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Leafiara Autumnwind, or Leafi to her friends, born on a Tilamaires on Jastatos 6, 5092, is a half-sylvan cleric of Tilamaire. Though typically cheerful, she can become ferocious in battle and will use anything at her disposal--warding magic, bolt spells, edged weapons, her own hands and feet, spying with the help of friends, or skills learned at the Order of Voln.

Despite her youth, she possesses incredible abilities both on the battlefield and as an artisan. In her spare time she's a master cobbler, master painter, master with darts, master of forging brawling weapons, edged weapons, and polearms, has developed the greatest talent with various instruments that one can without being a bard, became a Guild Master of the Cleric Guild as nominated by Guild Masters Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l and Mikalmas, and bakes top quality manna bread after being inspired by Cruxophim.

Leafiara Autumnwind
Race Half-elf
Culture Sylvankind
Profession Cleric
Religion Follows Tilamaire, also admires Cholen, and greatly respects Gosaena, The Huntress, and Onar
In-a-Word Energetic
Disposition Adventurous, cheerful, lively
Demeanor Friendly
Flaw Struggling with vengeful tendencies
Greatest Strength Fearlessness
Greatest Weakness Impatience, recklessness
Habits Ringing bells, shooting friends with her water cannon, throwing snowballs
Hobbies Cobbling, singing, snuggling, tickling
Soft Spots Chocolate, sweets
Loyalties Conscience
Best Friend Severine Veneuve
Spouse Saraphenia
Loved One Lyrna, Eyona, Saranja, Ghianna


You see Whimweaver Leafiara Autumnwind the Holy Flame of Tilamaire.
She appears to be a Half-Sylvan.
She is bathed in a golden sheen of sunlight that mutes the light of Tilaok, causing her aura to shimmer with orange light.
She is moderately tall and has a well-toned frame.  She appears to be youthful.  She has sparkling green eyes and soft, smooth honey-hued skin.  She has shoulder length, tousled cherry red hair framing her face in a disheveled, carefree style.  She has a well-defined, heart-shaped face and slightly pointed ears.  She has alternating cherry and vanilla polish brushed onto her neatly rounded fingernails.
A myriad of leaf-shaped sweets and treats appear to be following her every move.
Miniature yellow treble clefs spiral outward from her before fading away.
She is in good shape.
Her hands are covered in a light dusting of sugar.
There is a small ruby red sprite flying above her shoulder.
Colorful, wispy threads shimmer in and out of existence, twining and dancing freely around a white imflass manacle encircling her left wrist.  Its empty keyway is outlined in a bold red glow that pulsates rhythmically.
She is wearing a shimmering cherry red cloak, a leaf-spangled imflass scabbard, a radiant red zelnorn tunic accented by a shining white leaf flourish with a pure white elesine sundress showcasing a skirt-spanning red music staff underneath, some pure white fingerless gloves reinforced with ghezyte banding, a polished knotwork platinum wedding band, a silk-lined imflass thigh-sheath, a cherry red leaf-clasped anklet, and a pair of pure white sandals reinforced with ghezyte straps and soles.
Sparkling musical notes spring around her feet, dissipating into colorful mist as she moves.

Her "Adventurer Casual" outfit, everyday attire suitable for flipping between battle and chatter on a whim. I'm in the camp of picturing torso chain mail as just chain mail, so most of her body is unprotected by armor as I envision her, but I write it off as immaterial since she's a cleric well defended by spells, including a magical barrier that deflects attacks entirely. Her wearing heavier armor isn't a practicality thing, but more a symbolic gesture about having a powerful core or something like that. Speaking of symbolic, her manacle is a mysterious item whose backstory I haven't delved into yet, but it notably lacks a chain or even anywhere to attach one.

The shimmering cherry red cloak has a script that makes it unalterable, so to make it not stand out as the only thing she's wearing with a short description, I included her FancySheaths (which can't even have long descriptions and are normally hidden in other trinket sets), wedding band, and ranger anklet. I think it's an interesting contrast to her far more showy armor, sundress, gloves, and sandals.

