Landing Events - 5118-06-05 - Grishom's Message for Breshon

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Lumnea 5-6, 5118

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


Grishom Stone arrives at the bone pillar in the Lower Dragonsclaw with a message for Mayor Lylia: that if she and Breshon Caulfield will it, he'll take the sickness from Larsya Caulfield and cure her. He says he'll ask nothing in return and no sacrifice. Grishom says that he'll return in a week for an answer and Lylia says she'll deliver the message and see that it's given consideration.

Grishom then takes questions from the crowd and:

  • Says he'll allow full observation of her cure if Breshon agrees, Larsya's body and mind will be made whole, he'll perform the cure directly, and it will involve using his red orb
  • Implicitly denies others' claims that he's working toward a greater end
  • Says that if Breshon refuses then that is his choice
  • Tells Evia not to confuse him for her enemy and that if he wished the destruction of the Landing he would have done it already, saying that he'll bring life and need not be feared
  • When asked about the ship of golems, says: "When a child kicks a hornet's nest, to whom do we blame for the sting?"


Cloud of Blood and Shadows

[Town Square Central]

This is the heart of the main square of Wehnimer's Landing. The impromptu shops of the bazaar are clustered around this central gathering place, where townsfolk, travellers, and adventurers meet to talk, conspire or raise expeditions to the far-flung reaches of Elanith. At the north end, an old well, with moss-covered stones and a craggy roof, is shaded from the moonlight by a strong, robust tree. The oak is tall and straight, and it is apparent that the roots run deep.

A clap of thunder shakes the heavens.

In the distance, on the furthest horizons, it appears as if some stars in the sky seem to blink out of existence, suffocated by walls of expanding darkness.

In the distance, more stars seem to fade from the sky, burning out, or engulfed by an encroaching blanket of shadows.

High above the tall modwirs of the Wooded Hills of Lower Dragonsclaw, a swirling cloud of shadow begins to churn in the sky, its dark nebulous shape streaked with ribbons of blood, twisting about like pulsing veins.

[Madmountan soon reports sighting a cloud of blood in the Lower Dragonsclaw; travel proceeds]

[Lower Dragonsclaw, Wooded Hills]

Clumps of modwirs obscure your vision up the hill, but also act as a windbreak. The strong pine scent of the trees fills the area, making your eyes water. Strange chitterings and cracklings make you very aware that you're not alone here. You also see a jumpy forest spirit that is flying around, a cloud of churning blood and shadows and a black-whorled ashen bone pillar.

[constant disconnection issues proceeed to plague me--and Lylia, and for that matter Kenstrom, among many others--for the next 15ish minutes, but finally everything seems to stabilize]


As the cloud of blood-streaked shadows continues to churn above the Wooded Hills, the center of the dark tempest begins to glow with a bright sanguine light.

Emerging from the glowing crimson light of the tempest comes floating a red orb, its glass-like surface holding a polished sheen. The orb floats mere feet out from the tempest, bathing the ground in an eerie red aura.

Grishom Stone Arrives

Birthed out of the swirling shadows and blood, a red-robed figure appears, his imperious deep sea blue eyes regarding the gathered people below. Shadows twist and writh behind him, as the red orb floats near to his open, waiting hand. Bathed in a mix of shadows and a crimson glow, the man descends to the ground.


[Lower Dragonsclaw, Wooded Hills]

Clumps of modwirs obscure your vision up the hill, but also act as a windbreak. The strong pine scent of the trees fills the area, making your eyes water. Strange chitterings and cracklings make you very aware that you're not alone here. You also see the Balley disk, a lively tawny deer mouse, the fiery red Krampton disk, the Pinchot disk, a scarred smoky coppery abyran'sa, the palm frond-shaped Leafiara disk, a goofy dune spirit that is flying around, a jumpy forest spirit that is flying around, a striped owl, the blue Danthius disk, the Ferrumus disk, a cloud of churning blood and shadows and a black-whorled ashen bone pillar.

