Landing Meetings - 5120-04-11 (log)

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Olaesta 11, 5120

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier

[note: out of sheer necessity, these logs are a more "quick and dirty" edit compared to the more full-fledged KST logs]


[Helga's Tavern, Barroom]

The blended odors of ale, sweat, leather, perfume and hearty stew fill the stifling air of the tavern. Disheveled regulars and road-weary travelers rub elbows at the wooden bar, which looks recently varnished but already bears a variety of stains and grime. Helga, the ancient, obese proprietor, moves behind the bar, wiping glasses with a dirty towel as she keeps a beady eye on the patrons. A small fireplace in one corner burns feebly, adding little light or warmth to the room. You also see a circular ebonwood cart with some stuff on it, a tattered menu, a set of swinging doors, a huge cast iron stewpot, an overturned creel and Helga.

Speaking to you, Pukk says, "I think the rooks are a untapped force the town could use."

Speaking to Pukk, you say, "I just hope they're still up for it."

Gutstorm drunkenly exclaims, "Da meetin is called to odor!"

Iseo says, "I have been waiting forever! At least 90 seconds."

Merikas asks, "What're we meeting about?"

Speaking to Merikas, you exclaim, "Town affairs!"

Speaking to you, Merikas asks, "I thought you weren't married?"

Speaking amusedly to Merikas, you say, "I am engaged though."

You say, "One of my fiancees is right here."

Iseo asks, "Eyona is one of your fiancee's?"

Iseo says, "I am so behind the times."

You say, "She is."

Pukk says, "Iseo comes and goes."

You say, "Alright! I was expecting this one to be a bit smaller than the night meetings, so this is okay..."

Pukk exclaims, "I feel special to be the only male here in a group of girls!"

You recite:

"Welcome to the weekly mayoral meeting! These are to hear out your concerns and questions and ideas for the town"

You say, "Could be as big an idea as a gigantic treaty with Ta'Nalfein, or as small an idea as a trash bin in the small park..."

Speaking to Razanetika, Pukk whispers aloud, "I'm still having difficulty with dwarves...hard to tell the males from females."

You mumble, "And we're still working on that bulletin board, hopefully."

You exclaim, "Anyway!"

Razanetika softly says, "Tis busy in here."

Speaking to a red-necked collared toucan, Pukk exclaims, "Hiya Sam!"

You amiably ask, "So! Does anyone have anything they'd like to see built or... considered?"

You say, "Or questions about what's been going on lately."

Speaking to you, Pukk says, "A statue dedicated to Cholen."

Speaking musingly to Pukk, you say, "I think we have one of those, but only in the cleric guild and *maybe* Cholen's Pub in the Sphere and Scythe building..."

Pukk says, "Shanty town would look good with a statue."

Iseo says, "I have a request if it hasn't been addressed already Mayor."

Pukk says, "Something the public can see."

Speaking to Pukk, you say, "Hmm. Cholen does send people to Shanty Town for a certain task in the Order of Voln..."

You say, "I'm writing that one down."

(Leafiara jots down something in her jade leather notebook.)

Speaking curiously to Iseo, you ask, "And yes?"

Speaking drunkenly to you, Gutstorm says, "Yooz needs a gabbel."

Iseo says, "Unless the merchant fellow at the cobbler shop changed things. The dyes sold in landing are not the same quantity as those sold in other towns. So they don't work in our ribbonators. Not enough dye in a vial."

Iseo says, "So maybe you could talk to him."

Iseo says, "Same price as the larger vials in other towns."

Speaking to Iseo, you ask, "The dyes in the cobbling shop on South Ring Road or the ones in the warehouse?"

Iseo says, "South Ring."

You musingly say, "How strange. Alright, we can look into that."

You ask, "And the dyes at other cobbling shops work in Ribbonators?"

Iseo says, "Oh and While you are meeting with merchants.... The Candy shop needs some new candy choices."

