Larchus and Pheyrmerrin at Icemule Town Meeting

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This log is from the viewpoint of Iscikella Zinnonn. All second person references, therefore, refer to said character.

Restday, day 17 of the month Phoenatos in the year 5103

[Honeybeer Inn, Tap Room] The lower walls are tinted plaster over stone, as evidenced by the chips at the exact level of the chair backs. The bar itself is worn, and the low brass footrest is polished only by the shoes of the many customers who have cradled a pint while leaning against the bar. You also see a polished oak menu. Also here: Mythos, Ichiko, Aone, Lord Roelstran, Lord Maeror who is sitting, Lady Kasia who is sitting, Duoncon who is sitting, Adularia, Morah who is sitting, Apprentice Neonate who is kneeling, Lord Seirus, Lady Noonee who is sitting, Lord Ianeal who is sitting, Lady Natsuki who is sitting, Blizzerdd, Councillor Larchus Obvious exits: east

Larchus says, "Evening."

Larchus removes a flagon of snow lager from on a polished wooden bar.

Larchus says, "I'll give a few more minutes, folk are still slippin in, I wager."

Ianeal says, "Doesn't matter. You're still going to have people walk in and try to make you repeat everything anyway."

Ianeal grins.

Larchus says, "Ah, well, that's what you're here for, lad. You can repeat everythin and all for me."

Larchus grins at Ianeal.

Noonee grins. Noonee begins chuckling at Ianeal!

Noonee says, "Ye now have a job, love."

Noonee nods to Ianeal.

Murp asks, "Is this where we get our medals for saving the town?"

Murp surveys the area.

Larchus raises an eyebrow in Murp's direction.

Larchus says, "You ain't saved it yet, boy, not that I've seen."

Larchus takes a drink from his snow lager.

Murp says, "Seems saved to me."

Murp rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Larchus says, "No one's saved it yet, and that's the problem, it needs saving."

Larchus frowns.

Murp says, "There's more of those things."

Maeror says, "We're very thankful for the help we've recieved from the guards, men-at-arms, and medics"

Maeror nods to Larchus.

Murp grumbles.

Kasia says, "I spent too much time dead, I'm not so sure I have saved anything.. least of all myself."

Larchus says, "Killin one of these nests doesn seem to work, they just come again."

Blizzerdd nods to Larchus.

You say, "We've noticed that."

Larchus says, "Awright, get yer drink and settle down here."

Larchus says, "And stop twitchin around."

Noonee says, "Please settle in folks so we all can hear."

Larchus says, "And that means you EVERYONE."

Sothog asks, "Hm. These things have a queen, eh?"

Larchus casts a stern eye around the tap room before taking a gulp of his lager.

You see Councillor Larchus. He appears to be a Paradis Halfling. He appears to be in his golden years and average height. He has bright blue eyes and tanned skin. He has short, tousled dark blonde hair streaked with silver at the temples. He has a round face and knobby fingers. He is in good shape. He is holding a flagon of snow lager in his right hand. He is wearing a hooded white leather cloak lined with wolverine fur, an elegant silver mule clasp, a polished snow leopard tooth suspended on a fine mithril chain, a vivid blue wool sweater, some fitted silvery leather gloves, a small mithril-threaded tobacco pouch, a pair of white fur-lined trousers, and some silver-toed white leather knee boots.

Larchus says, "Nowathen."

Larchus says, "Pinefar's gettin hit worse than the Trace is..."

Larchus says, "They may be shuttin down service, soon, until something's done to deal with the problem."

Ianeal says, "Makes sense.. it's a whole lot colder there than it is down here."

Larchus says, "Nothin like havin every other customer sport all red googly eyes at you."

You say, "That would be bad."

Larchus says, "Or that's the word I'm hearin from on north."

Larchus says, "There's a right powerful lot of politickin going on... the humans and the elves are all up in roar about it..."

Larchus frowns.

Sothog says, "And meanwhile, the v'reen multiply."

Larchus says, "But politickin isn't going to help this problem."

Larchus nods to Sothog.

Larchus says, "They're makin sword-noises at each other, and missin the v'reen with their swords."

Ianeal says, "Besides give everyone someone to blame."

Larchus says, "I'd rather Pinefar didn't close -- we all would -- but it's getting worse and worse... and some of the merchants of the Trace are talkin on closing, too."

Larchus says, "Silvermule, what's worse."

Sothog says, "I've heard rumors that the first appearance of these creatures coincided with an archmage's failed experiments conducted in the River's Rest area. I tried to investigate myself, but there seems to be some sort of dome over the building where these experiments were conducted."

Ianeal asks, "Oh really?"

Ianeal says, "There goes the life blood of the town, then."

Larchus says, "They have families to feed, and the tourist trade is cutting down sharp with the word of danger out."

Kasia says, "Without the gamin, the towns income goes..."

Kasia frowns.

Ianeal nods to Kasia.

Ianeal says, "Exactly."

Ianeal says, "If Silvermule is gone then everything else will be gone too."

Larchus says, "So, the Council met last night... we did a goodly bit of talkin, and a goodly bit of drinkin, and a goodly bit of thinkin. More of the latter, truth be told, less of the middle."

Sente confidently asks, "So whatcha come up wif?"

Murp says, "A bad hangover."

Larchus says, "For starters, the aid of travellers, we're goin to be building small rest-spots on the east and south trail. Somewhere warm, with a fire."

Larchus says, "Eh, that too, lad, but shh."

Larchus winks at Murp.

Ianeal says, "About time."

You say, "Ah..."

You nod to Larchus.

You say, "good idea."

Felisity asks, "Wuts ta stop dem from commin to yer rest spots?"

Larchus says, "Second, we're goin to be keepin the ballistas out night-and-day for some time to come."

Hanavon says, "Does sound good"

Murp says, "They don't like fire."

Kasia says, "Very good plan"

Larchus says, "Keep 'em stocked with whatever they might need, and we'll thank you for it."

Ianeal says, "Speaking of which.."

Sothog asks, "So, how exactly do these things get around?"

Jarlstrom merrily says, "dey flow"

Ianeal asks, "Would there be any way to wrap the bolts with cloth and tar?"