Also here: Lord Grishom, Dame Evia, Lord Danthius, Great Lord Ferrumus, Cruxophim, Zosopage, Maiden Balley, Goldstr, Sorranie, Lady Florania, Krampton, Pinchot, Mayor Lylia, Great Lady Darcena, Lord Xorus, Magister Raelee, Chaoswynd, Stormyrain, Lady Arakkine, Lady Qwentara, Marshal Meureii, Shinann, Drazaa, Relic Hunter Madmountan

You nod to Grishom in greeting.

Grishom grins slowly.

Stormyrain gets a blank look on her face.

Raelee narrows her eyes slightly, studying Grishom with a cool, analytical gaze.

Stormyrain takes a few graceful steps backward.

Drazaa slowly empties his lungs.

Evia says, "Well, well."

Madmountan turns toward Grishom and renders a sharp salute with his coraesine mekya ne'rutka.

Danthius paces back and forth.

Cruxophim gives Grishom a strong, encouraging smile.

>look gris

You see Lord Grishom Stone. He appears to be a Human. He is taller than average. He appears to be in the prime of life. He has imperious deep sea blue eyes and tanned skin. He has short, sleek raven-hued hair. He has a smooth face and a thin nose. His deep red spidersilk robe shifts fluidly with each movement, and shadows seem to twist behind him as if a writhing wall of darkness. A blood red orb floats near his hand at all times, its luminous crimson glow bathing Grishom in a shade of sanguine light.

Speaking to Grishom, Meureii says, "Well then."

Speaking calmly to Grishom, Cruxophim greets, "Good evening."

Krampton says, "Heello Mister Mans."

Xorus greets, "Good evening."

Qwentara looks thoughtfully at Grishom.

Darcena sniffs at Grishom.

Shinann folds her arms over her chest.

Lylia places a hand over her heart.

Darcena ponders.

Lylia bows to Grishom.

Danthius deeply says, "Hello."

Grishom says, "Good evening."

Goldstr scowls at Grishom.

Balley softly says, "Un hello."

Balley shivers.

Grishom glances at Goldstr.

Krampton nods to Grishom in greeting.

Evia scowls at Grishom.

Pinchot nods to Grishom in greeting.

You glance between Goldstr and Evia.

You ponder.

Danthius nods to Grishom in greeting.

Ferrumus nods curtly to Grishom.

Drazaa waves his hand in a dismissive gesture.

Drazaa tugs on the deep threadbare hood of his muslin burnoose, allowing it to shadow his face.

Grishom holds out his hands, watching in admiration as the blood rain droplets fall into his palms.

Cruxophim adopts an agreeable expression.

Cruxophim rotates his wrists, tilting his articulated gauntlets from side to side.

Madmountan grins.

Speaking to you, Goldstr asks, "Friend a yers?"

Arakkine nods to Grishom in greeting.

Evia says, "Always the preening."

The area suddenly grows brighter, the shadows recede.

Stormyrain tugs on the pampilion-trimmed lambskin hood of her ebon lambskin jacket, allowing it to shadow her face.

Grishom turns to face Lylia.

Lylia inclines her head.

Speaking indifferently to Goldstr, you say, "Nope. Haven't seen him since that time we spotted him in Dennet's time tunnels."

Cruxophim leans against the pillar, taking a momentary rest.

Goldstr nods.

Cruxophim gives Lylia a strong, encouraging smile.

Grishom asks, "Mayor Lylia Rashere, I trust my message reached you?"

Grishom grins at Balley.

Goldstr peers quizzically at Lylia.

Qwentara glances between Grishom and Lylia.

Speaking to Grishom, Lylia replies, "It did."

Raelee settles her gaze on Grishom, watching him intently.

Arakkine gives a sidelong glance at Lylia.

Cruxophim chuckles to himself.

You curiously ask, "Message?"

Balley nods at Drazaa.

Grishom says, "I come bringing an offering, a message, if you will, for you and your people to deliver in my place."

Drazaa nods knowingly.

You give your eyebrow a little workout.

Lylia offhandedly says, "Others were there as well when it arrived."

Danthius glances at Grishom.

Grishom says, "As if there is to be any measure of its importance received, it would be best not to come directly from myself."

