Landing Meetings - 5120-04-25 (log)

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Olaesta 25, 5120

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier

[note: out of sheer necessity, these logs are a more "quick and dirty" edit compared to the more full-fledged KST logs]


[Helga's Tavern, Barroom]

The blended odors of ale, sweat, leather, perfume and hearty stew fill the stifling air of the tavern. Disheveled regulars and road-weary travelers rub elbows at the wooden bar, which looks recently varnished but already bears a variety of stains and grime. Helga, the ancient, obese proprietor, moves behind the bar, wiping glasses with a dirty towel as she keeps a beady eye on the patrons. A small fireplace in one corner burns feebly, adding little light or warmth to the room. You also see Helga, an overturned creel, a huge cast iron stewpot, a set of swinging doors and a tattered menu.

Tzii asks, "Where's Plur?"

You say, "Perfect."

Speaking to you, Asben says, "I needed money for booze."

Tzii exclaims, "Aww ya !"

Tzii says, "Time to pawn my life."

Chamorr heartily says, "Sounds like a game show."

Chamorr heartily says, "Pawn your life."

You say, "While we wait, feel free to order anything you'd like."

You peer west and see ...

[Helga's, Pub Room]

The narrow, dimly lit room is cluttered with rickety, ale-stained tables and chairs. Candle stubs mounted in earthenware ale flasks offer the only light, their yellowish glow making the room seem more decrepit than it actually is. Several dockworkers converse around a table in hushed voices, between sips of grog and puffs of strong pipe tobacco. A low wooden stage, no more than a small platform, stands at the far end of the room. You also see the Huebald disk, an irritable luck spirit that is flying around, the Reletin disk, a table leg, a sleek crested owl that is flying around, a fresh cinnamon doughnut, a rose-marrow potion, a bent spoon and an unwrapped device-stamped present.

Also here: High Lord Huebald, Reletin who is kneeling, Filidhe, Morgalen who is sitting, High Lord Timothe who is sleeping, Gaerthon who is sitting, Vinzie who is sitting

You belt out, "Are you all just resting over there or are you looking for the town meeting?"

Jahadeem quietly asks, "Did you say pawn or spawn?"

From nearby, you hear Reletin yell, "Resting!"

Speaking to you, Asben says, "They're sleeping."

You amusedly say, "I do see at least one of them has passed out."

Chamorr heartily says, "No sleepin on helgas watch."

Speaking quietly to Chamorr, Jahadeem asks, "So never sleep?"

Thuunk asks, "Am I late?"

Chamorr heartily says, "Seems not."

Speaking cheerfully to Thuunk, you exclaim, "Nope. Three minutes early!"

Thuunk says, "Oh."

Jahadeem quietly asks, "What am I early for again?"

You exclaim, "Tea on the bar!"

Thuunk says, "Time for a turnip then."

Speaking amusedly to Jahadeem, you say, "The weekly town meeting about questions, suggstions, concerns, and more."

You mumble, "Now if only the council would hurry up and approve rebuilding the bulletin board so we could keep people informed..."

Speaking quietly to you, Jahadeem asks, "Is it always at a bar?"

Speaking to Jahadeem, you say, "So far, but we'll be moving to a different location each month."

Speaking quietly to you, Jahadeem says, "I will try and make all the bar ones."

You dreamily say, "I think next month we'll make it the confectioner."

Jahadeem quietly says, "I can always bring a drink with me."

You say, "I can bring the Twilight Hall cart too, at least when it's not in use."

You add, "Which I've been doing before today."

You declare, "Alright, our starting time has arrived!"

You say, "So welcome one and all, again, to this week's town meeting."

Jahadeem quietly says, "Helga refuses to sell me an entire bottle of rum."

You amusedly say, "Smaller crowd than the last three times, but ah well..."

You explain, "Anyway, these meetings are about hearing out thoughts and questions and suggestions and concerns from everyone on what we should do in town."