Jarlstrom nods to Sothog.

Ralagar slowly says, "they ooze"

Seirus says, "the ballistas should still be stocked"

Ianeal asks, "Or something else flammable?"

Larchus says, "Third, there're goin to be bonfires outside each gate, and one in each burrow."

Larchus says, "They don't like fire, we've seen that already."

Sothog says, "Well, if there's so many, the nest shouldn't be that hard to find."

Larchus says, "Keep an eye to 'em, tend 'em with whatever you can -- branches, twigs, firewood."

Svardin says, "i knows a particularly fierce source of fire"

Aone asks, "Should we reinforce the gates with drakar, perhaps?"

You cock your head at Larchus.

Ianeal says, "Good luck finding enough to do that."

Ianeal nods to Aone.

Larchus says, "Worth considerin, that, but drakar's a bit funny to work with."

Sothog asks, "For that matter what do these things live on?"

Larchus says, "Don't want it flarin off on some kid throwing rocks."

Larchus raises an eyebrow in Sothog's direction.

Larchus asks, "You ha'ent figgered that out, boy?"

Prospera says, "They gain strength off our dead bodies."

Larchus darkly says, "Us."

Sothog says, "Figures."

Sothog mutters under his breath.

Larchus says, "They're child-stealers."

Kasia says, "Which means they been pretty full lately."

Kasia sighs.

Larchus says, "And the aged and the middle too."

Sothog says, "So, poisoned bait is right out."

Larchus says, "They used to just fight those who were alone, or ones and twos..."

Ralagar slowly says, "we could posion garr and danios and stake them out south gate to see if the morph that eats them dies"

Ianeal says, "Probably when their population was low."

Larchus scowls at Ralagar.

Larchus says, "Don't be sick, boy."

Pheyrmerrin shifts his weight.

Natsuki softly says, "rala... shush"

Kasia says, "We need everyone we can in town helpin to aid with the wounded..."

You say, "The queens have been a-laying seems like."

You nod.

Kasia nods to you.

You say, "Their population seems vast now."

Larchus says, "They're still after ones and twos. Round Pinefar, from the tales I'm hearin, can't barely step outside without one tryin to look like your gramma and walk off with you."

Kisharra softly asks, "theres more then one queen?"

You nod to Kisharra.

You say, "Aye."

Kisharra nods.

Duoncon says, "looks te be"

Blizzerdd says, "Almost got me couple times."

Larchus says, "To be frank... I don't know how to stop them. None of us do."

Sothog asks, "Can anyone here seen one of these nests of the things?"

Larchus says, "But that's part why I'm here."

Ianeal says, "Some of them aren't too smart."

Maygog quietly says, "Week back in Pine was the last"

Prospera says, "They're breeding fast."

Maygog nods.

Felisity says, "Der more seen down 'ere"

Larchus asks, "Hush down a spot, will you?"

Larchus frowns.

You say, "Was a nest found today I do believe."

Larchus says, "Hard to take questions when everyone's talkin at once."

Ianeal asks, "What's the measure of their intelligence as a whole?"

Larchus stares at Ianeal.

Larchus turns away from Ianeal, ignoring him.

Larchus clears his throat.

Larchus takes a drink from his snow lager.

Ianeal asks, "I mean.. is each individual one like us, or does the queen control them?"

Svardin says, "I believes we'll find a nest on the glacier"

Larchus asks, "Who here's dealt with the v'reen in a burrow?"

Daina raises her hand. Perigourd raises his hand. Prospera raises her hand. Sente raises his hand. Jarlstrom raises his hand. Sherysse raises her hand.

Murp says, "I have."

Zosopage raises his hand. Kasia raises her hand. Svardin raises his hand. Kerl raises his hand. Duoncon raises his hand. Ianeal says, "I dealt with one outside, if that counts."

Natsuki raises her hand. Sraven raises her hand.

Larchus says, "All right. You group... don't all shout at once... but tell us what it was like, and how you killed it."

Kcutter raises his hand.

Perigourd says, "the rooms shifted"

Prospera says, "Let Peri tell."

Perigourd says, "made it hard to find where to go"

Perigourd says, "first you find the opening"

Perigourd says, "around where they seem gathered"

Perigourd says, "then once inside you have to search each place you come to"

Perigourd says, "till you find another opening"

Duoncon says, "soft heads "

Duoncon nods.

Perigourd says, "once through there you'll run into a stair"

Perigourd says, "it'll lead you to a shaft which you have to climb individually"

Perigourd says, "which phase seems to be the only thing that works in destroying"

Murp says, "Lots of air shimmering, and magic items don't work proper, too."

Larchus asks, "More than one was like this?"

Larchus raises an eyebrow.

Larchus glances at Perigourd.

Perigourd nods to Larchus.

Larchus takes a drink from his snow lager.

Larchus nods.

Prospera nods to Larchus.

Perigourd says, "all the ones i've been in have been like this"

Larchus gestures for Perigourd to continue.

Perigourd says, "after this barrier is destroyed you find a third opening"

Perigourd says, "which will lead to an incline"

Perigourd says, "you then have to climb that incline individually"

Perigourd says, "where upon you'll find a mass of the morphs"

Perigourd says, "but all through this you'll be attacked by them anyway"

Perigourd says, "it's almost impossible to get there without a group"

Perigourd says, "and without a sancter"

Prospera nods.

Perigourd says, "once there, the best strategy seems to be sancting the room"

Perigourd says, "consolidating your forces"

Kerl says, "best way to survive is in a group. You can do it without the sancts"

Perigourd says, "then planning how to destroy the swarm in the room"

Larchus says, "I'm not too surprised you need a group. They come after ones and twos like rabid wolves."

A pained expression crosses Larchus's face.

Prospera says, "Sancts are big help."

You ask, "Pack mentality?"

You cock your head at Larchus.

You ask, "these morphs?"

Kerl says, "the thing is that if you aren't in a group you end up facing a half dozen of your mirrors"

Perigourd says, "after that, the sancter leaves, you kill the swarm and you bash the sphere till it's destroyed where upon the queen will spring forth"

Ianeal says, "Sounds to me like bees."