You say, "Will look into that right after this, just to check, and tour the shop in Icemule too to compare."

Iseo says, "Just saying."

Speaking pleasedly to Iseo, you say, "Oh, now you're talking my language."

Speaking to Iseo, you ask, "Any particular suggestions?"

Pukk says, "Wait."

Pukk says, "Wait."

Pukk says, "Wait."

Pukk asks, "We have a candy store?"

Iseo says, "No. Just new stuff. Same Candy for 27 years."

You say, "I kind of wanted seating built in the confectionery, myself..."

Speaking amusedly to Pukk, you exclaim, "We do!"

Pukk exclaims, "They told me that was never built!"

Speaking to Pukk, you say, "One time the Rooks met me there, by the light of a pie-shaped candle."

Iseo says, "Where do you think I get most of my candy. That and Zul... which has an excellent candy store."

Speaking softly to you, Razanetika says, "A small table or two perhaps would be nice."

Speaking to Pukk, Merikas says, "Well of course, we wanted some for ourselves."

Pukk exclaims, "All these years and I was missing out!"

Iseo says, "It was burned out for a while."

Speaking to Razanetika, you say, "Well, they do have a table."

Iseo says, "Terrible days."

You amusedly say, "Oh, let's just go tour it real quick."

You recite:

"Join up!"

Pukk says, "This meeting is great....going to get candy..."

[Krythussa's Confectionary Shop]

A barrage of sweet-smelling chocolate, candy, and other goodies assaults the senses as their scents fill the air of the quaint but simple candy shop. Crystal shelves stacked with glass jars in a variety of shapes and colors line the walls. Sunlight streams through the windows, and creates a rainbow of colors upon the floor as it strikes the glass jars. A glass counter stands to the left of a small alcove.

Krythussa exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

You exclaim, "Here it is!"

Pukk says, "All this fun I was missing."

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "Dis fascinator is kinda girly."

You sagely say, "Just two blocks east and one north from Moot Hal."

You say, "And over there is the table..."

[Confectionary Shop, Alcove]

Standing in the center of the room upon a finely polished wood floor is a table carved in the shape of a crescent moon. A thick white cloth that is embroidered with tarts and berries done in shimmering forest green thread covers the uniquely shaped top. Scattered throughout the anteroom are low-backed vine-carved chairs that feature masterful ivy scrollwork. A domed skylight above allows the sunlight to fill the room.

You say, "And as I was saying, here's the table."

Razanetika softly says, "Ah."

Iseo says, "Cozy."

You suddenly say, "Oh, wait, I was thinking of the bakery table with the pie-shaped candle."

Pukk says, "I think I have a new favorite table."

You suddenly say, "We should go tour there too."

Iseo says, "Oh... but they have candy here."

You exclaim, "Let me show ya!"

[Baker's Shop, Front Room]

Ceramic tiles with elegant floral and fruit designs painted in bright hues form a mid-wall ring around the quaint shop. A glass display counter showcases a wide variety of freshly baked treats, from tarts and cupcakes to pies and loaves of bread, their contents lined up neatly for easy selection. An oak-framed window decorated with white lace curtains offers an ample view of the square. You also see an arched opening, the baker and an oval wicker basket.

You exclaim, "The bakery!"

Pukk: "Leafiara for Mayor for life! She is the bestest!"

Speaking to you, Merikas says, "I think he likes you."

You say, "We'll probably change locations for the meetings each month, and at some point hold them here and at the candy shop."

[Baker's Shop, Corner]

Elaborately illustrated depictions of historical events hang on a freshly painted wall, low enough to be viewed while seated at one of the padded chairs around the small table. A pie-shaped candle flickers lazily, casting dancing shadows across the floor and infusing a sweet apple pie fragrance into the air.

Speaking to Merikas, Pukk says, "She was thinking about becoming my fiance at one point."

