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Use Armor
Bonus +0
ST/DU -10/-50
Rarity Very Common
Weight Modifier 100%
Dyeable Yes

Made from the skin or hide of animals and cured by tanning to prevent decay and to impart flexibility and toughness, leather armors have been utilized since virtually the dawn of history. Other uses for leather include boots, garments, coverings, tents, and containers. Pelts are prepared for tanning by scraping and cleaning. After tanning, leather is generally treated with fats to assure pliability. While not as strong as metal armors, leather armor grants much freedom of movement and comfort to the wearer, which is sometimes a necessity in lifestyles that demand agility, stealth and (more often than some would like you to believe) beating a hasty retreat.

Note: The official materials guide showed a defensive bonus of -5. In practice, all non-enchanted leather armors should have a +0 bonus.