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A login bridge is a login reward that allows a player to skip logging in for one or more days while still keeping a character's login streak intact. Login bridges must be set up via the BOOST (verb) before a character misses their daily log in and cannot be applied retroactively.

Players use the BOOST BRIDGE MIN command to specify at what point in their login streak they want to begin using their login bridges. Some players may not want to use up the scarce login bridges until they have reached a certain number of days in their streak.

The BOOST BRIDGE MAX command is used to specify the maximum number of login bridges a player is willing to expend in a row. The default setting for maximum bridges is 0, which means that until a player sets a different max, login bridges will not be expended.

Login bridges are rewarded on the 13th and 24th days of Login Rewards, are available in the SimuCoins Store for 250 SCs for a pack of 5, and are available in-game as a stability contract, which is sometimes a minor prize at paid events.