Leianas Adventures

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Leiana’s Adventures (2018 - ONGOING)

June 2018

Leiana finds a treasure map to a hidden area beneath the Colossus in the Landing. She and adventurers join up and go explore a hidden crevice beneath the status, finding an enruned book that they brought back to Liel of the Landing Mage's Guild to identify. He offered to purchase it from her in exchange for services rendered to all those who participated in the finding of the book.

September 2018

Leiana and several others go to the brawling tavern in IMT to drink and test out brawling skills and one of the bartenders asks them to seek out a necklace in a neighborhood nearby. Upon locating the necklace, they are approached by several tree sprites who offer them access to their world in exchange for considering giving them the necklace. Adventurers are shrunk down to sprite size and give wings, allowing them to interact with the village and meet the sprite Queen who convinces them the necklace is hers and was stolen by humans. Upon giving back the necklace, they are given boons as rewards and return to their normal lives.

November 2018

Liel provides Leiana with a map to an artifact location in Mist Harbor as a contract for the Mage's Guild. Upon arrival, Leiana and adventurers locate the artifact (a conch shell) near the tidal pools on the Saewehna Jungle shoreline and it transports them to a seemingly abandoned ship where they face traps and puzzles to escape. After escaping the ship, they give the artifact to Liel and are given boons in exchange. It is later found out that the artifact is defunct and was placed there as a lure to Leiana and players to test their treasure hunting skills. Captain Arcimedes, the one who laid the trap, visits in December to relay this information and offer an alliance. After some discussion, Leiana agrees to return the artifact. without burning her relationship with the Mages Guild.