Darcena leans softly against Madmountan.

Madmountan is smelling Darcena.

Xorus smiles slightly.

Madmountan gives an approval gesture with his hand.

Lylia smoothly says, "I am used to conveying messages. I was a diplomatic envoy for the last mayor."

Blood oozes from the clouds high above, as if the very sky is bleeding.

Cruxophim flashes a quick grin at Lylia.

Lylia smiles at Cruxophim.

You quietly whisper to Stormyrain, "...this is the all powerful Grishom Stone? Needs people to send mere messages for him?"

Darcena glances up.

You chortle softly at some secret joke.

Cruxophim chuckles to himself.

Balley ponders.

Grishom raises out his hand, and the red orb glows brightly, floating down to his palm. The steady beat of a heart can be heard, so faintly, nearby.


Thud. Thud.

Speaking in Guildspeak to a scarred smoky coppery abyran'sa, Lylia hisses something you don't understand.

[Stormyrain whispers a response, which Leafi will not publish]

Lylia pushes an outstretched hand towards the ground in front of the smoky coppery abyran'sa. It slowly and begrudgingly lowers itself slowly into a prone position, glaring at her with unmistakable loathing.

Meureii glances around, bristling with anxiety.

Drazaa closes his eyes for a moment.

A scarred smoky coppery abyran'sa winds its way back to an upright position.

Evia turns around.

Grishom glances at you.

Balley glances at a scarred smoky coppery abyran'sa.

Qwentara glances around the area.

Darcena cocks her head.

Darcena inclines her ear, listening intently.

You take a moment to observe everything you can about Grishom.

Stormyrain surreptitiously glances at you.

Speaking to Stormyrain, Darcena whispers aloud, "Did you hear that? Feel that?"

Cruxophim nods once at Darcena.

Puddles of blood form along the ground as the blood rain continues.

(Xorus gazes intently at the red orb.)

An Offering to Breshon and Larsya

Grishom says, "I come with an offering for the Lord of the Outpost."

Danthius paces back and forth.

Grishom says, "Breshon Caulfield."

Evia's entire body tenses as she tightens her grip on her ora morning star.

Drazaa observes the ground closely for tracks.

Xorus chuckles.

Grishom says, "Specifically, for his sister."

Stormyrain nods slowly at Darcena.

Grishom says, "Should he, and you, will it. I shall take the sickness from his sister and cure her."

Arakkine raises an eyebrow.

Goldstr asks, "A cure?"

Evia says, "Out of the goodness of your shriveled black heart, I am sure."

Qwentara blinks.

Madmountan asks, "For what price?"

You nonchalantly muse, "Aiming at two for two on cures, huh."

Meureii barks loudly, then again in a more subdued voice to express his wonderment.

Grishom says, "It is not shriveled."

Grishom nods at Evia.

Grishom smirks.

Goldstr grins at Evia.

Lylia says, "There is no apothecary or empath who does not charge a price."

Lylia waves her hand in a dismissive gesture.

Darcena says, "Oh, sure. Only Cruxophim's heart is shriveled."

Darcena nods at Grishom.

Cruxophim begins chuckling at Evia!

Grishom says, "I am neither."

Grishom nods at Lylia.

Grishom says, "I have no price."

Lylia chuckles.

Florania rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Raelee frowns.

Qwentara rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Balley ponders.

Madmountan says, "Eh, prices aren't always apparent."

Madmountan grins.

Goldstr says, "We see bouts dat price."

Grishom says, "I ask for nothing in return, and no sacrifice."

Speaking to Grishom, Qwentara asks, "So why cure her?"

Xorus leans on his runestaff.

Grishom grins slowly.

Speaking curiously to Grishom, Meureii asks, "And how?"

Balley shivers.

Raelee clenches her jaw.

Lylia clarifies, "You offer, then, to cure Larsya, taking the sickness from her..."

Shinann glances at a black-whorled ashen bone pillar.

Grishom says, "There is limited power in destruction and death."

Cruxophim gives Grishom a strong, encouraging smile.

Grishom says, "There is far more glory in life, and creation."

