Landing Meetings - 5120-06-01 (log)

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Lumnea 1-2, 5120

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier

[note: out of sheer necessity, these logs are a more "quick and dirty" edit compared to the more full-fledged KST logs]


[Krythussa's Confectionary Shop]

A barrage of sweet-smelling chocolate, candy, and other goodies assaults the senses as their scents fill the air of the quaint but simple confectionary. Crystal shelves stacked with glass jars in a variety of shapes and colors line the walls. The pale light of the moon, accompanied by several multicolored handblown globed lanterns, creates a dazzling array of colors across the floor. A glass counter stands to the left of a small alcove. You also see the Viva disk.

Speaking to Baronessa, Viva says, "It had its ups and downs, lives and deaths."

You exclaim, "Good eve all!"

Speaking to you, Viva exclaims, "Good eve!"

Speaking to you, Baronessa says, "Evenin'."

You say, "I'm going to take a wild guess that the topic of the eve will be Barnom..."

You say, "Open to being surprised, though."

Roelon deeply says, "Ah assume the most part will be from those who dinnae know him."

Baronessa asks, "The lich king?"

Roelon deeply says, "Which is ah double edged sword."

You exclaim, "The very same!"

Cryheart says, "He is back."

Baronessa squints.

Speaking deeply to Cryheart, Roelon asks, "Why can't these fools we smite stay that way?"

Speaking to Baronessa, you explain, "He's who Vlashandra was really trying to bring back."

Cryheart says, "Get rid of a rat...and another comes back."

Speaking to Cryheart, Kippe says, "Bigger and badder."

Roelon deeply asks, "Speaking of, does Lylia still hae Vlashandra's body?"

You say, "And on that note, I believe we're ready to begin..."

Speaking tentatively to Roelon, you say, "I think so."

You say, "I haven't seen her since last night, though."

Cryheart: "Town meeting in the Confectionary Shop."

You say, "Even Bear might have it--not entirely sure."

You say, "He dragged her off at one point to do I have no idea what."

You say, "In any case..."

You ask, "Before we get started, is everyone up to date with the most recent events?"

Cryheart says, "I think I am."

Baronessa asks, "Me too. I think?"

You say, "We're still hoping Vlashandra will make good on returning Cordarius to us."

You add, "Oh, and Octaven, I think."

Roelon deeply asks, "And Walkar's remains?"

Cryheart asks, "Octaven?"

You say, "And those."

You say, "Yes, she implied she had Octaven in custody..."

Cryheart asks, "Vlashandra had Octaven in custody?"

You say, "She implied it, at least."

You say, "Saying she had two living imperials hostage."

Cryheart says, "Hmm...that would be extraordinary."

Roelon deeply says, "But we know most the things she says are half truths."

Cryheart says, "Hmmm."

You say, "This might be why she was telling us, even before this began, that she thought Octaven would want her executed..."

Evia asks, "When was this? before the travesty, or after?"

You say, "I'm guessing Octaven never really left on the trip Vlashandra said she did."

Cryheart says, "Ahhh."

Speaking uncertainly to Evia, Kippe says, "Before, I believe."

You say, "I don't think any of us other than Raelee and maybe Lylia have even met Octaven face to face, so... whether she's the type who would go on a trip, we never knew."

Evia says, "Hiyas Alisette."

Cryheart says, "Evening gents."

Alisette says, "Hiya."

You say, "So yes... looking for Walkar's remains, the return of Cordarius, and the return of Octaven after all this, ideally."

You say, "And since everyone's caught up, we can get straight to it with Barnom Slim."

You say, "So..."

Asben asks, "How do we kill him?"

You say, "Well, the first step would be getting rid of his phylactery, but even before that..."

You admit, "I'm a little at a loss because I didn't live here when he was... active."

You curiously ask, "Is there anyone who'd like to speak on Barnom who was around then?"

You ask, "I believe this was--seven years ago? Somewhere around then?"

Cryheart says, "A councilman....."

Asben says, "I was around but i lived on Teras and never came to the landing."

Roelon deeply says, "Roughy ah think."

You say, "I'm hoping to gather general information."

Cryheart says, "Who was temporarily made mayor."

Cryheart says, "Who had several citizens hung."

Cryheart says, "And a few tar and feathered...including me."