You say, "And this very corner is where, well--where Rysus' death was set in motion when the Rooks came to collect the vial, not knowing it was poison."

You hurriedly say, "Anyway, best not to dwell on that."

Speaking to Pukk, Merikas says, "How unusual."

You exclaim, "Back to Helga's!"

[Helga's Tavern, Barroom]

The blended odors of ale, sweat, leather, perfume and hearty stew fill the stifling air of the tavern. Disheveled regulars and road-weary travelers rub elbows at the wooden bar, which looks recently varnished but already bears a variety of stains and grime. Helga, the ancient, obese proprietor, moves behind the bar, wiping glasses with a dirty towel as she keeps a beady eye on the patrons. A small fireplace in one corner burns feebly, adding little light or warmth to the room. You also see a circular ebonwood cart with some stuff on it, a tattered menu, a set of swinging doors, a huge cast iron stewpot, an overturned creel and Helga.

Pukk says, "This baker is a great guy. He hands out cookies to the kids sometimes. That is how I survived at times."

Iseo says, "You can go to the Grocery shop and buy an empty basket for romantic picnics before you go to bakery shop."

You say, "Okay! So a statue of Cholen in Shanty Town, helping out our cobbler with dyes, updating the candy shop inventory..."

Iseo says, "I used to buy cheese there to try to lure rats.... a million years ago."

Iseo says, "I love the Cholen statue idea."

You admit, "We'll probably need more concrete ideas on the candy shop. Hmm... maybe if we had sweets themed after our various races..."

Iseo says, "Well I would love a chocolate raspberry bonbon."

(Leafiara jots down more notes in her jade leather notebook.)

You exclaim, "Progress it is, then!"

Merikas says, "I'm very concerned with the recent apathy of our local officials towards bandits that might overrun this town."

Speaking curiously to Razanetika, you ask, "Anything in particular you'd like to see in the coming year, Raza?"

Iseo says, "Oh. Just one other thing for future date."

Iseo says, "A Town Picinic.... When it is More summer."

Speaking to Merikas, Pukk says, "Nah, bandits are not as united....besides the Rooks tend to clear them out."

Iseo says, "With fireworks after dark."

Speaking to Merikas, you say, "Elphieya gave a proposal to invite bandits to come to rehabiltate and take jobs in town..."

You say, "I told her that would probably just result in more Rooks."

Iseo says, "I adore Elph."

You cheekily say, "Not that I'd necessarily mind."

Iseo says, "She believes everyone has good in them."

You say, "Actually, considering what happened last night, maybe more Rooks are exactly what we need right now."

Speaking to Iseo, Merikas says, "Only if they bring chocolate and tarts."

Speaking to Iseo, you say, "She does... and I try to believe the same."

Iseo says, "Good."

You admit, "But I also kinda like killing bandits a lot. A lot."

You counter, "But, again, if we try to extend some diplomacy then maybe we'll have more Rooks, so... I could go either way on Elphie's proposal."

Merikas says, "They do burn very nicely."

Iseo says, "You know I am almost decrepit. But it is hard to count how many times the Rooks have stepped up to save the town in the 30 years I have been in Landing."

Speaking agreeably to Iseo, you ask, "Right?"

Iseo says, "Over and over again they have helped."

Speaking to Madevra, you exclaim, "Evening there friend!"

Speaking heartily to you, Madevra exclaims, "ello!"

You say, "Well, afternoon, I should say."

You sheepishly say, "Force of habit."

Madevra heartily asks, "Came 'ere lookin' fer the guard, didn't expect ta find ya or so many others. This a party?"

Speaking to Madevra, you exclaim, "Somethin' like that!"

You say, "It's our weekly town meeting to discuss ideas and proposals and questions about the Landing."

Madevra heartily says, "Oh! Didn't know there were such a thing, but prolly good that there is."

Speaking to Madevra, you say, "Trying to get the bulletin board rebuilt so we can keep a notice up about them."

