Landing Meetings - 5120-05-23 (log)

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Ivastaen 23, 5120

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier

[note: out of sheer necessity, these logs are a more "quick and dirty" edit compared to the more full-fledged KST logs]


[Krythussa's Confectionary Shop]

A barrage of sweet-smelling chocolate, candy, and other goodies assaults the senses as their scents fill the air of the quaint but simple candy shop. Crystal shelves stacked with glass jars in a variety of shapes and colors line the walls. Sunlight streams through the windows, and creates a rainbow of colors upon the floor as it strikes the glass jars. A glass counter stands to the left of a small alcove. You also see a circular ebonwood cart with some stuff on it.

Speaking cheerfully to Rohese, you exclaim, "Good afternoon again!"

Rohese respectfully greets, "Mayor."

Speaking to Nazarr, Pukk asks, "Can I see your calipers?"

Shinann says, "Afternoon."

You relievedly say, "Oh, good, two key people here for the discussion we're about to be having."

Speaking softly to Shinann, Rohese greets, "Good afternoon."

Pukk says, "I will wait until later then."

Kasgar says, "Good afternoon."

Speaking to Rohese, Shinann says, "Nice to see you again. Have not really spoken to you since you interviewed me."

Speaking amiably to Kasgar, you exclaim, "Good afternoon!"

Speaking softly to Shinann, Rohese says, "It's been too long."

Shinann asks, "What?"

Speaking surprisedly to Shinann, you guess, "She interviewed you? For... a fashion event?"

Rohese softly explains, "The Captain kindly gave an interview to Elanthian Vogue about life in the military."

You surprisedly marvel, "Will wonders never cease!"

Rohese softly exclaims, "It was enlightening!"

Shinann says, "You are too kind."

You muse, "Oh, just trying to imagine *that* meeting of the minds..."

Speaking playfully to you, Rohese says, "Don't worry, I will be seeking one from you in due time."

You offhandedly say, "Anyway, speaking of wonders never ceasing..."

Speaking to Nazarr, Pukk says, "After the meeting."

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "Sho shekritive."

You say, "So, a few bits of catching up before we get to the open questions and such."

You say, "First, regarding Vlashandra..."

Nazarr asks, "Can we give her a nickname?"

You say, "She came to speak with us very, very late last night and I'm pretty sure no one was awake for that."

Speaking wryly to Nazarr, you say, "I've been working on it."

Shinann asks, "She did?"

You say, "She believes we'll be able to complete the ritual before month's end."

Speaking to Gutstorm, you say, "And at her request I gave her samples of the soul essences you made, along with the others, so she's studying those."

Speaking drunkenly to you, Gutstorm says, "Dun let da dark elfsh git all da credit, we doin all da werkto free dere....woteber she ish."

Speaking to Shinann, you say, "We're in planning on how to defend the town in case anything comes through the portal..."

Shinann says, "I had been working on that for a couple of hours earlier last night."

Speaking to Shinann, you say, "As usual, what the militia does is up to you, but I'd like to ideally at least have pylons create a chokepoint back to town."

Shinann says, "As have others."

Nazarr asks, "How do we ensure that the portal stays closed until we want to open it?"

Shinann says, "Yes, that was discussed."

Speaking to Guarrin, you ask, "Speaking of those others, have Viva and Fahlo been keeping you apprised?"

Speaking to Guarrin, you say, "Or Sir Cryheart, for that matter..."

Speaking to Guarrin, you say, "I believe they're trying to get aid from Breshon if possible."

Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "I spoke with Fahlo about his plan last night. I pulled Sir Cryheart and the Captain aside to discuss it."

Speaking to you, Pukk says, "Fahlo wants to be introduced to Mother sometimes."

Speaking to Guarrin, you say, "Perfect, then all is proceeding well."

Bbee says, "Hello all."

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "Heddosh."

Speaking to Pukk, you muse, "...huh, interesting, considering what happened in 5118, but--noted."

