Landing Meetings - 5120-08-02 (log)

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Phoenatos 2-3, 5120

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier

[note: out of sheer necessity, these logs are a more "quick and dirty" edit compared to the more full-fledged KST logs]


  • Mayor Leafiara held a town meeting primarily regarding the possibility of pardoning Malluch Burdos. Most of the dozens in attendance agreed there are sensible reasons to do so and sensible reasons not to do so, though a few did voice strong support in favor or strong opposition against. Leafi concluded that a pardon seems like the correct move in principle but the wrong move in likely consequences, saying that normally when the two conflict she sides with principle, but nonetheless would reserve her decision for the scheduled discussion with Malluch on the 4th.
  • The meeting also touched on escorting civilians in Malluch's camps to Ivas' temple in the Vipershroud at the suggestion of Kothos, which the Order of the Silver Gryphon as well as the Ivasians have agreed to aid with. Leafi has declined to involve the town guard or request Breshon's aid, and Magister Raelee revealed that she didn't ask Breshon either since Malluch didn't persuade her. Whether anyone else has contacted Breshon is unknown. Topics of conversation involved potential ambushes, traps, setups, and things generally going wrong in any number of dozens of ways.


[Mayor Leafiara's Office]

Silk-cushioned chairs surround a circular cherry red table toward the back of the room. Plush carpets of fake fur blanket the polished oak floor while myriad painted treats span the office's walls, interrupted by an oversized placard. In a back corner, above a brick fireplace, a mounted stag's head watches vigilantly from a distance over a hazelwood dart board near the entryway. A leaf-shaped window invites outside light toward a drink bar that stands beneath a painting. You also see a tiny two-tiered bookshelf and a basket of sticks.

Obvious exits: none

Kippe, Bernadette, Felita, Pukk, Alisette, Lyrna, Chandrellia and Yukito followed.

You amiably say, "Have a seat, all, if you'd like."

>l on bar

On the drink bar:

Food/Drink [111]: a shot glass of Assassin's Poison, a thick goblet of icewine, a winter white stein of ale, a grooved glass of orange juice, a colorful cup of fruit punch, an owl-painted glass of Faendryl absinthe, a glass of refined sylvan wine, a white-edged mug of Nalfein tea, a dragon-etched bottle of scotch, a glass of pure spring water, a leaf-etched mug of hot chocolate, a flute of Dhe'nar blood wine, some vanilla ice cream sprinkled with rainbow-colored sugar (99)

Lyrna says, "Oh, definitely."

You cheekily say, "And a drink."

(Chandrellia goes and stands next to Lyrna.)

You musingly say, "I wonder if the ice cream is still cold."

Chandrellia offers Lyrna a glass of pure spring water.

Lyrna accepts Chandrellia's pure spring water.

Lyrna says, "Thank you."

You remove some vanilla ice cream sprinkled with rainbow-colored sugar from on a drink bar.

Speaking softly to Lyrna, Chandrellia says, "Of course."

You lick your vanilla ice cream, savoring the delicious taste.

You cheerfully say, "Yep."

Vaemyr says, "Evening everyone."

Speaking to Lyrna, Pukk says, "If Chandrellia was a cat, her tail would be sticking up in the air when she stands next to you purring."

You say, "We still have ten minutes before we 'officially' get started, so I'll review some of the occurrences *before* we get to the last two nights."

You say, "Since Lyrna asked."

Speaking to Vaemyr, Alisette says, "Evening."

Lyrna says, "Thank you."

Speaking softly to Lyrna, Chandrellia says, "Oh I'm definitely purring."

You say, "In short, Malluch Burdos has come back to town, having been healed by Grishom Stone and somehow escaped imprisonment from 5118."

You say, "He now calls himself the Blood Son, saying he serves Grishom Stone, and has camped out in the forest."

You say, "He's preaching to people in town and gathering them to his cause, to hear his message."

Lyrna says, "Because that always goes so well."

You say, "The Rooks and Thadston are, uh.. less than delighted with this turn of events."

Lyrna asks, "Don't they not usually agree on things?"

You say, "Oh, they don't, but I'll get to that."

You say, "A couple of weeks ago, a caravan rumored to be containing travelers seeking Malluch's healing was on its way."

Lyrna says, "I was just using that as an indication of seriousness."

You say, "The Rooks wanted to turn it away before it got here, violently if necessary, but I asked them to stand down."

You say, "However, the caravan ended up being late. Malluch joined us to seek it out, and when we found it, it was a fiery wreck on the Sentoph."

You say, "We were attacked by bandits all along the way, though they had no particular signs of being Rooks, and attacked us with exploding prisms like Malluch has used in the past."

Lyrna amusedly asks, "Their appreciation for you only goes so far, eh?"

You say, "However, given the circumstances, Malluch thinks it was the Rooks."

Speaking to Lyrna, you say, "No, hold on..."

You say, "We returned to town and Mother told us she did indeed stand down as requested, and the Rooks never left town."

You say, "So prime suspects here are not only the Rooks, but Malluch himself staging it."

You say, "He's staged things before, during his time as Rone, setting up a fake torture room which he claimed Crux used."

You say, "Even went as far as hiring actors to play the part of victims."

Lyrna says, "So he lacks some credibility."

You say, "However, on the other side, with the Rooks... even if it's true the Brotherhood did stand down, it would be easy enough to hire out local thugs to attack us and the caravans."

Lyrna says, "Not like Pukk, but still."

Iskandr says, "Evening."

Umbazi says, "I brought donuts."

Umbazi drops a supple jet black satchel.

You say, "So investigations are ongoing with the caravan incident."

Speaking to Umbazi, you say, "Welcome! We haven't begun yet, formally... I'm just reviewing what's happened *before* the topics tonight."

Chamorr heartily says, "Sumbody said they be scotch here."

You say, "Anyway, after the caravan incident, Malluch tried to preach in town, but Thadston told him he wasn't welcome."

Chamorr heartily says, "Thanks."

Speaking to Chamorr, Umbazi exclaims, "And donuts!"

Felita says, "Hi kernal general."

Chamorr heartily says, "Ok, i'll stay."

You say, "Several of our adventurers prematurely attacked Malluch's disciples when they tried to approach the gates..."

Bernadette softly says, "Hi Bear."

You say, "This was the first mistake of a crazy night."

Lyrna says, "But not really a surprise."

Goldstr says, "Evenin friends."

You say, "The second mistake was that, despite being turned away violently, they snuck into town anyway to start preaching on the streets."

You say, "Welcome, all. Just recapping a bit before we 'officially' start."

Lyrna says, "Of course they did."

Guarrin greets, "Good evening, everyone."

Bernadette softly says, "Good eve'n."

You say, "Rooks fired warning shots at the blood disciples to leave, not hitting them..."

You say, "And they didn't leave."

Speaking to Goldstr, Pukk says, "You know, I thought I saw everything but then somebody like Hento comes by and......"

You say, "This led to the third mistake of the night, as then the Rooks started killing them."

You say, "And from there it degenerated into a free for all."

Umbazi says, "That is a bit more than a mistake."

Chamorr heartily says, "Good times."

You say, "Thadston and the militia attacked Rooks and blood disciples, Rooks attacked the militia and blood disciples and adventurers..."

Speaking to Umbazi, you say, "A series of escalating problems, then."

Speaking to Goldstr, Lyrna says, "I hope you'll forgive me for not getting up. It'd take me a bit."

Iskandr says, "Think I still have a piece of arrow in me from all that fun."

You say, "Either way, a highly ugly night."

Pukk exclaims, "Rooks didn't attack me!"

Lyrna asks, "When was that?"

Speaking to Lyrna, you say, "About... a little under ten days ago."

You say, "Absolute mayhem."

You say, "Malluch then wrote a letter to town denouncing, well, all of us for our violence."

You say, "And that catches us up to two nights ago, which thankfully is where we're starting tonight's meeting anyway."

You say, "I'll give everyone a couple minutes to show up and then we'll go from there."

Lyrna says, "If they didn't like the violence here, they shouldn't have come. It's not like it's a secret."

Alvyara asks, "Alisette, you know Kothos, right?"

Alisette says, "Have heard of him."

Speaking to Alisette, Kothos says, "I met you the night we encountered Grishom Stone, I recall."

Speaking wryly to Lyrna, you say, "Yeah, that was Hapenlok's point. Malluch knows how violent it gets around here most of the time."

Alisette says, "Ah."

Alisette says, "I remember."

Lyrna says, "That is the most common response."

Alisette says, "Those nights are fuzzy."

Chandrellia softly says, "I do have a question, more of an observation but I will wait for the meeting."

[General] You think, "We're just getting started with the town meeting in my office now. All are welcome to attend."

Speaking to Alisette, Kothos says, "They are indeed."

Speaking to Umbazi, Kothos says, "I'm surprised you and I are still standing."

Lyrna says, "If not from one group, then from another."

Speaking warmly to Melikor, Kothos says, "Hello, Pops."

Lyrna says, "Too many factions here, differing opinions for someone not to take action."

Melikor says, "Hello."

Speaking to Alvyara, Kothos says, "It's what Xanthium calls him."

Speaking to Kothos, Alvyara exclaims, "I know!"

Lyrna asks, "Am I wrong?"

Speaking to Lyrna, you agree, "Yeah, that's the Landing alright."

Speaking to Kothos, Alvyara says, "You're not Xanthium."