See other outfits on the subpage here!


Please see each individual subpage for more detail! Subpages marked with a * are official Landing storylines while those without are the more laid-back pace of occasional events between big stories.

Background (prior to moving to the Landing)

Eyes of the Dawn* (mid-late 5116)

Keeping Up with the Kestrels* (all 5117)

Rise of Rone* (early 5118)

A Period of Tenuous Peace (mid-5118)

The Rone Resurgence* (mid-late 5118)

Autumnwind of Change (late 5118 to early 5119)

Witchful Thinking* (mid-late 5119)

(maybe will update one day, maybe won't: All That Remains, Blood Son, A Knight to Remember, Ashes to Ashes, North by Northwest)


Logs, Talks, and Interviews

Leafiara's Tales (Character Vignettes)

(These are stories, mostly posted to the official forums, surrounding events from Leafi's former life in the Landing.)

During Eyes of the Dawn

4 vignettes!

Crisis of Conscience and Clash of Character (October 17, 2016)

Leafi, having recently learned of her friend Crux's past misdeeds, grapples with his history and its implications for her. She concludes that as long as the Landing is widely aware and hasn't exiled him, then perhaps he's changed and her conscience is clear.

The Only Recognition... (October 25, 2016)

Haunted by dreams of a deep-rooted desire to kill Chaston Griffin, Leafi fights to remember her friends and resist the urge of losing herself in being consumed by vengeance.

Proudly Introducing... (October 29, 2016)

As she reaches a benchmark in her training, the overly optimistic Leafiara registers her High Lady title!

A Letter Forever Undelivered (November 16, 2016)

After having seen Landing defenders kill an army of children under Chaston's control during the final battle to prevent the activation of the obelisk, Leafi struggles with the question of what was right.

During Keeping Up with the Kestrels

2 vignettes!

A Trio of Letters (March 29, 2017)

Leafi congratulates new Mayor Crux and thanks her own supporters from the recent campaign season with a message of unity and optimism.

In Tilamaire's Sanctuary (December 24, 2017)

With most of the Kestrel family now dead, Leafi sorts through her feelings and fallout from their year near the Landing. Although her stance on Rysus had shifted when he threatened Reannah, as she had thought he should have focused his efforts on Dennet where they belonged, she can't shake a lingering feeling that the town would have been better off if an arrow had flown through Dennet's skull.

Between Rise of Rone and The Rone Resurgence

3 vignettes!

Morning Musings (May 4, 2018)

Leafi considers whether to attempt to join the militia or the Rooks, but settles on neither and refocuses on finding her own path forward toward killing Raznel.

A Coraesine Carol (May 11, 2018)

After a night of singing to herself alone, Leafi in her dreams has visions of past conversations with friends about the meaning and philosophy behind heroism and justice--and a warning about being consumed by vengeance in her future.

A Very Bloodriven Vacation (June 14, 2018)

While slaying bandits on a routine patrol, Leafi considers what, if anything, is the moral difference between her and the vigilante Rone, Malluch Burdos. Her concerns grow as she considers her love of the Duskruin Arena.

During The Rone Resurgence

3 vignettes!

To the Brotherhood (September 2, 2018)

Leafi posts notice to the Rooks expressing sorrow that the second Rone vigilante has attacked them, but asks them to cease catching innocents in the crossfire of retaliation and leave the fight to others.

The Second Rone Bounty (September 7, 2018)

Leafi notices that the town council has issued a bounty on capturing the second Rone, but recalls their failure to pay her and others who aided with their bounty on capturing the first Rone.

Rook Remorse (October 6-7, 2018)

After having been tricked by Praxopius into playing a role in Rysus' demise, Leafi attempts to get word to the Rooks that she won't rest easy until the Alchemist is dead.

