Landing Meetings - 5120-04-19 (log)

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Olaesta 19, 5120

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier

[note: out of sheer necessity, these logs are a more "quick and dirty" edit compared to the more full-fledged KST logs]


[Helga's Tavern, Barroom]

The blended odors of ale, sweat, leather, perfume and hearty stew fill the stifling air of the tavern. Disheveled regulars and road-weary travelers rub elbows at the wooden bar, which looks recently varnished but already bears a variety of stains and grime. Helga, the ancient, obese proprietor, moves behind the bar, wiping glasses with a dirty towel as she keeps a beady eye on the patrons. A small fireplace in one corner burns feebly, adding little light or warmth to the room. You also see a tattered menu, a set of swinging doors, a huge cast iron stewpot, an overturned creel and Helga.

You exclaim, "Evenin' there!"

Filidhe exclaims, "Good evening!"

Filidhe glances at a circular ebonwood cart.

Filidhe asks, "When did Helga start allowing outside food and drink?"

You mischievously say, "Since I started bringing it here."

Filidhe says, "Being mayor certainly has its perks."

You admit, "To be fair, I did this even before then."

You playfully say, "She can't say no to me."

You hoot at the Helga.

Filidhe asks, "Who can?"

Speaking amusedly to Filidhe, you say, "Lots of people. Just not her."

You musingly say, "Well, this should be good, tonight... the rest of the trial."

Filidhe asks, "Is that what's going on?"

You: "If anyone would like to discuss town matters this eve before the trial concludes--related matters or not--we're gathering at Helga's for the weekly town meeting!"

Speaking to Filidhe, you say, "It is! We began the, uh--proceedings yesterday."

You diplomatically say, "They were quite a sight."

Faerinn says, "It's going awful."

Speaking wryly to Faerinn, you say, "To be fair, we didn't expect anything else."

You curiously say, "I wonder if anyone will follow up and speak tonight who already spoke last night."

You add, "Or if the Magisters will even allow it."

Roelon deeply says, "It seems some needed ah bit more time."

Speaking lightly to Roelon, you say, "Well, some needed less."

Faerinn says, "I know both Xorus and Raelee plan to speak tonight."

Roelon deeply says, "As things got sidetracked..."

You say, "To be fair."

Roelon deeply asks, "Ah prefer to protest less ..noisily?"

You say, "Well, in any case, for tonight here at Helga's, we can talk about the trial or anything else on your mind."

You request, "So, please, share any thoughts, comments, questions about the future of the Landing."

Faerinn says, "At this point we might be lucky if Pylasar is the only one they convict."

Speaking to Faerinn, you acknowledge, "You're not the only one who's been saying things like that. It's well worth considering."

Roelon deeply asks, "Seems like the man has been through alot from what ah gathered. Though he cannae cast away all guilt, sounds like he was ah marionette to something greater?"

Speaking to Roelon, you say, "Well, admittedly that's part speculation on our part."

Speaking to Roelon, you say, "It fits within the witch's abilities, but... whether she used them or how much isn't clear."

Roelon deeply asks, "Or he uses that as an excuse?"

Speaking to Roelon, you say, "If they *do* allow me to speak briefly, I might touch on that quickly."

Speaking to Roelon, you say, "No, he always more or less confessed to us."

Speaking deeply to you, Roelon says, "Ah do hope they allow it. It feels ah little rushed. With ah mans fate on the line."

Speaking to Roelon, you admit, "I just don't know if I believe it. I've heard 'confessions' from people who have had their memories changed before, only to find out later they didn't know what they were talking about."

Speaking to Faerinn, you say, "Which goes to your point--they really are hurrying this along for some reason, and it might not entirely be about Pylasar."

Faerinn says, "Seemed more like the discovery session of a much bigger case against the whole township down there."

Speaking deeply to you, Roelon says, "It seems ah bit of slide of hand it seems."

Speaking to Roelon, you say, "Very little about the timing and pace fits..."

Roelon deeply asks, "Distraction from something more devious?"

You acknowledge, "I can't say I didn't think about what others had been mentioning, with trying to stop the trial from occurring, but..."