Speaking to Alvyara, Melikor says, "Good evening."

Speaking to Alvyara, Kothos says, "He's a tolerant man with a sense of humor."

You say, "Alright... we'll get started."

Speaking to Kothos, Melikor says, "Yes, that, and old."

Lyrna says, "Thank you for the recap."

You begin, "Essentially... we're here to review the last two nights, then hopefully come to some decisions. I'll also have to explain some background context from two years ago, so... by all means, settle in."

You recount, "As of two nights ago, Marshal Thadston issued a declaration demanding the surrender of Malluch to the militia within a week, or else the militia would pursue him."

You note, "Some of you might realize this is unusual since the camps are outside our gates, where we have no jurisdiction..."

Falicor asks, "And why is that?"

Speaking to Falicor, you ask, "Why is what?"

Speaking to Falicor, you say, "Oh, why the demand. I'm about to explain."

Vaemyr says, "I thought that was why he was going to issue a bounty."

Speaking to Vaemyr, you say, "Yes."

Falicor asks, "Why are we suddenly unable to help because they are physically several feet away?"

Speaking softly to Falicor, Chandrellia says, "The town's law ends at the city gates."

Speaking to Falicor, you say, "We can, just not in an 'official' capacity... sanctioned by law, as it were."

Falicor asks, "Who's law?"

You say, "Right, what Chandrellia said. Normally, the marshal's authority ends inside the gates."

Speaking to Falicor, you say, "The law of the Landing."

Chandrellia softly says, "I just told you the town's laws, our laws."

Umbazi says, "Why don't we have jurisdiction over Wehnimer's environs? I was under the impression that the town guard arrests you if you, say, blow up a box at the Wayside. That suggests that town law extends beyond the gates."

Thrassus says, "Just the inn itself."

You say, "The Wayside is the one exception since its founding was the start of our town."

Speaking to Falicor, Kothos says, "I agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment. I appreciate you asking."

Falicor asks, "We cannot act, because we have decided not to act?"

Umbazi says, "Ah."

Speaking to Falicor, you say, "He can, but at that point it wouldn't be an official act."

(Iskandr makes a mental note never to mistakenly shoot bees at his own face at the Wayside Inn either.)

Speaking to Falicor, you say, "More on this in a bit, though, because we still have a lot to go over."

You explain, "Essentially, Thadston's ground to stand on here is that Malluch had been tried and sentenced in 5118 to thirty years imprisonment. While we don't know how he escaped, there's nonetheless a jailbreak involved and he's a fugitive in the eyes of the law--therefore, he says, jurisdiction extends even though he's outside the gates."

Chandrellia softly asks, "No we will not act becasue it is not within our laws to do so, when Vlashandra did what she did, Leafi wanted badly to act, but was quickly put in place that it was outside the laws of our walls, now all of sudden it's okay to do what she was told she couldn't?"

You continue, "Now things are about to get more complicated as I explain what Malluch was even sentenced for, in the past."

You say, "I know many of you were around town in 5118 and very well remember Malluch's vigilante adventures at the time, while others might not know. For the latter's sake, I'll review them."

You explain, "Using the abilities of a Jastevian seer, he looked into people's lives to determine who was evil in his eyes. And, along with this, he had magical gauntlets that allowed him near-instant transport. Disguised with a mask and a white cloak, he called himself 'Rone,' after our founder Rone Wehnimer, and acted as judge, jury, and executioner to murder dozens as he saw fit."

Speaking quietly to Stormyrain, Kothos says, "Good evening, Captain."

Lyrna murmurs, "That seems to happen a bit."

You continue, "We eventually detained him and put him on trial, where seven jurors found him guilty. A couple of them are here in this room now."

You nod at Pukk.

You nod at Bernadette.

You nod at Fahlo.

You say, "Three, even."

You say, "Actually, four."

You ponder the meaning of Chamorr's existence.

Radeek mutters, "So...vigilante justice...sorta what we're a'lookin ta does."

Chamorr heartily says, "Nope."

Lyrna asks, "Who were the other, er, three?"

Speaking to Lyrna, you say, "If I recal... Drektor, Alasatia, and Balley."

Lyrna says, "Thank you."

You say, "In any case, there were two charges against Malluch: for his murders and for vigilantism. If I remember correctly, one juror later told me that everyone found him guilty on the counts of murder, but this juror was the lone voice saying he wasn't guilty of vigilantism, as this juror suspected he was working under someone else."

Umbazi asks, "It's possible to suspect much without any evidence at all. Is there any proof of this?"

Pukk says, "I can barely remember that trial."

You say, "It was pure suspicion, but starting a month later, it came to light that that juror was correct. Malluch had been drugged by Praxopius Fortney, known as the Alchemist, and controlled to some extent."

Elbromo says, "I remember it gave me a headache like now."

You say, "Of course, he could have been lying, since Malluch was the one claiming this..."

You say, "But months after that, Praxopius would confirm it."

Speaking quietly to Elbromo, Kothos confirms, "It's been a long day."

You say, "Now, keep all that in mind and I'll move to last night."

Speaking to a black-tipped twilight grey wolf, Kothos says, "Find your own."

You say, "Malluch sought audience with us, as he received a letter from Brother Blud here."

Kothos says, "Indeed."

You say, "Malluch has fears of Thadston attacking the camps and the civilians there, considering the proclamation I mentioned earlier."

Kothos says, "The Temple in Vipershroud houses a number of people with injuries and afflictions that are resistant to empaths or healing herbs."

Kothos says, "These include those who have lost their minds or memories in delirium."

You say, "Kothos extended Malluch an offer of possible sanctuary for the civilians, in that very Ivasian temple he's just described."

Kothos says, "We call them the Children of Ivas, and we are committed to their care."

Kothos says, "And we have the experience and the space to house them, in the swamp."

Chandrellia softly asks, "So we are housing the sick and ill from the camp?"

Lyrna says, "Would not the warrant only be valid for him. I wouldn't think anyone else who was there would be attacked unless they attacked first. Of course, sometimes people have trouble distinguishing, so I can see the issue."

You say, "Malluch furthermore wants protection offered to escort those civilians to the temple."

Kothos says, "The ward will hold those who are ill. And the dry areas around the marshes and our gardens can do for the families."

Chamorr heartily says, "Here's a question."

Speaking to Lyrna, you say, "Yes, it would."

Speaking to Chandrellia, Thrassus says, "The Temple of Ivas will, the town will not."

Speaking to Chamorr, you ask, "Yes?"

Chamorr heartily asks, "Why does a guy lookin at a 30 year prison sentence come back?"

Speaking quietly to his leaf green viper, Kothos says, "Shh."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "I'm about to get to that."

Speaking to Chamorr, Alvyara says, "That's a good question."

Speaking softly to Thrassus, Chandrellia says, "Here is my point, if we are aiding who Thadston believes to be in league with Malluch we will accuse us all of being in league."

You say, "But before then..."

Kothos says, "It is."

You say, "Malluch hoped that he could have a protective escort from either the town guards, the Silver Gryphons, or Breshon's men."

Roelon deeply says, "Considerin' what happened to the Caravan. Ah worry the same thing would happen."

Speaking to Chandrellia, Kothos says, "I don't answer to Thadston. He's welcome to think what he wants."

Speaking to Chandrellia, Alisette says, "We are not. The temple is aiding him."

You say, "I'm not using the town guards for this, for reasons of the jurisdiction issue mentioned earlier."

Thrassus says, "He has a good chance of that anyway to anyone not there running pilgrims through with him."

You say, "Magister Raelee said she'll inquire with Breshon."

Speaking to Chandrellia, Kothos says, "Her Temple is outside his jurisdiction. And so are my decisions and offers."

You say, "What the Silver Gryphons have decided, I don't know."

Guarrin says, "There was a missive left on the tree."

Speaking to Guarrin, you ask, "By the Gryphons?"

Alisette says, "Aye."

Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "Yes."

Chamorr heartily says, "Wait."

Speaking to Guarrin, you say, "Ah. I must have missed it while preparing for this..."

You ask, "What was decided?"

Chandrellia softly asks, "Wish me to get it and read it?"

Chamorr heartily asks, "The guy that escaped prison wants a escort so he done get busted again?"

Umbazi says, "Recite it, Guarrin, you wrote it."

Speaking to you, Guarrin says, "The Gryphons were asked by Brother Kothos to provide protection. We have agreed to protect him and the innocent he is guiding."

You nod at Guarrin.

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "Now, as for that question, that's our other concern tonight..."

Kothos says, "Very respectable and patient hosts."

Speaking quietly to Chamorr, Ceilia says, "Seemingly."

Alvyara says, "It sounds like a good solution to avoid further conflict with the town."

Kothos says, "The swamp is secretive, and remote. They will be out of sight, and hopefully out of mind."

You say, "Malluch noted that granting him a pardon would neutralize Thadston, taking away the one legal reason he has to pursue him."

Lyrna asks, "Why would we do that?"

You say, "And that's the primary question I'm bringing to you tonight: whether I should or shouldn't grant this pardon."

You say, "I can argue either side, and I will."

Speaking to Lyrna, you say, "Consider what I just said about Praxopius and his influence over Malluch."

Stormyrain says, "There are multiple reasons a pardon should be considered. And multiple reasons why it should not."

Alvyara quietly says, "I don't know, honestly. My only concern is for the people who follow him. So.."

Speaking softly to you, Chandrellia asks, "May I speak Mayor?"