Larchus says, "I've only seen one myself, that's part why I'm askin."

Maygog quietly asks, "Ranger weeds work in there Per?"

Sothog says, "Sounds more like an insect community."

Kisharra nods to Sothog.

Ianeal says, "A hive."

Kisharra mutters ants.

Kerl says, "one problem with the sanct"

Noonee says, "Or ants."

Kisharra chuckles.

Kerl says, "if you don't mind my commenting"

Prospera says, "exactly"

Murp mutters something about sancts.

Kerl says, "when you sanct, they will still reform in the sanct"

Prospera says, "Gooey ants."

Svardin says, "this strategy was extremely effective"

Kerl says, "so you may end up facing tougher foes"

Prospera says, "Big mean gooey ants."

Murp says, "And repair the orb while it's sancted."

Ralagar slowly says, "they repait while the area is sancted"

Kerl nods to Murp.

Prospera says, "Smart big mean gooey ants."

Natsuki raises her hand.

Kerl says, "yes, and they repair the orb while sancted"

Perigourd says, "usually the most powerful morph can be destroyed by the person it has imitated"

Perigourd nods to Kerl.

Larchus asks, "Yes?"

Larchus nods to Natsuki.

Kerl says, "I would recommend sancting only when necessary"

Natsuki softly says, "also sancts I believe are pritty much useless now..."

Natsuki coughs.

Daina nods to Natsuki.

Kerl says, "best to just rush them as a group and slay them quickly"

Natsuki softly says, "minor sancts are dropped"

Natsuki softly says, "they copied the ability in my opinion..."

Natsuki softly says, "also...."

Perigourd shrugs.

You ask, "They can be calmed though, no? the morphs?"

Natsuki softly says, "the strategy that took them out in the end..."

Kerl nods to you. Duoncon nods.

Prospera says, "Trying not to get too technical for the benefit of the inexperienced."

Prospera examines her fingernails.

You ask, "With spirit calm and ranger calm both?"

Blizzerdd looks over at you and shakes his head.

Natsuki softly says, "was to bring a bunch of young ones in...."

Svardin says, "mass calm was also effective"

Prospera clears her throat.

Blizzerdd says, "Not always"

Natsuki softly says, "with one experienced spell caster..."

Natsuki softly says, "have the morphs morph the young ones..."

Natsuki softly says, "then take em out with the spell caster..."

Zosopage raises his hand.

Zosopage removes a silvery v'reen egg shard from in his suede backpack.

Natsuki softly says, "alot of the older ones stayed away...."

Zosopage asks, "Might these be of use?"

Natsuki softly says, "because their morphs were making them even more powerful...."

Pheyrmerrin inspects the shard in Zosopage's hand.

Natsuki softly says, "I think it should be a consideration all of us should show that skyfawn did...."

Kerl says, "allowing them to morph a younger one is a good idea in theory, but I'm afraid you'd end up with some dead younger ones."

You ask, "They feed off what in us? Has that been determined? They use our knowledge obviously... so our minds?"

You cock your head at Larchus.

Murp says, "Where lies the problem."

Natsuki softly says, "it's a risk to take to wipe em out in my opinion fast and effectivelly"

Natsuki shrugs.

Murp says, "They can't morph ya if ya hiding either."

Prospera says, "I nominate Perigourd to lead us against this morph threat."

Larchus says, "Lass, why're you lookin at me? I'm takin in reports, but I'm not a silly elf scholar."

Larchus frowns.

Natsuki softly says, "the ones that went went out on a suicide mission"

You chuckle at Larchus.

Natsuki softly says, "many of em died... but the sphere was broken in the end..."

Sraven says, "I second that"

Larchus asks, "What is that?"

Larchus raises an eyebrow in Zosopage's direction.

Natsuki softly says, "which is the important thing...."

Maeror says, "we could start a collection of deed gems for the young ones, should we apply this method"

You say, "Thought ye might have gathered a bit of information, sire."

Perigourd says, "it's one of the shards from the sphere"

Perigourd nods to Larchus.

Skyfawn softly says, "I could not kill my morph"

Zosopage says, "This was retrieved from the nest in Illistim"

Larchus asks, "Bit of it broken off?"

Prospera exclaims, "It's getting noisy again!"

Perigourd nods to Larchus.

Perigourd says, "aye"

Prospera folds her arms across her chest, tapping her foot impatiently.

Larchus says, "You're right."

Larchus nods to Prospera.

Zosopage offers Larchus a silvery v'reen egg shard.

Larchus says, "Hush down, the lot of you."

Larchus accepts Zosopage's v'reen egg shard.

Prospera says, "I can't hear everybody."

Larchus puzzles over the silvery v'reen egg shard, turning it over carefully in his hands.

Larchus says, "Almost looks like writin, here, on the inside..."

Larchus pokes his finger at a silvery v'reen egg shard.

Larchus says, "Strange..."

Pheyrmerrin abruptly says, "Here, let me have a look at that."

Sothog asks, "Written?"

Pheyrmerrin glances at Larchus.

Prospera says, "No runes I've seen before."

Larchus stares at Pheyrmerrin.

Larchus asks, "Aren't you supposed to be in jail, boy?"

Larchus offers Zosopage a silvery v'reen egg shard.

Pheyrmerrin darkly says, "No, I'm out on my own recognizance."

Zosopage accepts Larchus's v'reen egg shard.

Pheyrmerrin says, "You can't just smash burrow after burrow."

Felisity asks, "Would implosion work on em?"

Prospera says, "Not too well."

Larchus patiently asks, "That's why we're meetin, now, isn't it?"

Larchus raises an eyebrow in Pheyrmerrin's direction.

Felisity snaps her fingers.

Pheyrmerrin asks, "They're coming faster, aren't they?"

Kisharra softly says, "like rdestroy a hole they get another"

Noonee says, "Well, I think a lot of things work, but doesn't destroy the source of the problem... cause we don't know the exact source of the problem."

Perigourd says, "the most effective means so far seem to be major e-wave and

Sothog asks, "'Get to the point. What is your proposition?"

