Lasindriel abducted by the Ithzir (log)

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Posted by PBARBER2 7 April 2016

>((I will start by saying being abducted by Aliens was my greatest fear when I was a kid!! LOL))
You feel pressure building on the sides of your head.

You ask, "Anyone else feel that?"
You cover your ears.
Dergoatean shakes his head.
Shinann looks over at you and shakes her head.
Speaking curiously to you, Kayse asks, "What?"
Speaking to you, Dirra says, "Felt nothing."

The pressure begins to build, threatening to throw you into a state of vertigo.

Speaking to you, Dergoatean says, "Careful."
You say, "Pressure on the sides of my head."
You sway back and forth.
Cryheart glances at you.You say, "Getting...worse."

Speaking hesitantly to you, Kayse says, "I felt that last night..."
Cryheart rubs you.
Speaking to you, Aydan says, "Cover your nose."
Speaking to you, Kiske says, "That's what happened to me."
You cover your nose tightly. Phew!

Kayse touches you.
Speaking to you, Kayse inquires, "Anything else?"
Speaking hoarsely to Kayse, you say, "No, but it is not..letting up."
Cryheart jumps, looking very startled!
Cryheart says, "Errr...something tapped me on the shoulder."
Cryheart frowns.

You hear a nearby bell, announcing another ship pulling into port.

You say, "Oh no, here we go again. Tell me you all heard that bell."

Dergoatean looks over at you and shakes his head.

You hear a faint, metallic whispering.

Your hear the wild barking of krolvin, and see their burly blue figures just over the edge of a driftwood crate you're hiding behind.

Your hands snap to the hilts of your vultite bastard sword and black vultite falchion and deftly draw them from the scabbards on your dark leather swordbelt!
You exclaim, "Krolvin!"

Suddenly, the barking stops. A krolvin snaps his head around, looking in your direction.

Suddenly, as the krolvin turn to walk towards you, another stands among them. A slender figure, slightly taller than a human and wearing a silvery-blue hooded robed.

Warningly, you swing your sword in a wide arc before bringing it to bear in a defensive stance.

Kayse gives a sidelong glance at you.

Suddenly, as the krolvin turn to walk towards you, another stands among them. A slender figure, slightly taller than a human and wearing a silvery-blue hooded robed.

You say, "Get back! Look there behind it, the one from last night."
Speaking to you, Kayse asks, "Behind what?"

(Lasindriel is speaking to the silvery blue hooded figure in her vision "What do you want?")

Suddenly, the krolvin vanish. The shore remains, the krolvin ships remain. The driftwood crate remains. But there stands just the one figure, draped in the silvery-blue robe.

You suddenly stumble for no apparent reason.

You glance over your shoulder.

From behind your hiding spot of the driftwood, you see the silvery-blue robed figure approaching.

Stormyrain says, "The air shimmers and for a moment you see a slender figure, slightly taller than a human, garbed in a silvery-blue robe. The figure stands behind an elven woman, unaware of her presence. The elven woman has ghostly blue eyes, creamy white skin and long silky onyx black hair."
You say, "Stay back."

You feel yourself being pulled away...
It's too dark to see anything at all.

You ask, "Hello?"

It's too dark to see anything at all.

You ask, "Is anyone there?"

((Time passes as that infernal Adele song slips into my head))

You weakly ask, "Hello?"
You hear light footsteps approaching.

You ask, "Hello?"

You turn around.

You turn around.

You brandish your vultite bastard sword before you, swinging it in a dizzying array of parries and thrusts before you bring it back down to rest by your side.

You say, "Don't come any closer."

The footsteps stop.

You say, "What do you want."

More footsteps approach from the other side of you, slowly.

You say, "Stay back."

You brandish your black vultite falchion before you, swinging it in a dizzying array of parries and thrusts before you bring it back down to rest by your side.

You ask, "What do you want?"
Hapenlok mutters, "Come on..."
Aurach softly says, "We seem to be simply observers..."

You ask, "Hello?"
Hapenlok wryly says, "Just another frustrated observer it seems."

You focus on projecting your thoughts...
Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.
Hapenlok yells, "We're here!"

You ask, "Where is here?"

You turn around.

You rub your crystal amulet.
There is a small power ebb, but then it fades.
Aurach softly says, "I cannot whisper to her."
Hapenlok yells, "The Reach!"
Aurach softly says, "The reach."

