgotten. Not for the weak of heart.

Rumors: Diamonds, hidden within the skulls of the dead, is a doom cry that fools use as an excuse for their mad schemes to harvest the area. It is their souls that are most often harvested.

The Toadwort 2-13
Near Ta'Vaalor's Annatto Gate lies an unlikely dream location for the horticulturist -- the Toadwort. Although the area contains most of the unpleasant hallmarks of a swamp, such as insects, fetid water and mud, it is also home to an impressive array of plant life, from swamp buttercups to jewelweeds to a variety of mangrove trees. The lush growth has attracted wildlife, as well, some of which can be dangerous if startled. The faint of heart will want to avoid the more sinister areas of the Toadwort, which are marked by corpses and mysterious bubbling liquids. Whether these previous visitors fell victim to foul play or unfortunate accident is not always apparent, and inquisitive explorers are advised to be on their guard.

Points of Interest: The Lone Stone Bier, The Capsized Dory

Rumors: It's said that the swampy Toadwort used to boast a campsite for travelers, but where it is and whether it is still used is unknown. The undead may also have a foothold in this swampy area, but few have returned to tell about it.

Neartofar Forest 11-20
Known not for its coniferous trees, lush terrain and varied wildlife... but rather the extremely dangerous and menacing stockade defended by ogres bent on destroying everything that moves. As you might expect, care should be taken when travelling in the area.

Rumors: Dark, twisted things live beneath the surface, waiting for the opportunity to escape.

Grasslands 14-20
The wind has a plenty of field to wave within the grasslands of Ta'Vaalor. Here you may find open fields both wild and tended, sporting several known grass types as well and fields of barley, apple orchards and grape vineyards. Don't let nature's beauty fool you, the wild life nearby can be dangerous.

Rumors: Under the right stars, when the moon shines full, a single tree will sprout apples of pure gold. At least, that's what the elf said when he sold the land to the most recent owner.

Lunule Weald 23-27
A wide swath of land breaking from swamp to hills to thick woodlands makes up the sprawling territory of Lunule Weald. At the heart of the forest the ruins of a religious settlement may be observed, the rubble of which bears silent testament to the failed attempt at civilization, and the ensuing massacre at the monks' own hands. Expedition reports from the holy site have been mostly incomprehensible, but frequently make note that the influence of insanity is far from subtle, and that the forest itself is protective of its secrets.

Points of Interest: Within the root embrace of an ancient carved tree in Perish Glen is a shrine to the wild goddess Zelia. Those who seek her blessing may find it here, or find madness, if there is a difference.

Rumors: It is said the village deep within Felwood Grove was settled by Zelian monks in their pursuit of freedom from religious persecution, though the marks of violent insanity liberally evidenced throughout the wounded woods declare the foray a failure.

Sorcerer's Isle 28-30
Fethayl Bog 44-48
Dark, dank and deadly. Three words that only begin to describe the setting of place you WANT to forget. Submersed deep within the bog is a decrepit mausoleum which fuels a nasty population of undead. Travel here is not recommended. On a lighter note, adventurers have advised that if the legions of undead within the bog don't kill you, the smell probably will."

Rumors: Locals claim that secret cabal of wizards, sorcerers and necromancers designed and created the entire area to some ill purpose at a dark and mysterious gathering known only as 'Simucon'.

Red Forest 60-83
Old Ta'Faendryl 82-100


Citizen only verbs include GIGGLE, SALUTE, SCREAM, and TURN. Further details can be found at the Citizenship verb page.

Public Gathering Places

Room Name Node Type Room ID Lich Room # Shattered
Amaranth Court (obelisk/statue?) Super node 14100012 3486 3486
Garden of Ancients (small bench) Super node 14100030 10374 10374
King's Court (bench) Super node 14100047 3519 3519
King's Court (Kai statue) Super node 14100046 3542 3542
Ta'Vaalor, King's Court (dock area) Super node 14100045 3544 3544
Etesian Villa, Lounge (Premium Hall) Super node 4002604 20713


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