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an owl-intaglio | gold-flecked | pristine | opalescent | glimmering | spherical | dichroic | cubed | disk of | smooth | triangular | drusy | scale-etched | peacock-inset (pattern) | raindrop of | lustrous | peahen-inset (pattern) | circinate | stellular | eye-intaglio | haloed | vibrant

Not (yet) made:

serpentine | annular | toroidal | striated | vitreous | incandescent | luminous | orb of | briolette of | scarlet-shot | starburst | gold-crusted | ebon-swirled | lucid | vivid | ombre


-caged -swirled -shot -crusted -ringed


Done Jagged edged Fissured tentacle of triangular

Not done teardrop of cracked tentacled two-toned blood-stained blood-veined shard of shank of slice of dirt-caked mud-caked splinters of

Got this in my unlocked box - Pie slice of, blood-specked, jade-veined, coin-shaped, muffin-shaped."

GM confirmed "Oxidized" would work if anyone interested in that.

Very luck to get a second box, went with an MHO focused theme- Trophy-shaped, rat-shaped, oxidized, Triangular, Token-stamped ... the last one I tried for "A marker of" and "A plaque of" but those wouldn't fly, i was offered "a round of" or "A coin of"


  • angelica-cut
  • clinquant
  • gold-washed
  • silver-tinged


blush-hearted | gilt-caged | silver-washed | gilt-hearted

Not done: stippled | chelioboros of | warcat-incised (yay LDI) | a leaf of


  • tetrahedral
  • octohedral
  • a sliver of
  • an orb of
  • swirled
  • prismatic


I kept teardrop-cut and tumbled. Added leaf-shaped, snowflake-cut, and round.


Done: concave-cut, rutilated Undone: fractured, trilliant-cut, ensigiled, coil of, shard of, nugget of


got my steampunk box done finally!! So happy Gear-shaped, airship-cut, scorch-marked, cog-shaped, sprocket-cut


Done: Clef-shaped, Icosahedral, opalescent and bunny-shaped.


Done: brilliant-cut, gold-washed, scarab-cut, parrot-shaped, snail-cut. And I also did cake-shaped for a gem cutter pattern earlier today, if anyone wants to use that one and spread the baked goods love.


All done. Some were gifts, some were gifted, all are awesome!

Dichroic, trichroic, silvered, darkened, multi-faceted, narwhal-shaped, reflective, resinous, fractured, striated, saturated, gradient, vitreous, smoky, chatoyant, step-cut, cushion-cut, silvered