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Lich:Lich guide for new and returning players by Lochlaine is a third party script and is not maintained by Simutronics. Simutronics is not responsible for the accuracy of the information presented on this page, nor is it liable for issues stemming from the use of the application on players' personal devices.

I'm a recently returned player after many years, and for someone with no background in computers, getting into Lich was a steep learning curve. So, I made this guide for new and returning players to help them access the game. My hope is that you'll send this to your friends who are just getting into the game, or returning after a long break, to ease their transition. More players means more fun for everyone.

Reactivate your account from the website.

[1] < link

Go here and download the Lich installer from the blue box:

[2] <--- Lich installer link

While it's installing, several black DOS-like windows will open. Just let them all run until they automatically close. When they're all done, look for the "lich" folder (check your downloads, documents, or desktop folder). There's a file in there just called "lich", which is a .rbw file. That's what you'll use to log into the game each time. Now that you're in the game, let's set up your Lich.

Through this guide, I use bold to denote text you'll type into the game.

Lich has some hidden settings which many scripts use, so let's set those up first.

You can find the list by typing ;vars list. You can change them by typing, for example: ;vars set lootsack=cloak. Now your cloak is your default lootsack, where other scripts will dump your spoils. I recommend setting all of them before proceeding to the scripts below.

Useful Scripts:

As for my suggestions of helpful scripts: I've included an example of how to use each one, and ordered them by what's most useful as you're getting started. To download a script, type ;repo download scriptname.

uberbar - Gives you some compact health, mana, and stamina bars.

Suggestion: ;autostart add uberbar (to make this script start whenever you log in)

keepalive - Prevents you from being automatically logged out.

Suggestion: ;autostart add keepalive (to make this script start whenever you log in)

map - Opens up a minimap. You can click on the squares to travel to them. You can also right-click them for more options. Also tells you the number of the room you're in, which yu need for other scripts.

Suggestion: If you get an error that your maps aren't found, type ;repo download-mapdb

auto-level - Gets you to level 3.
ebestiary - Lets you look up critters.

Example: ;ebestiary level 17-20

qrs - Look up where critters live. I first search with bestiary, then I use ;qrs to look up what I find.

Example: ;qrs troll

ewaggle - This automatically casts all of your defensive spells on yourself. You can also use it to spell up other people.

Example: ;ewaggle setup

eherbs - Can't find a healer? This automatically buys the herbs you need and uses them.
bundleall - Bundles everything in your lootsack.

Example: ;bundleall

foreach - Lets you move all your gems from your cloak to your sack, or all your herbs from your backpack to your cloak, etc.

Example: ;foreach gem in my cloak;move to my sack

gems2deeds - Appraises all the gems in a container, calculates how to use them for deeds most efficiently, and does so. Only works in Wehnimer's Landing. Early on, I recommend saving all your gems and periodically dumping them here.

Example: ;gems2deeds sack

elogin - Allows you to login other characters from within the game. Setup is easy
(1) ;trust login, (2) ;login set realm prime.

Example: ;elogin Lochlaine

armor - Useful tables for how much armor training you need. Note that you may want to look at the MAN (maneuver) column all the way on the left, rather than your class column.

Suggestion: ;armor popup to bring up a pop-up screen of the tables.

sorter - Sorts the view of your containers.

Suggestion: ;autostart add sorter

alchemy - If you're trying to master alchemy for a guild, this script can do it all, including foraging!

Suggestion: ;alchemy make tkaro root x10 (will find the best rooms to forage for tkaro root and keep foraging until you have 10)

;alchemy help for a list of the many more things this script can do

Complicated but incredibly helpful scripts

These have UIs to set them up, and they have their own guides on the Wiki:

Key Websites:

Searchable playershops:

Gemstone IV Discord: (GMs make announcements here sometimes - good to keep an eye on)

You're already using the wiki ;-)

How to purchase things from shops anywhere in-game and have them delivered to you

You can also purchase a player-shop item from anywhere by using these commands:





Lich chat

Lich has an chat function built-in, which has superceded the old amulet network in terms of communications market share in Elanthia. There are several channels available, and you can see the chats on any of them by doing ;tune [channel] and stop seeing the chats with ;untune [channel]. You can also stop seeing chats from any individual person by doing ;lnet ignore [name] or ;lnet unignore [name]. Each chat has its own purpose, moderators, and rules. Here are a list of some of the most popular channels:

1. HELP channel - This channel is for asking for help and giving help. Please don't use this channel for any other purpose. Sarcasm and mocking are especially unwelcome here. The channel is moderated - continuing to use the channel for non-help purposes sometimes gets a temporary ban. Because of this moderation, it really is the best channel for asking questions about the game.

2. MERCHANT channel - This channel is for buying or selling things or advertising shops, etc.

3. TOWNCRIER channel - This channel sends out periodic reminders about things that are happening. If you're interested in RP events, merchants, alterers, invasions, player-run events, or anything else that might be happening in-game, this channel is going to give you the best reminders.

4. LNET channel - The most popular pure 'chat' channel - but be warned, the LNET channel is unmoderated and there are a great many trolls. It's a good idea to use ;lnet ignore [name] often if you don't want to hear the bad stuff while you're tuned to the lnet channel.

I hope someone finds this helpful. Please feel free to post if you find any errors or have other comments or suggestions. And welcome, or welcome back!