Speaking to Roelon, you say, "That's a possibility."

Speaking to Roelon, you say, "I figured that the real plan might emerge if we let them play their hand."

You muse, "I guess we'll find out tonight."

You exclaim, "Ahh, more guests. Welcome!"

Roelon deeply says, "Aye, we shall see tonight."

Speaking curiously to Roelon, you say, "Oh, while you're here..."

Speaking vaguely to Roelon, you ask, "Would you be willing to share the story behind that, ah--item you passed over one night, with Captain Stormyrain when you get a chance?"

Speaking to Roelon, you say, "I've turned it over to her and she was pretty curious."

Speaking to Tennalnen, Misun asks, "You have no idea what you are in for, do you?"

Speaking amusedly to Misun, you ask, "What's he in for?"

Speaking deeply to you, Roelon says, "Ah recall bits and pieces of it. Ah will speak to others who ...were involved."

Speaking to you, Misun says, "He's Guarrin's squire."

Tennalnen says, "But I am sure it shall be an experience I will never forget."

Speaking to Guarrin, Misun says, "Sorry."

Speaking appreciatively to Roelon, you say, "Thanks. She's, uh--understandably a bit curious, but I didn't know the details."

Speaking to Tennalnen, Misun says, "All I have to say is...."

Speaking to Tennalnen, Misun says, "Well, nevermind."

You say, "It's good to see so many of our neighbors from the south here tonight."

(Misun reaches up to wipe a bit of blood from her forehead.)

You curiously ask, "Did any of you have comments, concerns, suggestions, questions about the Landing tonight?"

Roelon deeply says, "Ah mae hae to stock up ah bit for tonight."

Misun says, "Ew."

You add, "Ones you'd like to share, anyway."

Raelee flatly says, "Concerns. Yes."

You admit, "Our local turnout is a little low, but maybe it can't be helped. Everyone's exhausted from the trial last night, and more coming up tonight..."

Speaking curiously to Raelee, you ask, "Yes?"

Misun exclaims, "Oh!"

Roelon deeply says, "Perhaps scared ah bit from the purple robed ones."

Speaking to Yukito, Misun says, "Thank you."

Speaking to you, Raelee says, "A... natural reaction, one assumes, to what the Rooks did last night."

Speaking slowly to Raelee, you say, "I'm guessing this is about the falcon and not so much the flowers."

Speaking to you, Raelee says, "The falcon and the thefts."

Speaking to Raelee, Faerinn asks, "Thefts?"

Speaking curiously to Raelee, you ask, "Thefts? Is there something I didn't see from inside Moot Hall?"

Raelee says, "They shattered several of the orbs we use for distance communication."

Raelee says, "That is what the orbs they dropped were."

Speaking deeply to Raelee, Roelon says, "Is that what those were."

Roelon deeply says, "Ah was curious about those."

You muse, "Hmm. From a distance I figured they were just empty crimson orbs."

Speaking to Raelee, Faerinn asks, "Oh, is that what those were. So they've been in the Outpost?"

Speaking to Faerinn, Raelee says, "Precisely."

Speaking to Raelee, you ask, "How do you know they were from the Hall?"

Speaking to Raelee, Faerinn asks, "Is that all that's missing?"

Speaking to Faerinn, Raelee says, "That I am aware of - that does not mean there is not more."

Speaking to you, Raelee says, "Our supply is suddenly rather depleted."

Speaking to Raelee, Faerinn asks, "So communication as ceased?"

Speaking to Raelee, you ask, "Ahhh, so they're likely rare items, then?"

Speaking to Faerinn, Raelee says, "We have our means."

Speaking to you, Raelee says, "We will get more."

Speaking tentatively to Raelee, you ask, "Were they highly valuable?"

You mutter, "I almost don't want to know."

Speaking to you, Raelee says, "Somewhat."

You sigh, "Mmm, then there goes part of those payments for the defense towers..."

You add, "If she was even going to deliver on that, anyway."

You amiably say, "Well, I'm sure she can file a formal complaint and we can work this out."

Speaking to you, Raelee says, "It is not the cost of the orbs that is the point."