Noonee says, "And that's the quandary."

Larchus raises an eyebrow in Sothog's direction.

Blizzerdd says, "More like termites and we are the wood."

Felisity says, "dat wut it seems like Blizzerdd"

Felisity nods.

Duoncon says, "lovely thought "

Larchus says, "I haven't got one. I've only got steps."

Kerl says, "the most effective means is a good sized group that can dispatch quickly, before they are able to morph"

Larchus says, "And hope."

Duoncon says, "aye that takes care of one nest"

Sothog says, "I believe the problem is that during these alleged experiments in River's Rest a 'door', of sorts, may have been accidentally opened to Elsewhere, and left open due to the Archmage's death."

Larchus says, "Perigourd... someone told me you'd led fights against three now."

Larchus asks, "Is that true?"

Sothog says, "I cannot, of course prove this."

Perigourd says, "two, i helped with the third but didn't lead overall"

Duoncon says, "but they jes come again from a different nest"

Kerl says, "that was our most successful method. nine in ten were slain before any morphed... one wasn't too hard to handle."

Perigourd says, "second even"

Perigourd coughs.

Pheyrmerrin mutters darkly.

You nod to Duoncon.

You say, "That's the issue."

Larchus nods to Perigourd.

Prospera says, "He's a very capable leader."

Perigourd says, "i lead the one in gossamer valley and the one this morning"

Prospera nods to Larchus.

Sherysse nods to Prospera.

Sothog shrugs.

Sothog says, "It's only a theory, of course."

Larchus says, "For the time being... consider yourself official guard, far as we're concerned. If you've squashed two, that's enough for me to know I want you on our side squashin more."

Larchus says, "Try to keep an eye and an ear out, and stay around the Trace, if you would."

Larchus says, "Twenty groups of three runnin around...."

Perigourd says, "as ye wish"

Larchus shakes his head.

Sothog says, "That, I do not know, as I have not been there but once."

Larchus says, "Useless as tart crumbs, and less tasty."

Larchus says, "Save for the v'reen, maybe."

Prospera asks, "He was speaking to Peri, aye?"

Larchus says, "Aye, that's to Perigourd."

Larchus nods.

Larchus says, "Now, then..."

Larchus asks, "Does anyone have any other suggestions to help keep the town safe?"

Theogrim raises his hand.

Pheyrmerrin says, "Get rid of the v'reen. Simple, easy, done."

Ianeal says, "I have a theory."

Seirus raises his hand.

Larchus asks, "Jailbird, can't you shut up till you're spoken to?"

Larchus frowns at Pheyrmerrin.

Larchus says, "Yes, you."

Theogrim asks, "Any chance we can get ballista towers in the city, such as the Ballistas in the Landing?"

Larchus points at Theogrim.

Larchus says, "I'll ask. It's worth thinkin on."

Theogrim nods to Larchus.

Aone says, "Perhaps a few towers near the center of town..."

Seirus nods to Theogrim.

Felisity says, "I hope ya dun really think bout closin down Pinefar's lodge. We kin keep dat fire going up der a long time."

Deschaiyn says, "we should have a tower outside of voln"

You ask, "If fire is so effective against them, perhaps some patrols specifically of wizards?"

Larchus says, "I'll send word up there to try to get one built too, probably on the steps."

Deschaiyn says, "if we are going to make new towers we should put one there"

Larchus nods to Felisity.

Felisity says, "Thankee, Larchus"

Pheyrmerrin says, "No, I can't 'shut up till I'm spoken to'. If I do, this whole town will be a bloody wash of red and halfling baby bits before someone stops them."

Sothog asks, "Hmm... since these creatures seem to dislike heat, perhaps some sort of fire-based defense might be constructed...?"

Larchus says, "They don't seem to like fire any more or less, except in big patches."

Sothog asks, "How about a moat, filled with oil?"

Ianeal asks, "Do you have an idea how to get rid of them, then?"

Zult glances at Pheyrmerrin.

Ianeal cocks his head at Pheyrmerrin.

Kisharra softly says, "our ice will melt"

You ask, "Should there be a bonfire in Town Centre then too?"

Larchus coldly says, "I will have the guard arrest you, if you can't pipe down. You're supposed to be under lock and key anyway."

You ask, "To keep them out of there?"

You cock your head at Larchus.

Marclar says, "Halflin baby bits...."

Marclar shudders.

Felisity says, "Bout time we had a fire in TC."

Kasia says, "We can kiss the poor ice statue goodbye then.."

Larchus nods to you.

Ianeal says, "All due respect, but maybe he has an idea."

Larchus says, "Sounds a good thought."

Pheyrmerrin sharply says, "Do it, and you arrest your only hope."

Ianeal nods to Larchus.

You nod to Larchus.

Larchus stares at Pheyrmerrin.

Ianeal says, "Let the 'jailbird' speak."

Duoncon glances at Pheyrmerrin.

Larchus asks, "And just what do you think you can do?"

Blizzerdd says, "We need flasks of oil that we can lite and throw."

Duoncon asks, "lil high on yerself dun ya tink ?"

Pheyrmerrin asks, "I'm Faendryl, halfling. Don't you think I know a summoned creature when I see it?"

Blizzerdd says, "Pour oil into the nests and lite em."

Duoncon says, "eww"

Duoncon asks, "can ye have him arrested again please?"

Duoncon peers quizzically at Larchus.

Pheyrmerrin says, "You know my price. I'll cleanse them out of this city and see they never come back."

Larchus furrows his brow.

Ianeal says, "That makes sense that they're summoned, you know."

You ask, "Price?"

Kasia asks, "And what price would that be?"

Jarlstrom merrily asks, "wats yer price?"

Ianeal says, "They first appeared when that experiment or whatever when horribly wrong in River's Rest."

Duoncon says, "whas yer price and why should anyone pay ye? "

Larchus says, "Ah, no, I don't, really. You sound a bit addled, and I haven't time to keep track of every bad debtor."

Prospera says, "Faendryl are always making these wild claims."

Larchus nods to Prospera.

Pheyrmerrin scowls.

Prospera says, "They could be so likeable otherwise."

You say, "True."

