Machtig (prime)

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Drawing by Machtig in pen and ink
Race Human
Class warrior
Profession swordsman, explorer, cartographer, treasure hunter, blacksmith
Religion nihilist
Disposition friendly
Flaw stupid,lazy
Greatest Strength good with a sword
Hobbies smoking pipeweed and debating combat tactics with Weyrs and Casinoe
Likes turtles,swords,food,treasure

Meet Machtig, a man who proves that even in the world of swordplay and high-seas adventure, life is a long-winded joke. Machtig is a rugged sword master whose skin is a living storyboard of "been there, done that". His fashion choice? A dark poncho-style shroud – because nothing says ‘mystery’ like looking like an enigmatic gardener. And let's not forget those casual black pants and dark leather boots – the ultimate blend of ‘I’m ready for adventure’ and ‘I might just stroll to the nearest tavern’.

Our hero's backstory is as colorful as his attire. Once a pirate, Machtig sailed the high seas, living a life filled with moral ambiguity and probably too much rum. After hanging up his pirate hat (figuratively, since he prefers hoods), he ventured into the glamorous world of mercenary work, because why settle for one morally dubious career when you can have two? Now, he’s a jack-of-all-trades – from map-making to treasure hunting – because why commit to one job when you can dabble in them all?

Philosophically, Machtig is a bit of a nihilist, probably from all that sea air and sword fighting. He’s the guy pondering life's big questions with a pipe of smokeweed in hand. His past careers have taught him the fine arts of skepticism, realism, and the importance of being able to laugh at the absurdity of life.

Skill-wise, Machtig’s a bit of an overachiever. He’s not just good with a sword; he’s a veritable human Swiss Army knife of weaponry. His collection includes the Turtle Sword (because nothing says ‘fear me’ like a turtle skull), a Dark Runic Katana (for those days when you need a bit of edge), a High-Steel Kukri (the multi-tool of swords), and an Ancient Claidhmore which he claims is the best in the world (compensation, anyone?).

Personality-wise, Machtig is an enigma wrapped in a riddle tied up with a cynical bow. He’s the kind of guy who will engage in a philosophical debate in one breath and challenge you to a duel in the next. Underneath his tough, world-weary exterior, he’s just a wanderer searching for his place in the world, one stupid adventure at a time.

In essence, Machtig is the living embodiment of the phrase "expect the unexpected" – a paradoxical blend of humor, skill, and a touch of existential dread. He’s the friendly neighborhood swordsman who’s just as likely to save the day as he is to question why the day needed saving in the first place.