You mumble, "Hopefully the council will see the reason in the request."

Madevra heartily asks, "Ya need ta talk ta a whole council just ta put up a board?"

Iseo says, "And not at in the middle of the night too."

Speaking wryly to Madevra, you say, "Yeah, I'm not a big fan of bureaucracy ether, believe me."

Speaking to Madevra, Merikas says, "Death by bureaucrat."

Gutstorm drunkenly asks, "We still meetin?"

Madevra heartily says, "I hope ya don't have ta ask them 'fore ya can punch Stone in the jaw if he shows up 'gain."

Speaking pleasedly to Madevra, you say, "Nope, they can't control my actions on that count."

Madevra heartily says, "Well, at least there's some sanity in the mix then."

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "I cant believe dey didnt gimme da stachoo."

Speaking to Gutstorm, you say, "Maybe you can steal it when--well, *if* they ever actually make good on returning it."

Gutstorm drunkenly exclaims, "Mebbe!"

You mutter, "We should destroy all those golems."

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "Dey is craffy."

Madevra heartily says, "Huh... the golems."

Madevra heartily says, "I've always seen 'em 'round, but.."

You say, "You know... in the previous weekly meeting on the 5th, Wolfloner was saying we're under the boot of the Empire and to call him when that changes."

You say, "Or, rather, he said..."

Madevra heartily asks, "What're they 'bout anyway?"

You say, "That we're too willing to accept it, and to call him when *that* changes."

Speaking to Madevra, you say, "They're heavy lifters from the Hall of Mages, here to do things like move the Lylia statue last night."

Madevra heartily asks, "Oh. And they just... romp 'bout here 'n' there when nobody needs 'em fer that?"

Speaking dryly to Madevra, you say, "Apparently."

Madevra heartily says, "I found a lab out in the wilds once, looked like where such were made..."

You say, "It's time to turn things around and remind the Imperials we don't need them."

Madevra heartily says, "Also looked like they went a bit off their rockers and UNmade the place."

You say, "This has been on my mind nonstop since last night, the Imperial problem."

Speaking to you, Merikas says, "You don't look much like a revolutionary."

You say, "Even if I do something radical like ban Imperials from the gates, the problem is it would only last as long as my term or terms."

Speaking playfully to Merikas, you say, "Keep thinkin' that."

You say, "We need more resistance to come from the ground up, from the people."

Merikas says, "The imperials are fairly good to us."

Merikas says, "The shops are full an the taxes are low."

You say, "The shops being full is our own doing. The taxes, well--hmm."

Madevra heartily asks, "Hm... I can't speak for others, o' course... but tho' I've been 'ere two months, I admit I've heard little 'bout the Imperials one way or 'nother. If there's trouble wit' 'em bein' 'bout, maybe makin' it more known would be a start on gettin' people fightin' mad 'bout it?"

You mutter, "Maybe I'm going to have to actually read a law book at some point."

Speaking to you, Merikas says, "They're best unread."

Madevra heartily says, "Or... could just be I'm slow on th' uptake and everyone else knows the problems already."

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "Cant yooz just make laws, yooz da mayer."

Speaking to Gutstorm, you sigh, "I wish. I have to fight the council on almost anything."

Speaking to you, Merikas says, "I hear if you snooze on them you can pick up almost as much as by reading them."

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "I tole ye once, clean state, scrap da council."

Speaking to Gutstorm, you say, "I'd really love to. Truly."

You say, "Starting with Cordarius."

You somberly say, "I think he might have outlived his usefulness, now that the blight's fading."

Pukk says, "Imps."

Speaking to Pukk, you ask, "Have you been thinking much about the Rooks and how you'd like to make them less of an untapped resource and more of a tapped one?"

Pukk says, "Since I met Mother."

Speaking eagerly to Pukk, you exclaim, "All ears!"

Pukk says, "They could be better used to stop things...kinda like a backfire."

