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Also known as Frazerarg’s lizards, these attuned pets cannot be sold or in any way transferred to another character than the one they are attuned to. Typically they are worn, weighing in at a severe 9 pounds (newer ones at 5 pounds). If you remove them, they can be placed in a locker for safekeeping.

These lizards require live crickets or they will slip into a coma and possibly die. Crickets can be obtained via the Wizened Gnome in Solhaven.

Ambient Scripts

You feel your lizard slowly edging closer to your cheek. Uncertain what the little rascal is up to (and not trusting its motives for an instant), you turn your head and glance at it. The lizard is staring intently at you. It does nothing for a moment, than leans over and rubs its little head against your chin with obvious affection. You feel yourself trying not to grin, even though you know in your heart that the scamp was probably going to try something like climbing your face.

Your lizard breaks into a furious dance, bobbing and hopping around like it has lost its senses! You scratch it behind its neck, and finally get the lizard to simmer down.

Your lizard begins to work its way down your chest, eyeing something on the ground it wants. You gently herd it back up to your shoulder with your hand. On the way past your chin, it gives you a little nip, just to let you know that it doesn't entirely agree with your intervention.

Your lizard fidgets, bobbing from side to side and clicking its jaws.

Your lizard scampers across your shoulders, obviously deciding the view is better from your other side.

Your lizard sways side to side, blinking stoically. Suddenly you feel its little claws dig into your shoulder as it notices something of interest ahead. Although you glance in the general direction toward which it's staring, you don't notice anything that would cause its reaction. But then, when did that ever stop the little scamp?

Your lizard suddenly begins whining and hissing. You feel it erupt into a flurry of movement on your shoulder! Its tail smacks you several times on the side of your head. Wincing at the blows, you try to quiet the lizard by patting it reassuringly. Then you notice what caused the creature's agitation. A small black fly is winging away into the distance. The lizard follows the insect's progress, a wistful expression in its eyes.

Your lizard makes a little clicking sound as it smacks its jaws open and closed. You then notice it is watching a fly buzzing around a few feet away. Observant little critter!

Your lizard nips at the air. Whether it has glimpsed a gnat or has succumbed to a case of wishful thinking is uncertain.

Your lizard suddenly hisses at something. When you glance at it to find out what startled it, you see the lizard gazing steadily at you. It obviously has decided you are not paying it enough attention.


PET 1: As you pet your lizard, the little creature nuzzles your hand in response.

PET 2: You stroke your lizard behind its little eye ridges, and the creature hums contentedly. Then, just to show you how much it cares, the lizard turns its head and gives your finger an affectionate bite.

PET 3: As you scratch your lizard behind its head, it closes its eyes and huffs in delight.

TICKLE 1: As you reach up and tickle your lizard, the little creature rears back on its hind legs and bats playfully at your fingers. It coos in delight and finally tackles your hand, gnawing gently and growling like a tiny bear.

TICKLE 2: As you reach up and tickle your lizard, the little creature bats playfully at your fingers with its front feet.

TICKLE 3: As you reach up and tickle your lizard, the creature scampers up on top your head, effectively eluding your fingers. You manage to shoo it back down to your shoulder, getting a thump upside your head from its tail in the process. The lizard seems to have a smug look on its face once it settles back down.

RUB (sleep): As you stroke your lizard, its eyes slowly close and it drifts off to sleep.
RUB (wake): As you stroke your lizard, its eyes pop open and it begins to give off little huffs of pleasure.

REMOVE: You lift your hand to remove your lizard from your shoulder. The scamp begins to dash back and forth across your shoulders in a favorite game -- the lizard's favorite, not yours. You finally corral it against your neck and lift the lizard gently, though it squirms and huffs in protest. Spoiled little beggar!

WEAR: You carefully place your lizard on your shoulder, making sure that it is balanced and comfortable. The lizard gives a hum of contentment, apparently happy at being out of confinement.


SHOW CRICKET TO LIZARD: A lizard sees your cricket and freezes, its eyes locked on the cricket. The very tip of the lizard's tail twitches, and it emits a soft huff of excitement. Suddenly, the lizard lunges forward, grasps the cricket in its jaws and gulps it down!

DO NOT SHOW THE CRICKET BOX TO YOUR LIZARD! It will eat the entire box, and you'll need to buy another.

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