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Lyturhuum is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.

Norallen's Tales: Lyturhuum

A human storyteller, known as Norallen, has traveled extensively collecting tales; he has spent the last several years documenting tales and stories of the kindred in the north, staying in their forts, drinking in their gatherhalls, and learning from their skalds and scholars. Here is but one example of information collected by Norallen over the years.


Lyturhuum (lit-er-yoom) is a ram's horn skullcap worn by khuzdulym to help them communicate with the dead.


Among the Wsalamir, a tradition arose ages ago that has since spread throughout the Giantkin clans to varied degrees. This is the use of a ram's horn headdress, known as a "lyturhuurn", to aid the seers in hearing the voices of the spirits who have gone on before. While the surface of the skullcap may be covered by whatever skin, scales, or feathers the particular practitioner or tribe favors, the attachment of a pair of curled ram's horns is considered crucial to the effectiveness of the headgear, and the more extensive the spirals the better. Because of this, a seer's standing can often be recognized simply by the magnificence of the horns upon his or her headdress, although in general both the quality of the skullcap's covering and the length of the headdress's trailer also provide an indication of the medium's relative station.


The term "lyturhuurn" can be used to describe any skullcap that is spiraling ram's horns on it, the more grand the better.


Depending on the region, the skullcap can be attached to either metal or leather. Frequently, those of the Wsalmir will leave the ram's head in place and allow the fleece to drape across the back as pelt. Among the T'Kirem, the tradition is to keep the hide of the ram but to repurpose the fleece. The Issimir will attach the horns to a bronze helm edged in eahnor, while the Grot'karesh dip the horns in zorchar.

It is important to note that the ram in question is never of the breed known as rakka, for their horns do not twist into an appropriate spiral.

General Restrictions

The lyturhuum must always be constructed on a head-worn item and have spiraled horns attached to it.

OOC Information/Notes

  • Created by GM Mikos.
  • Released by GM Thandiwe.
  • Item Coded for Kindred Games in 2023 by GM Thandiwe.