Grishom grins at Cruxophim.

Qwentara blinks.

Balley softly asks, "What kind of creation?"

You thoughtfully tap a finger against your lips.

Madmountan says, "Urnon Golem."

Darcena looks thoughtfully at Grishom.

Krampton says, "Somebody seems to be turnin over a new leaf."

Meureii looks thoughtfully at Madmountan.

Balley gazes fondly at Grishom.

Grishom asks, "You will see to it, my offer is delivered and considered?"

Madmountan appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Goldstr agrees with Arakkine.

Evia scoffs.

Grishom peers quizzically at Lylia.

Speaking calmly to Lylia, Cruxophim offers, "Makes sense. The transference of disease and injury is a long-standing spiritual practice."

Raelee surreptitiously glances at Lylia.

Grishom says, "I will return in one week for an answer."

Madmountan says, "We can eat more of Breshon's food while we tell him."

Speaking to Grishom, Lylia says, "I shall deliver it personally, and I shall see to it that it is given all due consideration. Including my own."

Darcena cocks her head.

Qwentara giggles at Madmountan.

Balley takes a deep breath.

Speaking diplomatically to Lylia, Cruxophim remarks, "As with anything."

Grishom says, "I shall allow full observation to her cure."

Balley slowly empties her lungs.

Lylia asks, "May I ask a few questions I am sure Breshon would wish to know?"

Raelee quietly states, "... that is not enough."

Grishom furrows his brow.

Grishom says, "Indeed."

Grishom nods at Lylia.

Grishom glances at Raelee.

Stormyrain shifts her weight.

Lylia asks, "What would be left of Larsya after such a cure? Would she be the raddled old woman, the young girl, or some age in between?"

Darcena works her fingers under her braided wreath and scratches her head.

Evia leisurely polishes her ora morning star.

Goldstr nods at Lylia.

Lylia crooks her finger meaningfully at the abyran'sa. Its serpentine face registers a brief flash of hatred before it approaches and draws up before her, its eyes averted in a show of humility.

The finger-like protrusions atop the abyran'sa's head move about furiously as it stares dangerously.

Darcena rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Grishom says, "She will be restored."

Meureii smiles quietly to himself.

Evia glances around the area.

Goldstr rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Lylia says, "Body and mind, made whole."

Darcena sniffs at a cloud of churning blood and shadows.

Grishom says, "Indeed."

Pinchot says, "She's going to appear normal at first and then melt into a puddle of ooze."

Pinchot hums a seemingly random tune.

Evia says, "And spirit intact."

Evia frowns.

Shinann glances at a black-whorled ashen bone pillar.

Cruxophim smiles in a beautific manner, although the effect is largely lost upon his pallorous complexion and scarred lips.

Lylia says, "Ashes to ashes, ooze to ooze."

Darcena removes a fluted amber goblet from in her grey velvet cloak.

You mention, "Considering Breshon was reluctant even considering donating samples of her blood, working with you might be a bit much, but I guess that at least bringing it up can't hurt."

Pinchot smiles quietly to himself.

Balley nods at Drazaa.

Drazaa adopts an agreeable expression.

Speaking to you, Lylia says, "Perhaps that is why he chose someone else to speak on his behalf. Sometimes the messenger may matter as much as the message."

The abyran'sa continues to eye you coldly as it drags its gleaming claws repeatedly across the ground, creating an ear-piercing grinding noise.

Madmountan nods at Lylia.

Speaking noncommittally to Lylia, you agree, "Might be."

Cruxophim nods sagely at Lylia.

Goldstr agrees with Lylia.

Cruxophim wryly admits, "A practice I can relate to."

Grishom grins at Balley.

Madmountan says, "He wants us to sell it to him. But why? If there's no price, what does Grishom get out of this. I guess there not being a price and getting something out of it can be two different things."

Ferrumus paces back and forth.

Grishom glances at Darcena.

Balley softly says, "Hello Grishom."

Balley frets.

Darcena squints at Grishom.

Danthius gasps.

Grishom grins at Lylia.

You rub Balley tenderly.

