Legendary cudgels

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a massive troll thighbone cudgel


+12. Flares healing vials. Takes 5 ranks of Magic Item Use to use. Vials decay after a few days.

Lore Song

As the pitch of your voice finds the heart of the cudgel a vision slowly forms before you.

A dark-robed figure, face hidden in the cowls of his robe, stands atop a mountain. Ominous clouds form in the sky as he chants over a dark granite slab.

As you continue to coax the song from the troll thighbone cudgel, the vision returns of the dark figure.

The vision slowly begins to focus in on the figure and its ministrations over the slab. As the vision zooms in, you notice the weapon gleaming with the flashes of lightning as the figure chants softly over the cudgel.

As your voice dares the cudgel to tell you more, you see the figure reach past the slab and lift the form of a small elven baby in his hands.

Its visage is partly revealed as his lips turn up in a sinister grin. From one sleeve of his dark robe he produces a shimmering ceremonial dagger. You watch as the grizzly scene unfolds before you..

Your voice coaxes another grim verse from the troll thighbone cudgel.

The figure slowly lowers the dagger to the elven baby and makes two precise cuts along each wrist. The figure then raises the crying body above the slab, chanting as guides the droplets of lifeblood along the cudgel. As the light slowly dies from the baby's eyes, the cudgel seems to glow with a life of it's own. Exhausted, the figure idly tosses the baby's body to the side and leans over his creation...

a tooth-studded oaken cudgel


Per the seller's post in 1999: "2x enchanted and assesses as heavily crit weighted" and purporting to be from one of the GM Auctions after the move to the web.


Assorted teeth stick out from this implement of bashing...and some of them look as if they've been forcibly implanted while they were still in someone or something's mouth. Bits of tooth, splinters of wood, and spatters of dried blood all over the club's surface make this weapon nothing less than clearly and optimally functional. You also notice a small enchanter's mark.