Lyrna asks, "So would that have been something she would have done while preparing everything else? Making a new phylactory?"

You say, "No, I think Hap and I realized last night how the phylactery was rebuilt."

You say, "Will get to that--just don't let me forget."

Lyrna says, "Oh... that was what you were referring to last night..."

Speaking to Cryheart, you ask, "When was the timeline of when he built Lich's Landing?"

Cryheart says, "About 7 years ago..5113."

You ask, "So even in his earliest times? Was he the Landing mayor then?"

Evia says, "He began as a council person, decades back as I recall."

Roelon deeply says, "He was Mayor for only ah short time."

Evia says, "Quite duplicitous, proclaiming to stand for law and order while bilking the town of funds."

Cryheart says, "I do recall he lead bandits on an attack against the Landing...which we defeated."

Evia says, "When that was found out, he fled the area, taking refuge in another town."

Cryheart says, "There were a few citizens who claimed allegiance to the Lich King."

Lyrna asks, "Does the Council here serve any function in actualy AIDing Landing?"

You say, "So he's hung citizens, formed Lich's Landing, attempted to attack Ta'Vaalor, and--now this latest, leading Vlashandra to bring him back."

Speaking diplomatically to Lyrna, you say, "It's, uh, a matter of opinion."

Lyrna asks, "Or do I only hear about the bad ones?"

Asben says, "I'm ok with attacking Ta'Vaalor."

Evia asks, "What is an opinion?"

Speaking earnestly to Lyrna, you say, "But, seriously, Pylasar was a council member and you like him. Thadston's also one."

Evia says, "Oh...their value."

Lyrna says, "Whether the council does anything positive."

You say, "And Cordarius, of course."

You admit, "But yes, we do somehow end up with bad seeds on the council too..."

Cryheart says, "If I recall accurately...he dinnae actually leave this area...he had hidden in the smuggling tunnels underneath."

Evia says, "Mixed bag, in general is what they usually are."

Lyrna says, "Pylasar is insane, and that doesn't make him a good council member. Thadstons not exactly a shining example right now, and Cordarius..."

Speaking to Cryheart, Evia says, "He hid out for some time in Rivers Rest first."

Speaking to Lyrna, you offer, "Well, there was Thrayzar. And there's Alendrial, in her better moments."

Lyrna says, "So... no."

Speaking to Cryheart, you say, "And yes, I've heard some swore allegiance to Barnom Slim..."

Asben asks, "Did we ever find Thrayzar?"

Speaking to Asben, you admit, "Not yet."

Roelon deeply says, "And they may serve 'im again."

Speaking to Roelon, you acknowledge, "It's possible."

You say, "The reason I'm asking about all of this is trying to get a sense of possibilities for what he might want now, if anything."

You say, "Last night he made it out like he just wanted to be back, but I... doubt that's all there is to it."

Roelon deeply asks, "Ah assume he wants to bring Lich's Landing back to ..unlife?"

Alisette says, "For some reason he wanted to come back, it ain't for love of the likes of Vlashandra, and it ain't for good."

Speaking to Roelon, you say, "Well, Goblyn already did that, so he's a bit late..."

You say, "The best case scenario for us would be that he just wants to live in Lich's Landing peacefully."

Roelon deeply says, "Ah nae been down there in ages."

Cryheart says, "Same."

You wryly say, "But, you know, around here we have to prepare for worst case scenarios too."

Lyrna dryly says, "And what are the odds of that."

Alisette asks, "Whereabouts is this place?"

Cryheart says, "Down below."

Speaking to Alisette, you say, "You can see it, a little, from Goblyn's door."

You say, "Maybe we can go look into it after the meeting is over, if she's still left it visible."

Alisette says, "I don't know her either."

Cryheart says, "It is a copy of the real Landing...just a bit bleak."

You say, "If you were there, even if you'd never been there before, you'd recognize the layout."

Cryheart says, "And undead infested."

You say, "The town square with a tree, an inn to the northwest, its militia barracks on the north ring road..."

Guarrin asks, "It has been empty though?"

You say, "A citadel in the easts square instead of Moot Hall. It's very similar."

Cryheart says, "I dinnae know if the undead continue to reside there myself."

You say, "And speaking of that citadel..."

Roelon deeply says, "They may now.."

You say, "Back in 5117, Goblyn found a way to reopen Lich's Landing with some blood magic done in the catacombs."