You say, "Anything from building a new room in the barracks to implementing a new policy of allowing people to cast elemental waves in town."

You say, "Or questions about problems we're currently facing, and such."

Chamorr heartily says, "Well no waves in town."

You look at Chamorr and hum.

Chamorr heartily says, "What."

You say, "Somehow we miraculously got through the Pylasar trial with a positive verdict, so that's good at least."

You say, "As far as recent events go."

Speaking quietly to Chamorr, Thuunk says, "They might re-open the fissures."

Chamorr heartily says, "Go figure that."

Asben says, "Totally shocked."

You say, "I've sent seven proposals to the town council so far. I don't think any have been approved yet, but... bureacucracy."

You amusedly add, "I don't even think they've finished redecorating the office yet either."

Chamorr heartily asks, "Did they close the fissures?"

Thuunk thoughtfully says, "Thinks so."

You concede, "But to be fair, I did ask for a large variety of drinks that our merchants are probably working on importing."

Chamorr heartily says, "Good."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "Yep, the fissues are sealed up now."

Chamorr heartily says, "'leafi's bar and grill and mayors office."

Speaking ruefully to Chamorr, you say, "I tried asking for food but can get only drinks, I think."

Chamorr heartily says, "Better than the other way."

You cheekily say, "I had a whole set of plans for sandwiches and tarts and stuff in the shape of militia badges, warcats, dragons, owls, rooks..."

Chamorr heartily says, "Whats happenin with vlas sumthin."

You say, "Oh, Vlashandra, she's--well, Cord thinks Octaven's going to be very unhappy with herr."

You agree, "Probably true."

You insistently say, "I offered that we could protect her, but he didn't seem to want protection, just for us to be nice to her."

Tzii says, "So many people's gones."

You admit, "I'm half-thinking the one we should really ask protection for is Cordarius himself, in case Octaven has her spies after him now."

Speaking to his roasted turnip, Thuunk says, "You might become clothing."

You reason, "She did warn us back in 5117 that she'd have spies in the area to keep an eye on whether Rodnay ever becomes a problem, so... I'm sure she still has them now."

You amusedly observe, "Quiet meeting by Landing standards..."

Asben says, "I think everyone is sleeping."

You say, "I guess that's good, if things are going mostly alright."

Tzii says, "Many turn't into zombehs."

You opine, "We do need to get those golems out of town. I have no idea why they're still here."

Chamorr heartily says, "Another example of empire creep."

Chamorr heartily says, "Get rid of dem wagons too."

You say, "Yeah, we're really getting ever more stuck with the Imperials... and I'm at a bit of a loss what to do."

Speaking curiously to Chamorr, you ask, "The wagons are still there too?"

Thuunk says, "They are."

Asben asks, "Blow them up?"

You grumble, "Great, so that's two things that have been here half a year longer than they should be."

Thuunk says, "They are between here and Cavernhold."

Chamorr heartily says, "Question."

You say, "Actually, wait--the pavilions are still there too."

Chamorr heartily says, "Did the outpost always have black veins on it."

You say, "So the wagons might be needed to deliver supplies for curing some of the people hit hardest by the blight."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "No, and honestly, I can't remember when that happened."

Chamorr heartily says, "Pavillions other side of the stone bridge."

You say, "It might have been when Raznel invaded the outpost..."

You say, "But something is deeply wrong over there and I'm surprised Breshon isn't asking us about it."

You say, "Or anyone else in the outpost, for that matter."

You add, "And I'm not sure whether Thadston is still staying in the outpost or in our barracks."

You say, "Speaking of Thadston, I know people are troubled by the odd magic surrounding him."

Chamorr heartily says, "Couple folks had that light."

You say, "The magic's occasionally been speaking to a few people, all ladies, asking us to stay from him."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "More than asking, as i heard."

You tentatively say, "Best case would be that it's some kind of inner voice."

