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A long description allows for added customization to items that is visible upon LOOKing at a character and in some messaging. This field is separate from the item's base description, although it incorporates at least the item's noun and possibly other portions of the base description as well.

Long descriptions are not limited to the 15/15/15 rule of the base description, and generally contain slightly more detail. Long descriptions do not have to take the format of 15/15/15 followed by a long description, but can instead be around 60 characters or 12 words in any order.

Note: Some people call the long description a tap description, but since the base description is also called this at times, it can be confusing.


Example 1
Field Description Example
Base Description a fullered/mithril short/sword
Long Description
(15/15/15 + Long)
a fullered/mithril short/sword hilt-wrapped with thick leather
Long Description
(No 15/15/15, words on both sides of the noun)
a slim onyx fullered mithril short sword hilt-wrapped with leather
Long Description
(No 15/15/15, ends with the noun)
a thorn-etched onyx fullered mithril short sword
Long Description
(Only incorporates the weapon base)
a thorn-etched slim onyx short sword hilt-wrapped with leather

Additional Information

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