Qwentara glances between Balley and Grishom.

Evia paces back and forth.

Cruxophim rubs Balley tenderly.

Lylia smiles in return, but says nothing.

Q&A With Grishom Stone

Meureii whispers something to Madmountan.

Speaking innocently to Madmountan, Darcena asks, "Sometimes isn't there just pleasure in the mischief?"

Madmountan nods at Meureii.

Darcena cocks her head.

Stormyrain surreptitiously glances at Balley.

Cruxophim twitches a bit, turns to Madmountan, and contorts his face in a lunatic grin.

Speaking offhandedly to Darcena, you repeat, "Sometimes?"

Balley shivers.

You flash a quick grin at Darcena.

Darcena flashes you a wolfish grin.

Lylia says, "A learning experience can carry its own value."

Grishom asks, "Are your questions finished?"

Speaking to Darcena, Madmountan says, "Indeed, but not with this one. He's working toward some greater end. Alwasys is."

Darcena frowns at Madmountan.

Grishom asks, "An end?"

Grishom peers quizzically at Madmountan.

Goldstr nods at Madmountan.

Madmountan grins at Grishom.

Speaking to Madmountan, Darcena whispers aloud, "That may be too complicated for me."

Madmountan says, "I'm not saying I know what it is."

Darcena reaches down and works her fingers inside her silver-laced sandals to scratch her foot.

Cruxophim nods sagely at Lylia.

Cruxophim begins chuckling at Darcena!

Grishom says, "I do not wish an end."

Cruxophim places a hand on his black silk shirt over his heart.

Madmountan says, "But you aren't doing this out of the kindness of our heart."

Madmountan says, "Your heart either."

Grishom says, "There is more potential in a beginning."

Raelee looks thoughtfully at Lylia.

Darcena smiles with appreciation at Grishom.

Lylia says, "I have half a hundred more questions. Few of them would find answers, but I think I know enough to present your case fully to Breshon."

Speaking jokingly to Madmountan, Cruxophim quips, "I'd do it out of the kindness of your heart, if it came to that."

Shinann asks, "A beginning to what?"

Cruxophim flashes Madmountan a toothy grin.

Raelee frowns.

Madmountan asks, "Oh, so maybe Larysa can be useful in the future?"

Darcena growls at Cruxophim.

Qwentara peers quizzically at Raelee.

Balley shivers.

Speaking sternly to Cruxophim, Darcena says, "You are a collector of hearts. You may not have his, too."

Speaking to Raelee, Qwentara asks, "Something troubling you Magister?"

Speaking gently to Darcena, Cruxophim inquires, "Are you going to stop me?"

Cruxophim leans softly against Madmountan.

Evia says, "I preferred him as the dirty pebbles he once was."

Darcena moves to stand in front of Madmountan.

Speaking distractedly to Qwentara, Raelee says, "Always."

Speaking adamantly to Cruxophim, Darcena says, "Yes."

Evia wrinkles her nose.

Goldstr winks at Evia.

Speaking to Grishom, Madmountan says, "Hopefully you are better at this sort of thing than Quinshon."

Balley gulps.

Madmountan accepts Cruxophim's length of intestines.

Speaking to Raelee, Qwentara asks, "Care to share?"

Grishom glances at Madmountan.

You chortle at Madmountan.

Speaking to Grishom, Lylia asks, "If I am unsuccessful in persuading the man to act on his sister's behalf?"

Speaking to Qwentara, Raelee says, "... no."

Grishom clenches his jaw.

Speaking pleasantly to Darcena, Cruxophim mouths, "Fun."

Shinann shifts her weight.

Darcena scowls at Cruxophim.

Qwentara looks thoughtfully at Raelee.

Meureii glances between Grishom and Madmountan.

Qwentara shrugs.

Cruxophim nods once at Lylia.

Madmountan grins at Grishom.

Grishom says, "Then that is his choice."

Grishom nods at Lylia.

Grishom says, "I come bringing an offering, not a threat."

Cruxophim diplomatically reasons, "It does seem like a rather hard sell, if there is not some modicum of subterfuge involved."

