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Category: Sorcerers
Topic: Sorcerer Spells
Message #: 2686
Author: GS4-ESTILD
Date: 07/12/2015 03:41 PM EDT
Subject: HSN: Mana Disruption (702) Update!

Let's get this party started...

Mana Disruption (702) has been updated with several new revisions and enhancements. First, the spell's previous hidden damage is now visible to tell you exactly how much damage you've dealt. Second, we've removed the creature specific range checks. The spell hasn't been Touch of Disruption for a long time now, so there was little reason to keep that component when almost all other attack spells were not subject to it. Affected creatures include: tree and forest vipers, bats, storm and war griffins, aivren, and Ithzir with their sonic boom event. Lastly, the spell now has a chance to temporarily disable an enhancement spell on a target for 15 seconds. Using the caster's Spirit and Elemental Mana Controls (with the higher of the two counting all ranks and the lesser counting half ranks), it uses a seed 1 summation to determine the % chance to disrupt a spell. If successful, it will randomly select a spell from the target based upon the caster's MC skills. Specifically, if the caster has higher SMC, it will attempt to randomly select a spiritual spell first, or if EMC is higher, an elemental spell. If they are equal, it will randomly select one type. If that type of spell is not found on the target, it will try the other type. The highest level of spell that can be affected is determined by the caster's relevant (SMC or EMC ranks / 5). e.g. it requires 95 ranks of Spirit Mana Control to temporarily disrupt Spell Shield (219).

An interesting fact: Mana Disruption is the most often cast spell in the game. In the last week alone, it has been cast 176,052 times - once every 3.4 seconds.

GameMaster Estild