Speaking wryly to Hapenlok, you say, "Well... yeah, I was being generous."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "It's why i want to pick a fight with him. i wanna see what happens."

You say, "I don't think it can be the voice of a Landing local. Considering who the voice has been speaking to, at least three of us have no interest in Thadston or anything."

You suspiciously say, "Octaven maybe."

You slowly speculate, "Or, maybe it's just some strange aftereffect of being in the Bleaklands."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "The mental instability might be the aftereffect."

You say, "I'm thinking that the captains are trying to look into it, and I'm *also* thinking that Thadston's really still staying in the outpost, or else they'd know more by now."

Speaking to Hapenlok, you ask, "Mental instability?"

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "It's twice he's had to spend extended periods of time in hostile areas."

Jahadeem quietly says, "So, we still have golems. Maybe the EN will take them as a gift."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "Once in a pocket dimension surrounded by thousands of ithzir trying to kill him."

You say, "Ah, the Ithzir plane and the Bleaklands..."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "And the bleaklands, with ....everything else."

Hapenlok says, "Zombies, bloodworms and demons."

You admit, "I don't know how he survived it, truly."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Perhaps we should take his words with a grain a salt."

You muse, "Unless Quinshon was still out there and saved him for some reason..."

Chamorr heartily says, "If infact he did."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "Also, i'm slightly curious as to how anyone can fight him with all that kroderine bits in his body."

You recall, "Or, hmm... the Hall did cover up that they'd found him. I believe they said it was only days, but maybe it was weeks."

You hear someone sigh.

Speaking heartily to Hapenlok, Chamorr asks, "Whack im really hard in da head?"

The voice of Raelee says, "It was not weeks."

Speaking curiously to Hapenlok, you say, "Well, good luck with that."

Raelee suddenly fades into view.

Raelee says, "They kept him in the Outpost. I took the night watch. It was not... weeks."

Speaking gratefully to Raelee, you say, "Well, that's good then. Thank you for shedding some light on it."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "Well, you know. it wouldn't be my first time i've been mortally wounded for scientific purposes."

Speaking to Raelee, Hapenlok asks, "You know what i mean?"

Speaking curtly to Hapenlok, Raelee says, "No."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Weird science."

You say, "So then we come right back to the question of how he survived out there, blind, for so long a time..."

You relent, "I know he's one stubborn guy, and I was saying I wouldn't believe he was dead unless I saw a corpse, but that was before we knew he'd been blinded."

Speaking heartily to Raelee, Chamorr says, "Is Octaven in the outpost too."

Speaking to Chamorr, Raelee says, "Not often."

You slowly say, "Well... hopefully the captains can figure out whats going on."

Speaking suddenly to Raelee, you ask, "Oh, while you're here, maybe you'd know the answer to the earlier question--when did those black veins appear on the outpost?"

Speaking to you, Raelee says, "Months ago."

You say, "When Raznel came to take Thrayzar, maybe? Or sabotage when we were reopening the portal..."

You understandingly say, "Okay, so likely one of those and not a recent development, at least."

Raelee says, "Raznel left her mark in many places."

Jahadeem quietly says, "I just got word I have to go home. Thanks for the letting me drink with you all."

Speaking to Jahadeem, you exclaim, "Thanks for coming!"

Speaking thoughtfully to Hapenlok, you ask, "You do realize, though, you'd probably be burning whatever bridge might be left with the captains by fighting Thadston, right?"

Speaking heartily to Raelee, Chamorr says, "You should have the landing be a open port and trading partner with the Rooks."

You amiably say, "I mean, it's certainly your choice and up to you."

Chamorr heartily says, "Oops."

Chamorr points at you!

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "That was meant fer you."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "Well, i'm saving that for if he becomes a problem."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, " know, I'm not sure if you were joking, but--actually, that does remind me."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Not at all."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "Like if he wants to take us into battle over a statue."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "That kind of problem."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "They tried to extend an offer to Lylia in exchange for uninspected ships..."