You nod at Cruxophim.

Lylia whispers something to Cruxophim.

Madmountan says, "It didn't sound like a threat. I believe you will cure her."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Raelee asks, "Is it?"

Madmountan sniffs at his length of intestines.

Madmountan glances at Darcena.

Darcena looks over at Madmountan and shakes her head.

Grishom asks, "No further questions from anyone?"

Lylia surveys the area.

Drazaa furrows his brow.

Madmountan turns the intestines over in his hands, examining it in minute detail.

Speaking thoughtfully to Grishom, Cruxophim inquires, "Are you comfortable with acting by proxy, if such is determined to be the best course of action? Hypothetically speaking, of course?"

Evia says, "Because all of his "offerings" have always brought peace love and joy to us."

Evia gazes up into the heavens.

Beldannon looks thoughtfully at Grishom.

Balley frets.

Speaking to Madmountan, you say, "I believe he would too, but whether Breshon would even possibly consider agreeing..."

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

You shrug.

Drazaa smirks at Evia.

Madmountan grins at you.

Grishom says, "I will allow anyone in audience he, or you all deem fit."

Speaking wryly to Raelee, Cruxophim assures, "Yes."

Grishom says, "But I will be there."

Speaking to Grishom, Raelee says, "... there are always further questions."

Speaking to Evia, Stormyrain says, "He did keep his bargain with Walkar."

Grishom turns an inquisitive ear toward Raelee.

Speaking pleasantly to Grishom, Darcena says, "That sounds fun. I love having an audience."

Cruxophim nods once at Grishom.

Evia clenches her jaw.

Lylia says, "Every choice carries consequences. I hear some of you arguing that these are too great, yet I also have heard some of you say that no effort is too great to spare the life of this child."

Cruxophim gazes in amusement at Beldannon.

Balley just opened a flowing ivory gossamer pelisse.

Speaking to Grishom, Madmountan asks, "Are you going to perform the task yourself directly, or have someone else do it?" [this is answered a bit further down]

Balley removes a cup of warm sylvan tea from in her ivory gossamer pelisse.

Balley takes a drink from her warm sylvan tea.

Beldannon grins at Cruxophim.

Grishom peers quizzically at Evia.

Speaking to Lylia, Raelee says, "... action, consequence, results."

Lylia nods at Raelee.

Cruxophim mildly reminds, "Choices are good. Choices are not action unless followed through."

Grishom says, "Do not confuse me for your enemy, Evia."

Goldstr begins chuckling at Grishom!

Evia frowns.

Grishom asks, "Do you think I am so single sighted that I want only death and destruction for your town and people?"

Grishom chuckles.

Grishom grins wickedly.

Madmountan offers Darcena an inflamed length of intestines.

Qwentara blinks.

Darcena accepts Madmountan's length of intestines.

Pinchot smirks.

Evia says, "Yup."

Darcena leans softly against Madmountan.

Speaking to Grishom, Qwentara asks, "You don't?"

Lylia says, "I presumed that if you chose it, you would already have done so."

Qwentara chuckles.

Beldannon softly says, "There have been quite a few that have felt or been that way."

Cruxophim's face breaks into a devilish grin.

Grishom says, "Then I would have done so already."

Balley shivers.

Stormyrain nods slowly at Balley.

You nod at Lylia.

Madmountan removes a small bag of slimy festering entrails from in his black battlepack.

Qwentara ponders.

Beldannon softly says, "They usually end up dead."

Balley takes a drink from her warm sylvan tea.

Beldannon shrugs.

Madmountan plucks some slimy entrails from his small bag and flips them towards the ceiling!

With just a small shift to one side, Madmountan manages to catch the slimy entrails in his mouth!

Lylia says, "Just so."

Balley takes a drink from her warm sylvan tea.

Balley takes a drink from her warm sylvan tea.

Balley takes a deep breath.

Madmountan put a small bag of slimy festering entrails in his black battlepack.

Stormyrain sighs slightly and rubs her temples.

Balley slowly empties her lungs.

Cruxophim grins at Madmountan.