Ianeal says, "Just let him speak."

Murp says, "You'll do it fer free and like it."

Murp scowls.

Duoncon says, "sides who de hell is ye anyways?"

Kerl says, "last time the Faendryl took it upon themselves to rid some place of summoned critters it started a whole lot of trouble."

Pheyrmerrin says, "One of your dealers seized a number of my possessions. I want them returned to me immediately."

Evelith nods to Kerl. Prospera nods to Kerl.

Rasl softly asks, "perhaps he's responsible fer summoning them?"

Theogrim nods to Kerl.

Pheyrmerrin folds his arms over his chest.

Larchus says, "He can't be the one who summoned 'em, they started showin up over six weeks back."

Prospera says, "Well la ti da."

Ianeal asks, "What possessions were those?"

Karantha softly asks, "perhap we should hear what he has to say before we all jump down his throat?"

Tylina says, "I say it can't hurt to give him his stuff back"

Kasia says, "If one person.. even Faendryl could save this town, dinna ye think we would have done it by now."

Tylina nods to Karantha.

Tylina says, "agreed"

Kisharra nods.

Prospera says, "You're soft, Tylina."

Prospera just nudged Tylina.

Ianeal asks, "What was he arrested for?"

Tylina says, "I'm a healer, can't help it"

You hear the voice of Mazerak wryly say, "blah blah blah"

Larchus says, "Drunk, disorderly, bad debts, and castin Nightmare on croupiers."

You hear the voice of Mazerak wryly say, "we should not put opur hopes in any one person"

Rasl softly says, "could be just a show, so nobody suspects him"

Pheyrmerrin softly says, "Of course, you could just die. I really wouldn't mind."

Duoncon gazes heavenward.

Kerl says, "if he's going to try something just give me enough warning to clear out of town. I don't want to be here when a bunch of bloody Faendryl daemons start wondering about slaying everything."

Marclar asks, " wish to summon somethin bigger to kill it?"

Marclar peers quizzically at Pheyrmerrin.

Pheyrmerrin softly says, "I could pick my possessions out of Silvermule's burning rubble, except that some of them are flammable. That's the part I don't like."

Karantha softly says, "maybe not, but we should hear what he has to say at the very least"

Duoncon says, "or ye could jes leave an let us deal wit our own towns prollems"

You hear the voice of Mazerak wryly say, "Last time we did that Thurfel was our savior"

Larchus scowls at Pheyrmerrin.

Larchus says, "We need help, but I hardly think it's your kind of help."

Duoncon says, "i tink we ll do jes fine witout the drunkard"

Larchus says, "It's a fool claim to make, and I think Perigourd's got far more the makings of a savior than you do."

Prospera says, "Ah, shoot, don't be so hard on the lad."

You ask, "And what kind of "help" does he suggest?"

Evelith nods to Larchus.

Pheyrmerrin examines Perigourd closely, sizing him up and taking note of all the details.

Pheyrmerrin sneers.

Felisity says, "I rather trust me neighbors n' friends ta help dem some stranger offering 'help' at a price"

Perigourd cocks his head at Pheyrmerrin.

Karantha softly exclaims, "we don't know because no one will let him finish talking!"

You see Pheyrmerrin the Summoner. He appears to be a Faendryl Dark Elf. He appears to have come of age and average height. He has watery violet eyes and ebon skin. He has long, lank silver hair with a few haphazard braids twisted into its length. He has a long nose and small pointed ears. He is in good shape. He is wearing a knitted black hat topped with a puff of rabbit fur, a faded blue cloak stitched with a silver mule kicking over a dice cup, a brown boiled wool sweater, a ratty white cotton shirt, some fur-lined grey hide trousers, a pair of motheaten maroon wool socks, and some heavy black-laced brown hiking boots.

Evelith glances at Pheyrmerrin.

Duoncon says, "cuz all he does is ramble o0n an try an be all mysterious"

Larchus says, "If you can do it, then go on and do it, and we'll return your things after you do with full pardon on your debts."

You hear the voice of Mazerak wryly say, "Last time we we put all our hopes into person Thurfel was our savior... and we all know how that ended."

Felisity says, "Indeed"

Larchus says, "That's more than fair enough, given how much you owe."

Larchus scowls.

Prospera says, "I say lock that one up."

Sothog says, "Can't call 'em all, Mazerak."

You say, "I don't think we need a savior. I think we need information to fight for ourselves."

Pheyrmerrin examines Prospera closely, sizing her up and taking note of all the details.

You say, "But information seems in short supply."

Felisity nods to you. Duoncon nods to you.

Prospera says, "And Peri's good for that."

Ianeal looks thoughtfully at Pheyrmerrin.

Prospera nods to you.

Morah looks thoughtfully at Pheyrmerrin.

Deschaiyn says, "all we need to know is where they come from"

Pheyrmerrin amusedly says, "Nice slippers. Practical in the snow."

Deschaiyn says, "this town has been through worse than this"

Kerl says, "I think putting all the weight of this on one pair of shoulders is a big mistake"

Pheyrmerrin turns away from Prospera, ignoring her.

Kisharra nods to Deschaiyn.

Prospera says, "Lock that one up till we know more about him."

Duoncon says, "gret hes gone all childlike now"

Deschaiyn says, "alot worse than this"

Prospera points at Pheyrmerrin.

Tylina asks, "Pheymerrin, might I ask where you come from?"

Duoncon says, "ghead tell dem how dere mother dresses dem funny "

Prospera says, "It'll take all of us, Kerl."

Duoncon rolls his eyes.

Prospera says, "Working together."

Maeror says, "don't argue with him, just ignore him"

Kerl says, "you've got a town that bands together, so band together. You'll figure this out."

Duoncon says, "kill him or jail him but get rid of im "

Pheyrmerrin says, "I'll take that offer, Larchus, as long as you give me my clothes back, at least. Those, I'm sure, you don't think are going to summon great evil beasts from beyond."

You quietly whisper to Duoncon, "Something about that sorcerer... can't put my finger on it..."

Duoncon waves a hand at Pheyrmerrin, dismissing him indifferently.

Pheyrmerrin glares at Larchus.