You say, "The trial was, in a sense, illegitimate--based on very incomplete information."

Speaking to Chandrellia, you say, "Of course."

You say, "This is where the floor opens up to all."

Alvyara says, "I would just request that if he is taken into custody.. if he is found to have true healing powers, that he be allowed to have visitors come to him."

Alvyara says, "For healing."

You say, "Sorry, I should be clear on that."

Chandrellia softly says, "I have been thinking the last few days about all I have heard, and tonight."

Stormyrain says, "One is precedence, Thrayzar stands to be charged similarly to Malluch if he's ever returned to himself."

Chandrellia softly says, "With what Leafi stated made me see it even more."

Speaking to you, Iskandr says, "I've heard quite a bit of the 'pardoning makes sense' angle, I am intrigued to here why you think it doesn't. And this is from someone who generally thinks a dark dungeon is a great idea for the man."

You agree, "Yes, Thrayzar too was controlled by Praxopius and committed crimes against town, for which we never pursued a trial."

Kothos says, "It is important to note that I am not supporting Grishom Stone, or even Malluch with this. Nor are the Gryphons."

Chandrellia softly says, "Leafi stated that Malluch has staged incidents before and accused people of doing things to get him."

Kothos says, "I just wish those who have come here out of desperation to be safe."

Speaking to Kothos, Guarrin says, "I believe my statement was carefully worded to indicate such."

Falicor says, "What does the pardon mean, legally and practically."

Speaking to Guarrin, Kothos says, "I'm a cultist, remember. I like to be clear."

Stormyrain says, "The discussion of a pardon does not equate to support of what Malluch is doing now with Grishom. They are completely different issues at hand, in my mind at least."

Speaking to Iskandr, you say, "The strongest angle I can think of for why I shouldn't extend a pardon is that it would essentially overturn the jury who convicted him, Renpaw who oversaw the trial, and Mayor Lylia, who could have pardoned him during her terms but did not."

Chandrellia softly says, "I do not like Malluch and his beliefs to start, but what if he had a falling out with Stone and knows if he comes here, stating he was with Stone and worked for Stone, that we would go after Stone and be his avengers."

Speaking to Iskandr, you say, "Which isn't a political power to take lightly."

Speaking to you, Vaemyr says, "I still don't really trust Malluch, he's hiding too much. I do agree with Kothos's plan of providing sanctuary to the innocents, and putting more space between Malluch and Thaddeus, but I'm not sure we can just pardon him."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Kothos says, "I agree. He interesting young man, Master Burdos."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Kothos says, "Regardless of what he's done, he healed someone I care for."

Speaking to you, Vaemyr says, "At best I could see a new trial, given the new evidence."

You confess, "Let me be blunt, I entirely believe that the escort is a trap."

You say, "But that's a separate matter to me."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Kothos says, "And I wonder if to some degree, he means what he says."

Speaking to you, Iskandr says, "I agree with the hiding things part. I don't understand why we need to keep him alive this week so he can transcend or die next week with all his follower or whatever."

Lyrna says, "So there were extenuating circumstances and it is precedent setting, whatever is decided."

Speaking to Vaemyr, you say, "A new trial is a possibility we mentioned earlier, but I'm not sure we can try someone a second time over the same crimes, even in light of later evidence."

Chamorr heartily says, "Why are we even getting involved."

Chandrellia softly says, "If you grant this pardon that would allow him to freely walk these streets and speak his filth."

Lyrna says, "Because Leafi has the ability to pardon or not pardon."

Radeek says, "I still says dat when Stone gits here da kids gonna be nuthin more'n a skin sack fulla blood, an' fer Stone dat means a skin sack fulla power."

Speaking frankly to Chamorr, you say, "I have no intention of getting involved with the escort. If anyone else wants to, that's fine."

Speaking to Chamorr, Iskandr says, "Because otherwise I'd just be in a treehouse drinking."

Speaking heartily to Iskandr, Chamorr says, "Sounds like a fine plan."

Speaking to Chamorr, Iskandr says, "It's always quite a good backup plan."

You say, "I'm bringing up the pardon issue with all of you because you might see angles I don't, and because I promised to take key decisions to the town whenever possible."

You say, "As the Captain said, there are many reasons for and against."

Kippe adds, "Malluch insists he will leave voluntarily in two weeks... -after- Stone returns to gather whatever followers Malluch can convert."

Chamorr heartily says, "As we said outside the gates is beyond our purview."

Radeek says, "If'n ya don't pardons him ders jus' gonna be more blood spill't when day tries an catches him."

Chandrellia softly asks, "What if he is trying to set Stone up?"

Chamorr heartily says, "We keep him out, and his campies out."

Vaemyr says, "If and when Stone gets here, nothing is going to be peaceful."

Speaking to you, Iskandr says, "His endgame feels so odd and unclear, that I don't like it. He continually needs you to do him favors."

Speaking to Chandrellia, you say, "Some do theorize Malluch has his own agenda unrelated to Stone, it's true. I don't know if I agree, but it's a possibility."

Umbazi asks, "Excuse me, Mayor, I object. You volunteered the Gryphons for this last night, and now you're saying, 'If anyone wants to interfere with the escort, that's fine'?"

Speaking to Umbazi, you say, "You must have misheard me. I was saying if you want to get *involved* with the escort, that's fine."

Fahlo says, "Say if he were pardoned, wouldn't there be the matter of him escaping prison? He'd be pardoned on one account though there'd need to be a trail for the other matter."

Speaking heartily to Pietra, Chamorr says, "Its needed."

Alvyara amusedly asks, "Right out of the bottle, mm?"

You say, "By all means, protect it and guide it along. I do believe it's a trap, but I understand we have to do what we believe is right regardless of the risk."

Speaking to you, Guarrin asks, "It's not really 'we' then, is it?"

Speaking to Guarrin, you say, "I'm saying in a general sense, we each individually have to follow what we believe is right."

Falicor says, "But we are making a clear delineation of what is right and what is lawful."

Chamorr heartily says, "Not really."

Speaking to you, Radeek says, "Da bigges' pro'lem be dat der's a whole lotta diff'rent "we's"."

Lyrna says, "It is not illegal as long as he's outside of city limits, I would think."

Speaking to Fahlo, you say, "You mentioned that to me earlier in the square and I agree the jailbreak is potentially a separate crime, but the problem is we don't know if Malluch escaped on his own or if that particular crime was Murdos' for breaking him out."

Geijon says, "Well."

Geijon says, "I walked into something intentionally."

Speaking softly to you, Chandrellia asks, "Have you considered what Thadston would do to Murdos if you pardoned his son?"

Speaking heartily to Geijon, Chamorr says, "Howdy."

Speaking to Chandrellia, you ask, "Elaborate? You think he might go after him?"

Speaking to you, Iskandr asks, "Where did or do you lean before all this talk?"

Speaking softly to you, Chandrellia says, "Sorry Mayor, Thadston doesn't seem stable with this guy, and was all for arresting them both anyways."

Chamorr heartily says, "Question."

Speaking to Iskandr, you say, "It seems to me that the pardon is the right thing to do on principle and likely the wrong thing to do on the probable outcome."

Speaking to Geijon, Goldstr says, "Dey jess chattin a tings not of our concern right now."

Chamorr heartily says, "Are ya escorting them blood guard too."

Speaking to Iskandr, you say, "Whenever I face a choice between the two, I usually side with principle."

Speaking softly to you, Chandrellia says, "You pardon Malluch, Thadston will surly go after Murdos."

Speaking to you, Radeek says, "Ya learn'd quick."

Speaking to you, Iskandr asks, "Well how into principles are you?"

Speaking softly to you, Chandrellia says, "Its what I would do."

Speaking to Chandrellia, you say, "But that would put him in conflict with the law."

Speaking to Chandrellia, you say, "At that point Thadston himself could be arrested."

Geijon says, "So I can take a minute, Goldstr."

Chamorr heartily says, "Why dontchya escort to Solhaven."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "You and Pukk, always with the Solhaven."

Chamorr heartily says, "Let the empire deal wif it."

Umbazi says, "Because Kothos offered them sanctuary."

Umbazi says, "Solhaven didn't."

Speaking to you, Vaemyr says, "Something I'm curious about, what is Thadston's obsession with Malluch, I understand keeping the peace, but there feels to be a bit more backstory there."

Speaking softly to you, Chandrellia says, "Thadston has ways, he can arrest and accuse Murdos of aiding an escape, and while Murdos is in custody, oops he slipped on a bar of soap and broke his neck, my bad."

Speaking to you, Pukk says, "Great minds think alike."

Speaking to Vaemyr, you say, "I agree it's a bit odd that Thadston's so extreme about this, but I believe it's because he sees parallels to Chaston."

You say, "Warranted or not."

Speaking to you, Pukk says, "Besides, it's a great idea. Send em to Sol and let Sol have the headaches."

Speaking to you, Iskandr says, "It sounds like potential political suicide, and I feel like there are tricks with Malluch coming that we've failed to completely discern. But if sticking to principles is important to you, I say stick to them."

Umbazi says, "Thadston yelled last night that none of us had had a zealot kill our son, unlike him."

You say, "Let me ask this, before we move on to the escort matter..."

Lyrna says, "And comes back to life and they get into a 'he did this/he did that' argument and no-one saw what happened."