You ask, "Did anyone have any questions on Vlashandra and the ritual before we move on to some news about Socius?"

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "Me shneepy."

Speaking to Gutstorm, Pukk says, "Okay."

Faerinn says, "Yeah, I should add something about Cordarius."

Speaking to Gutstorm, Pukk says, "Can't."

Gutstorm drunkenly asks, "Doesh da rum raishin bread have rum innit or dat wot dey be calin it to trick me?"

Faerinn says, "He had written to me he was going to looking into Vlashandra's past."

You say, "He did leave a letter about that on my desk too. That was some good thinking on your part."

Faerinn says, "And last night she really wanted to stress to me how concerned she was about his wellbeing."

Shinann asks, "Did she say why?"

You guess, "You're wondering if she's got to him somehow?"

Faerinn says, "I assume her usual head games."

You admit, "*I'm* wondering if she's gotten to him somehow."

Faerinn says, "I think its just her way of letting me know that she knows what we are up to."

Bbee asks, "Who are we speaking of?"

Speaking to Bbee, you say, "Cordarius, our Regional Envoy."

Speaking wryly to Faerinn, you say, "He did leave that letter way too out in the open, so I wonder..."

Speaking curiously to Gutstorm, you ask, "Yes?"

Speaking drunkenly to you, Gutstorm asks, "Wunt Krytshusha git mad yooz hoortin her bidnesh wit da free shtuff onna cart yooz bring?"

Faerinn says, "And Cordarius is actually asking in person about her past which is surprising."

Faerinn says, "Hence the absence."

Speaking casually to Gutstorm, you say, "Nah, I'm a great customer here."

Speaking drunkenly to you, Gutstorm says, "Danks fer patifyin ere, Pukk likeya shteal fromme."

Bbee says, "Ya, Leafiara es gooten custumar fer me too."

Faerinn says, "But if he doesn't turn up before ritual time maybe we should be cheking those "one or two" bane coffins she has."

Speaking to Faerinn, you say, "I wonder... some have speculated he might be a mentalist, so maybe he can get more information within range of someone..."

Speaking to Faerinn, you say, "Good call, though she's probably got them well hidden in the outpost somewhere..."

Speaking innocently to Gutstorm, Pukk exclaims, "I would never do that!"

Bbee asks, "Like reading minds?"

Faerinn says, "I am show disappointed to have missed whatever yard sale those things were sold at or what curb they were sitting on."

Speaking to Bbee, you say, "Right, because he was able to guess birthdays from just a glance at someone. This was around when we first met him."

Faerinn says, "But I suppose they are only free with a Hall membership."

Faerinn says, "All I have on him."

You musingly say, "Alright, well, while we reflect on that some more in the back of our minds, it's on to Socius..."

You say, "Apparently he's been returned to Mist Harbor and wants to come speak with us tomorrow around three in the afternoon."

You say, "As was feared, he doesn't remember his life before the last few months..."

Faerinn says, "I've seen the bounty notice...damn, I suppose the fist is out of the glove then."

Shinann asks, "How was he apprehended?"

Speaking to Shinann, you admit, "I have no idea. This news comes from Adminstrator Ilsola."

Shinann says, "I see."

You say, "In any case, he's willing to help with, I assume, information on the patchwork army..."

Faerinn says, "Acting on my own, I found him and convinced him to come home."

Naamit says, "Faerinn is right."

Nazarr asks, "How'd you manage that?"

Speaking musingly to Faerinn, you exclaim, "Well, that's good then. Nice work!"

Speaking to Nazarr, Faerinn says, "Tracked the dagger when it returned. Reminded him of the Island."

Faerinn says, "So if the Towncounil has issue with that they can bring it up with me."

You say, "The question I wanted to pose to you all... obviously having this meeting tomorrow for more information would be good, but I'm curious in hearing about safe spots to hold it."

Shinann says, "I doubt they will have issue."

You say, "The patchwork army might have... some issue with him if they sense his presence."