Grishom says, "I will bring you life, not death."

Grishom grins at Evia.

Evia twists her head slightly, cracking her neck. She looks relieved.

Grishom says, "You need not fear me. In time, you will not."

Cruxophim winks at Grishom and flashes a sly grin.

Cruxophim raises his voice in merry laughter.

Balley shivers.

Cruxophim rubs Balley tenderly.

Speaking to Grishom, Madmountan says, "I've always rather liked ya, to be honest. Never a dull moment."

Darcena drops an inflamed length of intestines.

Grishom says, "I will perform it directly."

Shinann slowly empties her lungs.

Grishom nods at Madmountan.

Madmountan grins.

Madmountan says, "Thanks for the answer."

Cruxophim gives Darcena a strong, encouraging smile.

Darcena smirks at Cruxophim.

Cruxophim picks up an inflamed length of intestines.

Speaking to Grishom, Lylia says, "You left quite a mess the other evening with your same-faced fellows."

Raelee says, "... and allow observation..."

Evia coughs.

Lylia nods at Raelee.

Lylia smiles quietly to herself.

Grishom nods at Raelee.

(Cruxophim swallows down the length of intestines with one implausible gulp.)

Grishom says, "I did nothing."

Grishom asks, "When a child kicks a hornet's nest, to whom do we blame for the sting?"

Cruxophim begins chuckling at Lylia!

Lylia says, "That matter of the ship...? Yes. I did try to claim the cargo instead of unleashing it."

You furrow your brow, probably adding a wrinkle or two in the process.

Lylia sighs.

Darcena glances suspiciously at Cruxophim.

Cruxophim glances at Raelee.

Lylia says, "I always prefer a resolution that does not end in needless bloodshed."

Raelee glances at Cruxophim.

Darcena turns away from Cruxophim, ignoring him.

Beldannon softly says, "Roshambo is a much better solution."

Beldannon whistles tunelessly to himself.

Darcena flashes a quick grin at Beldannon.

Evia glances up.

Darcena admits, "I love roshambo."

Pinchot asks, "If you did nothing, someone else made them appear or created them in your likeness?"

Grishom asks, "Are there further questions?"

Pinchot says, "Likely story."

Cruxophim begins chuckling at Beldannon!

Evia says, "Or needless bloodrain for that matter."

Evia gazes up into the sky.

You ponder.

Speaking to Evia, Lylia says, "Something to be said for theatrics."

Goldstr grins.

Xorus asks, "This procedure on the girl will involve using the orb to draw the toxin from her I presume?"

Raelee takes a moment to observe Grishom.

Grishom nods at Cruxophim.

Xorus says, "Breshon will presumably wish to know."

Balley ponders.

Lylia turns to face Xorus.

Cruxophim dryly remarks, "Pity Rone wasn't about to handle the ship issue. Seems he likes offing sailors."

Grishom says, "It will involve the orb, yes."

Xorus nods.

Lylia agrees, "Yes. He may have questions on the process."

Cruxophim nods once at Grishom.

Ferrumus ponders.

Cruxophim nods faintly at Xorus.

Cruxophim holds his hand out towards Beldannon, palm upward and holding his other hand which is balled into a fist, inviting Beldannon to roshambo.

Lylia nods at Cruxophim.

Beldannon and Cruxophim pound their fists in their open palms three times...

Beldannon makes the symbol for scissors!

Cruxophim makes the symbol for rock!

...Cruxophim wins!

Beldannon pouts.

Cruxophim rubs Beldannon tenderly.

Beldannon giggles.

Speaking quietly to Lylia, Raelee says, "... he is not the only one."

Balley smiles at Zosopage.

Darcena put a fluted amber goblet in her grey velvet cloak.

Cruxophim begins chuckling at Raelee!

Evia asks, "And then what, you have yourself an orb full of this..epochxin?"

(Madmountan makes the symbol for lizard!)

Goldstr nods at Evia.

Cruxophim nods in agreement at Raelee.

Darcena surreptitiously glances at Madmountan.

Darcena snickers.

You glance appraisingly around the area.