Kothos says, "They have come here to listen to Malluch. To get healing from Malluch. Regardless of whether or not he can deliver on that, I doubt they'll listen to us if we try to take them out of the environs totally."

Speaking to Umbazi, Alvyara says, "That's right."

Speaking to you, Iskandr says, "And again, I hate the man."

You say, "I might be wrong, but I'm guessing that most of you can at least understand both sides of the pardon issue..."

Speaking heartily to Kothos, Chamorr asks, "You offered them sanctuary?"

You ask, "Is there anyone who's fervently on one side?"

Lyrna nods to you.

Alisette nods in agreement to you.

Speaking to Umbazi, Guarrin says, "In a town that was razed by Morvule, I find that an interesting stance to take. Half the town has lost folks to a zealot."

Alisette looks over at you and shakes her head.

Speaking softly to Kothos, Chandrellia says, "Then let his followers follow him to EN, they followed him this far."

Lyrna says, "Er, that was to seeing both sides."

Speaking heartily to Kothos, Chamorr says, "By what authority did ya do that."

Umbazi says, "I agree."

Speaking to Chandrellia, Kothos asks, "EN?"

Thrassus says, "I believe that a pardon would be the best course of action to avoid needless bloodshed."

Speaking to Chandrellia, Iskandr says, "They won't go that far, the rules change heading East."

You ask, "No one wants to say that the pardon absolutely must happen or absolutely must not happen?"

Alisette points at Thrassus.

You ask, "One person only, then?"

You grin at Thrassus.

Speaking to you, Alisette says, "Thrassus."

Speaking to Chamorr, Goldstr says, "Bear dat would be his own authority."

Alisette says, "Thrassus too."

Umbazi says, "In any event, Malluch said last night that he would not surrender to the town no matter what."

Speaking to you, Melikor says, "He was convicted, and escaped from prison. He should not be pardoned."

Speaking to you, Vaemyr says, "I strongly feel against pardoning him."

You nod at Umbazi.

Speaking softly to Kothos, Chandrellia says, "Sure, pardon Malluch the fool under the condition he leave Landing completely and never return, send him to EN."

Ceilia quietly says, "Pardon or not, inviting Malluch into the city is a risk."

Speaking to Chandrellia, Kothos asks, "If you mean the Elven Nations, you're proposing we take several dozen afflicted people and their families across two rope bridges and two mining carts, against their wishes?"

You say, "One for and two against. Interesting."

Speaking to you, Kippe says, "If pressed, I would say a pardon is the best course."

Speaking heartily to Goldstr, Chamorr says, "And to what extent does he command powers to protect them."

Melikor says, "Let Kothos take his followers to the temple."

Speaking softly to Kothos, Chandrellia says, "If Malluch goes to EN they will follow."

Fahlo says, "I'd say if the trail had happened with the information of him being under the influence of the Alchemist, then the outcome would have been that he would have been given the care he needed, and not put in jail."

Speaking to Chandrellia, Vaemyr says, "That's changing the sentence not really a pardon."

Speaking to Fahlo, you say, "I'm inclined to agree."

Lyrna says, "The Elven Nations are not a good option."

Kothos says, "I don't believe Malluch wants to go there, either. He has his destination in mind."

Speaking to Kothos, Iskandr says, "Also assuming a great deal of charity on the 'Nations part. I could assure you sick and huddled masses won't find much support IF they make it through the mountains."

Fahlo corrects, "Trial that is."

Speaking to you, Alisette says, "I agree with that as well, although I was not here when it happened."

You say, "There's a possibility the pardon won't stop Thadston from pursuing, even if I do give it."

Falicor asks, "Why is it more important to move them elsewhere than solve the issue?"

Speaking softly to Kothos, Chandrellia says, "Yeah, us."

Umbazi says, "We're trying to get him away from the city. You could just change the sentence to house arrest and community service in caring for the sick. It's what he's supposed to be doing anyway."

Speaking to you, Melikor says, "That's likely true as well."

Falicor says, "It is a weak response to a strong problem."

Kothos says, "I would wish that the pilgrims will change their mind, and stay with those who will care for them. However, I do understand their desire."

Speaking to Falicor, you ask, "How would you solve the issue, in this case?"

Speaking to Umbazi, Alvyara says, "I like your idea."

Kothos says, "These are poor people. All of us, now, are wealthy in the extreme, compared to most of them."

Speaking to Falicor, you ask, "Or what is the issue? Tell Thadston to stand down?"

Speaking to you, Alvyara asks, "Did you hear that, Leafi? What this man said?"

Falicor says, "I would find those responsible for the slaughter as a priority."

Speaking to Alvyara, you say, "I did."

Kothos says, "They have been caring for these afflicted with every resource they have, and don't have, in many cases."

Iskandr asks, "He said last night that they all plan to go to....what was it? I can't remember, but it was like some other plane? In two weeks he plans to just poof away with his people anyway. Which sounds insane, but hey, if it works out that way, we're done, right?"

Kothos says, "Of course they're going to follow someone who promises them relief."

Thrassus says, "The Deadfall."

Alvyara asks, "Can you do that? Change the sentence, but not the verdict?"

Speaking to Umbazi, you say, "Changing the sentence isn't within the mayor's power. I believe we'd need a retrial for that."

Thrassus says, "It's a forest near here."

Iskandr asks, "Oh, it's an actual place?"

Umbazi says, "Actually, there's no precedent, so you could try it."

Chamorr heartily says, "He said that."

Chamorr heartily says, "Oh my."

Speaking softly to Kothos, Chandrellia says, "Yet we can't help one bit, so as of now we risk getting whatever they have, and if normal healing can't cure them where does that put us, and if Malluch is the miracle worker as he, claims, why are they still sick, I say let Thadston have him and be done with it."

Kothos says, "He offered that information in the wee hours."

Vaemyr says, "I think it was pretty clear that Thadston is going to hire bounty hunters to go after Malluch in any case that he is still a fugitive, thus's the pardon discussion."

Speaking to Umbazi, Alisette asks, "Could you repeat what you said, Sir?"

Speaking to Umbazi, Alisette asks, "For the Mayor?"

Speaking to Alvyara, Kothos says, "I understood about a third of that."

You say, "Malluch wanted to hear our decisions on protection and the pardon on the same night, so I'll consider everything that's been said here tonight."

Umbazi says, "Leafi You could just change the sentence to house arrest and community service in caring for the sick. It's what he's supposed to be doing anyway."

Chamorr heartily says, "Sounds to me like he is gatherin recruits fer Barnom and Lich's Landing."

Radeek says, "If'n grantin da pardon saves even one life, den, ta me, der ain't nuthin ta reckon on."

Speaking softly to Kothos, Chandrellia says, "Of course you would, let me explain so you can then."

Speaking to Chandrellia, Kothos says, "Don't bother."

Vaemyr says, "Whether they attack outside of town, or while they are moved, I just... honestly think bringing Malluch into custody at this point is probably the safest thing for the landing if Stone is coming in two weeks."

Falicor says, "If the Ivasians are keen to help, that is fine and I will do what is needed to assist in that. But his pardon seems not to be part or parcel of this."

Speaking to Umbazi, you say, "If I could, I would, but I don't believe that's in my power."

Speaking softly to Kothos, Chandrellia says, "Is they are so sick, and ill that we the healers cant help them."

Geijon says, "I'm out of time."

Speaking softly to Kothos, Chandrellia asks, "Did you get that much?"

Geijon asks, "The stance of my Order clear?"

Chamorr heartily asks, "Stone is comin in two weeks?"

Speaking softly to Kothos, Chandrellia says, "Where does that put us in the town if we get what they have."

You say, "Yes, he said Stone is coming in two weeks."

Geijon says, "Be quick with questions."

Umbazi says, "Renpaw is unlikely to reverse his own sentence, and we don't have another judge or a higher court to retry the case in absentia."

You say, "He also said that a month ago, though."

Iskandr asks, "One more thing he mentioned last night. I know you support the freedom of your people here, but he said he was converting masses of people in town every day. What if they all just up and leave with him?"

Speaking to Chandrellia, Kothos says, "That has nothing to do with my offer."

Speaking to Geijon, Alisette says, "I understand it."

Speaking to Iskandr, you say, "Then that's their free choice."

Chandrellia softly asks, "If Malluch is this miracle worker, you do know what that is right ?"

Vaemyr says, "That's true too."

Speaking to Alisette, Geijon asks, "Fun volunteer work, yes?"

Speaking softly to Kothos, Chandrellia asks, "Then why are they still sick?"

Lyrna murmurs, "Two weeks is about when she's due."

You say, "People can leave the Landing if they like, for any reason they like."

(Lyrna rubs her pregnant belly thoughtfully.)

Alisette warmly says, "I prefer to call it honor."

Speaking to Chandrellia, Kothos asks, "You're a healer, and you've never heard of curses that resist healing?"

Speaking to Chandrellia, Thrassus says, "The majority of the pilgrims are suffering from a magical disease inflicted by krolvin, not something we can catch."

Speaking to Iskandr, Kippe asks, "Who amongst us has the right to stop any of them?"

Speaking to Chandrellia, Iskandr says, "They're all still sick, but surprisingly wrinkle free."

Alvyara says, "There's much about Malluch that we don't understand. More than what we do understand, I think."

Speaking softly to Iskandr, Chandrellia asks, "Was that a stab at my mother and my sister?"

You say, "Alright... I think I said this, but Malluch wants decisions on the protection and pardon issues at the same time, so I'll give him news on a pardon or not when we meet with him."