Naamit says, "I would recommend the Stumbling Pebble bar in Mist Harbor."

Speaking to Shinann, Guarrin says, "I imagine that may depend on how helpful he is."

Shinann says, "Excuse me a moment."

You agree, "Hmm, keeping him at Mist Harbor does seem safest..."

Rohese politely interjects, "I'm sure Ilsola would appreciate knowing it's a safe spot for Socius."

Speaking to Razanetika, Bbee asks, "Are you learning?"

Faerinn says, "Keeping the meeting on Mist Harbor would reduce the number of enemies looking for him and reduces the likelyhood of interruption."

Speaking softly to you, Razanetika says, "Not everyong can go to Mist Harbor tho."

Razanetika softly says, "Everyone too."

Naamit counters, "Not everyone can come to Wehnimer's Landing without fear of assassination, either."

Speaking to Razanetika, you say, "I'm aware, but like I just said, the reapers and others might be after him if we bring him here."

Bbee asks, "There are assassins?"

You say, "Stumbling Pebble bar it is, then."

Speaking softly to you, Rohese says, "Thank you."

Speaking to Bbee, Pukk says, "Gutstorm. You have to watch out for him."

You say, "At least, no one seems to have any other suggestions."

Guarrin asks, "He hasn't shared any information about the past few months yet?"

You add, "And it would avoid any potential problems with the bounty, as Faerinn mentioned."

Faerinn says, "Well, securing Narum didn't go so well."

You say, "I'll have to get word to the town council about taking down that bounty."

Bbee says, "I am having a hard time deciphering what has taken place, so I dare not make suggestions."

Speaking to Guarrin, Faerinn says, "He mentioned that he finished his Mission with them. That being find quality parts for those splicers to make something."

Speaking to Faerinn, Guarrin asks, "Did he elaborate on who...they are?"

Faerinn says, "He has not yet. He was a mess when he was found."

Speaking to Kasgar, Bbee says, "Thanks for that, I feel less stupid now."

Speaking to Faerinn, you venture, "Starving and living out in the wild like you thought, then?"

Speaking to Bbee, Kasgar exclaims, "That's why I'm here, to find out what I don't know!"

Faerinn says, "I'm hoping some time recuperating and building trust will bring fruit on that tomorrow."

Speaking to Kasgar, Bbee asks, "Is it working?"

Akenna cheerfully greets, "Good evening."

Speaking amusedly to Akenna, you say, "I don't know about evening, but good day at least."

Speaking to Bbee, Kasgar asks, "A little bit?"

Speaking to Akenna, Faerinn says, "We were just discussing how I went against the council on my own and wrangled Socius make to Mist Harbor."

Speaking to Akenna, you inform, "Apparently we're meeting with Socius tomorrow at 3 in the afternoon at the Stumbling Pebble bar."

Speaking to Faerinn, Pukk says, "I like you already."

Akenna exclaims, "Oh good!"

Rohese softly muses, ";quiet someone ought to warn Greth to sweep through properly."

A brilliant purple kitten wearing a purple collar clasped with a pair of crossed silver swords suddenly streaks into the room, pitching headfirst into the floor.

Speaking to a brilliant purple kitten wearing a purple collar clasped with a pair of crossed silver swords, Pukk says, "Right."

Speaking to Rohese, Naamit says, "I will, when we are done here. This night will require more coffee."

You curiously ask, "Did anyone have anything else regarding Socius, before we open the floor to other topics?"

Gutstorm drunkenly asks, "Whooz Shociush?"

You admit, "Well, the real information will come tomorrow anyway, so I guess that makes sense--we call it here."

You suddenly say, "Oh."

Speaking to Gutstorm, Pukk says, "I'm glad you asked though."

Speaking to Gutstorm, you say, "He was the Fist."

Gutstorm drunkenly asks, "Da shkelly harashin da town?"

Speaking to Gutstorm, you say, "The... well, the one-time commander of their forces."