Between The Rone Resurgence and Witchful Thinking

4 vignettes!

Money Money Money (December 2, 2018)

Leafi continues seeking money from Solhaven's Adventurer's Guild to fund her ongoing mission to grow stronger for the eventual battle against Raznel.

Mother and Mother (February 14, 2019)

By instinct, Leafi doubts new Rook leader Mother's words as too good to be true, but remembers her own mother's words of caution against oversimplifying the world as if it were one of the morality plays she acted in.

Ashes to Ashes (April 4, 2019)

Leafi passes by Goblyn's burned-down Pie Shop and ponders with a music shop apprentice, Kanona, what that might mean in the context of Ta'Vaalor building a nearby outpost.

Militia Surprise (April 9, 2019)

A surprised Leafi wonders why Marshal Thadston has accepted her militia application so quickly despite her history with the Rooks.

During Witchful Thinking

10 vignettes!

No Matter the Situation (July 25, 2019)

After noticing how others are losing their cool as struggles against the witch Raznel escalate, Leafi contemplates the importance of her many friends who can smile through troubled times and keep the town whole.

In Noise, Melody; in Chaos, Choreography (August 22, 2019)

Wearing a memento gown and sandals of the Princess Mynalari who Raznel had slain, Leafi lures out bandits by presenting herself as a helpless noble. She attempts to find answers about Raznel's goals by drawing upon Tilamaire's power to attune to the connecting sounds of all things as her magic strikes them down.

A Matter of Will (September 25, 2019)

Leafi registers a living will at Moot Hall to pass down her valuables in case she doesn't survive the ongoing battles with Raznel.

Cleric of Life, Angel of Death (October 4, 2019)

Leafi continues to reflect on what Raznel's goals could be and how to get a step ahead of her, this time seeking answers in past patterns of Raznel and Naimorai among others. She lands on an unsettling conclusion that it's possible Raznel had been operating any number of machinations through others, potentially even using her to eliminate Rysus.

Change of Plans (November 2, 2019)

A tearful Leafi receives a timely reminder from her fiancee Saranja, convincing her not to lose herself in ugliness and the pursuit of vengeance against Raznel, but to save lives and protect as she's always done.

Anything But Neutral (November 26, 2019)

Faced with Marshal Thadston's orders to evacuate Landing citizens, even the unwilling, in advance of a possible Raznel attack, Leafi finds herself unable to maintain neutrality as a TownCrier reporter and gives the task to her mother Florania for the night.

Who Are You People? (November 26, 2019)

While evacuating townspeople, Leafi finds herself confronting stinging backlash, both physical and verbal, from those who don't wish to leave--and she will not tell them to go.

Balancing Act (November 27, 2019)

The day after Leafi, Maags, Puptilian, Wolfloner, the Rooks, and the citizens themselves had stopped Marshal Thadston from evacuating people against their will, Leafi quickly takes to training new recruits and at last feels her decision to join the militia was right.

Return to Form (November 29, 2019)

Leafi talks with a new militia recruit on the importance of determination and the inner fire.

Awaiting Orders (December 2, 2019)

With Pylasar having taken his possible final trip into the past and Marshal Thadston now lost in the Bleaklands, Leafi reflects on who the two men were or are.

Between Witchful Thinking and All That Remains

5 vignettes!

The Light of Hope, Death, and Chaos (January 17, 2020)

Leafi considers the opposing views of Grishom Stone and Raznel and rejects both, making peace with death being intertwined as a part of life, but is interrupted by a mysterious figure appearing to be a Rook.

Last Dream Standing (February 1, 2020)

The mysterious figure, now appearing to be a Rone and calling itself "Echo," confronts Leafi again and seems to know her inner thoughts as it even presents her with a memento of her past that shouldn't be in its possession. As she faces an existential crisis, she prepares for her return to Duskruin Arena and realizes its true significance to her.

