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At level 86, you can begin getting Solhaven bounties for the Sanctum of Scales if you have bounties set to go ten levels above your range. (Or, if you haven't changed the difficulty, you can get them at level 91.) This also includes, of course, being able to get gem bounties and bandits again after the post-Bonespear Tower break.

Now, the Solhaven gem bounties from level 86 on (or 91) are different from the Solhaven gem bounties at level 60 and below, since you can no longer get bounties for a few of the Solhaven-exclusive gems like shells or selanthan bloodjewels. After all, you'd have no way to get those except from bandits, so you wouldn't be able to do that solo since you can't have Solhaven bandits and a gem bounty. So, instead, you have gem bounties for the "found everywhere" gems and the Sanctum-exclusive ones.

But did you know... that if you have a bounty for Sanctum-exclusive gems and someone else has a Solhaven bandit bounty--that's just plains and Outlands, not Cairnfang or grasslands or Central Caravansary--and you loot the bandits, they can drop Sanctum gems?

So far I've found this to be doable with black-cored emerald orbs, blue sky opals, Phoen's eye topazes, radiant green cinderstones, shadow amethysts, small copper nuggets, uncut sunstones, and white-point star diamonds. It really wouldn't surprise me if almost anything can be found, though.