Grand Auction of 5123

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The Grand Auction of 5123 (2023) will be held on Sunday, March 26th in Prime and Platinum at 7pm ET. Location will be a Warehouse in the Wedding Glade outside of Wehnimer's Landing (from North Gate: go NW S GO PATH GO ARCH GO WAREHOUSE).


Attendees need to have all the silver and/or notes on their character at the time of BIDding. Notes could be from any bank anywhere in the lands. The bidding mechanics validated the silvers on a character on entry of the BID [amount] command. Coin hands, pouches, banks, gambling kits, and any other silver storing item did not get accounted for when checking silver amounts.


Participants were limited to winning 1 item during the March Grand Auction. Passing silvers was disabled game-wide for the duration of the auction.

Item Detail Release


The items posted about below are teasers. There will not be detailed listings of items before the event.


Item details display by using the EVENT command. You could also INSPECT and ANALYZE items on the podium.