Lyrna says, "I wonder if that's the Landing that has been seen burning in the future."

Cryheart says, "True enough."

Lyrna says, "As a possibility."

Cryheart says, "I will never trust blood magic anymore."

You say, "Shortly after then, Goblyn asked us to hunt the area--even though she considers undead her friends--and collect white shards from them."

Alisette says, "Is too touchy to try without years of learning."

You say, "Many did just that, and donated them to her."

Cryheart says, "Unless it be a righteous folk."

Cryheart says, "For Koar's work."

You say, "And with those shards, she rebuilt an obelisk in the Lich's Landing citadel."

You say, "Hapenlok was thinking last night that that obelisk is probably Barnom's phylactery."

Cryheart says, "Hmmm."

Guarrin asks, "Can you make a phylactery while the lich is in another valence?"

You say, "If you ask around, some might still have shards that they never donated to Goblyn, that we might be able to inspect."

Roelon deeply says, "Hmmm, perhaps. Or someway to bind himself from truely fading away."

You say, "I actually have four myself--I'd just need to contact the Teras movers to ship them back here."

Speaking tentatively to Guarrin, you say, "I'm not sure. I'm not that experienced with liches."

Asben asks, "What do these shards look like?"

You say, "Tiny white gem shards."

Cryheart says, "If the obelisk is a phylacetery...keep in mind we might be able to use those shards to forge bane weapons against that phylactery."

Roelon deeply says, "Is Goblyn still around? Ah was away in the north durin' this."

Roelon deeply says, "Oh...."

Speaking to Roelon, you say, "I haven't seen her in about two months, but definitely still around."

Roelon deeply says, "Hmm."

Lyrna says, "That could be useful."

You notice Roelon moving stealthily out.

You say, "She was just here right after the campaign season ended, playing Fire in the Sky with people at the boulder."

Alisette asks, "I do not know this Goblyn. But she's on our side, right?"

Balinworn waves a painted wooden sign that reads, "Barnom? Burn 'em!" around.

Lyrna says, "Define "our"."

Cryheart says, "She is seemingly."

Speaking surprisedly to Alisette, you ask, "Wait, you don't?"

Alisette says, "No."

Speaking surprisedly to Alisette, you say, "Oh."

Cryheart says, "A bit giggly at times..and has the worst of eating habits."

You say, "She's..."

Alisette says, "Seems i know the name, but."

Lyrna says, "She's on her side, for certain."

Alisette says, "I don't remember ever seeing her."

Cryheart says, "But I like her."

You say, "Well, aside from being a regular in town, she's also a merchant who often offers services at the Ebon Gate festivals."

Alisette says, "Maybe I have when I was young."

Kippe says, "You wouldn't forget her if you had."

You notice Roelon moving stealthily into the room.

Roelon deeply says, "Sorry 'bout that.."

Lyrna says, "Serves kitten pies."

Roelon deeply says, "But ye reminded me.."

Roelon removes a tiny white gem shard from in his black woolen kilt.

Roelon deeply asks, "This?"

Speaking to Roelon, you exclaim, "Ah!"

Speaking to Roelon, you say, "Exactly those, yes."

Speaking to Roelon, you say, "Hopefully you're not the only one who has spares, then..."

Speaking to Cryheart, you say, "If your theory is right, that would be a boon."

Cryheart says, "Time will tell."

Lyrna says, "In that sense, she reminds me of Crux... very nice in person... of questionable... morals."

Speaking amusedly to Lyrna, you say, "Well, they are engaged after all."

Lyrna says, "I wasn't surprised to find that out."

Cryheart says, "Aye, the perfect pair."

Alisette asks, "A counterpart for Cruxophim?"

Speaking amusedly to Alisette, you say, "Trust me, you'll see when you meet her."

Lyrna says, "Wanted to know if I was keeping my baby."

Lyrna says, "Only a couple more months."

You acknowledge, "Well, like Lyrna said, she's... very, very strange."

Cryheart says, "Good luck."

Cryheart says, "May Koar bless ye."

Lyrna says, "Thank you."

You say, "We can continue talking about Slim if anyone would like, but if anyone has any other topics, we can discuss those too."

Alisette says, "I wanted to ask...."

Lyrna says, "She'll need all the blessings she can get, growing up around Landing."