Speaking softly to Iskandr, Chandrellia says, "For your sake I hope not."

You say, "That brings us to the escort, then."

Speaking to Alisette, Guarrin says, "Just trying to aid Brother Kothos and those in need."

Alvyara says, "He did heal me. How? No one knows. And not knowing the means by which his healing works, I don't think we can infer anything about what the existence of yet-unhealed persons in his camp means."

You ask, "What do you all think of escorting his people to the Ivasian temple?"

Kothos says, "You know I will, of course."

Thrassus says, "It's a good idea."

Vaemyr says, "I think you are gonna end up fighting bounty hunters."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Don't pardon him."

Kothos says, "Considering it was my idea."

Speaking to Vaemyr, you say, "I agree."

Speaking to you, Melikor says, "Yes, they've done nothing wrong, I presume."

Speaking to you, Alisette says, "I think that protecting innocents is of the utmost importance."

Speaking softly to you, Chandrellia says, "As much as I don't agree with it, they are innocent, and as such I will volunteer my services if I am able to be here."

Fahlo says, "I willing to protect those folks who can't protect themselves."

Speaking to you, Goldstr says, "Madam Mayor."

Alisette says, "Protecting."

Alvyara says, "It seems that it might help prevent further bloodshed, to have those camps away from the Landing."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "If he wants to turn himself in fer a new trial."

Stormyrain says, "I don't think we can dictate the escorting issue if it is not being completed by town guards or militia officially. The Gryphons have offered to aid, that is within their ability to do so."

Speaking to Pietra, Kothos says, "Hello, homelander."

Lyrna says, "I don't have a problem with folks doing so, but am obviously not going to be able to help, regardless."

Umbazi says, "I'll protect the innocents. It's not their fault that they're sick, scared and desperate."

You say, "To clarify, I believe Malluch intends to only move the civilians."

Stormyrain says, "Those who also wish to aid will make personal decisions to aid. It's not a "town" decision."

You say, "The bloodguards will remain in the forest and he's said he's willing to defend against Thadston."

Speaking to Chandrellia, Iskandr says, "Not particularly directed that way no. I was more of the mind that all he seems to do is cure wrinkles, not really thinking of who is cured."

Speaking to Pietra, Kothos asks, "...where'd you get that?"

Radeek says, "If ya does da escort, ya purdy much hasta does da pardon. Othawise yer aidin' a known criminal an' his band a leprous peoples."

Goldstr says, "I would tell Malluch, even tho we escort his poor folks it would serve dem best if he surrendered."

Speaking to you, Vaemyr asks, "So Malluch and his guards aren't going?"

You say, "I agree and won't get the town guards to help escort."

Chandrellia softly says, "Yeah just like with Vlashandra and we saw how that well that went."

Guarrin says, "The captain has the right of it. Unless the Order is going to get official aid."

You say, "Agree with the Captain, that is, that it's not an official town matter."

Kothos says, "There is definitely a strong chance that this could be a plot."

Speaking to Vaemyr, you say, "To my understanding, no."

Guarrin continues, "...and it seems we are not."

Chandrellia softly says, "But, I will once again give my aid, it be wished."

Kothos says, "From who and by who, that is thankfully above my pay grade."

Kothos says, "I will be there to help the ones in the tents outside the postern gate."

Speaking to Raelee, you ask, "Has Breshon given word about the Bourthians' aid?"

Hapenlok cautiously says, "Good evening, i guess."

Speaking simply to you, Raelee states, "I have not inquired."

Kothos says, "And see they don't turn into a pile of bodies like in the Sentoph."

Speaking wryly to Hapenlok, you say, "Something like that."

Chamorr heartily says, "What if Malluch is drug into town."

Speaking surprisedly to Raelee, you say, "Oh, I thought you had said you would."

Speaking to you, Raelee says, "I suggested I might be persuaded to."

Speaking to you, Raelee adds, "I was not."

Speaking to Chamorr, Kothos says, "That's a tackle I'd not mind seeing."

Speaking to Raelee, you say, "Ah, he didn't meet your requirements... I see."

Speaking to you, Vaemyr says, "I'd be expecting prisms then on that escort. I still think Malluch or his blood guards were behind the burning of that other caravan, it would be really convenient if this one met a similar fate."

Speaking softly to Kothos, Chandrellia says, "I will give aid to the innocent, I may not agree, but as you said, they did not seek this illness and only wish to be well, even if by a false implicator."

You say, "I certainly won't ask Breshon's aid in this either, but if anyone else would like to, that is your right."

Chamorr heartily says, "If Thaddy grabs him and brings him through the gates."

Umbazi says, "Malluch has said that he will not surrender under any circumstances, and if he was dragged in against his will, I have no doubt there would be another free for all. We don't need more bloodshed."

Speaking to Vaemyr, you say, "I agree it's most likely a trap. By who is the question."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok asks, "I'll get quick and to the point, what's the bounty up to?"

Speaking to Chamorr, Iskandr says, "He seemed to assure last night that it would be impossible for Thadston to take him even though he needs our help not being taken by Thadston."

Umbazi exclaims, "Koar's beard, the whole POINT of this escort mission is to SAVE lives, both in town and among the sick!"

Vaemyr says, "Heck, tell Thadston's bounty hunters to go after Malluch while the group escorts the innocent, at least then maybe we can rule out a couple parties, and get something out of it if something fails."

Radeek says, "Has anyone reckon'd on who it be dat ya might be a'fightin if'n ya does da escort? Prolly gonna be bandits...mebbe even rooks...mebbe even someone a'standin in dis here room tanite. Bes' dat yer ready fer some soul searchin."

Iskandr says, "Make of THAT what you will."

Speaking to Hapenlok, you say, "Thadston hasn't extended it yet, and if I give a pardon to Malluch, there will be no bounty."

Speaking to Radeek, you say, "It's an interesting question, isn't it? It might even be the militia, depending how seriously Thadston is taking this matter."

Speaking to Radeek, Kothos asks, "Indeed. But if they stay where they are, under the battlements and the arrows that will certainly come...?"

Speaking to you, Fahlo says, "Though I'm sure there is still the matter of his escape from prison. I believe that would be grounds enough for an arrest."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "That's your decision, of course."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "Doesn't mean that someone won't try to kill him though."

Speaking to Fahlo, you remind, "Right, but like I said, that might have been Murdos' doing and not Malluch's."

Speaking to Kothos, Radeek says, "I got no side in dis matter..jus' pointin stuff out. I had my time on escorts gone dis here one surely will go straight ta hell in a handbasket."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Don't do it."

Speaking to Hapenlok, you say, "Someone will absolutely try to kill him either way, I agree."

Speaking to you, Vaemyr says, "So the question is, knowing the escort is probably a trap, how can we trap the trappers."

Goldstr says, "If I may say As it stands right now, anyone attacks da pilgrims bein escorted will be up against da Silver Gryphons."

Speaking to Radeek, Kothos says, "I agree in full. I couldn't help but offer, but I do worry what the night will bring."

Kothos says, "The hardest parts will be navigating the boulder and the dratted tree."

Speaking to Kothos, Radeek says, "Same as ever' otha night...blood, death,' more'n enuff guilt ta go round."

Speaking to you, Fahlo says, "Certainly, though as it stands without evidence to the contrary what we know is he was in prison and now he is not. In my mind that ought to be enough for someone to seek arrest."

Speaking softly to Kothos, Chandrellia asks, "How many ways into the Temple is there?"

Hapenlok asks, "And are the administrators....for lack of a better term, of Ivas' temple are okay with this?"

Chandrellia softly says, "To the gates that is."

Falicor says, "Attempting, or succeeding, an escape from captivity only proves one's humanity - not criminality..."

Speaking to Hapenlok, you say, "They're the ones who invited him."

Speaking to Kothos, Vaemyr says, "Aye both those spots would make excellent ambushing spots."

Alvyara says, "Kothos was the one who suggested the move, not Malluch and not the Rooks. So, calling a potential attack a 'trap' seems to be abusing the word 'trap'."

Chandrellia softly asks, "What if did a double move?"

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "I'm a little behind in the times, apparently."

Falicor says, "The acts taken during said break, are different."

Speaking to you, Radeek says, "Ya wanna trap da trap? easy peasy."

Chamorr heartily says, "Question."

Speaking to Chandrellia, Kothos says, "Just the one, formally. It's across a bridge that goes over the surrounding marsh."

Speaking to Radeek, Guarrin says, "These are all things we're well familiar with."

Alvyara says, "An ambush, maybe."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok asks, "How many refugees?"

Chandrellia softly says, "We move carts filled with just our fighters in a caravan dressed as sick and illed, and lead them away from the camps, then our most skilled do the actual escort."

Speaking to Alvyara, you say, "Yes, to clarify... I think someone will set a trap here, or ambush if you will, but not necessarily anyone involved in proposing or agreeing to the idea."

Chamorr heartily says, "That temple, isn't that in the official jurisdiction of da Elfs."

Kothos says, "It is possible he saw in my offer an opportunity to draw out Thadston or Mother or whoever else he seeks to escalate with."

Alvyara says, "Just.. making sure."

Chandrellia softly says, "Send them a wild goose chase so to speak."

Speaking to Hapenlok, you say, "It's unknown."

Chamorr heartily says, "They have the settlement."

