Lost grey mule

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A lost grey mule is a wandering NPC in Kharam Dzu on Teras Isle. It typically roams the east side of town.


The mule is your typical mule. Neither remarkable nor unremarkable.


A mule wanders in, surveying the area with a bored expression.

A mule bites at some bothersome bug.

A mule bellows in complaint about the lack of tasty grass.

A mule lets out a terrible bray.

A mule looks about suspiciously.

A mule looks up at the sky briefly, then lowers his head.

A mule raises his head and sniffs at the air, then lets out a loud, very wet sneeze.

A mule roots around the ground, but only sneezes.

A mule roots around the ground looking for tasty morsels of grass.

A mule scrapes a hoof along the ground.

A mule slowly observes the area with its deep brown eyes, then goes back to ignoring pretty much everything.

A mule snuffles a bit, its lips turning upward in what is almost a smile.

A mule suddenly kicks its hind legs into the air, then turns in a circle, apparently startled.

A mule uses his short tail to swat some flies away.

A mule wanders north, looking rather glum.