Speaking curiously to Alisette, you ask, "Yes?"

Alisette blurts, "Did they take Vlashandra's body?"

You say, "Lylia did, I think."

Alisette says, "Alright."

You cautiously say, "She, uh... wants to make her regret her lies, I believe."

Roelon deeply says, "And she plans to do ...things worse then death it seems."

Alisette firmly says, "I am okay with that."

Cryheart asks, "Errr...Vlashandra's perfect body?"

Roelon deeply says, "Slim may want 'er back however."

Speaking to Roelon, you say, "He does, yeah."

Cryheart says, "That is Barnom in disguise."

Speaking to Cryheart, Guarrin says, "No, Vlashandra herself."

Cryheart says, "Oh."

You say, "Lylia said she'd return her after she was done."

You say, "If I remember right."

Lyrna says, "Whatever bits are left."

Alisette hopefully asks, "In pieces?"

You wryly say, "Right, she said almost exactly that."

Lyrna says, "Most likely."

You say, "Saying there might not be much of her left."

Cryheart says, "The soul of Barnom Slim was placed into the so-called perfect body."

You say, "But, Barnom is a lich and capable of rasing Vlashandra, so..."

Alisette wryly asks, "Carefully re-arranged pieces?"

Speaking to Cryheart, Balinworn says, "Well that is.... unfortunate."

Asben says, "I wonder who's body parts were used to make the body."

Speaking to Asben, you say, "All of ours, apparently."

Lyrna says, "All the parts."

Roelon deeply asks, "Ye hae that Callid as well. Ye think that splicer would cause trouble?"

Lyrna says, "Everybody's, anybody's."

Asben asks, "Littlie pieces of all of us?"

You acknowledge, "Which I really have trouble understanding, how that worked."

Roelon deeply says, "Heard he got away."

Speaking suddenly to Roelon, you say, "Oh, right, Callid."

Guarrin says, "He is around somewhere."

Roelon deeply says, "Slim may want to use him."

You say, "Yes, he escaped the Four Winds Isle..."

Cryheart says, "Too bad we could not reclaim our body parts from Barnom."

Alisette somberly says, "So we will need to keep our eyes open for him."

You say, "Vlashandra told him she could bring back his wife and two children in new stitched bodies."

Cryheart says, "Property rights."

You say, "Obviously, we have our doubts that she could ever have done that... much less would have."

Alisette quietly says, "Was a horrible sight."

Speaking to Cryheart, Balinworn says, "My left calf has always been my best feature, so my apologies if he used that."

Lyrna says, "If their souls had moved beyond the Ebon Gate, it is unlikely she would have the power to call them back from Gosaena's care."

You say, "No sign of Callid, but... if he returns to the Isle, their own militia and defenders are on the lookout for him, as are ours."

Lyrna says, "If they had not..."

Speaking to Yukito, Balinworn says, "Don't look at me like that. You've seen it when you've healed me."

Lyrna says, "Goseana doesn't usually toss us back."

Alisette offers, "We found his writing, and from the tone, he may have killed himself."

You slowly say, "Well... yeah, it's possible he did."

Alisette says, "Callid's writing."

Cryheart says, "Ahhh."

You explain, "He had written a letter to his dead family, swearing that he'd bring them back or join them in death."

You continue, "When we cornered him, he retreated, but... whether it was to live or die, we don't know."

Guarrin says, "He seems like someone that would befriend Slim, should he think there's a chance to bring his family back."

Alisette says, "Was hard for me to see, but I know the part I read....was like that."

Balinworn says, "I have been gone for a long time but I always understood that he did indeed take his own life way back when."

Lyrna asks, "I'm not really sure I understand why. If their souls are on this side, can't they simply be brought back by a cleric?"

Lyrna says, "And if they aren't, they aren't coming back."

Speaking soberly to Lyrna, you say, "Well, some people just get blind with guilt and loss."

Speaking to Lyrna, you say, "His note said he wouldn't forgive himself for not being there when brigands got his family."

Balinworn says, "And a twisted desire for power."

Balinworn says, "Or revenge. Or just insanity."

Guarrin offhandedly mentions, "Some deaths cannot be brought back either. Through normal clerical means."

You say, "It's not even like clerics can do every--"

You nod at Guarrin.

You say, "Exactly."