Speaking to Chamorr, you reason, "But that means they probably already have ships that *are* going through inspection."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "I was just working on a letter earlier this morning, that I hope to finish tonight, about what we can do with some Rook goods at Frontier Days this year..."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "Honestly, that's a bit obvious. if i had cargo that i didn't want you lot peeking at, i'd get it here. one way or another."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "But yours is a pretty good idea too. I'll bring that up."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Open port."

You say, "And Soneiken too had been asking about more trade with Teras Isle, so... maybe this all fits together."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Get rid of them dang imperial inspectors."

You tentatively ask, "...wait, what Imperial inspectors?"

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Thats whos inspectin the ships, as i recall."

Speaking to Chamorr, Hapenlok says, "I believe those were OUR inspectors."

You cautiously say, "I believe so too, yeah."

You say, "Although, with that said..."

You say, "I suppose people could ship to here to avoid Imperial inspections..."

You continue, "Mmm, but we'd still have militia inspections and I don't actually have say over those."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Krolvin, teras, rooks, imagine the dock fees."

You say, "Which is part of why Mother's offer was so odd."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "I miss them being predictable."

Speaking curiously to Hapenlok, you ask, "Who?"

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "The rooks."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "Tear the outpost down, then blow us up."

You confess, "I find them pretty predictable right now."

You add, "Or at least I think I do."

Hapenlok says, "I know, i just miss the random explosions."

Hapenlok says, "And also, my source of unexploded ordinance."

You say, "Mother's an opportunist, and rides the public opinion--I said that at another meeting."

You agree, "But I do miss the explosions too."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Good fer business i spose."

Speaking to Raelee, Hapenlok says, "Quick question for you, while you're here."

You optimistically exclaim, "Ah well, I'm sure the orbs will return when our next great challenge arises!"

Thuunk asks, "What is weather, without lightning?"

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "I still has a supply."

Speaking to Raelee, Hapenlok asks, "A while back, you said that i could see Raznel's final resting place, if i asked. Is that still valid?"

Speaking to Chamorr, you admit, "I was ready to go beg for a supply of orbs if Raznel cut off my magic in the recent war, but no need for it in the end... she never targeted me."

You wryly say, "Her mistake."

Speaking to Hapenlok, Raelee says, "I do not know what you are referring to."

Speaking to Raelee, Hapenlok asks, "My memory isn't as good as it was, i believe she had a hideout in the plinite hollows, did she not?"

Speaking to Raelee, Hapenlok says, "I'm lucky i can remember my incantations sometimes."

Raelee says, "She did not."

Speaking to Raelee, Hapenlok says, "Oh, that might have been a misunderstanding on my part then."

You ask, "Wasn't it some... magical workshop beneath the outpost?"

Raelee says, "It was a different chamber. It was not within the plinite or the workshops."

You say, "Ahh."

Speaking to Raelee, Hapenlok says, "I'm a little more dense than usual. sorry."

You admit, "I've never really thought to go back, myself. The past is the past."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "Well, i wasn't there. and i would like to see where she met her end."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "If possible."

Hapenlok says, "If not."

Speaking to Hapenlok, you exclaim, "Can understand that!"

Hapenlok says, "I'll just use my mind's eye."

You admit, "I don't know if the portal is still open, but..."

You tentatively say, "I think I generally remember how to get there, but it would be some searching."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "Before i start donating any of my blood, i'd like to tour the wreckage myself, if you know what i mean."

Speaking tentatively to Hapenlok, you ask, "Donating blood?"

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "I'll explain later."

You say, "Pylasar was the one who opened the portal, so without him it probably sealed up, honestly... but we can at least take a look after this."

Chamorr heartily says, "Im lucky i remember how to get home."

You amiably say, "Well, seems like we're running a bit low on topics for today."

Hapenlok says, "Draccor."

You admit, "Easy to see why, after that--crazy trial turned out positive somehow."

