Latticed yellow crystal

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A latticed yellow crystal is used to bond a rune book. They are only found in summoning chambers.


  • While holding the book, RUB CRYSTAL to bond. A successful bonding will display the following:
A lattice of yellow light suffuses out of the crystal, bathing you and your leather book in its soft warmth. As the light passes over you, an ethereal voice intones, "The deed is done. The strength of our will can move worlds."
Roundtime: 1 sec.
  • If already bonded, the following messaging is displayed. RUB CRYSTAL again to complete the bonding process.
An ethereal voice whispers quietly in your ear, "I sense you have already attuned yourself to another rune book. If you attune yourself to the leather book your current book will lose its connection to this plane of existence. The power to capture runes within that book will be lost forever. If you wish to proceed, rub the crystal again within thirty seconds."