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MYCHAR is a verb used during roleplay events to tell GameMasters more about your character's background or thoughts about the event.

You'll have to be more elaborate.

The MYCHAR verb will allow you to express to GameMasters details about your character.  This information will be seen by GMs only.
It works just like the ACTION verb.  Some examples are:

   MYCHAR is terrified of snakes and would not willingly enter this snakepit.
   MYCHAR would never put an axe to a tree.
   MYCHAR 's lust for battle interferes with the need for calm thinking at this time.

There is also a THINKS option which will let the GMs see what your character is thinking.  Some examples are:

   MYCHAR THINKS Why in the world did I join this loony sorcerer?
   MYCHAR THINKS I wonder if that moving company clerk is single...
   MYCHAR THINKS Dwarves are such dunderheads!