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Lip gloss or, lipbalm, was first introduced at Ebon Gate 2014 in the shop Pucker Up with an off-the-shelf limit of 10 uses. Adventurers have been able to customize flavors and a small handful of unlimited use ones have been raffled off. KISS and SMOOCH offer additional interactions based on demeanor (initiated and viewable via third party only). It will wear off automatically after 30 minutes.


The creator has also provided the following information:

The honey vanilla lipbalm interacts with WEAR/REMOVE, KISS, SMOOCH, LICK, and SMELL.  The adjective must be the flavor of the lipbalm.  The noun must remain lipgloss, lipbalm, or some variation to keep the essence of the item intact.  The lipbalm lasts 30 minutes per application.


Style First Third
WEAR You dab your finger into your honey vanilla lipbalm and apply a bit to your lips. XXX dabs her finger into her honey vanilla lipbalm and applies a bit to her lips.
REMOVE You wipe some honey vanilla lipbalm from your lips. XXX wipes some honey vanilla lipbalm from her lips.
KISS You rub your lips together, smoothing the lipbalm evenly over them and tasting the slightest hint of honey vanilla. XXX rubs her lips together, momentarily smacking them.
XXX kisses you. You kiss XXX. Is that honey vanilla you taste?
XXX kisses you tenderly. You give XXX a tender kiss that leaves you tasting a hint of honey vanilla flavor.
XXX kisses you, his lips lingering on yours. You give XXX a lingering kiss. Her lips taste of honey vanilla as they touch yours.
SMOOCH You bite your lower lip, tasting the distinct flavor of honey vanilla. XXX bites her lower lip.
XXX gives you a quick little smooch. You give XXX a quick little smooch. Is that honey vanilla you taste?
XXX smooches you on the cheek. You give XXX a friendly smooch that leaves you tasting a hint of honey vanilla flavor.
XXX turns to give you a quick smooch, and you tilt your head slightly, giving him a warm buss on the lips. You give XXX an affectionate smooch and she smooches you right back, leaving you with the taste of honey vanilla on your lips.
LICK You lick your lips, tasting the distinct flavor of honey vanilla. XXX licks her lips.
You detect a faint honey vanilla scent from the lipbalm. XXX holds some honey vanilla lipbalm to her nose and takes a sniff.

Additional Information

Wear Off Messaging

The honey vanilla flavor fades from your lips as the lipbalm wears off!

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Lip gloss Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Miscellaneous
Item(s) Applied to Lip gloss
Alterable Yes
Light/Deep No
Customizable Yes
Custom Flavor
Original Release Venue Ebon Gate 2014
Demeanor-based Yes
Restrictions Adjective must be a flavor
Noun must retain essence of lipbalm