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The Leatherworking Tool is used to customize leather cobbling uppers.


You analyze the metal-clad box and sense that the creator has provided the following information:
******** Leatherworking Tool for Cobbling Uppers ********
The metal-clad box will allow you to put a leather cobbling upper inside and choose a design to be applied to it via TURN.  PUSH to transfer the design onto the uppers.

** Alterations **
- The metal-clad box can be altered by any merchant, but it should remain some sort of box that has mechanical parts.
- Cobbling merchants can add up to 3 custom tool settings that will transfer to the adjective field of the cobbling upper.  It cannot exceed 15 characters and must indicate the design is tooled, embossed, carved, or similar.
- Cobbling merchants can recharge the box (max is 50 charges).  Alternatively, you can LOAD an adequately valued sapphire (500+ silvers) into your metal-clad box to add a charge.

The metal-clad box currently has 20 charges.

Custom Design Descriptions:
 Custom Design Setting 1: Not Set
 Custom Design Setting 2: Not Set
 Custom Design Setting 3: Not Set

Current design selected: moon-stamped


Verb First Third
PUSH If you continue, the design of your doeskin will be permanently changed.

[Please use this command again within 30 seconds to CONFIRM.]

You push a lever on the side of your metal-clad box. Inside, a leatherworking tool moves slowly back and forth across the surface of the upper, creating the selected design. Roundtime: 15 sec.

XXX pushes a lever on the side of her metal-clad box. She stares at the box expectantly for a few moments.
TURN You turn a dial on the side of your metal-clad box to choose a style and set it for "heart-stamped."
OPEN You open a sleek metal-clad box. XXX just opened a sleek metal-clad box.
CLOSE You close a sleek metal-clad box. XXX just closed a sleek metal-clad box.
PUT You place a square of doeskin inside your metal-clad box, pull the doeskin taut to remove any wrinkles, and secure it firmly in place. XXX places a square of doeskin inside her metal-clad box.
GET You remove a square of tree-carved doeskin from in your metal-clad box. XXX removes a square of tree-carved doeskin from in her metal-clad box.

The Leatherworking Tool has the following design options:

scale-carved plume-embossed rose-pressed monogrammed
star-punched rune-inscribed leaf-patterned heart-stamped
peacock-tooled lace-embossed flame-branded tree-carved
blossom-pressed diamond-punched horn-inscribed bark-patterned
knotwork-tooled moon-stamped vine-tooled symbol-branded

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Leatherworking Tool Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Miscellaneous
Item(s) Applied to Box
Alterable Yes
Customizable Yes
Custom Print settings #1-3
Original Release Venue Ebon Gate
Original Release Year 2022
Corresponding Item Scripts Cobbling
Restrictions Must remain some sort of box that has mechanical parts.
Item Verbs