Speaking surprisedly to Raelee, you say, "Oh."

Speaking curiously to Raelee, you ask, "Then the point is...?"

Raelee says, "... it is the escalation."

You acknowledge, "Tensions do seem to be rising."

(Raelee pauses for a moment to gather her thoughts.)

Speaking thoughtfully to Raelee, you say, "Out of curiosity, what would you do in this situation? You're no stranger to the, ah... back-and-forth between the Rooks and the Hall in the past."

Faerinn says, "Maybe the Adjudicator will add a fourth question tonight."

Speaking to Raelee, you add, "And you always had much to say about the stolen plinite."

Raelee slowly says, "... not everyone in that Outpost is Octaven. Not everyone is... mindlessly serving Octaven."

Raelee says, "... while the Rooks and I have nothing but a negative history, I am quite content to leave them alone so long as they do the same for me."

Speaking helpfully to Raelee, you say, "Well, if it's any encouragement, Sir Cryheart and I have tried to send word to Earl Jovery like you suggested, informing him about potential... trouble with Octaven."

You admit, "Might be a little late now, but..."

Raelee says, "But if they are in the Outpost, and in my laboratory... I am not being left alone."

Speaking to you, Raelee asks, "But as to what I would do?"

You say, "I do agree we don't have a quarrel with the entire Hall."

Speaking to you, Raelee admits, "I do not know."

Raelee says, "Despite the constant churn in their leadership, one thing has remained quite constant..."

Speaking relievedly to Raelee, you say, "Oh, good, I'm not alone."

Raelee says, "They are quite quick to turn to violence and intimidation to make their points as opposed to... nearly anything else."

Raelee states, "I do not know how to change that behavior, and if there is one reasoned voice I can promise they will not listen to... it is mine."

The night watchman slowly saunters in.

Speaking to the night watchman, Faerinn asks, "Loading up on arrest fuel?"

You say, "Compared to their last big demonstration against the outpost, this one did seem--well, more targeted."

Speaking to Raelee, you say, "I've been thinking lately about the way Mother's maneuvered this past year and a half, and at least outwardly it seems like we share a lot of philosophies..."

You admit, "But that also might just be the appearance, and coincidence."

Bimblebop says, "Ahem..."

Guarrin admits, "They've aided in the defenses several times, but the Hendorans have as well."

You say, "If we *do* share philosophies, then she must know that going after the entire outpost was the beginning of the downfall for her predecessor."

Bimblebop says, "Gulp."

You add, "Or it must be on her mind, in other words. I'd hope she wouldn't repeat the same folly, when she was criticial of Rysus over it."

You say, "But then there's the other possibility... that it only looks like she and I think similarly."

Speaking to you, Raelee says, "And even if the intent is not to attack the entire Outpost, it is a situation that could escalate quickly. All it takes is for one guard to catch them and the fighting ensues."

Speaking suddenly to Raelee, you say, "Mmm, fair point."

Raelee slowly says, "... and I very much do not want a battle fought in my laboratory."

You say, "But to what I was saying, it seems like Mother--rides the tide of public opinion."

Speaking to you, Raelee says, "And said opinion is quite... loud."

You wryly say, "Ahhh, that protest... said it all, really."

You say, "So if she's just trying to do whatever she thinks makes her look best to the citizens, well..."

You conclude, "We just have to emphasize what you've been saying, that Octaven isn't the Hall."

Faerinn says, "Then it's all performative at best."

You slowly add, "...and hope people listen to that."

Bimblebop asks, "Uh folks, anyone here now how to get this lovely barmaids attention?"

Roelon deeply says, "Perhaps ye hae to show it rather they say it."

Tennalnen says, "Order."

Speaking curiously to Roelon, you ask, "Any suggestions to that effect?"

Roelon deeply says, "Ah the momment nothin' comes to mind."

Bimblebop says, "Ah thanks sir."

Roelon deeply says, "But ah need to now more of this mother."

You thoughtfully say, "I suppose I can write a public letter to the town after tonight."

You add, "Assuming blood isn't running in the streets by then."

Speaking to you, Guarrin suggests, "Denounce their actions."