Duoncon nods to you.

Sothog says, "Allow him to attempt it. If he fails, he dies by the v'reen. If he flees, his possessions remain here. If he succeeds, so shall his debts be paid."

Felisity says, "Yer sure ain't makin us feel comfortable wit yer reasoning Pheyrmettin, when ya talk all stupid like dat"

Kasia says, "I think he looks cute with that silly hat."

Kasia ducks her head.

Prospera says, "And we'll all get squashed."

Kerl says, "if he fails, the v'reen will be the least of your worries."

Prospera nods to Sothog.

Larchus says, "If you can summon great beasts from beyond, I'd wager you wouldn't be cryin for three books, a rock, and a staff."

Duoncon says, "fine jes get him te stop spoutin off"

Ianeal says, "You don't understand what three books, a rock, and staff means to a good spellcaster."

Prospera says, "Lock 'im up, I say."

Ianeal nods to Larchus.

You say, "Depends on the books perhaps, Larchus."

Murp says, "Don't mention wagerin' to him, I hear he gots a problem."

Larchus says, "If you can destroy them, destroy them."

Tylina says, "if he can summon, he don't need those things"

Larchus says, "If you can't, don't go on flappin about it."

Kisharra softly says, "and if we can;t"

Sothog says, "That, of course, assumes a summoning is his intention."

Felisity says, "Maybe he are a morph spy"

Larchus says, "For you, I'll drop your debts, have your stuff returned, and set you free."

You ask, "Summoning what?"

You blink.

Larchus says, "For anyone else here..."

Kerl says, "before you turn this fella loose, I'd ask for a goodly bit of info about how exactly he's planning on dealing with them."

Larchus gazes around the tap room for a moment.

Prospera nods to Kerl. Rasl nods to Kerl.

Sothog says, "To destroy a creature from Beyond, with another creature from beyond."

Theogrim nods to Kerl.

Prospera says, "Lock him."

Prospera says, "up"

You look at Sothog and shake your head.

You say, "Not a good idea."

Larchus says, "Well, I couldn't rightly sit down and say, 'Here's what we'll give you', because I haven't spoken out with the rest of the council and mayor about it."

Sothog says, "The alternative would be a banishment ritual."

Kerl says, "I'm tellin' ya, you folks are asking for trouble. And he's going to be the one who brings it to you."

Tylina says, "that's a scary thought Sothog"

Evelith nods to Kerl. Rasl nods to Kerl. You nod to Kerl. Tylina nods to Kerl.

Deschaiyn says, "just tell me what needs to be done"

Kasia says, "I agree."

You say, "I tend to agree with ye, Kerl."

Deschaiyn says, "and if it's in my power i'll do it"

Larchus says, "Safe to say, you'd have Icemule's gratitude, and that can carry a bit of coin as well sometimes."

Deschaiyn says, "and if it's not"

Murp says, "He looks pretty harmless."

Deschaiyn says, "im screwed cuz im still gonna try"

Murp waves a hand at Pheyrmerrin, dismissing him indifferently.

Sothog says, "True. I am merely trying to cite our possible options."

Aone says, "So does a big pile of goo."

Prospera says, "He's obviously crazy."

Kisharra softly asks, "this hacve anything to do with the mages threats that are sposed to happen in a few days?"

Deschaiyn says, "i dont care about a reward"

Mange points his two-headed dog talisman at Pheyrmerrin! The faceted emerald eyes of the two-headed dog talisman flash and fix their gaze upon Pheyrmerrin, transfixing him for a moment! Pheyrmerrin looks rather vulnerable. The talisman's eyes glow green for an instant before the eyes fade back to mysterious darkness.

Karantha softly says, "i didn't think anyone else came here for a reward for getting rid of the morphs. although i can only speak for myself since i am too young to be of mu help"

Theogrim says, "ok, first you tell us that he owes huge debts, now you're saying the council is going to thank him with money"

Pheyrmerrin stares at Mange.

Deschaiyn says, "a reward is not being bugged by morphing peices of goo every 20 minutes"

Theogrim shrugs.

Duoncon says, "an ifn ye bring down doom and destruction on us im sure deres enuff of us te hunt ye down an make sure ye dun live te see da nex day "

Theogrim flails his arms about.

Duoncon shrugs.

Larchus says, "Until a better solution can be found... Perigourd, command whatever volunteers you've got, and squash whatever comes your way."

A pained expression crosses Larchus's face.

You cough.

Prospera lets out a cheer!

Duoncon smiles at Pheyrmerrin.

You say, "That might not be good for yer health."

You nod to Mange.

Larchus says, "And I'll try to talk the Pinefar folks into not closin their doors quite yet."

Kerl says, "I'd run his arse down to Solhaven and pay Malwind to keep him there. You'd be much better off."

Prospera says, "We'll beat these vermin yet."

Larchus says, "It's not going to be easy."

Larchus sighs.

You ask, "Will we need to help keeping the bonfires going, Larchus?"

Kasia says, "And we needs to get wood gathered for all the bonfires."

You cock your head at Larchus.

Deschaiyn asks, "any idea when they will attack again?"

Larchus says, "Didn't I say that early? They don't feed themselves."

Larchus cocks his head at you.

You say, "I didn't hear, sorry."

You say, "Rather noisy."

Your cheeks flush with a soft shade of apricot.

Larchus says, "It has been loud."

Larchus nods.

Deschaiyn says, "we do what we can"

Larchus says, "I'm going to take a walk on now and tuck my littlest into bed."

Deschaiyn says, "if we win the town is ours"

Deschaiyn says, "if we lose"

Kasia says, "Guard them well, councillor."

Larchus says, "I truly wish you a safe night, though I truly can't wager it will be."

Deschaiyn says, "we are all gonna die anyway and it wont matter "

Duoncon says, "tank yes much fer the information "

Councillor Larchus just went east.

Sherysse says, "Thank you, councillor"

Prospera glances at Pheyrmerrin.

Pheyrmerrin says, "Keep your hands, words, and eyes to yourself, filth."

Perigourd says, "be polite"

Perigourd nods to Pheyrmerrin.