You admit, "I was vaguely thinking about having a group of advisors specifically for dealing with the Imperials. It could include Archales, Bekke, Chamorr, Faerinn, you--Pukk--Puptilian, and Wolfloner. Of course, pending any of you agreeing."

You seriously say, "But we really need to deal with this issue."

Pukk says, "When their interest is threatened they will react...but they are for the people."

You say, "Hmm."

Speaking to you, Pukk says, "Anything against the evil imps..I'm all for it."

Pukk says, "Imps are the cause of most if not all our problems."

Pukk says, "Have always been."

You say, "I have to admit, before last night I wasn't thinking all *that* seriously about the role for the Rooks this coming year. I was just going to propose some small steps for them."

You say, "But this might be a time for drastic measures."

Speaking to you, Pukk says, "You will get push back for sure. You will need help on dealing with that."

Speaking to Pukk, you say, "You're not wrong."

You say, "The only way to avoid pushback is to let the Empire make yet another move, overstep yet again, until the people aren't having it..."

You say, "But we can't do that. The line has to be drawn."

Pukk says, "I wouldn't mind joining you if you should meet up with the Rooks."

You say, "This upcoming trial is absurd."

Speaking amusedly to Pukk, you say, "Noted."

Speaking in Elven to you, Eyona asks, "Trial?"

Speaking to you, Pukk says, "Do you know how to tell when they are overstepping their bounds again? They breathe."

Speaking to Eyona, you explain, "The Imperials have started a trial in our town, for one of our citizens, and he's not even here."

You say, "He got trapped in the past centuries ago."

Madevra heartily says, "That... sounds kinda ... Stone like, frankly."

You dryly say, "It's the genius of the Empire, really."

You say, "So I'm sure in a few weeks we'll be bickering and arguing over the guilt or innocence of a man who we can't even find anyway."

Madevra heartily says, "Same difference no? They show up 'ere, makin' demands on us to hand ov'r citizens for this reason or that with threat 'hind it if we don't cooperate."

Speaking to Madevra, you say, "You're not wrong. And this is why anti-Imperial sentiment is flaring up again."

Speaking to you, Pukk says, "Oh Pylasar will be will just take time."

Speaking amusedly to Pukk, you say, "I know, I know."

You say, "But still, holding the trial before he's found is just more proof of their insanity."

Madevra heartily asks, "More than insanity. Ain't someone on trial supposed ta be able to ... well... defend 'emselves?"

You admit, "I'm half-tempted not to go to it, just to not dignify their folly."

Speaking to Madevra, you say, "Faerinn, among others, has been very vocal that it's all crazy and even worse than a mock trial, but more like a thought exercise."

Madevra heartily says, "Thought exercise."

You say, "Apparently we're acting as Pylasar's defenders."

Madevra heartily says, "Good name fer it."

Razanetika softly says, "He did participate in some horrible things."

You say, "Well, assuming we can believe all those visions, anyway."

You honestly say, "But I don't even care what he did or didn't do. This should be our situation to handle and not the Empire's."

You say, "One way or another."

Razanetika softly says, "He never denied those things himself tho if I recall correctly."

Speaking to Razanetika, you affirm, "You do recall correctly! In fact, he even seemed to feel guilty over them."

You say, "All the more reason the Hall of Mages doesn't need to step in."

Speaking softly to you, Razanetika says, "You are also correct in that they shouldn't determine what happens to him for his possibly folly or mistakes."

You say, "I'll admit, I've been pretty nice to Cordarius so far and tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I'm not sure he has our interest at heart."

Razanetika softly says, "He did try to help towards the end, and yes, even felt guilty about what had transpired."

Gutstorm drunkenly asks, "Did da meetin start yet?"

Razanetika softly says, "Cordarius is one strange mage."

Speaking to Gutstorm, Pukk says, "We are still figuring out what to eat."

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "Look wot I got."