Lyrna asks, "I thought those cases was that they've moved on. But that's not always the case?"

Lyrna says, "That wasn't said right, was it."

Speaking confusedly to Lyrna, you ask, "Not quite, no. What do you mean?"

Lyrna says, "The cases where someone can't be brought back, that it was because their soul had moved on."

You tentatively say, "That's exactly how it works, as far as I know."

You say, "If Gosaena wants to claim them, annd Lorminstra doesn't want to restore them."

Lyrna asks, ""But... then why would you not be able to raise someone if they hadn't moved past the Gate?"

Balinworn says, "It has happened all through history. Look at Thingul, look at Terate, look at Barnom, and dozens of others. A desire for power, revenge, a desperate feeling of missing something... it can drive people to things that do not make sense to normal people. We can't hope to understand the why. We just have to deal with what happens after."

Speaking to Lyrna, you say, "Well, it's just that we don't know whether they have or they haven't until we try."

You say, "Also..."

You say, "To be fair, there is the situation of, say... lingering phantoms with some goal to fulfill before they can rest."

You say, "Several ghosts were like that at Caligos Isle last year..."

Lyrna says, "And those with whom Luukos has interfered."

Kippe quietly says, "Pardon me, please."

Schultz says, "I imagine they cannot be released the old fashioned way."

Alisette bitterly says, "Sounds like some Arkati play chess with souls."

Balinworn says, "They always have."

Alisette clasps her hand over her mouth.

Speaking to Balinworn, you say, "As for your words, they seem pretty wise."

Alisette says, "Sorry for saying it out loud."

Speaking to you, Balinworn says, "Don't let it get around. It'll ruin my reputation."

Lyrna says, "That may be true, but Lorminstra has taken me by the hand many times and brought me back from the gate."

Lyrna says, "And I have Gosaena, and she too, gave me life again."

Lyrna says, "Have met."

Speaking to Lyrna, Alisette says, "I am sorry. I did not mean to be ugly."

Speaking to Lyrna, Balinworn says, "And one could argue that is exactly the type of chess move that was referred to. It's all in the perspective of how you view it. And in what you personally do with the experience."

You ask, "Okay, so back to the question... what are some worst case scenarios we should prepare for, here? With Barnom?"

Evia says, "Reclaiming his "kingdom"."

Alisette says, "If he tries to take us over..."

Speaking to Evia, you ask, "Lich's Landing, or ours?"

Cryheart says, "Influencing the town council."

Lyrna says, "No, it's alright. I wasn't upset with you. Simply that they are more powerful than we, no matter how you look at it. And there ARE three that have power over life and death."

Evia says, "Lich's Landing was his original kingdom."

You say, "Hmm, influencing the council..."

Lyrna says, "How could we not be."

Guarrin says, "There's also Cordarius and Octaven to locate."

You say, "Well, he's very unlikely to influence Cordarius or Thadston at least..."

Roelon deeply says, "He may simply want revenge."

Asben asks, "Is he someone that Stone would team up with?"

Speaking to Roelon, you say, "Oh, that reminds me."

You curiously ask, "Was anyone here for the final battle--well, final at the time--with Barnom?"

Evia asks, "Then there is the awful matter of Walkar Wellington's corpse...could he be after it for some hideous purpose?"

Lyrna says, "I would very much like to know what happened to Cordarius."

Alisette says, "Stone seems as if he would want all the power.....he might "use" Barnom, but not join him."

Mynon quietly says, "Seeing what happened to his 'kingdom', previously, he will likely try to ensure that this does not happen again. That is the threat."

Roelon deeply says, "Ah only recall bits and pieces."

Cryheart says, "I was around that time...but the battle is a fading memory."

Roelon deeply says, "He had nasty assassins."

Balinworn asks, "Way back when I was around last and he came back for I think the twenty-second time, did he not have a number of locals who pledged service to him? Would he not perhaps reach out to them again if that was the case?"

You ask, "Assassins?"

Elbromo asks, "They used explosive orbs..them?"

Speaking to Balinworn, you say, "He did, yes, and I'm guessing he will again."

Mynon says, "The monastery to Voln is a likely target."

Cryheart says, "A handful."

Roelon deeply says, "Seo probably remembers more."

Roelon deeply says, "Her and Greg were there."

You say, "We'll ty to check with her, or Puptilian."