The Chaos Ahead (April 1, 2020)

Newly elected Mayor Leafi pens a letter to the Landing thanking everyone and laying out plans for the future.

A letter from Sir Cryheart (April 18, 2020)

Mayor Leafi sends a letter from Sir Cryheart to Earl Jovery, formalizing town approval of its contents, which warn of the potential dangers of Grand Magister Octaven.

An Exercise in Futility (April 22, 2020)

After a confrontation with the militia leads Grand Magister Octaven to finally make good on her overdue reparations for destroying the Landing's defense towers two and a half years earlier, Mayor Leafi attempts to pen a letter quelling townspeople's fears about the Hall of Mages, but soon learns that politicking isn't her style.

During All That Remains

4 vignettes!

Planning Essentials (May 5, 2020)

Mayor Leafi considers whether to ally with the Rooks or Empire against the Fist, but dismisses both as unnecessary and supplies town defenders with information on their foes.

For Your Consideration (May 11, 2020)

Mayor Leafi further rallies town defenders with possible moves against the Fist's forces.

Factions and Factors: Last Mission Standing (May 15, 2020)

Mayor Leafi writes to Marshal Thadston, Lady Vlashandra, and Mist Harbor's Administrator Ilsola with information on the efforts to rescue Aralyte and the identity of the Fist.

A Series of Second Thoughts (May 16, 2020)

Mayor Leafi questions her intuition about Vlashandra being evil, but concludes that even if she is, the one thing that must be honored is the people's free decisions to aid her.

Between All That Remains and Blood Son

1 vignette!

Shadows of the Past (June 11, 2020)

As Mayor Leafi rids herself of shadow energy from entering the shadow valence, she uses Crux's ritual to draw it out by focusing on dark thoughts--and her darkest go to the manipulator Vlashandra.

During Blood Son

6 vignettes!

Time and Opportunity (July 8, 2020)

While Mayor Leafi is considering the motives of the Blood Son, Malluch Burdos, and whether he's truly aligned with Grishom Stone, a concerned citizen confronts her about the matter and urges preemptive action.

Everybody Dies and (Almost) Everybody Lies (July 19, 2020)

After a caravan coming for Malluch's healing is burned by unknown attackers, Mayor Leafi searches for evidence on their identities and requests Guard Captain Khylon's aid.

Final considerations (August 3, 2020)

After Malluch asks for a pardon due to Praxopius' influence over his days as the vigilante Rone, hoping that it will deter Marshal Thadston from attacking his camp containing civilians, Mayor Leafi raises the idea that it could result in the Rooks or the new Rone pursuing him instead.

To the Marshal (August 6, 2020)

Mayor Leafi attempts to dissuade Marshal Thadston from issuing a bounty on Malluch. Thadston refrains from the bounty, but persists in rejecting the camp and threatens insubordinate militia members with expulsion, leaving Leafi to sharpen her blades and prepare for the worst.

Rendering Judgment (August 7, 2020)

After a meeting with Thadston sees him exhibiting strange behavior and seizing Captain Stormyrain's arm, Mayor Leafi petitions Judge Renpaw for his removal until a magical phenomenon afflicting him can be resolved.

A two-fold matter of propriety (August 10, 2020)

Mayor Leafi writes Judge Renpaw once more, adding Thadston's Operation Stonewall and his secrecy from his own militia captains to the list of reasons to seek removal. However, in recognition of the conflict of interest in a mayor removing a council member whose seat she can then replace, she further writes to the town council, proposing amended laws for citizen voting to fill expelled seats instead.

During A Knight to Remember

22 vignettes!

A letter to Casiphia (September 7, 2020)

Mayor Leafi writes to Lady Casiphia about the possibility of contacting the erithians who are curing Disean to work on curing the now-former Marshal Thadston of possession by the bleakwalker.