You say, "Can you hear me? My amulet is dying."

You ask, "Who is hear with me? Is that you? The footsteps?"

You fret.
Aurach softly asks, "Are you speaking with a blue skinned ithzir?"
Hapenlok yells, "I can hear you fine, can you hear us?"

You say, "I can hear you, I cannot see anything."

You say, "It or they will not speak to me."

You ask, "Hello?"

Time drags on by...

The footsteps begin again, on both sides, figures approaching slowly.

A low, metallic voice says, "Dren lok tenka?"

(Lasindriel begins to back up shaking her head, weapons held in front of her. "I don't understand.")

A low, metallic voice says, "Dren lok tenka?"

You exclaim, "I don't know, I don't understand you!"

A low, metallic voice says, "Dren lok tenka!" The voice grows agitated.

You say, "Okay okay. Ummm Lasindriel, my name is Lasindriel."

You ask, "And you? You are?"

Something, or someone approaches. "Ichon, alekna." The voice is metallic, but now almost sounds human, and more soothing.
You say, "I am sorry, I don't understand you."

"Ichon, alekna." The voice is metallic, but now almost sounds human, and more soothing.

(Lasindriel is beginning to grow weary, lowering her weapons she adopts a stance that might be beligerent if she were not so scared. "Ichon is it? Okay , how about you let me out of here then? ")

The area flashes briefly with a dull light, and you see a slender figure approach, she is slightly taller than a human, with blue skin and pupil-less green eyes. Emblazoned on the right breast of the tunic she wears is a twelve-pointed golden star. 

You blink.
You slide the black vultite falchion into the squat rayskin scabbard on your dark leather swordbelt.
You rub your eyes.

In the figure's hand, is a small, glowing faceted crystal. The figure approaches you, and suddenly the darkness rushes back in.

You exclaim, "Hey, turn the light back on!"

A hand touches the back of your neck.

You turn around.

You say, "Hey, no touching."
A metallic voice says, "Rek na, rek na, tandok."
The metallic voice grows more, human, almost a soft whisper, "Rek na, rek na, tandok."

You say, "Yeah yeah but no touching."

(Lasindriel places her hand on the back of her neck as if to shield it.)
You feel hands grab your shoulders and arms, strongly, almost holding them down to your side.

You exclaim, "Hey!"
One hand grabs your wrist, loosening your grip on the sword. They had places your sword inside of your longcoat.

(Lasindriel struggles, twisting from side to side, then all the harder once her sword is removed from her grip. "!")
>look in my long
It's too dark to see anything at all.

The light returns for a moment, as the glowing crystal is pressed against the back of your neck. It glows brightly, and burns with an intense heat as it touches your flesh. You see four silvery-blue robed figures in the distance, watching, and silent.

You scream!
... 10 points of damage!
Burst of flames to neck chars skin. Yuck!
You are stunned for 1 round!

You exclaim, "Stop!"

You feel the crystal burning your skin as it seeps into the back of your neck, burrowing deep into your flesh.

You furrow up your face and wince.
A metallic voice whispers, and you feel the hole in your neck slowly sealing up.

You weakly say, "Stop, please..."
You are healed.

You shudder.
There is some chatter in the darkness, metallic voices speaking rapidly. More footsteps 

You frantically say, "What was that, what did you do."

The air begins to shimmer and grow brighter around you...
You feel yourself being pulled away...
[Lower Dragonsclaw, Grasslands]
Growing among the warm grasses are a few scattered trees. It is hard to tell if the forest you can see to the west is encroaching upon the grasslands or if it is slowly being harvested and replaced for grazing. You also see a rolton, a forest wolf, a skin of clear spring water, a cup of sand-fire spice coffee, the Roelaren disk, a forest wolf, a disheveled bat-eared fox that is sitting, a large faded brown pavilion and a huge jagged hole in the ground.
Also here: Stompel, Roblar, Hapenlok, Cruxophim, Tolan, Shinann, Wolfloner, Magister Raelee, High Lady Roelaren, Mayor Puptilian, Storyteller Kayse, Sir Metadi, Dame Evia, Lord Xorus, Drektor, Zarston, Greganth, Dirra, Goldstr, Sareyna, Sir Balantine, Sir Cryheart, Dergoatean
Obvious paths: south, northwest