Darcena clasps her hand over her mouth.

Grishom grins at Balley.

You offhandedly say, "Too bad Evician's not here. He might have something to ask."

Balley shivers.

Chaoswynd hugs Stormyrain, who wraps him in a warm embrace.

Speaking to Evia, Qwentara says, "Perhaps therein lies the appeal."

You add, "Or not--I honestly don't know."

You nod.

Chaoswynd gives Stormyrain a lingering kiss on the cheek.

Madmountan grins at you.

Madmountan says, "I was thinking the same thing."

You grin at Madmountan.

Darcena flashes a quick grin at you.

Stormyrain smiles at Chaoswynd.

Khaell just strode in.

Speaking mildly to Grishom, Cruxophim states, "If they deem it reasonable enough to allow such, I should not mind observing the procedure and taking notes."

Chaoswynd smiles at Stormyrain.

Speaking to you, Lylia says, "He has had more proximity to that orb than anyone here except Cruxophim."

Krampton glances at Balley.

Grishom says, "I shall allow any and all to observe, should the Baron's son agree."

You ponder the meaning of Lylia's existence.

Darcena hugs Khaell.

Khaell gives Darcena a friendly hug.

You nod understandingly at Lylia.

Zosopage rubs Balley tenderly.

Stormyrain nods faintly at Chaoswynd.

Darcena flashes a quick grin at Khaell.

Grishom says, "If there is nothing further..."

Darcena sniffs at Khaell.

Grishom says, "I will return in a week."

Cruxophim turns toward Grishom and renders a sharp hand salute.

Madmountan turns toward Grishom and renders a sharp hand salute.

Xorus says, "Pleasure as always."

Grishom grins at Xorus.

Lylia replies, "In a week, then, you will have your answer."

Grishom says, "Indeed Dreadlord."

Goldstr nods at Grishom.

Speaking calmly to Grishom, Cruxophim wishes, "Until next time."

Evia says, "Yes, get thee behind me, spawn of chaos."

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Xorus says, "Good evening, Grishom."

You nod.

Darcena makes a rude suggestion to Khaell and gets a firm punch for it.

Drazaa nods reluctantly at Grishom.

Grishom bows.

Cruxophim glances at Evia and pouts.

Khaell winks at Darcena.

Sorranie nods at Grishom.

Balley softly says, "Good bye Grishom."

Speaking amusedly to Evia, Cruxophim mutters, "Oh, you meant..."

Darcena grins slowly at Khaell.

Balley shivers.

Speaking to Grishom, Lylia says, "I shall convey your message precisely."

Cruxophim gives a sidelong glance at Grishom.

Stormyrain glances sharply at Balley.

Shinann folds her arms over her chest.

Evia tries to pinch Cruxophim, but he grabs her hand just in time and pinches Evia instead!

Balley shivers.

Cruxophim chuckles.

Khaell smooches Darcena on the cheek.

Cruxophim leans on Evia, giving her a companionable grin.

Zosopage smiles at Grishom.

Grishom steps back, seeping into the wall of shadows behind him like sinking into a murky lake. The red orb floats after him, disappearing into the darkness.

Madmountan says, "I hope we can arrange another dinner meeting with Breshon. The only place I don't leave hungry."

Balley shivers.

Darcena beams happily at Madmountan!

Evia says, "Poof."

Goldstr says, "Well now."

Slowly, the cloud of shadow and blood spins, shrinking in size until it disappears entirely.

Lylia says, "He has always been a hospitable guest. I do not know, though, if he is awake this late."

Darcena removes a fluted amber goblet from in her grey velvet cloak.

Cruxophim pragmatically reasons, "We've already seen the power of the Blood Star at work, in the transference from myself to Evician. So I would presume it is plausible, if nothing else."

Darcena shows Madmountan her amber goblet.

Xorus says, "With that artifact I have little doubt he can accomplish what he claims. The question is the ultimate price of his acquiring that blood freely given."

Cruxophim chuckles.

Cruxophim nods once at Xorus.

You casually say, "I'll admit this was a step up from when he sent minions at us in the Plinite Hollows."