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Category: Hunting and Combat
Topic: Ta'Illistim Hunting Areas
Message #: 98
Author: BAICYD
Date: 08/28/2011 04:47 PM CEST
Subject: Re: Maaghara Tower

I took my ambusher through there. It is an ambusher paradise, frankly.

The goleras are quick. Watch the spells, but they are squishy enough. Moulis are easy, just watch out limbing them. That will cause a moulis scraping to appear and grow into another target. The scrapings are real weak though. Then those undead shricken (decent perception, but they found me less than 1 in 10 searches). Only annoying cause they are undead. It will take one or two hunts to get your timing down, but once you do... should be just fine.

The boxes are pretty tough, though. Treasure pull is pretty good. Finding the exit can be annoying at times.