Speaking to Guarrin, you ask, "Which? The falcon and the orbs?"

Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "If you agree that they did nothing to further the cause of the people, yes."

Your rook-etched ruby just sold for 7250 silvers from the vanilla-hued shop. After tax you made 7033 silvers!

Speaking to Guarrin, you say, "I'm not entirely sure I do agree, but even if I did, I'm considering the---what's it called--plausible deniability here."

Speaking to Guarrin, you say, "'It was some other orbs.' 'The falcon was symbolic.' Things like that might sound convincing to the average citzen."

Shinann says, "So sorry."

You say, "And, in any case, like the Magister's said, tension is rising among the everyday population. And... loudly."

Melikor says, "Hello."

Guarrin says, "All the more reason to speak up and lead."

Speaking frankly to Guarrin, you say, "In other words, it's possible the people would side with the Rooks rather than me, even if I did denounce them."

Cryheart says, "Evening."

Raelee says, "... there falcon is not merely symbolic."

Bimblebop says, "Welcome Melikor."

You admit, "Right now I'm just considering a less drastic approach of reminding that Octaven isn't the entire Hall, and to keep focus on that."

Speaking to Raelee, Faerinn asks, "Was it the real deal? Actually one of hers?"

Bimblebop says, "Melikor, do you mind joining me for a chat?"

Raelee says, "The owl you are all familiar with is not my first owl. I am quite familiar with the sensation that one feels when a familiar is violently destroyed."

Raelee slowly says, "... it is not pleasant."

Bimblebop says, "I'm new around here."

Speaking to Raelee, you say, "No, I didn't think it was symbolic either, but Mother only needs to sway the people."

Speaking to Raelee, you admit, "Mm, I'd wondered about that. One of Octaven's falcons seemed to be caught by the shadows during one of our battles with the witch, but not long after she had another one looking much the same..."

Ysharra says, "I don't know how much sympathy you engender killing a bird."

Speaking to Raelee, Faerinn says, "I'd have assumed if it was actually one of hers we would have heard by now, but then again I guess we wouldn't have due to other sabotages."

Speaking to Ysharra, you say, "Not much, but the outrage is running pretty high ever since Cordarius' appointment, if not earlier."

Speaking to Ysharra, Melikor says, "That seemed unnecessary."

Speaking to Ysharra, Faerinn says, "Weren't the Rooks bird themed? Or am I thinking of some other group."

Speaking to Faerinn, you admit, "I thought Cordarius and Vlashandra seemed pretty calm about the situation, unless they just didn't see it. Somehow."

Speaking to Faerinn, Raelee says, "We do have alternative means of communication."

Speaking to Faerinn, you say, "They are. They're themed after, well, rooks."

Ysharra says, "It seemed to me like Mother was trying to make a point. And it was one that shored up their brutal image."

Speaking dryly to Faerinn, Raelee says, "The orbs may be expensive, crystal amulets are not."

Speaking to Ysharra, Faerinn whispers aloud, "I thought they were trying to be the chess piece..."

Speaking suddenly to Shinann, you inform, "Oh, speaking of which, since you arrived late--the orbs are for long distance communication and many have gone missing from the Hall."

Cryheart says, "Ahh."

Shinann says, "I see."

Shinann says, "I just assumed they represented them."

Dwi: "Bestest scam e'er! We gittin dat gold plated dart board fer sure!"

Speaking to Shinann, you say, "I did as well."

Bimblebop says, "Excuse kind folks, but if there is a soul here that would join me for a drink, I'll gladly cover the tab."

Dwi: "Also...da Shieldmaidens needs a new teapot."

Cryheart says, "Thank ye, but need to be sober tonight."

Speaking to Bimblebop, Shinann says, "Thank you but I do not drink on duty."

You soberly say, "This is more of a... potentially explosive situation than it seemed last night, considering what you all are saying."

Speaking to Cryheart, Asben asks, "What is this sober...?"

Speaking to Cryheart, Faerinn asks, "Why? Planning to talk?"

Cryheart says, "Meaning no drinking."

Cryheart says, "That would be true."