Echoes of Mayors Past (September 10, 2020)

After new citizen Amos offers to fill in the now-vacant role of militia marshal, Mayor Leafi presents the idea to the militia captains and asks their opinion while arguing that he's not the right fit. Afterward, she reflects on parallels between her dilemmas and those of past mayors.

A Rolling Rone Gathers No Moss, or, Re-Outmaneuvering Oneself (September 10, 2020, later that day)

After Judge Renpaw rules that Marshal Thadston was within his rights to exclude the militia captains from his Operation Stonewall and doesn't need to be transparent, Mayor Leafi wonders if Mother will try to seize on the opportunity. Leafi decides to preempt her by being transparent anyway in seeking an alliance... not with her, but with the vigilante Rone!

A series of letters (September 19, 2020)

Mayor Leafi writes to Judge Renpaw to delay the Steward of the Guilds appointment due to ongoing attacks against the candidates, to Guard Captain Khylon to tighten security until her militia marshal appointment is formalized, and to Mother about whether her recent attacks against Thadston and Amos are signs of the Rooks reverting to their old ways or if there's upheaval within the Brotherhood.

A Second Second Chance (September 23, 2020)

At Captain Stormyrain's suggestion, Mayor Leafi writes to Mother seeking a meeting between her, town defenders, and militia leadership.

Notes on Thadston (November 1, 2020)

Mayor Leafi is surprised to discover that, during a sleep-induced burst of inspiration the night before, she'd written down countless theories on how to remove the bleakwalker from Thadston.

Problems and Profits (November 12, 2020)

As Mayor Leafi's shop profits from chrisms while the Landing faces war, she chats with her shop clerk about the unexpectedly high number of citizens who seem to be Rooks.

Knavesayer (November 21, 2020)

Mayor Leafi inquires with Alendrial about the veracity of Amos' claims of working with the Scions of Shaundara.

Don't Again, Dunigan (November 22, 2020)

Mayor Leafi requests that new Guard Captain Dunigan rescind the bounty on Rone in an effort to protect civilians.

Coreful Consideration (December 4, 2020)

Mayor Leafi considers whether Amos is leading town defenders into a trap to rescue Thrayzar.

Another trio of letters (January 22, 2021)

Mayor Leafi writes three letters to Councilwoman Alendrial, Judge Renpaw, and Guard Captain Dunigan in attempts to defuse a situation after Dunigan's armigers had arrested militia Captains Shinann and Stormyrain, then She reflects on her own role in attacking the armigers over said arrest--both why she did it and what it entails for her future.

Winter Chills (January 23, 2021)

As Mayor Leafi faces the mystery of the newly formed Darkstone Bay Consortium, she seeks a meeting with Lady Larsya, who's likely the richest of them and certainly the only one not a Landing citizen.

Offshore Banking, Offstore Flanking (January 25, 2021)

Operating on the suspicion that Amos is behind the Knave and the Darkstone Bay Consortium, Mayor Leafi moves her silvers away from the Landing to distant towns.

Margin of Error (January 30, 2021)

Faced with Mother having offered an unusually straightforward deal to retrieve the bleakstone statue for Thadston in exchange for help with an attack against the Knave, Mayor Leafi ponders the possibility of a trap.

The Inner Fire (February 9, 2021)

After the Darkstone Bay Consortium's replacement judge Manard removes Mayor Leafi from power and the Consortium votes among itself to suspend elections, she writes to the Scions of Shaundara for aid with intel and unraveling Amos' schemes.

*SNAP* (February 10, 2021)

Music shop apprentice Kanona visits her friend Leafi, acting undercover as a spy for the armigers, but Leafi puts on a show of going mad, having already assumed she was a spy, and counter-spies on her with a familiar.

Behind the Curtain (February 18, 2021)

An unknown, invisible messenger warns the Raging Thrak to protect Newsby as she operates out of his inn and calls for boycotts of the Consortium's shops.

Call to Action (February 19, 2021)

Leafiara, announcing herself as "Mayor of the People," says she'll honor the people's vote for a one year term and continue until the regularly scheduled end time, then calls the Landing to action in saving the town.

