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The LICK verb is a roleplaying verb that allows characters to try licking people and things.


>lick help

    LICK                            - Sticks your tongue out
    LICK {target}                   - Licks a target
    LICK SNOW                       - Try to catch a snowflake on your tongue!
    LICK LIPS                       - Lick your lips!
    LICK SET [option]               - Shows or sets the LICK verb options available.

Verb Info

Verb information for verb "LICK"
People targets:
  BOTH PEOPLE LYING DOWN - You pull (target) close and kiss him/her
                           deeply with desire.
  OTHER                  - You taunt (target) with a rude suggestion
                           and he/she chuckles at you.
  BOTH PEOPLE LYING DOWN - You curl up next to (target),
                           fitting yourself against the curve of
                           his/her body as you kiss him/her deeply.
    FIRST PERSON         - You nibble softly on (targets) ear.
    THIRD PERSON         - Person leans close to (target) and whispers
                           something in his/her ear. 
  BOTH PEOPLE LYING DOWN - You kiss (target) deeply.
    COLD DEMEANOR        - You stick your tongue out at (target),
                           but retract it quickly under his/her
                           cold scrutiny.
    RESERVED DEMEANOR    - You stick your tongue out at (target),
                           bringing it back in at his/her lack of
    NEUTRAL DEMEANOR     - You make a rude suggestion to (target)
                           and receive a firm punch for it.
    FRIENDLY DEMEANOR    - You give (target) a lick!
    WARM DEMEANOR        - You lean over and lick (targets) cheek
  DEAD TARGET            - You lean over and lick (targets) face.
                           Yuck, she/he's dead!
  IMMOBILE TARGET        - You give (target) a good lick across the
                           cheek, and there's nothing he/she can do
                           about it!

Self target:
  FIRST PERSON           - You must be an incredible contortionist.
  OTHERS                 - Oddly, you see Person attempting to lick herself.

Object targets:
  HELD OBJECT            - You lick your (object).
  OTHER OBJECTS          - You stick your tongue out at (object).

Creature targets:
  You stick your tongue out at (creature).

NOTE:  ONLY first person messaging is listed unless it differs substantially from other versions.  Wedding messaging will only work with your spouse, all other targets default to standard messaging.  Messaging without an option shown applies to all options.  Special scripts and areas may override listed messaging.


Sample LICK output
>lick hutch
You stick your tongue out at a long hutch.
>lick jar
You lick the specimen jar in your hand.