Speaking wryly to Faerinn, you say, "Drunkenness sure didn't stop some people."

Bimblebop says, "I know very little of this strange place, and could use the advice of an experienced adventurer."

Cryheart says, "Ye should wander to town square."

Ysharra says, "Drunkenness usually only stops things that you should better safeguard."

Speaking to Bimblebop, Asben says, "The sober one can help you."

Speaking to Bimblebop, Raelee says, "There are many here. Perhaps best if you ask what it is you wish to know."

Bimblebop says, "I'm attempting to drink this tea myself."

Cryheart says, "Just ask a question friend."

You say, "So the current suggestions then, are: remind the people that Octaven isn't the Hall, try to quell the indignation, and potentially denounce the Rooks' actions."

You inquire, "Are there any other ideas we should consider?"

Faerinn says, "So just a friendly reminds for folks try to not incriminate the town for murder. You don't have to answer Vlashandra's only three questions."

You add, "And there was also the 'letter to Earl Jovery' idea, which we've already put into motion."

Bimblebop says, "Thank you Cryheart."

Cryheart says, "Welcome friend."

Bimblebop says, "I suppose the main square is a bit chaotic for my tastes."

Cryheart says, "Helga, there seems to be an inordinate number of flies here."

Melikor says, "We must depart for now, but will see you at the trial, in just a bit."

Speaking to Helga, Ysharra asks, "Have any new books?"

You amiably say, "Looking forward to it."

Faerinn says, "I've been sending accounts of this trial to all my Imperial colleagues. I have no interest in seeing these proceedings buried."

Bimblebop says, "Take this tea for example. I've ordered it, but it seems like I have some kind of drinking problem."

Speaking to Faerinn, you admit, "Lots of things do get buried around here, so that's probably a good idea."

You acknowledge, "I'm *still* waiting for more fallout over Mynalari's death."

Cryheart says, "Folkks who usually enter here, focuse on the harder stuff."

Cryheart says, "If I am asked the question..I can take care of that."

You explain, "The Baron of Bourth had requested we bring her back alive, but that didn't exactly happen."

Bimblebop says, "Ah, no thanks, tea is fine for me..."

Cryheart says, "Baron of Bourth dinnae know his history it seems."

Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "Not really even an option...and, I believe beyond his purview to request."

You say, "And somehow Dennet illegitimately took over the outpost for almost a year without the Hall or any other organization knowing."

Bimblebop exclaims, "Well thank you Tennalnen!"

Speaking to Bimblebop, Tennalnen says, "A much wider selection on the cart."

Cryheart helps himself to a gooey peanut butter brownie with a fancy caramel 'B' on top.

Cryheart says, "I do love the brownies."

Speaking to Shinann, you admit, "I've been wondering what Thadston would think of all this. He might already have plans in motion."

Bimblebop says, "But it is a shame about honeyed tea that I purchased."

Speaking hurriedly to Shinann, you say, "Just, you know, don't tell me about them. That's militia business."

Shinann says, "I sent him a message about what happened to me last night."

Shinann says, "That is all I said."

Bimblebop says, "Just look at cryhard here. Just going to town on a brownie."

Speaking to Bimblebop, Faerinn says, "It was just on the bar."

Cryheart says, "I already ate my dinner."

Speaking tentatively to Shinann, you say, "Speaking of which, Reannah seemed different than she ever had before."

Misun says, "Pardon me."

Shinann says, "Yes."

Speaking vaguely to Shinann, you say, "It's like--well, it was something alright."

Speaking amiably to Shinann, you say, "But as long as you're alright, that's fine."

The watchman moves out of Cryheart's way and glances at him.

Cryheart says, "He dinnae want the brownie."

Bimblebop exclaims, "Now I have two delicious cups of tea and no conceivable way to drink them!"

Speaking to you, Tennalnen says, "Although nothing can be done about it, might I suggest future trials be scheduled with the sun in the sky."

Speaking to the night watchman, you whisper aloud, "Just look for Hap and you'll find trouble real quick."

Cryheart says, "Ye just sip the tea."