Hapenlok asks, "Can i get general amnesty if i keep killing him over and over?"

Thuunk asks, "Why was Pylasar on trial?"

Chamorr heartily says, "You did attack him first."

Speaking to Chamorr, Hapenlok says, "Don't care. i'm doing all humans and humanoid creatures a favor."

Speaking to Hapenlok, you say, "Well, mayoral pardons are for, uh--a little more severe circumstances than just your everyday trading murders..."

Hapenlok says, "Nope. i'm kidding. anyway."

You wonder, "Come to think of it, have any of you ever seen any mayoral pardons in your life other than Crux for Stephos?"

Chamorr heartily says, "Nope."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "That earned him one of his first assassination attempts, from someone. if you'll recall."

Speaking to Hapenlok, you offer, "For the record, I suggested that Crux pretend to extend a pardon and then have assassins waiting for him when he approached the gates."

Hapenlok says, "Ah well."

Hapenlok says, "Well, i'm going to take a nap. and then i'm going to be back into the thick of things."

You say, "Remind me about the outpost later, Hap."

Hapenlok says, "Yep."

Speaking to you, Asben says, "I'd like to go look when you both do later."

You say, "I think we've more or less run the conversation well dry for now, in any case."

Speaking to Asben, you exclaim, "Noted!"

Raelee says, "I will add one note, then."

Raelee says, "You mention you thought something was terribly wrong within the Outpost and wondered why Breshon had not yet reached out."

Raelee says, "I do not precisely think most of its denizens agree with that assessment, and thus there is nothing to reach out about..."

Raelee says, "... but let us say they did not."

You curiously ask, "No concern about the veins?"

Raelee says, "Contemplate... why would they ask for your help? The vocal sentiment against the Empire of late has been quite loud. It is often quite difficult to ascertain when dialogue is and is not wanted."

Speaking to you, Raelee says, "... and the veins have been there for a very long time. We have studied them."

Speaking to Raelee, Asben asks, "What did you learn about them?"

You acknowledge, "To be fair, I didn't say ask for our help--more for our knowledge, if anything, since we've had so many run-ins with the witch."

You say, "But your larger point makes perfect sense even in that context."

Speaking to Asben, Raelee says, "They bear the same properties as much of what Raznel has left behind."

Speaking relievedly to Raelee, you say, "And at least they're being looked into. That's good."

Raelee says, "Research is why we are there."

Speaking heartily to Raelee, Chamorr says, "Really."

Speaking to Chamorr, Raelee says, "As for the mages, yes."

Raelee says, "Not everything is a deep conspiracy to take over this town. Most of us do not actually care quite that much."

(Leafiara rummages about in her red silk cape, then lowers her hand, looking disappointed.)

Raelee adds, "... and would rather just go home."

You ruefully say, "Darn, no popcorn for the conspiracy theory talk."

Chamorr heartily says, "On that we can agree."

Speaking to you, Thuunk says, "Conspiracies are much easier to buy into if you drink lots of this."

Thuunk offers you a flagon of Dragonsdraught ale. Click ACCEPT to accept the offer or DECLINE to decline it. The offer will expire in 30 seconds.

You accept Thuunk's offer and are now holding a flagon of Dragonsdraught ale.

Speaking to Thuunk, you admit, "Explains a lot."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Im behavin."

Speaking to Chamorr, you offer, "Well, never know when we'll need you, Maylan, or Goat for another protest."

You say, "And on that note.. let's call it a concluded meeting."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Its our mission to stand or in that case sit against injustice."

You say, "Thank you all for coming, again. We'll hope to get these growing larger again--even if the council *won't* rebuild the bulletin board."

Speaking to you, Asben says, "Thanks for hosting these."

Speaking heartily to Raelee, Chamorr says, "Enjoy yer day."

Speaking to Asben, you say, "A pleasure, my friend."

Raelee glances skeptically at Chamorr.

You say, "And a lovely eve to you."