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "Ok, me upta shpeed."

You admit, "Still curious how he ever got involved with them, but..."

Speaking to Gutstorm, you say, "He left them over a week ago. He's been used by them, after having lost his memories."

Akenna says, "He's been ill-used."

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "Convenient."

Akenna says, "He lost is memories..."

Faerinn says, "I suppose we may find that out still. Very ill used and taken advantage of."

Akenna says, "To save the island."

Speaking to Gutstorm, Akenna says, "So it wasn't."

Akenna says, "He sacrificed for us."

Speaking to Faerinn, you say, "Which, to your point earlier... we've had bounties dropped before over someone who lost their memories and was attacking the town under someone else's influences, so I don't think we should have issues with the town council on your end."

Bbee says, "I feel ill used at times."

Speaking drunkenly to Akenna, Gutstorm says, "Me like yooz earsh."

Speaking to Gutstorm, Akenna says, "Thank you."

Speaking to Bbee, Pukk says, "It's those pills."

Bbee says, "Then I get a hug and all is bbetter."

Speaking curiously to Akenna, Guarrin asks, "Ill used?"

Speaking to Shinann, you say, "As you could attest to."

Bbee says, "I don't eat the pills."

Shinann asks, "Hmm?"

Shinann says, "Sorry."

Shinann says, "I had to check on someone I am caring for."

Speaking to Shinann, you say, "When we dropped the bounty on the second Rone after finding out the extent of the Alchemist's involvement..."

Shinann says, "Yes."

Speaking to Shinann, you say, "Hopefully no problems dropping the bounty on Socius likewise."

Shinann says, "Bounties never are a good idea, in my opinion. They apply to a very few. Others deserve a trial."

You conclude, "I think we're settled then--tomorrow at the Stumbling Pebble bar, while we get this bounty issue resolved. That and to save him from the patchwork army."

You exclaim, "And with that, we'll move to open topics!"

Rohese graciously says, "I shall bow out then. Thank you all for your hospitality and understanding."

You add, "Meaning, feel free to start a conversation on most anything."

Speaking amiably to Rohese, you exclaim, "Hope to see you tomorrow, then!"

Speaking softly to Faerinn, Rohese says, "Until tomorrow then."

Speaking to you, Pukk asks, "Any word on that petting zoo yet?"

Bbee says, "Drink that."

Speaking amusedly to Pukk, you say, "We can't even redecorate a mayoral office, never mind build a petting zoo."

Gutstorm drunkenly asks, "Yooz eber git a boogie on da inshide o'da tip of yooz nose but dunt wanna shtart diggin roun ash not to offen folksh?"

Speaking appreciatively to Bbee, Rohese says, "Thank you but I won't."

Bbee asks, "Why?"

Naamit says, "I shall also see myself out now that the matter of interest has been settled."

Speaking to you, Pukk says, "A petting zoo will make everybody happy."

Speaking softly to Bbee, Rohese says, "Because I only drink tea until sunset."

Speaking soberly to Pukk, you say, "But seriously, we'll have to at least eliminate the patchwork armies before we can build new things."

Speaking softly to Bbee, Rohese says, "It was a very kind offer though."

Bbee says, "It ain't tea."

Speaking to Pukk, you say, "Right now it's enough work *re*building things."

Speaking to you, Pukk asks, "Maybe we can have a patchwork petting zoo?"

Speaking dubiously to Pukk, you say, "That sounds incredibly dangerous."

Speaking warmly to Akenna, Rohese says, "I hope to see you tomorrow."

Speaking to Rohese, Akenna exclaims, "You will!"

Speaking to you, Pukk says, "Gutstorm had to get his own petting zoo."

Speaking amusedly to Pukk, you say, "Meaning I like it, but I doubt the council would approve."

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "I got lotsha petsh."

Razanetika softly says, "Kitty commander an rat soldiers."

Speaking softly to Bbee, Razanetika says, "Gutstorm's pet zoo."