You say, "Pup was one of those most unsettled last night."

Asben says, "One of his followers is a good friend of mine. I'll speak to her when i see her again."

You say, "Err, two nights ago. You know what I mean."

Speaking to you, Baronessa asks, "It was so late. It could have been last night?"

Viva asks, "You killed one of the assasins yes?"

(Lyrna touches the silver streak in her hair.)

You admit, "I know he had undead at his command, but this is the first I've heard of assassins."

You curiously ask, "Unless they were undead assasssins?"

Roelon deeply says, "Managed to somehow take advantage of the situation. But more showed."

Evia says, "What of the final battle did you want to know about? It was when the phylactery was shattered."

Speaking to Evia, you ask, "I suppose I was just wondering, what brought on the final conflict?"

Evia says, "Hordes of undead, down below in Lich's Landing, people fought those while others sought to find Barnom."

Evia says, "Which he was found, and "slain" more or less, actually by Sir Mires."

Evia says, "Then by some means he was transported back up into the real landing."

Evia says, "And taken by the shadows."

You ask, "This was after months of back and forth conflicts, if I'm understanding right?"

Evia says, "But the phylactory was wrecked."

You ask, "So he didn't have any... grand scheme or anything? Just caused death for the fun of it?"

Elbromo asks, "There was a blood tree invasion?"

Evia says, "Hmm very good question."

Speaking to you, Balinworn asks, "Isn't that the way of most insane people?"

Lyrna asks, "So why did he attack Ta'Vaalor?"

Evia says, "Conquests of a madman? I can't say."

Roelon deeply says, "Ah assumed he was influenced by Althedeus. If he knew it or not."

Speaking to Balinworn, you say, "Apparently it is... I kept thinking Raznel would have a goal too, but in the end it didn't seem like it. She just wanted to be immortal..."

Evia asks, "He was, he probably had some scheme in mind, although, I believe he claimed to want to unravel Althedeus..but the ravings of a lunatic, where is truth?"

You say, "Which is why I wondered if Vlashandra was Quinshon's daughter too, since apparently she was able to follow Raznel's thought patterns enough to figure out where Walkar's remains were."

Lyrna quietly says, "There is always a reason. It may not be a good reason, or one understandable to anyone else, but it's there."

Evia says, "Slim did call her Vlashara a number of times, but I didn't get why."

Lyrna says, "That was the name he knew her by."

You say, "I guess she keeps changing names."

Speaking to Evia, Guarrin says, "I believe that was her original name."

Lyrna says, "Or at least a previous name."

Speaking to Evia, Balinworn asks, "That is what I meant by in the end, I don't think we can hope to understand it or really plan beyond 'Expect an attempt at total destruction of everything'. Because how can sane people try to understand and predict the insane?"

Schultz says, "That was what he seemed to infer."

Evia says, "Maybe we should all get some alternate names."

You say, "So in conclusion, then..."

Speaking to Balinworn, Guarrin says, "Gaining some understanding of the why can be helpful when determining strategy."

Cryheart asks, "Barnom is not to be trusted?"

You say, "We have no idea what Barnom might be after, except causing general mayhem and taking back his kingdom. We think his phylactery might be the obelisk in Lich's Landing."

You say, "If we want to destroy it, it's possible we can do something with any stray shards we have with us still."

You say, "But we'd also have to find a way back in to Lich's Landing in the first place."

Speaking to Guarrin, Balinworn says, "Normally I agree.. but crazy is crazy and I just don't ever feel like trying to predict crazy works."

Evia says, "How did he get where he was, in the shadow plane, I don't even know that."

Schultz thoughtfully says, "I think Maylan has the right idea dealing with this other Landing."

You add, "And, for some reason, he wants to have dinner with us soon."

Speaking to Guarrin, Balinworn says, "I would love to be wrong. Trust me, everything about a battle to me is planning and understanding. But how do we understand someone whose thoughts make no sense."

Speaking to Balinworn, Guarrin says, "They're not all ...crazy."

Speaking to Balinworn, Guarrin says, "Our lack of information does not mean they do not have a reason for their actions."

You say, "He's been a danger before, might be again, so be prepared--and so on."

Elbromo asks, "Sure yer invited to dine or be da main course?"

Roelon deeply says, "Ah am concerned on what he may hae gained in the Valence."