Don't Go Overboard Now (April 1, 2021)

A mysterious man claiming to be a recent Rook recruit begins a dialogue with Leafi and urges her to listen to her instincts and temptations, stop holding back out of deference to the law, and become the dark hero the Landing needs. However, the longer she hears him out, the more she pushes back.

To Serve and Reject "To Impose and Protect" (May 3, 2021)

After Cordarius appoints Amos the Steward of the Guilds and Dunigan the Steward of the Guard in order to convince the Consortium to unsuspend elections, Leafi considers the ramifications. She writes to Thadston and town defenders that it would be wrong for them to continue to defend the town after Amos said their help was unnecessary and the government has sided with him, and says that while she expects them to fight on anyway, she'll stand down to honor the people's choice.

Perception and Reality (May 6, 2021)

Having been unable to persuade Mother that the Rooks should forge a formal alliance with the militia, Leafi moves on to instead suggest that the Rooks unmask to prove that they're the Landing citizens they claim they are, changing perceptions and therefore the tide of battle.

Purity and Clarity (May 14, 2021)

As Leafi finds her body unable to recover from the battles against the Knave, the mysterious entity Echo appears before her again to elucidate her dilemma: turning away from the battlefield will betray her mission to save lives, but continuing to take the battlefield will perpetuate the people's mistaken notion that they've been saved by heroes who defeated the Knave, and she finds neither acceptable.

After A Knight to Remember

It's a Wonderful Leafi (January 11, 2022)

Haunted by sleepless guilt over playing a role in approving the Darkstone Bay Consortium's bazaar, Leafi anticipates and prepares for assassins pursuing her from every corner of the Landing. However, she instead finds herself spiraling into dejected disappointment as everyone around her reacts to her expectations with confusion while they rationalize, disregard, or praise a decision she herself condemns. The timely re-appearance of the ethereal entity calling itself Echo voices Leafiara's discontent on her behalf, guiding her toward an epiphany one week of consideration later...

Non-Canonical Vignettes

[OOC note: These are vignettes I wrote (or, more often, started writing) that never happened and aren't in Leafi's canon, for reasons explained in the pages themselves. Even though they didn't happen, I'm sharing anyway just because... well, I wrote them, so I might as well, right?]

Creative Endeavors



IC Parodies

OOC Parodies

(still to find and post: Social Norms (Let It Go) from March 2020, Pure and True (Let It Go (yes, again)) from May 29 2021)



  • Adventure
  • Chocolate and all sweets
  • Cold River
  • Dance
  • Fighting competitions such as the Festival of the Fallen or events held at the Icemule Trace Brawling Tavern
  • Ladies, especially elven and half-elven ones (including sylvans and dark elves)
  • Music
  • Rescuing
  • Shoes, especially sandals
  • Theater
  • Top three forms of good in her eyes: 1) self-sacrifice, 2) speaking truth to power, 3) giving the benefit of the doubt


  • Bureaucracy
  • Cowardice
  • High heels
  • Prejudice
  • Slavers
  • Stoics
  • Stuffy clothing or stuff armor
  • Ta'Vaalor
  • The Turamzzyrian Empire (mostly)
  • Top three forms of evil in her eyes: 1) taking away others' freedoms systemically, 2) lying, 3) stealing


  • Acceptance despite being half-sylvan
  • Being a great resurrection-specializing cleric
  • Excitement in everyday life
  • Recognition of heroic deeds
  • Staying young at heart--and in body


  • Boredom
  • Giving in to vengeful feelings, in case her friends are right that there's no turning back on that road
  • Hurting loved ones
  • Inability to save a life
  • Learning of some great power that could tempt or corrupt her
  • Maturing
  • Mind control
  • Normalcy
  • Pain
  • Rejection
  • Slavery