Guarrin says, "If you will excuse me."

Speaking to Shinann, you say, "While I'm thinking of it..."

Shinann asks, "Hmm?"

Speaking to Shinann, you ask, "We've settled on meeting Socius in Mist Harbor for his own safety, but if we had really had to meet him in the Landing, would you have even considered letting him in the barracks?"

Bbee offers Shinann a silvery blue potion.

Bbee says, "Please drink that."

Shinann says, "Possibly."

Shinann declines Bbee's offer.

Shinann says, "No, thank you."

Speaking to Shinann, you say, "Just asking because I really think we need to build a safe room somewhere. I was even considering the Hendoran outpost of all places."

Gutstorm drunkenly says, "Me fink mitter Dreaven gonna be doin shpellsh shoon."

Shinann says, "Do not send him there."

Speaking to Shinann, you emphasize, "We won't! It'll be on Mist Harbor."

Bbee says, "I leave now, no one wants my bbestest stuff."

Faerinn says, "He has safe lodgings at the moment."

Shinann says, "There was too much interest about him from her."

Akenna says, "Good."

Shinann says, "So, keep him away from the Outpost."

Shinann says, "If Stormyrain and I are not around."

Speaking to Shinann, you say, "Well, it would have only been a brief meeting and not having him stay there, but I understand."

Shinann says, "Do not even let him go inside."

Shinann says, "They are messing with the magic there."

Speaking curiously to Shinann, you ask, "...what magic?"

You ask, "The veins on the outpost?"

Faerinn says, "To be honest I don't like the idea of him stepping anywhere near Vlashandra while she has those coffins."

Shinann says, "Vlashandra suddenly took an interest in him."

Shinann says, "Which is suspicious."

Akenna says, "Wait.."

Akenna asks, "What coffin?"

Speaking to Shinann, you speculate, "Maybe she really is behind the patchwork armies and wants revenge."

You say, "For his leaving."

Faerinn says, "Right she was the one that got a look at his face."

Akenna says, "I don't want that madwoman anywhere near him."

Speaking to you, Shinann says, "I do not know... but the Hall does not casual interests."

Speaking to Akenna, Faerinn says, "Vlashandra has "one or two" bane coffins."

Speaking to Akenna, Faerinn says, "Her words."

Speaking to Akenna, you explain, "Bane coffins from the Hall of Mages--apparently Vlashandra has one or two oft hem."

Shinann says, "Have."

Speaking to herself, Akenna mutters, "By the ancestors I hate the Hall."

You tentatively say, "What a world when I'm apparently one of the least anti-Hall people in the room."

You say, "It's really saying something since I think Rysus was right those years ago when he said we should never have let the Hall grow roots here."

Akenna says, "When you're a hathlyn hedgewizard from the Wyrdeep... the Hall of Mages isn't your friend..."

You say, "But if even one of the Vlashandra conspiracies turns out true, we'll have to re-evaluate the entire relationship."

You say, "...if we can even call it that."

Faerinn says, "To be fair she said those were her coffins for personal use."

Akenna asks, "Aren't you afraid she'll try to put Arylate... that's her name yes? In one of the coffins?"

You clarify, "The conspiracies being that she's behind the armies, or has some deep ulterior motive for opening the shadow valennce, or is stealing souls, or--"

You marvel, "Huh, there are a lot of conspiracies about her, come to think of it."

Speaking to you, Pukk says, "I think so."

Faerinn says, "Once again very diasspointed to miss that sale."

Speaking to Akenna, you say, "It's possible she'll try."

Shinann says, "She might have to, honestly."

Speaking to Akenna, you say, "But she won't succeed."

Speaking to you, Pukk says, "All of the above is true about those imps."

Speaking to you, Shinann says, "Depending on her condition."

Pukk says, "Okay, I'm heading out."

Speaking curiously to Shinann, you say, "She'd have to get past the entire Faendryl Enclave to make good on that move."