Gutstorm removes a small glossy white owl egg from in his pale wicker basket.

Gutstorm raises his white owl egg skyward!

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "Imma grow and owlie and eat it."

Speaking to Gutstorm, Pukk asks, "I hope that's not Owlie's kid?"

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "It shore is."

Speaking softly to Gutstorm, Razanetika says, "You shouldn't tease them like that."

Speaking drunkenly to his white owl egg, Gutstorm says, "Yooz gonna taste so gooood."

You amusedly say, "It's okay, maybe we can elect Owly next year."

You muse, "I bet he'd know how to solve this imperial problem. We should ask him soon."

Speaking softly to you, Razanetika asks, "Do you know what's happening with Icemule and its lack of mayor?"

Speaking to Razanetika, you confess, "No idea on that one!"

You say, "But I believe her term was going to be up in just a few months anyway."

Razanetika softly says, "That is what I heard as well."

Razanetika softly says, "Will be interesting to see who runs now I guess."

You amusedly say, "And hopefully they don't play a bunch of silly games to decide the mayor next time."

Madevra heartily says, "Ah, gonna be late fer my patrol I am. I didn't know 'bout the meetin', so didn't plan fer it unfortunately."

Speaking to you, Pukk exclaims, "Raza You should go run for mayor over there!"

You wryly say, "Seriously, they were playing musical chairs or something to get votes."

Speaking to Razanetika, Pukk says, "That was to you."

Speaking cheerfully to Madevra, you wish, "Good luck out there!"

Speaking softly to Pukk, Razanetika says, "Not happening."

Madevra heartily says, "Thank ya, and take care o' yerself too."

Speaking drunkenly to you, Gutstorm says, "Dat why yooz need depooty mayer, wot if you gona long time like tawariell."

Speaking somberly to Razanetika, you say, "I wish I was joking. It was nuts."

Speaking softly to you, Razanetika asks, "I take it they didn't have a normal election?"

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "We should invade Icemule."

Speaking to Gutstorm, Merikas asks, "Create our own empire?"

Razanetika softly says, "What the."

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "Well ye know."

You musingly say, "Anyway..."

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "Its a good way to give a chance fer da bipolar mayers to have a chance."

You musingly say, "Well, this was a fairly productive meeting, at least."

Razanetika softly says, "Well I'm not."

You say, "Ah, excellent, Faerinn's here too."

Razanetika softly says, "I've somehow made Landings more of a home now."

Gutstorm drunkenly asks, "We still havin da meetin?"

Faerinn says, "Afternoon."

Pukk says, "If it was productive, then I failed my mission."

Speaking curiously to Faerinn, you ask, "Any good ideas today about how to rid ourselves of the Imperial problem?"

Pukk says, "I will try harder next time."

Speaking softly to Pukk, Razanetika asks, "What was your mission?"

You say, "They've been going too far and it's only going to get worse unless we draw a line."

Merikas says, "Let's give 'em the kobold village."

Merikas says, "Draw the line just this side of the village."

Speaking wryly to Merikas, you say, "They probably think they already own it."

Pukk says, "I think there are imp spies around here though."

Speaking to Pukk, you acknowledge, "...probably."

Speaking to you, Merikas says, "They'll have to take that up with the Kobolds."

Gutstorm drunkenly asks, "Leafi can we go hunt, or we still meetin?"

Pukk says, "I say we ask everybody if they are a spy for the imps and when they say yes, we blow them up."

Speaking to Gutstorm, you say, "Oh, I believe we'd mostly wrapped up, if you have elsewhere to be."

Faerinn says, "I think its important to focus on that fact that his is primarly the Hall of Mages and Octaven's doing."

Speaking to Pukk, Merikas asks, "Are you an imperial spy?"

Speaking amusedly to Gutstorm, you say, "Not like you can't take ideas to me anytime."

Razanetika softly asks, "Hmm?"

Speaking to Merikas, Pukk exclaims, "I am not a imp!"

