Landing Events - 2019-05-17 - OOC Militia Meeting (log)

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by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


The below quotes are all from GM Kenstrom:

So the militia has been one of the long neglected things I felt was overdue for some more love. So I re-organized a few things. Instead of X members under Y Captain, it's more like Here's the Captains, here's the Members.

I'm working on trying to get some things automated for the militia. Such as titles, badges, and uniforms. I'm also going to be getting out a new Online Application. That'll get the applications sent to the Captains as well, to review and decide on. Empowering the Captains to handle some more too. [much later in the night] To be clear. Automation is not guaranteed. But I'm trying to recruit some new friends from new GM's. Who could help.

So my focus is really, breathing some life back into the militia, but definitely empowering the captains and members to sort of manage it, since it isn't an MHO, etc. But the militia will be important as time goes on. And I truly want to lean on PC's in the future and less on NPC's.

(replying to Leafi asking for a room sealed by mithril doors to hold secure conversations)

Good idea.

(replying to Thrassus asking if citizenship is required to join)

Currently, yes.

(replying to Tonnk asking to have people who can open the ballista towers so people can learn)

It is a good point. I always open the towers manually in invasions. Maybe we could look into Captains and other key defense people having permission. Somehow. [but later...] Wait. Let me double check. So there is a Ballista Tower in the barracks. IT IS ALWAYS OPEN.

(replying to Pup asking for various new options for town defense)

Town defense is definitely needing some new upgrades and expansions. I am hoping to utilize some coders in the near future for some help. So we'll see!

(replying to Evician asking if he can send an email)

ALways! Send me emails on anything. Whenever.

(replying to Lylia asking if the automation or reorganization would entail behind-the-scenes changes like becoming an MHO)

It will not become an MHO, no. And we also won't have strict requirements either, you know? If a member vanishes for a year, big deal. Come back? Welcome back! And there's no event requirements, nothing. It literally will be WHAT people decide to make of it. Captains, Members, everyone alike.

(replying to Shinann asking if the gate to the inside can be closed)

I did not realize it was still unlocked. I need to also setup people to access it. So this weekend I'll add all of the new people to the permission list. And lock it. So members can pass through. So the gate has a list of "names" allowed in that I add on the backend. I can open it to all, or close it, and only those on the list can pass.

(replying to Leafi asking about the place of the militia in the Landing government, and later Lylia asking about the roles of the militia vs. the town guard)

Yeah so there is the Town Guard and Town Militia. The guard is more like the town "cops". Report to the government type of thing. There is also a Guard Captain. Khylon right now. But no council seat. The Town Militia is more loose, but the Marshal is on the council. It's a weird dynamic. Maybe there should be more checks and balances, and power scheme explained... But hey it's the frontier.

[later to Lylia] I do think something is needed though. To explain "militia" over "guard". So maybe I will work on that. Guards are the town cops who that is their JOB. Militia are every day people and aventurers who train like reserves and battle when there is a need to defend.

(replying to Shinann mentioning prisoners)

I will add prison cells to the barracks.

(replying to Nysanora asking about scheduling days/hours)

Still working on KST and figuring that out. Fri/Sat will still be for big events. Especially when the storyline kicks off. End of june. buy deeds. I'll know more for KST soon.

(replying to Chamorr asking for scotch in the kitchen)

Scotch, sure!

(replying to Chamorr asking about militia-specific future endeavors)

I do have some militia-focused missions planned for the future. I need to be very careful. I do not want the militia to become an exclusive club of elitists. You know? But I've also done secret missions for evil groups. So it will be balanced.

(replying to Nazarr asking for specially designed prison cells and shackles to hold strong magic users)

Approved. I'll add it with the prison cells and mithril doors and tin hats. I just hesitate to do too much, because Grishom will just win and you will all bow to the Blood God.

Buy deeds. Witchful Thinking will not be kind to you.