Speaking to Kothos, Vaemyr says, "'What if we portaled them all to the temple? How many refugees are we talking about? With enough of us we could probably transport them safely."

Kothos says, "But is what my faith bids me to do."

Speaking to you, Radeek says, "Ya escort a buncha volunteers dressed as da pilgrims...when ta crap smacks da wall ya uncloak an' sends em all straight to hell."

Speaking softly to Radeek, Chandrellia says, "That is exactly what I just said."

Speaking to Vaemyr, Kothos says, "I do not know how well that could be accomplished, as it would have to be sorcery..."

Alvyara says, "I must say though, I don't understand why, if someone would want to attack us - or the refugees - they would wait for this caravan to do so."

You musingly say, "That is an interesting idea, the fake caravan. I wonder if Malluch would agree to it."

Speaking to Melikor, Kothos asks, "What do you say, Pops?"

Guarrin says, "There is much discussion saying, 'we' regarding the escort. The town isn't supporting Brother Kothos' escort. I would encourage to keep the discussion on the issue of the pardon."

Alvyara says, "We gather in large groups all the time."

Speaking to you, Radeek says, "Make it a condition of da pardon."

Speaking to Guarrin, Fahlo says, "Well, however it goes, if you'd accept any assistance in escorting civilians- I'd offer mine in what ever capacity you see fit."

Speaking to you, Alisette says, "Cannot hurt to ask."

Iskandr says, "Any scouting party worth their salt can probably tell real sick people from people pretending to be sick."

Speaking to Kothos, Melikor says, "We could take them that way, a few at a time."

Speaking softly to Guarrin, Chandrellia says, "I said I would volunteer if I am about on the night it happens."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Don't pardon him."

Kothos says, "Yes. I'll be...taking some new visitors on an extended tour."

Speaking to Chamorr, you ask, "Why not?"

Speaking to Iskandr, Hapenlok says, "Well, we could always infect ourselves, as decoys."

Speaking to Melikor, Kothos says, "We might prepare for that, if you're up for it."

Speaking to Kothos, Melikor says, "They may not be willing to go, however."

Speaking to Kothos, Vaemyr says, "I'm sure some of my brethren could assist, as well as wizards could send their familiars and hold open a portal while people went through."

Speaking to Hapenlok, Iskandr says, "You know, if I just got as drunk as I was after the festival...."

Speaking to Kothos, Melikor says, "In that particular fashion."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "He only thing that keeps him out of town, its a bargaining chip."

Speaking to Hapenlok, Iskandr says, "Of course, then I'd have to fight drunk."

Thrassus says, "A pardon does not mean he can come into town."

Speaking softly to Chamorr, Chandrellia says, "That was also my point."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "If he walks through the gates arrest him."

Hapenlok says, "Let me explain something about pardons. and how they can work."

You say, "He hasn't been staying out of town anyway. When he met with us last night, he said people have been letting him into their homes secretly."

Hapenlok says, "Well, there's that."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Do ya want him secretly in town, or sitting next to you in TSC."

Chandrellia softly says, "I say we get the sick to safety and let Malluch be arrested until he can undoubtedly show his powers of healing."

You say, "I'm usually loathe to argue from anything other than principle, but just for the sake of the argument..."

Kothos says, "Yes, I think, and I hope, that it will be relatively simple. And we'll have ourselves a leisurely late-night stroll through a fetid bog with snakes and mosquitos."

Radeek says, "He has da r'spect an' support a townies...if'n ya arrest him ag'in dat support'll turn ta dat means blood."

Kothos says, "But, if there are those here who can prepare for moving large groups more quickly..."

Fahlo says, "This town is like a sieve anyway- close the gates and batten down the hatches and there are still 100 ways in and out."

Chandrellia softly says, "If he can in fact show that is this miracle healer as he proclaims then perhaps pardon him."

You say, "One problem with the pardon is the likelihood of how Thadston and the Rooks would respond, and more division in town than ever."

Kothos says, "We would certainly like the help."

Speaking to Chandrellia, you say, "Many tried to ask him to prove his healing powers last night, but he said that evidence is the opposite of faith."

Falicor asks, "If we don't do what they want, criminals will attack us?"

Speaking wryly to Chandrellia, you say, "At this point I'm not sure he can do much of anything."

Speaking to you, Alisette says, "And he has already caused that division."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Instead of a pardon, offer him a new trial."

Speaking to Kothos, Melikor says, "They'll likely prefer the walk."

Alvyara faintly says, "Oh, no."

Alvyara asks, "He wouldn't show you any more healing?"

Speaking to Alvyara, you say, "He wouldn't, no."

You say, "Iskandr here asked him many times."

Radeek says, "Not enuff time fer a new trial...Stone'll be here a'fore dat."

Alvyara says, "I don't like that man, at all."

Alvyara says, "I don't care whether he helped me."

Speaking softly to you, Chandrellia says, "Then he has made his own choice, he wants us to do his bidding, to give him a pardon so he can walk the streets of his own free will and rub it the faces of those that sentenced him all those years, that is, my, opinion."

Iskandr says, "I sure did."

Speaking to Alvyara, Hapenlok says, "It's one of those mysteries. i still tend to think his abilities come from his blades."

You wryly say, "Yeah, well... welcome to the Landing, they're all detestable and lovable at once."

Iskandr says, "I really wanted the full magic show."

Iskandr says, "Got a whole lot of nothing."

Speaking to Alvyara, Hapenlok says, "Sort of why i wanted to pick a fight with him in the future. just to see if i'm right."

Alvyara says, "If he can't give you proper evidence of healing, I say lock him up."

Speaking to Chandrellia, you say, "I agree the most serious problem with the principle of a pardon is overturning others' decisions. Even given the incomplete information at the time of his trial."

Speaking to Alvyara, you ask, "On what grounds?"

Speaking to Iskandr, Thrassus asks, "Who present then needed healing anyway?"

Speaking to you, Alvyara says, "The grounds of his prior crimes."

Speaking to Alvyara, Alisette says, "Remember that he healed us with blood on his hands."

Goldstr says, "Remember folks Stone has offered and healed to achieve hid desires. Whether Malluch is good at it er nae is not what matters."

Speaking to Alisette, Alvyara says, "I know, and I don't know how. I want to still have hope for those poor people, but.."

Speaking to Alvyara, you ask, "So we put aside that he was drugged and under Praxopius' control, then?"

Iskandr says, "I'm still confused because he seemed to indicate quite confidently last night that he wouldn't let Thadston take him but needs our help assuring he's not arrested."

Speaking to Iskandr, you say, "I believe Malluch's concern is for the civilians, not himself or his bloodguards."

Speaking to you, Radeek says, "Surely if'n ya has da power ta grants a pardon ya can grant a furlough...kinda a temporary pardon I reckon."

Speaking softly to you, Chandrellia says, "Here is another question."

Alvyara says, "That was well before my time, I admit I'm not well-versed in the situation."

Speaking to Iskandr, Thrassus says, "He's wanting to avoid bloodshed."

Chamorr heartily says, "I can see where this is goin."

Umbazi says, "We don't know that he WAS, Leafiara. We know that Malluch and Praxopius SAID he was, which is not the same thing."

Speaking to Alvyara, Alisette says, "Neither am I."

Speaking softly to you, Chandrellia asks, "If we arrest him and hold him, and place him in protective custody per say can Thadston have access to him?"

Speaking to you, Goldstr says, "He gots ye fooled den."

Speaking to you, Vaemyr says, "I still think we should have two escorts, one to take the pilgrims to an area where we can teleport them to the temple through portals, and the other to go the path with "fake" pilgrims, with the goal of being ambushed. But of course this'll all probably be for not, as surely someone here is going to inform certain parties even if we don't know who."

Chandrellia softly says, "Thadston says he has no jurisdiction over the town guards."

Speaking to Vaemyr, Hapenlok says, "We're getting too clever for our own good."

You musingly ask, "Okay, this is interesting. So the theory is that Praxopius could have actually done nothing to Malluch?"

Speaking to Vaemyr, Guarrin says, "Fine idea. We'll take that into consideration."

Speaking to Vaemyr, Hapenlok says, "Honestly, i doubt a decoy would work. there's too many ears in here."

You say, "We delved into Thrayzar's memories and saw the process the Alchemist did to him."

Speaking to Hapenlok, Iskandr says, "I was actually about to propose three escorts."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Remember you campaigned fer this."

Speaking to you, Fahlo asks, "Though Malluch said it, and then Praxopius confirmed it.. what's the evidence to the contrary?"

Speaking to Hapenlok, Vaemyr says, "Yup thus why I mentioned that plainly."

You say, "We also saw a loresong reveal some of what was done to Malluch."

Speaking to Fahlo, you say, "I don't know of any."

Speaking to Chamorr, you ask, "For what?"

Chamorr heartily says, "Mayor."

Speaking amusedly to Chamorr, you say, "Well, yes, I must be crazy, but we already knew that."

Chandrellia softly says, "I need a drink."

Hapenlok says, "Look on bar."

Chandrellia softly says, "Eww."

Speaking to Chandrellia, you sigh, "...don't we all, at this point."

Radeek says, "A'right ya'll...i gots ta git on outta here...der's prolly no right choice in dis...only hard choices wit' hard consequences."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok asks, "Remember what i told you i'd do if i said you didn't get coffee on that bar?"