Cryheart says, "Hopefully as guests..and not any other reason."

Lyrna says, "It may help to have been in Zelia's care before, whether you are or not now."

Speaking softly to Elbromo, Razanetika says, "I was thinking the same thing."

You add, "And this is to say nothing of the concerns about those who formerly swore allegiance to him."

You say, "And to Roelon's point.."

You say, "We haven't really discussed this tonight, but there's been question about whether Barnom is most likely stronger or most likely weaker than before."

Razanetika softly asks, "So, we don't know how to get to this Lich's Landing?"

Lyrna says, "Yes."

Lyrna says, "Probably both."

Speaking curiously to Lyrna, you ask, "Explain?"

Speaking to Razanetika, Asben says, "We do but i think it's blocked off."

Speaking to Razanetika, you say, "We know where it is, generally, but it's sort of... shifted onto another plane, or maybe even time."

Lyrna says, "Some powers that he had before are likely weaker, but he may have gained new ones."

You say, "We'll go take a look at Lich's Landing when we're done here."

Lyrna says, "It's not always the same kind of strength."

Elbromo says, "And he's 'wizer' although I hesitate to apply that to him."

Lyrna says, "Power is not a linear scale."

You say, "Goblyn's been eager to open it before, but on the other hand was also quick to close it off."

Lyrna says, "Well, not necessarily."

You ask, "We're coming up on an hour... does anyone have any last thoughts on this, or should we go take a peek near Goblyn's orchard?"

You say, "Or any other topics either."

Lyrna asks, "Do you think it's safe for me to stop wearing armor around town again?"

Speaking amusedly to Lyrna, you say, "Never."

Cryheart says, "This be the Landing."

Lyrna says, "It's gotten really heavy and uncomfortable. It's a good thing it's magical or I wouldn't fit in it."

Elbromo says, "Most dangerous small town aroun."

You say, "Alright then.. we'll head out and see if we can still look into Lich's Landing at all or if it's been too closed off."

You exclaim, "Join up if you like!"

Lyrna asks, "Someone help me up?"

You say, "Or if not, then have a great eve."

You pull Lyrna to her feet.

You say, "And thank you all for coming and keeping us informed."

Lyrna says, "Thank you."

Lord Chamorr just arrived.

You say, "'questions, answers, discussion--it's all important to a brighter future."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "Little late, but not too late at least."

Roelon deeply says, "Ah better and stronger Landing."

Lyrna says, "I'm not THAT big yet, but she's gotten a little awkward to maneuver with."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "I was sleepin."

You recite:

"Thank you all once more. Have a great eve if you're off to other business, or join up to poke around Lich's Landing if we can!"

You recite:

"Moving in 5."

You recite:


Roelon deeply says, "And hope nothin' pokes back."

You recite:


Speaking amusedly to Razanetika, you ask, "Seriously not coming?"

You clasp Razanetika's hand tenderly.

Schultz says, "You should be able to get her now."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Dinna waste any time re opening that, did he."

Speaking to Baronessa, Viva asks, "Got that working eh?"

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "Well, we don't know yet."

You say, "We're checking just in case."

[Black Void, Garden]

Bathed in shadows, an unusual garden encircled by seven trees spreads across this side of the long rectangular platform surrounded by darkness. The northern area of the platform is sectioned off, demarcated by a tall wall of woven roots that protrude up from the distinctively dark soil. Clogging the air with its intensity, the stench of cruor and decomposition gleefully cavorts around weaker nectarous notes. Descending down to ground-level is a stairway of small boulders, with a gate situated midway down. You also see a mushy black door.

You say, "Let's see.."

>go gate

The gate appears to be closed.

Lyrna asks, "It's open?"

You say, "Ah..."

You say, "She's locked the gate."

Elbromo says, "Oh yuck."

You say, "Even that gate itself doesn't directly lead to Lich's Landing, but..."

Evia says, "Moss and mushrooms."

You say, "We could have caught a glimpse of it from there."

You say, "We can't see it from the garden, I know that much."

(Schultz tries to peer through the keyhole.)

You say, "Incidentally, if any of you have wondered where Crux gets his black apples..."

You say, "That would be here."