Morah raises an eyebrow in Pheyrmerrin's direction.

Kasia says, "I think wearin that hat in public is plenty punishment"

Duoncon says, "gods i dislike you "

Pheyrmerrin says, "For those of you who want to DO something..."

Pheyrmerrin says, "Let's go have a talk."

Pheyrmerrin says, "For those of you who want to stand about and whine, stay put."

Pheyrmerrin's group just went out.

[Owlet Table] Etched into the table top are what appear to be hundreds of tiny owls emerging from their eggs. The whole table is topped by a sheet of thick glass which is bolted down, to prevent further carving into the table's surface. Each chairseat is shaped like a cream-colored oval, giving the surreal impression that the patrons are also emerging from eggs. Also here: Lady Natsuki, Sente, Lord Ianeal, Morah, Pheyrmerrin Obvious exits: out

Deschaiyn asks, "do you actually have a plan or do you just talk alot?"

Deschaiyn says, "from what you said i believe you have some degree of power"

Natsuki softly says, "I say we be quiet and let the man speak first...."

Deschaiyn says, "fair enough"

Sente confidently says, "I think the idea is to listne to the plan."

Deschaiyn asks, "so whats your plan then chief?"

Pheyrmerrin asks, "Are you all here just to see how badly my socks fit, or are you here to be useful?"

Ianeal says, "I'm here to be useful."

Ianeal nods to Pheyrmerrin.

Deschaiyn says, "depends on what you say"

Deschaiyn nods to Pheyrmerrin.

Pheyrmerrin says, "Touche."

Deschaiyn says, "just hear to listen"

Pheyrmerrin says, "Very well."

You say, "To be useful to my town. So that will depend on what ye say."

Sothog says, "Indeed. Let us at least hear the plan first."

Ianeal says, "There's too many of those morphs to win by just fighting constantly."

Deschaiyn nods to Ianeal.

Deschaiyn says, "they proved that last itme"

Pheyrmerrin says, "At the moment, I owe my freedom to a v'reen, so, trust me, I have seen them."

Noonee says, "they just breed and breed."

Ianeal nods to Noonee.

Pheyrmerrin says, "Also to a giantwoman who knew more about healing than she did about my debts, but that's already settled up."

Natsuki touches one finger to her lips.

Pheyrmerrin leans his elbows on the table and steeples his fingers.

Aone asks, "What, exactly, were you locked up for?"

Aone raises an eyebrow.

Pheyrmerrin turns away from Aone, ignoring him.

Aone frowns.

Pheyrmerrin says, "What I need is to find the place where these creatures were summoned from."

Deschaiyn says, "something tells me we dont want to konw"

Deschaiyn nods to Aone.

You nod to Pheyrmerrin.

Ianeal says, "Chances are, that's River's Rest."

You say, "There I agree."

Pheyrmerrin says, "They're plainly summoned. They multiply like mice in a grainfield."

Sothog says, "Aye, at the old alchemist's abode."

Ianeal says, "At least, that's where it all began, from how it looks."

Pheyrmerrin says, "If they were natural, Elanith would be overrun with them long ago... as it's going to be soon, by the looks of it. At least the northern half."

Deschaiyn says, "to summon them in the masses they show up in"

Deschaiyn says, "we must be dealin with a very powerful source"

Sente confidently asks, "Is there some sort of rift they come through?"

Sothog says, "As I stated earlier in the evening, it's surrounded by dome of some kind of energy. Implosions and maelstroms affect it, but nothing else seems to."

Morah looks over at Sothog and shakes her head. Morah looks over at Sothog and shakes her head.

Sothog blinks.

Sothog asks, "Has something changed?"

Deschaiyn says, "something happened before the waves of morphs came in during the invasion..cant remember exactly what it was..but when it happened a friend told me it meant more had come"

Ianeal says, "The problem is, River's Rest has been overrun by Krolvin for the last few months, which has put a damper on any attempt on having a good look around the ruins."

Pheyrmerrin raises an eyebrow in Ianeal's direction.

Pheyrmerrin says, "That will make things a bit awkward."

Morah points at a grey stone amulet.

Morah cocks her head at Sothog.

Ianeal nods to Pheyrmerrin.

Pheyrmerrin says, "Not to mention the blockade..."

Pheyrmerrin taps a fingertip thoughtfully against his lips.

Maeror says, "though word is, the Krolvin will be on the move to Solhaven"

Ianeal says, "That's why no one from the Empire has managed to have a good look around."

Sente confidently says, "Word has it the the Krolvin are leading the Rest, but they ain't yet."

Pheyrmerrin says, "Empire."

Pheyrmerrin snorts.

Pheyrmerrin says, "I hate travelling over-land, but if that's what it takes, then it's what it takes."

Ianeal says, "I'm keeping the Faendryl insults to myself, so keep the insults about the Empire to yourself if you would, please."

Ianeal nods to Pheyrmerrin.

You say, "I understood a fissure opened in the earth when the morphs appeared."

You say, "And they came out of the fissure."

Pheyrmerrin says, "I'm sure Larchus won't like it, but he'll know I'll be returning."

You ask, "Think is something that can be reached through the underground?"

You cock your head at Pheyrmerrin.

Pheyrmerrin says, "I'm not going to discuss the fine points of summoning with a sylvan, my dear."

Pheyrmerrin says, "You're simply not equipped to understand them."

You roll your eyes.

Ianeal says, "She's smarter than you'd think."

Pheyrmerrin turns to face Sothog.

Ianeal nods to Pheyrmerrin.

Pheyrmerrin asks, "You said you knew where they were called?"

Pheyrmerrin raises an eyebrow in Sothog's direction.

Tylina says, "I didn't think we were here to sling insults"

Sothog says, "I have my suspicions."

You say, "He's Faendryl. Is their way of communicating."

You nod to Tylina.

Pheyrmerrin says, "I'm here to be effective. Wasting my time and energy explaining the matter to her, as well as breaking several vows made to the Sorcerer's Guild, would be counterproductive."

Tylina says, "understood"

Ianeal says, "You could've just said that before, then."

Ianeal nods to Pheyrmerrin.

