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Leinfors Sulras is a wizard Elf from the House of Vaalor. Like all the mainstream members of his society, he spent a century in the military service of the King, but after completion of this, left Vaalor to study the magical arts. This itself took over a century as well, but he finally returned to Vaalor, having completed his studies, to begin being a productive member of society.

Within mere weeks of his return, he met with the commander of the Vaalorian militia, the Crimson Ravens, and joined their number. Eventually he was promoted to an officer within their ranks, and is now serving in that respect.

Because of his time spent in the military, Leinfors is very in touch with the ways of weaponry, and as such, carries no less than three swords and a shield on him at all times. He is extremely physically fit for a wizard, and prides himself on being what he believes to be a elegant mix of a soldier and a mage. As far as wizardly matters are concerned, he is attuned to fire, and has themed his attire in such a manner, going so far as to purchase a fire flaring sword to complement his fire magic.

Leinfors is extremely racist against those who are not pure Elves or Sylvans. He believes that sylvans are elves who picked a different, if perhaps primitive, lifestyle, and he can respect that. He has no respect however for Dhe'nar or Faendryl, let alone the other races of Elanthia, which disgust him. However, as far as dealing with other Elves and Sylvans, Leinfors is incredibly polite and courteous, and goes out of his way to serve them in whatever means he can.

In recent months, Leinfors has been seen accompanied by a loud, female fire wyrdling named Carleone. She is extremely inquisitive, and not terribly intelligent. This often leads to Leinfors getting extremely annoyed with her and depriving her of drinking priveledges.