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Adapted from a Player's Corner post by Methais 3 July 2010


Originally Posted by Lumi
I'm unfamiliar with this item. Describe, por favor?


Originally Posted by Inspire
If you've been around for so long you would know that the bag would auto-hide you, anywhere.

It does a lot more than that. If you weren't just pretending to be smart, you'd know this.

Beltworn, holds 170, lockable by TURNing it while closed.

Hold it in your hand and WAVE it and it will auto-hide you in any room, even rooms that can't normally be hidden in, with a really nifty first and third person script.

Will eat any item(s) inside the bag if RUBbed while locked. For every 20 or so items it eats, it produces a piece of randomly described lint (a piece of smelly gold lint, a piece of soft grey lint, etc.) that when LOOKed at, would tell you random stuff that it looks like, such as "It looks like an albatross, or perhaps a doorknob." If you wanted to mass produce lint, just have it keep eating stuff until there were 20 pieces of lint inside, then every time you rub it it'll produce a new piece of lint, since the lint is the only item that won't get eaten by the bag,

When you POKE the lint, the random shapes that it "looks like" would change.

The only way it would be useful in hunting is if you're an ambusher that either doesn't need a shield in their left hand or doesn't need it empty, which pretty much rules everybody out.

Was still the most fun item I've ever owned. Then I went and traded it for a cross-realm teleport staff that I got bored with, then I said fuck it and liquidated everything after Krovax sold it to Tsin. Tsin tried to sell it on the officials as THE ULTIMATE AMBUSHER'S DREAM ITEM, then got pissed off at me and cried forever because I wouldn't delete the post informing everyone of how Tsin is full of shit and that it's overall useless for hunting.

The description was "a black silk bag" and had some show that I don't remember. There was also a golden one owned by Reife, and a white one owned by Fisdan. I wanna say they came from the original Foehn's Promise, the one they charged $75 for.

Anyone know how to get ahold of Reife these days?