Other Quirks

...she has a lot of quirks. Click here.
  • A natural auditory learner who can remember tones, cadences, and inflections well; between that and Tilamaire's blessing (see further below), she can easily remember and transcribe conversations for The TownCrier after the fact
  • Can be as greedy with money as she is generous with time and energy
  • Can have a conspiracy theorist bent at times; a Divine Wrath using Tilamaire's power gives her a brief window of hearing a "greater harmony" and connection between the sounds of all things ("CASTER begins to hum softly, a sweet, soft melody that somehow manages to harmonize with every random noise and tiny sound of your surroundings."), which she ordinarily can't hear on her own, so she assumes there must be other harmonies and connections normally imperceptible to her
  • Dashes about in a hurry a lot of the time
  • Doesn't ever lie consciously (though she might deflect)
  • Doesn't ever swear even mildly
  • Extremely naive about romance even after being engaged to five fiancees; did eventually get over it after marrying one
  • Fairly desensitized to most death, since as a cleric she's surrounded by it all the time (but she can get very upset over a death she thinks she could have prevented; see fears)
  • Feels uncomfortable and out of harmony with nature if she wears long sleeves, pants, or fully enclosed shoes (like boots) longer than a couple hours
  • Places such an extreme value on freedom that she can border on seeking anarchy, but tends to be law-abiding anyway by happenstance since most of her moral compass lines up with the laws
  • Rather detached about the Arkati and lesser spirits, as clerics go, except for Tilamaire and Cholen due to the story of how the former ascended by acquiring power from the latter; however, she has passing respect for Cholen, Kai, V'tull, Onar, Imaera, Tonis, and Leya just going by baseline knowledge that most anyone would have about them, along with an ongoing simultaneous fascination with The Huntress and a fear that one day she might follow that path
  • Romanticizes the heroism of knights as they're presented in plays, but pragmatically thinks spies are more important for protecting the innocent
  • Tends to brush off praise and criticism alike
  • Too impatient and full of energy to study magic and magical items in a traditional academic way, but is blessed by Tilamaire with an ability to hear and adapt to the inner musical harmony of magic around her, essentially allowing her to develop her talent and magical strength in a passive and subconscious way; her always-ongoing learning has led her to great magical power for her young age, giving off the impression of a prodigy
  • Willing and eager to throw herself into nearly any dangerous plan that poses risk of her being killed or seriously hurt, but straight-laced about refusing to do anything that will definitely hurt even slightly, like getting a piercing or tattoo


Mechanical Musings

Character and Gear Choices

  • Ascension Considerations: Various calculations and theorycrafting on optimizing gains through Ascension.
  • Ascension Progression: How I've been progressing in Ascension with each of my characters and why.
  • Combat Maneuver Choices: What I selected as the combat maneuvers for each of my characters and why.
  • Pre-Ascension Stopping Points: What I settled on, and why I settled on it, as the right stopping point for each of my characters before committing to exp gain going 100% into Ascension without ever looking back. In most cases, these stopping points haven't been reached yet and are a long way off.
  • Project Gear: Wildly outdated information that I need to clean up and revisit at some point.

Miscellaneous Topics

Artisan skills

In the skill of forging - crafting, you are a master with 500 ranks.
In the skill of forging - one handed edged, you are a master with 500 ranks.
In the skill of forging - pole arms, you are a master with 500 ranks.
In the skill of forging - brawling weapons, you are a master with 500 ranks.
In the skill of cobbling, you are a master with 500 ranks.


Your current skill level in woodwind instruments is Apprentice.
Your current skill level in necked stringed instruments is Apprentice.
Your current skill level in stringed instruments is Apprentice.
Your current skill level in percussion instruments is Apprentice.
Your current skill level in horn-type instruments is Apprentice.

Guild skills

You are Guild Master of the Cleric Guild.
You are a Master of General Alchemy.
You are a Master of Alchemic Potions.
You are a Master of Alchemic Trinkets.