Umbazi asks, "Leafiara, I have asked many times if there was any proof and you never mentioned any. Now you're saying that Praxopius didn't tell anything, but that the information came directly from his memories. Make up your mind. Did he say it, or did we get it from his memories? And how do we know the memories are accurate? People can remember things that never happened?"

Radeek says, "G'nite."

Umbazi asks, "Is there a shred of proof in all this?"

Speaking to Umbazi, you say, "When I say we delved into Thrayzar's memories, I mean it more literally than you might be thinking."

(Umbazi rubs his temples.)

Speaking to Umbazi, Hapenlok says, "She means it. i've ...experience in such things."

Speaking to Umbazi, you say, "Using a process Xorus devised, we were able to see Thrayzar's memories play out before us, visualized on the walls beneath Melgorehn's Reach."

You say, "Using the temporal magic of the Reach."

Chamorr heartily says, "Well."

You say, "Through the same methods, we were able to locate Raznel's paragons, so the information from the memories is reliable, at least in the case of Thrayzar."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "....and if Xorus ever tries that on me, i'll kill him. a lot."

Umbazi says, "And again, people can create false memories. The fact that someone thinks something happened is not proof that it did."

Chamorr heartily says, "There's gonna be a parade."

Chamorr heartily says, "Malluch gets pardoned."

Speaking to Umbazi, you ask, "Let me ask this. By that measure, how can anyone ever be convicted of anything?"

Umbazi says, "By physical evidence."

Iskandr asks, "If the people leaving this town to join Malluch come under attack, are they still your people?"

Chamorr heartily says, "Malluch recruits townies to join him."

Speaking to Umbazi, you ask, "What could the physical evidence prove that a confession doesn't?"

Alvyara sighs, "I think I may have to take my wine to bed."

Speaking softly to you, Chandrellia asks, "Cohersion?" [not sure if she means coercion or cohesion...]

Speaking to Alvyara, Kothos says, "I'm weary, myself."

Alvyara says, "It was a.. sort of a productive discussion."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "He's got a point, though. i mean, look at what Quinshon did to my memories."

Kothos asks, "And I don't think I'm needed for the rest of this, correct?"

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "And Naimorai."

Speaking to Hapenlok, you ask, "Right, but then my challenge stands. How do we convict anyone of anything?"

Speaking softly to Kothos, Chandrellia says, "If you wish my aid I will give it."

Umbazi says, "Physical evidence, like poison, or a drugged body, could prove that someone was, in fact, drugged."

You say, "I understand the dilemma fully."

Speaking heartily to Kothos, Chamorr says, "I'm still curious."

Speaking to Kothos, Guarrin says, "Thank you Brother, we will talk more tomorrow."

Speaking to Umbazi, you say, "But not by who, which is what we would need."

Umbazi says, "If all you have are memories and someone's say-so but no proof..."

Hapenlok says, "No answers."

Speaking to Kothos, you say, "You've offered quite a lot here tonight and many will look forward to escorting safely to your temple."

Speaking to Chamorr, Kothos asks, "Do you have a question, before I saunter off to my swamp?"

Speaking heartily to Kothos, Chamorr says, "How many people did you have to escort these folks when ya made this offer."

Speaking to you, Kothos says, "Thank you, Mayor."

Speaking to Umbazi, you say, "We had a physical object of Malluch's, which we investigate with a loresong to find that indeed Praxopius had been strapping Malluch to an alter and injecting him with something."

Speaking to Chamorr, Kothos says, "I offered myself and the Temple itself. I did not offer escort, he asked for it."

Umbazi says, "Now, see, that is evidence."

Umbazi says, "Which I've been asking about for some time."

Chamorr heartily says, "Gotchya."

Umbazi says, "You kept talking about memories and Malluch's word, giving the impression that there was no proof."

You say, "Maybe I was unclear in relaying the story--apologies if so, but I believe I did mention the loresong earlier, if not the item connected to it."

Kothos says, "Good night, everyone."

Alisette says, "Good night, rest well."

Speaking to Alvyara, Kothos says, "Let's find a good resting spot for your wine."

Umbazi says, "No, this is the first time I've heard a loresong mentioned."

Umbazi says, "You have been extraordinarily muddled."

Speaking to Umbazi, Hapenlok says, "She's also had a bunch of people yammering at her for half the night."

Speaking to Umbazi, you say, "Well, fair enough if so. It might just be a product of relaying two years of information in half an hour."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "As usual."

You say, "And what Hap said."

Speaking to Umbazi, Hapenlok says, "Up to, and including"

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "This is nuts."

Speaking wryly to Chamorr, you say, "Embrace the chaos."

Speaking encouragingly to you, Alisette exclaims, "You were splendid at it!"

You say, "Alright, so it seems that at very least many of our adventurers are settled on escorting the caravan."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "I might go along."

You say, "The pardon issue is separate and we'll discuss it further with him when we meet with Malluch again."

Iskandr says, "At the end of the day, not pardoning him and his arrest creates some kind of chaos at your town's gates. Pardoning him seems to shift whatever chaos comes a bit further away."

You say, "He wanted to meet on the eve of Tilamaires, two nights from now."

Roelon deeply says, "Somethin' that haes to be done."

Umbazi says, "Forgive me for wanting to know the facts. Good evening."

Iskandr says, "So you can be both principled and practical, though probably not popular."

Hapenlok says, "Honestly, i believe that a pardon granted wouldn't matter one bit."

You say, "If Malluch believes the protection and escort is enough, then maybe the pardon isn't even needed--though I still think it makes sense on principle."

Speaking to Iskandr, Fahlo says, "It's the trippple P. Very seldom."

Speaking to Hapenlok, you say, "I agree, it likely wouldn't. To me it's a matter of whether it's the right move after an incomplete trial."

You say, "Though that does raise a question..."

Hapenlok says, "I believe very much, that there's going to be an attempt on his life, very soon."

Speaking to you, Melikor says, "Another trial seems like a better idea."

Speaking to you, Alisette says, "Let's make the people who are innocent the priority, and then come back to the pardon."

You ask, "Does Malluch even truly believe that a pardon would stop Thadston from going after him?"

Thrassus says, "It may blunt Thadston's ability to slake his bloodlust a bit, though."

Speaking softly to Alisette, Chandrellia says, "I agree."

Speaking to you, Melikor says, "Not really."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "The difference from bein an outlaw or a citizen."

Chandrellia softly says, "The innocent ones are the priority."

Thrassus says, "Mainly by depriving him of bounty hunter mercenaries."

Chandrellia softly says, "My problem is this."

Vaemyr says, "I doubt it, Malluch believes half the town is out to get him Thadston and Mother both, if something happens they will be blamed no matter who did it."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Where do you want him to be."

You ask, "So if Malluch potentially doesn't even believe that Thadston will stop going after him 'just' because of a pardon, what other motive would he have for asking?"

You say, "He might believe it. But let's just say he doesn't, hypothetically."

Speaking to you, Alisette says, "That brings us back to a trap."

Speaking to you, Fahlo says, "The pardon wouldn't grant him amnesty. He's a fugitive. That's enough for him being apprehended."

Ceilia asks, "To secure tacit endorsement for his presence here?"

Chandrellia softly asks, "If we say ok we want to move the sick and ill but not sure about the pardon will he still let them get to safety?"

Speaking to Fahlo, you say, "He would no longer be a fugitive if pardoned."

Chamorr heartily says, "Exactly."

Alisette says, "That is an idea."

Falicor asks, "Let?"

Chandrellia softly says, "Or use them as shields, right now he is counting on that pardon to be his shield."

Vaemyr asks, "It's to convince more people to join him isn't it?"

Speaking musingly to Ceilia, you ask, "So he potentially wants validation, just weeks after denouncing me?"

Falicor says, "It's not an issue of being allowed anymore."

Speaking to you, Fahlo says, "But you'd only have the power to pardon him on the crime of which he was convicted. Escaping prison is entirely different."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Would prove him right."

Speaking to you, Ceilia says, "Maybe it's a political motive rather than a personal one. Optics, as it were."

Hapenlok says, "Let me put it this way. you can be pardoned for your misdeeds, and still be exiled."

Speaking to Falicor, you ask, "What is the issue, then?"

Pukk asks, "He would be pardoned and if Thadston goes after him in the town, then he will be in trouble. If he goes after him outside of town. Then what is that to us?"

Vaemyr says, "It's just one more thing he can point to the common folk, 'Look they don't even know who's guilty or not'."

Hapenlok says, "It's sort of ...the unofficial rule with me, and Torre."

Speaking to Hapenlok, Guarrin says, "That is a fair point."

Speaking to Fahlo, Kippe says, "Escaping prison for a crime he's been pardoned for? Good luck proving that is a crime."

You ask, "So a pardon but banishment nonetheless?"

Stormyrain says, "Merry eve, all."

Hapenlok says, "Claybourne never came out and said it, but it was made clear to me that i would not be welcomed back to Fairport."

Hapenlok says, "It was a family member of his i killed."

Speaking softly to Hapenlok, Chandrellia says, "Thats what I said! Give him a pardon on the account that he leave Landing and its surrounding areas and never return, if he is seen within the walls or surrounding area his pardon will be null and void."

Falicor says, "At no point was our discussion to escort the sick to the temple "Are we going to be allowed"."

You say, "Ahh... not official banishment, but more... resentment."

Falicor says, "That is what I mean."

You say, "Social pressure, a soft exile as it were."