[Black Void, Orchard]

Sequestered from the main garden, the orchard accommodates four black trees, a dead white tree and a rotted dead white tree split down the middle far from the platform edge and a tall wall of woven roots. To the left of the nearly mature trees and in front of four rows of stakes, small black saplings splay out of the soil at peculiarly bent angles. The handful of tiny wispy white strands of light floating over the other side of the platform seem to avoid wandering anywhere near the orchard, effectively couching it in a perpetual crepuscule.

You hurriedly say, "But, uh, you can look into that on your own time."

Elbromo says, "Yummy."

You say, "Ah well..."

Chamorr heartily says, "Gotta check the tunnels."

Lyrna says, "These are... horrible."

Roelon deeply says, "That was the way before."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "I know what you're thinking, but... I bet she's closed off that path too."

You surprisedly say, "Oh, wait, maybe I *don't* know what you're talking about."

You ask, "You mean Burrow Way?"

Elbromo says, "Hmm."

Evia says, "Very intricate gate."

Alisette asks, "Can we send a note to Goblyn to get her help?"

You say, "The Burrow Way entry collapsed years ago..."

Chamorr heartily says, "Well, if hes back."

A sudden, light zephyr streams the acrid scents of charred flesh, burnt earth, and ozone past you.

You say, "When Lich's Landing was last open, we got in through a series of tunnels from the underground river."

Speaking to Alisette, you say, "And that's a good idea."

Lyrna says, "That smell..."

Speaking to Alisette, you say, "Crux could probably get in touch with her, if anyone could..."

Alisette says, "Aye."

Alisette exclaims, "He's her beau!"

Evia says, "Off for a rest."

Evia says, "See all next time."

You admit, "I kind of might want to go jump in the underground river just in case that back way really is open."

Speaking to Evia, you exclaim, "Thanks for coming!"

Lyrna says, "No river jumping for me, love."

Speaking amusedly to Lyrna, you say, "Oh, I know."

Lyrna asks, "Let me know what you find?"

You say, "I wouldn't ask anyone to, unless I knew there was something to it."

Lyrna says, "I would go except that you might find something."

You say, "We'll call that a concluded meeting, then. Thank you all for coming."

Speaking to you, Alisette says, "Thanks for trying to get us all in."

You say, "And for defending two nights ago too."

Lyrna says, "And even then I would if it wouldn't risk the little one."

You exclaim, "It takes all of us!"

You say, "It's actually not as dangerous as you might think, but... I agree, might as well stay safe."

Schultz says, "I mostly just corrected breathing problems."

Lyrna asks, "You don't think?"

Roelon deeply says, "The towers are powerful."

You wish, "Be well, all."

Roelon deeply says, "Ah ah agree, need ah few upgrades."

Speaking amusedly to Lyrna, you say, "Well, the river is more dangerous than the undead."

Speaking softly to Schultz, Razanetika asks, "Shall we go look again?"

Speaking to Lyrna, you say, "Except for the ones in the citadel."

Lyrna says, "I am a reasonably good swimmer."

Speaking to Lyrna, you say, "But just hanging around Dead Square Central, or whatever it was called... was pretty safe."

Speaking to Baronessa, Viva says, "I heard you might be interested in making things official."

Speaking to Baronessa, Viva says, "Well that's wonderful, seems like we're gonna need everyone we can get till we figure this out."

Speaking to Lyrna, you say, "I'll scout first. Have to make sure."

Speaking to Viva, Baronessa exclaims, "I hope that there isn't a background check!"

Speaking to Lyrna, you say, "Goblyn literally had to reverse the river flow to get it working."

Lyrna says, "I'm going to rest for a bit."

Speaking to Lyrna, you say, "She needed me to snap Kittai's neck as part of the blood magic."

Speaking deeply to Baronessa, Roelon says, "If that was the case, ah wouldn't of been let in years ago."

Speaking to Baronessa, Viva says, "We only check to make sure you are regularly Irregular."

You add, "Well, actually, she just needed Kittai dead, but..."

You flippantly say, "So I kinda said, okay, sure, if it's what she wants, I can practice my neck snapping technique..."

Lyrna mutters, "This place."

Roelon deeply asks, "Embrace the chaos aye?"

You sheepishly say, "Well, it was 5117. I was a little less experienced."

Speaking to you, Viva says, "Me thinks you need no practice in that regard."

Lyrna says, "Happy..."

Lyrna says, "Happy hunting, love."

You say, "Will see ya all soon."