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Claspable/Lockable Noun List Update

Category: Rogues
Topic: Lock Mastery
Message #: 427
Author: GS4-IXIX
Date: 05/07/2017
Subject: Clasping/Locking Update

Hi everybody,

The list of containers that can have a lock added to them has been updated (which, in turn, has updated the list of containers that can only be clasped). The following nouns can have a clasp and lock added to them now (many of these were already on the list, but a bunch of them could only be clasped before):

atanika, ataniki, backpack, bag, bankbook, basket, book, burnoose, cape, capelet, carryall, case, casket, cloak, coat, doublet, folio, greatcloak, handbag, harness, haversack, hip-basket, hip-satchel, jacket, kit, knapsack, longcloak, longcoat, manifest, mantle, musette, over-gown, overrobe, pack, pelisse, pocketbook, pouch, prayerbook, purse, quiver, register, reliquary, reticule, robe, robes, rucksack, sack, saddlebag, satchel, shroud, songbook, sporran, tome, tome, toolkit, tube, valise, vestment

These following nouns can only be clasped (because they are too thin or small to reasonably support any sort of lock):

neckpouch, waistcoat, shrug

And for completeness, the following nouns can only have a lock added (no changes here):

box, chest, coffer, strongbox, trunk