Speaking to Tennalnen, you admit, "I'm starting to wonder if I made the right move by not trying to stop the trial. I did have reasons, but..."

Speaking to Bimblebop, Asben says, "You have a mouth."

You mildly say, "I suppose it can't get any worse tonight than last night, at least."

Raelee stares at you.

Speaking hurriedly to Raelee, you say, "A jest, obviously."

Speaking to you, Raelee says, "Of course it can."

Speaking to you, Asben says, "It can get so much worse."

You amusedly say, "As if I haven't lived here four years now."

Faerinn says, "Always the chance they will delcare a mistrial."

Faerinn appears to be struggling to keep a straight face.

Bimblebop says, "Oh. Wow."

Speaking curiously to Faerinn, you ask, "Would you say that would be a win or a loss for us?"

Faerinn says, "Yeah, couldn't keep a straight face there."

You add, "Given what's in the court records so far."

Bimblebop says, "It's been so long since I've had this drinking problem."

Cryheart says, "Drinking tea is healty for ye."

Bimblebop asks, "That night watchmen really comes and goes, doesn't he?"

Speaking to Bimblebop, you explain, "Well, often when he catches criminals, he says he was tipped off by the boys here."

Speaking to Bimblebop, you say, "So it's to be expected."

Faerinn says, "Typically a mistrial is never a win nor loss, but in our case it would probably be a win."

Guarrin says, "I imagine it would move to a location further...south then."

Speaking to Faerinn, you ask, "Because of those who are--what was your word--incriminating the town?"

Faerinn says, "I would consider a properly conducted trial a win."

Bimblebop says, "Ah, I think I ratted on some smugglers earlier. Either that or I helped em get away."

You acknowledge, "I will say, it makes me really curious that the Rooks made their move on the *first* night of the trial. It makes me wonder if something... bigger might happen tonight."

Cryheart says, "Let us hope they use better choices."

Faerinn says, "Escalation and all that."

Raelee whispers something to Guarrin.

Speaking to Cryheart, you say, "That's what's curious to me. As I was saying earlier before you got here, Mother's been critical of Rysus' leadership, but seems like she's treading dangerously close..."

Cryheart says, "Absolute power can corrupt one."

You frankly ask, "I tend to believe she'll stop short of an attack at the outpost, which was basically Rysus' downfall, but who can say?"

Bimblebop asks, "So someone says that there are some Giant Rats around here that need new homes. Does anyone know where I can find the poor buggers?"

Speaking amiably to Bimblebop, you say, "That would be in the catacombs beneath town."

Cryheart says, "Down below the town."

Cryheart says, "Reserve judgement for the criminals."

Speaking suddenly to Shinann, you say, "Oh, Shinann, did you want the backpack for inspection? I've not really touched it since last night."

You acknowledge, "As far as I can tell, they really just--picked dozens of purple hibiscus flowers."

You grab a dark leather backpack from one of the large pouches lining the inside of your red silk cape.

You remove a dark purple hibiscus from in your leather backpack.

Bimblebop asks, "Ah poor things. Is anybody here interested in fostering a few until I can find good homes for them?"

Shinann asks, "Did you leave the prism in it or did I mistake seeing that?"

Speaking amusedly to Shinann, you say, "That was Xorus'."

Shinann says, "Ahh."

You mutter, "Only prism I ever had, I blew us all up before I knew what it was."

Speaking to Bimblebop, Raelee says, "You are suggesting taking one as a pet? Small as they may be, they are... rather aggressive."

Cryheart says, "I dinnae think my House would approve of rat."

Bimblebop says, "That Lord Timothe also like his coming and goings..."

Shinann says, "I will look at it, but might be better to have a bard sing to it."

You put a dark purple hibiscus in your leather backpack.

You offer your leather backpack to Shinann, who has 30 seconds to accept the offer. Click CANCEL to prematurely cancel the offer.

Shinann has accepted your offer and is now holding a dark leather backpack.

Speaking to Shinann, you admit, "Makes sense to me."

Shinann takes a moment to observe her leather backpack.

Bimblebop asks, "Shinann are saying there's a way?"

You say, "I'm not sure what the... purpose of the flowers was."