Pheyrmerrin says, "Suspicion is all very well, but it's a long trip."

Pheyrmerrin sighs.

Morah stares off into space.

You say, "I don't think anyone knows for sure."

Pheyrmerrin says, "River's Rest, you said. Well, that will have to do."

You say, "So if is surety ye are looking for, doubt ye will find it."

Sothog says, "There is an old alchemist's abode just outside River's Rest. My understanding is that shortly after an Archmage moved in there to conduct some kind of experiments, these v'reen first appeared."

Pheyrmerrin nods to Sothog.

Ianeal says, "Suspicion or not, River's Rest is where all of this began, or at least, where everyone first saw anything similar to a v'reen morph."

Ianeal nods.

Tylina asks, "and where's that Archmage now?"

Sothog says, "Evidence would suggest that a botched experiement may have released them."

Ianeal says, "Dead."

Tylina peers quizzically at Sothog.

You say, "Dead."

Sothog says, "Mildly deceased."

You nod to Tylina.

Tylina nods.

Morah nods to Ianeal.

Sherysse says, "I have words from someone named Morah from Rivers Rest who says that the dome surrounding the alchemist's is quite easy to enter through teleportation, and that many citizens of the Rest have been inside since it was raised"

Pheyrmerrin says, "Does anyone have decent connections in Wehnimer's? They're a wretched enough port city, there has to be a smuggler who'll run between Wehnimer's and River's Rest."

Morah leans against a table.

Sothog says, "Again, due to the appearance of said v'reen."

Ianeal says, "That archmage claimed to have been sent there by the new Emperor."

Ianeal says, "Solhaven has some smugglers that'll take you there for a fee."

Ianeal nods to Pheyrmerrin.

Sothog says, "Ah, so there's an alternate way inside."

Pheyrmerrin says, "Solhaven... well, it will have to do."

Ianeal says, "But like I said, the Krolvin are still all over the place down there."

Pheyrmerrin says, "If someone will loan me a bit of coin, I'll get a meal and some sleep, and then we can leave tomorrow evening to take a look at this place, if someone who knows the passwords is coming along."

Jarlstrom rummages around in his pockets.

Gespry just handed Pheyrmerrin some coins.

Morah nods to Pheyrmerrin.

Tylina just handed Pheyrmerrin some coins.

Sothog appears to be checking his pockets for something, but finds them empty. Sothog snaps his fingers.

Ianeal says, "Well.. as long as it's not an extended trip.."

Jarlstrom just handed Pheyrmerrin some coins.

Ianeal shifts his weight.

Pheyrmerrin says, "Thank you."

Pheyrmerrin nods.

Zosopage just handed Pheyrmerrin some coins.

Felisity rummages around in her pockets.

Pheyrmerrin says, "Too humid for me."

Sraven just handed Pheyrmerrin some coins.

Ianeal nods to Pheyrmerrin.

Pheyrmerrin scoots his chair back and stands up.

Daina asks, "So, where and when tomorrow please?"

Ianeal says, "Well, if it's a 'quick' trip down there, I suppose I can handle that, maybe."

Ianeal shifts his weight.

Pheyrmerrin says, "Tomorrow... we'll meet here."

Sherysse says, "Also Morah was there when the morphs fist appeared and will talk to anyone who is interested on private thoughts."

Pheyrmerrin says, "Seven-thirty will suit."

Morah bows to Sherysse.

Pheyrmerrin asks, "Was she? Is she in Icemule now?"

Morah nods to Pheyrmerrin.

Sherysse points at Morah. You point at Morah.

Pheyrmerrin says, "Ah."

Sherysse says, "she's there but can communicate only in private thoughts"

Pheyrmerrin examines Morah closely, sizing her up and taking note of all the details.

Ianeal says, "I don't think she can speak, though, so you'll have to communicate by other means."

Pheyrmerrin smiles.

Ianeal nods to Pheyrmerrin.

You say, "She is voiceless."

You say, "But she can think to ye."

Morah nods to Ianeal.

Pheyrmerrin says something in Dark Elven.

Pheyrmerrin bows to Morah.

Sothog says, "Ah, so that's what all that was about."

Morah scoots her chair back and stands up. Morah bows to Pheyrmerrin. Morah pulls out a chair and plops herself down at the table.

Pheyrmerrin says something in Dark Elven.

Pheyrmerrin says, "I will converse with her, then, for a moment."

Pheyrmerrin pulls out a chair and plops himself down at the table.

Sothog shrugs.

Sothog says, "Until tomorrow, then."

Sothog bows.

Pheyrmerrin absent-mindedly says, "Tomorrow."

Valicar says, "Careful who you tied your wagon too...might end up in the ditch. All I gotta say."

Valicar just went out.

Pheyrmerrin smiles at Morah.

Pheyrmerrin asks, "There is a barrier?"

Morah nods to Pheyrmerrin.

Jarlstrom nods.

Jarlstrom merrily says, "phase werks on it"

Jarlstrom merrily says, "we tol yas"

Jarlstrom merrily exclaims, "wait!"

Pheyrmerrin says, "I see."

You say, "I believe ye need to wizard gate in."

Jarlstrom merrily says, "das right i aint ina inner circle sa naebody listens nae ways"

Pheyrmerrin glances at Jarlstrom. Pheyrmerrin turns away from Jarlstrom, ignoring him.

Jarlstrom merrily exclaims, "see!"

Felisity says, "aye"

Felisity nods to Jarlstrom.

Pheyrmerrin rolls his eyes.

Morah raises an eyebrow in Jarlstrom's direction.

Pheyrmerrin closes his eyes again as his face smooths with concentration.

Jarlstrom grins.

Jarlstrom shrugs.

You say, "Right now I think he is just listening to Morah as she has firsthand experience."

You shrug.

Ianeal nods.

Pheyrmerrin raises an eyebrow in Morah's direction.

Pheyrmerrin nods to Morah.

Pheyrmerrin scoots his chair back and stands up.

Morah nods.

Pheyrmerrin says, "On the morrow, then."

Pheyrmerrin nods.

Pheyrmerrin says, "Half past seven."

Pheyrmerrin just went out.

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