Gutstorm drunkenly asks, "Im goin mineetoors, you stayin?"

Faerinn says, "This is her power grab."

Pukk says, "But I am a spy."

Speaking to Faerinn, you say, "That is true. Hmm."

Razanetika softly says, "I need spells soonish I think."

Pukk says, "I was sent here by Cholen to spy on everybody."

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "You always need spells, yer like a woman wit a closet full of shoes...always wantin more."

Speaking to Gutstorm, Pukk says, "Hey, I like shoes too."

Razanetika softly says, "I have the closet to prove it too."

You say, "Perhaps Lord Breshon needs to try to keep some people in line..."

Speaking to Gutstorm, Pukk says, "You should see my locker."

Razanetika softly says, "He needs to work harder."

Faerinn says, "I think in the Imperial Heirarchy the Hall has just a little more say than the Sentinals."

Faerinn says, "Even though they were supposedly equal in power."

You say, "Hmm. That's problematic since they're quite a bit above Breshon's position, then."

You say, "And from past experiences with Crux and Puptilian, getting word to the Emperor himself is--more or less hopeless."

Faerinn says, "Yeah, Jovery could probably do something, but that's a lot of time and bureacracy too."

Faerinn says, "Cordarius doesn't seem to actually like Octaven though. Judging from last night."

Faerinn says, "Seems like there may have been a faling out? Probably why she sent him here in the first place."

You say, "As good a theory as any."

Faerinn says, "He said something along the lines that Vlashandra was her new favorite and he didn't envy her that short term position."

You say, "So try to maneuver to have Cordarius neutralize Octaven, to any degree..."

Faerinn says, "Maybe. But he's still rubber stamping everything she's asking him to do."

You say, "His position in the Hall is beneath hers, but at the same time he's appointed by Jovery as far as his council role."

Faerinn says, "Like this trial and seizing the statue."

You say, "Indeed... was saying it earlier, but he doesn't seem to have our interests at heart at all even though that's the role of his seat as Regional Envoy."

Speaking to you, Faerinn says, "He's as good as Octaven sitting in the seat herself. I'm not sure how to give him a spine."

You admit, "I really hate diplomacy sometimes."

You add, "A lot of the time."

Faerinn says, "I'm really bothered by his solution for the Blight by the way."

Speaking curiously to Faerinn, you ask, "Oh, why?"

Faerinn says, "He said those fires need to burn forever."

You say, "Ahhh, right, he did say that last night."

You say, "It doesn't seem plausible at all."

Faerinn asks, "Its incredibly short sighted, and implies that the Blight comes back without them?"

You ask, "Sooner or later, something will happen to put them out--and then what?"

Faerinn asks, "I'm thankful for the relief so we aren't in a panic to come up with a solution, but he's calling this a solution and moving on?"

You say, "Bandaging a wound instead of seeking an empath or herbs."

You say, "Well... lots to think on, I suppose."

You say, "And this has been a good meeting. It's clear we can't keep going with the status quo, and definitely not let things get any worse."

Faerinn says, "But I suppose to him that's enough for his ego to want our accolades, and just go straight up misogynist towards his colleagues."

Pukk says, "I say we sent Happy over to the Hall and have him lay waste to it all."

Faerinn says, "Vlashandra is a witch hunter. Something to keep in mind."

You curiously ask, "Does anyone have any last thoughts before we consider this one concluded?"

Faerinn says, "But yeah, that's basically all my insight there."

Speaking earnestly to Faerinn, you exclaim, "Thank you. It's quite helpful!"

You say, "Seems that's a no, then..."

You exclaim, "Alright!"

You say, "Thank you all for coming out, and for sticking through this long."

You say, "Definitely a lot to chew on, and a couple new proposals or letters to write."

Pukk says, "It was good and I felt it was productive...which I failed at preventing."

Pukk exclaims, "I will try harder next week!"