Thrassus says, "I think Malluch's main concern is his followers getting caught in between him and whatever vengeful person comes after him."

Speaking to Falicor, Guarrin asks, "I must have missed something. How did that come up?"

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "What's wrong with the staus quo."

Speaking to Chandrellia, you say, "He did say that if pardoned, he'd guarantee that he leaves within two weeks."

Iskandr says, "I'm not sure you can legally define banishment as a pardon, just a different form of punishment."

Speaking to Thrassus, Hapenlok says, "Of course. despite the fact that he brought them here."

Chamorr heartily says, "No pardon, nothin changes."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "Potentially another bloodbath with everyone against everyone."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "That is comin anyways."

Chandrellia softly says, "Leaving is one thing never returning is something else."

Speaking to Chamorr, you say, "...yeah, it probably is. I realize."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr asks, "And a pardon is gonna stop it?"

Speaking to Chamorr, you ask, "But if there's even a chance we could stop it, are we obligated to try?"

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "No."

Speaking to Guarrin, Falicor says, "A question of not issuing the pardon being a condition on the safety of the escort."

Chamorr heartily says, "We aren't."

Goldstr says, "Well too much politic talk here fer me. Da Gryphons WILL be escortin da poor folks to da Ivas temple. See ye folks later."

Speaking softly to you, Chandrellia says, "But a bloodbath from who? if we pardon Malluch we have Thadston to deal with, if we don't we have his guards to deal with."

Speaking to Chandrellia, you say, "Potentially everyone, just like last week."

Chamorr heartily says, "I'll go with the escort."

Chamorr heartily says, "Somebody gotta watch Goldstr's back."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "Honestly, ever since i quit the militia, thumbing my nose at authority figures was fun for me."

Speaking softly to you, Chandrellia says, "I know Mayor, I just wish there was an easier way, and I honestly think if Thadston had stayed out of it we could have had this handled already."

You admit, "I don't think I'll go with the escort. Subject to changing my mind, but that's my current thought."

Iskandr asks, "Another question. Say whatever you do here all goes swimmingly and the Blood God comes in two weeks. What does that mean for the Landing? Did any of the plans to infiltrate the camps and find out more ever pan out?"

Speaking to Chandrellia, you say, "Yes, he did muddle matters... same with Mother, before then."

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Have fun mayor, this stuff makes me ears bleed."

Speaking to Iskandr, Hapenlok quips, "Get back to us in two weeks."

Speaking to Iskandr, you say, "I don't believe Malluch responded to sympathizers reaching out."

Speaking to Hapenlok, Iskandr says, "I may just have business that requites my attention back in Ta'Vaalor that weekend."

Guarrin says, "Good luck with the discussion and decision. Let me know if there's any clarity needed regarding the Order's stance."

Speaking to you, Alisette says, "Must go, I will see you."

You say, "Understandable. We've bee talking a long while now."

Chamorr heartily says, "Night landing."

You say, "Been, rather."

Speaking softly to Chamorr, Chandrellia says, "Night bear."

Bernadette softly says, "Nite."

Speaking to Iskandr, Hapenlok exclaims, "Come never get to have this much fun with all those stuffy tight-arsed elves. stick around!"

Chamorr heartily says, "Night Chandy."

Speaking to Hapenlok, you ask, "I might have missed it in all the noise, but what would you do in this situation?"

Speaking to himself, Fahlo says, "Oh that's sweet."

Speaking to Hapenlok, you say, "As strange as it is, you've been one of the few voices urging less bloodshed this past month, so I'm curious."

Speaking to Hapenlok, Iskandr says, "You know I likely will. We just defend out walls so well there's nothing ever to do there."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "Well, just to piss off Thadston? i'd pardon Malluch in a second and remind him i'm the mayor. but that's just me."

You amusedly say, "Now that's a Hapenlok answer."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "But i'd also tell Malluch to fold up his tents and leave. and never come back."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "Or that pardon gets revoked."

You say, "Malluch did say he'd leave in two weeks if pardoned."

You say, "Of course, what he says and what he'd do is another story."

Speaking softly to you, Chandrellia says, "Now, he leaves the day he is pardoned."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "He's a Burdos. don't trust his word at face value."

Speaking to Hapenlok, you say, "But you raise a good point."

Thrassus says, "He's been truthful thus far on his actions."

You say, "True, against all odds it hasn't actually been him starting any fights."

Falicor says, "And if we do not have the power to apprehend him, what does the pardon do for him if he does leave? It makes no sense."

Speaking to Falicor, Hapenlok says, "Because it makes the point of bounty hunters, like myself moot."

Speaking to Falicor, you say, "He seems to only want it to buy himself those two weeks, for Grishom Stone to come."

Hapenlok says, "No profit if there's no bounty."

Melikor says, "I must depart. I wish you all a good night."

You say, "Then he leaves and I suppose it becomes irrelevant to him."

Speaking appreciatively to Melikor, you say, "Thanks for joining us this eve."

Speaking to you, Melikor says, "Yes, of course."

Speaking to you, Ceilia says, "Or the timetable becomes irrelevant."

Iskandr says, "The great need for the two weeks is what confuses me most."

Thrassus says, "That is how long it will be before Stone comes to gather his faithful."

Falicor says, "Stone will come if he decides. I have been travelling many years, but I never knew the Landing to be cowed by threat from a nebulous figure."

Speaking to Falicor, you say, "He's not making threats, though."

Falicor asks, "Then why are we worried?"

You say, "At this point, we are. Or at least Thadston is, on behalf of the town."

Hapenlok says, "Well, Grishom is sort of ...the boogeyman of this town."

Speaking softly to you, Chandrellia says, "Ok, I say this, and I have said it before, I stand by my Mayor and this town so long as she is within sound mind and the safety for this town, I feel she is and thus whatever decision she makes I will stand by her."

Speaking to Falicor, Vaemyr says, "Well an army of flesh golems killing a bunch of innocents kinda isn't great."

Speaking to Hapenlok, Falicor says, "I have met the boogeyman, and he does not impress me."

Hapenlok says, "What Grishom wants for himself could possibly endanger the existence, not of this city, but of every person on this continent, if not the entire world."

Speaking to Falicor, Pukk asks, "So, you met Cruxophim?"

Speaking to Hapenlok, you ask, "Do you think he has that power already or is still seeking it?"

Iskandr says, "Which is part of why I'm hear watching this all unfold to a degree...."

Hapenlok says, "And honestly, he's used a lot of disposable tools, as it were, to get to this point. and he's likely going to use a lot more."

Vaemyr says, "If he already had the power we'd know, or he wouldn't care about our city anymore."

Iskandr says, "Beyond just enjoying the hustle and bustle of the Landing on Ta'Vaalor dime."

Speaking musingly to Hapenlok, you say, "Actually, that raises an interesting point... I think you were the one who once said Grishom might just get rid of Malluch when he's done with him."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "I think he's getting there. Malluch could be another pawn, just like the Curator was."

Hapenlok says, "And he took him back in right fashion."

Chandrellia softly says, "IF Stone is even involved, for all we know Malluch could be speaking of someone entirely different showing up, and only using Stone's names becasue we know of him. I mean again this reflects on Vlashandra, she has taught me not to judge a book by its covers and Malluch is an ugly one already."

You note, "Malluch is still our citizen, subject to our protection."

You say, "Yeah, if Balley were here she'd be saying up and down that Stone isn't actually guiding Malluch in this."

You say, "She's been right about things like that before, too."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "She's probably not wrong, but she's probably wrong."

You say, "In fact, I think she was actually the juror who correctly guessed that Malluch wasn't acting on his own as Rone."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "Grishom probably made a promise, implied if he acted in this fashion, he'd get what he desired."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "Then told him to get his arse to work."

Iskandr says, "Like I said, if this results in some Blood God coming to destroy the entire realm, well, at least you moved it away from the gates and have a bit more time to deal with that horrible whatever."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "Much like us gathering ingredients in the Wyrdeep."

Speaking to you, Vaemyr says, "Grishom is liable to use the souls of all these folk who want healed, to try and create a new "perfect" golem I feel."

Speaking to Vaemyr, you say, "Let's even say that's the case..."

Pukk exclaims, "Good night all!"

Falicor says, "If Malluch is innocent, and this wasn't all smoke and mirrors, then he should be ok with spending a week or two waiting for this to all be sorted out."

Hapenlok asks, "Another Miryam? or Madelyne, you think?"

Speaking to Vaemyr, you say, "Even if that's it, then it's still not like we can force our citizens not to go to Malluch."

You say, "At least not without compromising our morals."

Speaking to you, Hapenlok says, "If they want to go? then go. just remind them of the mass murder that Grishom did."

Fahlo says, "Desperate people make desperate alliances."

Speaking to Hapenlok, you say, "That's the irony, isn't it? Malluch's first act when he returned was preaching a history lesson on Grishom's past murders, but still people go to him."

You say, "And somehow expect otherwise."

Hapenlok says, "Well."

You say, "Of course, at this point, some of our own adventurers look just as murderous, so..."

Hapenlok says, "I'd like to speak to Malluch."

Kippe quietly says, "I must take my leave. I do not envy you for needing to make a decision in this matter, mayor."

Speaking to Hapenlok, you say, "In two nights, certainly."

Hapenlok says, "I might just have to let him kill me. just to satisfy my own curiosity."

You appreciatively say, "Thank you for joining us and rest well."

A faint rumble of thunder echoes on the horizon.