You ask, "Maybe there wasn't one, and it was just a sympathetic gesture?"

Speaking to you, Asben says, "A show of support."

Speaking to you, Faerinn says, "To mark people with a certain position."

Cryheart says, "They are the color of purple."

Speaking curiously to Faerinn, you ask, "But that seems--like a disadvantage if anything, no?"

Shinann says, "I see nothing unusual about this."

Shinann offers you a dark leather backpack. Click ACCEPT to accept the offer or DECLINE to decline it. The offer will expire in 30 seconds.

You accept Shinann's offer and are now holding a dark leather backpack.

Bimblebop says, "Shinann, I'm sorry, but as soon as I've had some tea, I cannot whisper..."

Bimblebop says, "But yes."

Speaking to Guarrin, Raelee says, "Personally? No. I imagine Lord Breshon might wish to have a say, however."

Speaking to you, Faerinn says, "Not if escalation reaches a point where only those with teh hibiscus are not targeted."

Speaking slowly to Faerinn, you say, "That might be a bit much..."

You say, "Then again..."

You admit, "As ever, I've seen stranger things."

Faerinn says, "I thought it might have been a simple nice gesture of support, but they the Rooks killed a falcon and smashed communications."

Speaking to you, Faerinn says, "What they did was a bit much."

Bimblebop says, "I don't have a dangerous bone in my body. I couldn't abide killing any poor rats."

Speaking to Faerinn, you say, "I do wish they'd left it at a fake falcon, like their demonstration with a strawman against King Qalinor."

You slowly say, "Well, hopefully it doesn't come to that."

You say, "Maybe the militia should be on alert in case anything drastic happens. Hate to think it, but..."

You say, "We do have golems marching in the streets, and then after last night, well--"

Shinann says, "We always are."

Speaking to Shinann, you clarify, "I mean even more than usual, but yes."

Shinann says, "I suspect both Stormyrain and I will be there tonight."

You admit, "I don't necessarily fear any trouble in Moot Hall--more like outside it."

You clarify, "Well, violent trouble anyway."

Speaking to you, Tennalnen says, "Have a good night Mayor."

You say, "Alright. Well, you've all certainly given me--and all of us--a lot to consider."

You say, "We should break so everyone has time to prepare for the trial's conclusion."

You ask, "But are there any last thoughts before then?"

You simply say, "Very well then. In that case, thank you all again for coming out, despite this very busy night, and for bringing your thoughts."

You say, "They're more valuable than you might know."

Speaking to you, Asben says, "Sorry i missed all of it."

Speaking amiably to Asben, you say, "That's alright, the conversation is always evolving. If not here, then in the square."

You conclude, "Difficult maneuvering ahead."

You wish, "Still, good eve to all and I hope to see many of you at the trial."

Cryheart says, "Aye."

Cryheart says, "I shall be there."

Roelon deeply says, "If it kin he called such ah thing..."

Speaking to Roelon, you say, "I just let them have it as a term of convenience, as Lylia might say."

Speaking to Roelon, you admit, "But yeah, it's more like a spectacle."

Cryheart says, "Better grab the oatcakse, afore the flies land on it."

Guarrin says, "Please excuse me."

Cryheart says, "Same."

Bimblebop says, "I...don't know how."

Bimblebop exclaims, "I'm trying!"

Cryheart says, "Oh...perhaps ye shold put the key away."

Shinann says, "Might want to wear your shield."

Shinann says, "You hands are full."

Speaking to Raelee, you admit, "I'd like to say 'I'm sure it won't come to war and blood running in the streets,' but I'm not at all sure. Hopefully it doesn't go that far, though."

Shinann says, "Unless you want to just eat off the bar."

Shinann's face turns slightly pale.

Speaking to you, Raelee says, "Indeed."

Shinann says, "Excuse me, please."

Speaking affably to Raelee, you exclaim, "I trust I'll see you there tonight. Until then, Magister!"

Speaking to Bimblebop, you say, "And to you, welcome to town and to adventuring."

Speaking to Bimblebop, you say, "May your battles with the rats lead the way to greater things to come."