Speaking suddenly to Shinann, you say, "Oh, right, you weren't there last night, so explaining a bit..."

Akenna says, "I think it is hard to trust someone who doesn't wear their own face... though I have a sympathy for her in that regard."

Speaking to Akenna, Faerinn says, "She might. At the moment she has promised Aralyte to the Faendryl Enclave for care."

Speaking to Faerinn, Akenna says, "That's good I suppose."

Kasgar says, "Thanks for a bit of insight into what's going on, I'll catch up soon enough. Hope to see you all tomorrow."

Speaking to Shinann, you say, "Right now the plan is for Cruxophim to use some kind of binding ritual if we absolutely have to contain her somehow, since he can use the power of the valence better than almost anyone."

Shinann says, "I heard she was around last night but I had not slept for two days and did go to my camp."

Speaking to Shinann, you continue, "From there, the Alabaster Spire has something set aside to keep her in care, and then potentially return her to New Ta'Faendryl if needed."

Shinann asks, "I wonder what they have? Did they say?"

You vaguely say, "Methods, as it were."

Shinann says, "We shall see."

You say, "Lylia's probably been planning for this day for as many years as Aralyte's been gone."

Shinann says, "True."

You say, "If there's one thing we can count on it, I think it's that."

You say, "So back to Akenna's question... yeah, Vlashandra might try something, but she'll have to get through everyone there to do it."

You say, "We'll probably have to split groups--at least three large ones, I'm thinking, maybe four."

Akenna says, "I... have a feeling that maybe you underestimate that book she has in her posession."

Faerinn says, "Honestly Vlashandra might try a lot of things."

You say, "One in the valence, one outside to guard the portal, one to guard the gates, and maybe a fourth to keep track of Vlashandra."

Speaking curiously to Akenna, you inquire, "Any theories on it?"

Shinann says, "I am curious about that book."

Faerinn says, "Hopefully Cordarius will bring us back some souvenirs about Vlashandra."

Speaking to Shinann, Faerinn says, "She called it OUR book, after all."

Speaking to you, Shinann says, "I will discuss that with you later... the defense."

Speaking to you, Akenna says, "Blood magic is notoriously dangerous when applied in a lethal manner."

You say, "Last night we did ask her about the theory that the book has a mind of its own and she said it doesn't."

You wryly say, "Of course, she could be lying."

Shinann says, "Hmm."

You say, "Maybe she has multiple personalities to go with multiple faces."

Shinann says, "Our... as in not meaning us."

Shinann says, "Maybe someone is in her head..."

Faerinn says, "I'm honestly surprised she would even admit she doesn't understand the book."

Akenna says, "I just wouldn't tust a mage of the Hall... even if she isn't acting on behalf of the Hall..."

Speaking seriously to Akenna, you say, "That's completely fair. I don't think anyone here does, just... to varying degrees."

Shinann says, "Only two I trust and one is missing."

Shinann says, "Brieson."

You dubiously ask, "I figured, but who's the other?"

Shinann says, "Pylasar."

Shinann says, "Well."

Shinann says, "He is not of the Hall."

You say, "He's not of the Hall anymore."

Shinann says, "But, once was. I do trust him, however."

You say, "Alright... well, this was productive."

You say, "I do have a couple of letters to write now, to Ilsola and our town council..."

You curiously ask, "Does anyone have anything else before we go?"

Speaking to Shinann, you say, "Or if you'd like to discuss town defense, that works too."

Shinann says, "Not right now."

You say, "Excellent! We can call it a meeting here, then."

You say, "Thanks again for coming, all."

Shinann says, "Thank you."

Speaking to Faerinn, you say, "And to you for hunting down Socius."

Speaking to you, Faerinn asks, "Yes?"

Faerinn says, "Oh, yes, you're welcome."

Speaking amusedly to Faerinn, you say, "Just giving thanks."

Akenna says, "He did a good job."

You say, "Off to write some letters, then... be well, you two."