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There are many several different types of bread that can be created for each race that are unique in both visual description and flavor messaging. Half-Elves will be able to create bread types based upon their culture, or humans, if no culture is selected.

PREParing and CASTing the spell will randomly generate one of the available options. A specific type can be SUMMONed (target the first non-article word in the list that SUMMON brings up. For example, if you want to summon brown bread, SUMMON BROWN). For a list of available options and expected input, type SUMMON while the spell is prepared.

Every race can still make plain manna bread.

some manna bread
  • Taste messaging:
Pleasant and reminiscent of your favorite hearth, the bread is delightfully moist and warm.
Rich and hearty, the bread holds an earthy flavor that is accented by the crunch of oats.


a round of ground acorn bread
  • Messaging is the same for Aelotoi and for others:
Tiny chunks of acorn get stuck in your teeth as you chew on the hearty bread.
Bits of bitter acorn fill the hearty bread, the strength of their flavor overpowering its blandness.
a tiered honey-infused flatbread
  • Messaging is the same for Aelotoi and for others:
Warm honey bursts from beneath the crust of the flatbread as you bite through down into its core. The sweetness is balanced by motes of minty effervescence.
The firm earthiness of the flatbread washes away as a tide of honeyed sweetness caresses your tongue
a cherry-filled loaf of dark bread
  • Messaging is the same for Aelotoi and for others:
Chunks of cherry burst between your teeth, releasing tart juices that mitigate the dryness of the bread.
Coarse and dry, the bread is filled with moist chunks of cherry that enhance its flavor.
some baked thyme-dusted flatbread
  • Messaging is the same for Aelotoi and for others:
Although the flatbread itself is plain and dry, the herbal mixture coating its surface is a mixture of garlic's savory bite and the herbal huskiness of thyme.
Savory motes of thyme complicate the otherwise unremarkable flavor of the flatbread.

Burghal gnome

a dense wheat cracker studded with wheatberries
  • Burghal gnome messaging:
Flavors of hearty grains and salt mingle as you chew.
The dry but tasty cracker crumbles in your mouth.
a black buckwheat cracker
  • Burghal gnome messaging:
Flavors of hearty grains and salt mingle as you chew.
The dense cracker is sweet with a faint bitter aftertaste.
a crispy rye cracker sprinkled with caraway seeds
  • Burghal gnome messaging:
A sharp rye flavor floods into your mouth.
Flavors of hearty grains and salt mingle as you chew.
a flaky salted cracker dotted with tiny holes
  • Burghal gnome messaging:
Your mouth fills with an array of salt and air.
The dry but tasty cracker crumbles in your mouth.
nutty wheat cracker
  • Burghal gnome messaging:
The dry but tasty cracker crumbles in your mouth.
Sesame and wheat dance across your tongue.

Dark elf

some scored peppercorn flatbread
  • Messaging is the same for Dark elves and Non-Dark elves:
The crisp, toasty exterior yields to a lighter, flavorful center.
Flecks of spicy black peppercorn add a pop of heat and texture to the chewy flatbread.
an airy pale-colored teacake
Mildly sweet and tender, the teacake has an airy consistency that is punctuated by shreds of citrus zest.
Subtle hints of cardamom add a uniquely heady spice to the confection.
a stack of dark-swirled rye crisps
The crisps are dense, yet crunchy and crackle with the strong, bitter taste of rye.
A stippling of caraway seeds impart a sharp anise-like flavor to the crisps.
a disk of black olive-laden bread
The buttery bread melts in your mouth quickly, finishing with the rich earthiness of black olives.
Salty bits of dried olives are folded into the bread's flaky layers.


a mushroom and potato cake
  • Dwarven messaging:
The crispy fried exterior is delightfully crunchy, releasing the savory juices of potato and mushrooms with every delicious bite.
A hint of black pepper ties together the rich and hearty potatoes with the more delicate sliced mushrooms within the fried cake.
  • Non-dwarven messaging:
Disturbingly greasy, the potato cake has been overly seasoned with black pepper.
Oil oozes out of the cake with every bite.
a loaf of dark crusty ale bread
  • Dwarven messaging:
Beneath the tough crust lies a flavorful explosion of ale and cheese, heralded by a savory cloud of finely chopped scallions. It's delicious enough to bring a tear to your eye.
The warm, familiar flavors of dark ale mingle delightfully with the hints of cheese and scallions within the moist, dense bread.
  • Non-dwarven messaging:
The overpowering aromas of cheese and ale fill your senses as you attempt to bite through the dense bread.
Tough and thick, the dark crust of the bread is difficult to bite through.
a thick disk of golden dwarf bread
  • Dwarven messaging:
The strong flavor of rye permeates your nose and mouth, mingling nicely with hints of fennel and coriander.
Each bite is a delightfully crunchy experience, washing your taste buds in waves of strong and hearty flavors.
  • Non-dwarven messaging:
You nearly chip a tooth biting into the bread!
Dry and barely palatable, eating the golden dwarf bread is a trial in endurance.


a thin wafer of crispy elven waybread
  • Elven messaging:
Crumbling delicately upon the palate, the fragile flavors of lemon and wildflower honey blend flawlessly with each bite of the waybread.
Perfectly crisped, the delicate wafer of waybread is pleasantly laced with lemon that has been sweetened with wildflower honey.
  • Non-elven messaging:
Crisp and dense, the thin waybread is laced with a lemony, sweet flavor.
Though dense, the crisp waybread easily moistens on the palate and houses a mild sweetness.
a small cake of golden elven waybread
  • Elven messaging:
Creamy smooth in texture, the golden elven waybread melts upon the palate and infuses your senses with the delicate combinations of sweet butters, light creams, and soothing vanilla.
Light and airy, the small cake of golden elven waybread is still warm and houses the gentle flavors of sweet elven butters laced with vanilla.
  • Non-elven messaging:
Frail and light, the waybread practically disintegrates upon the palate and has a delicate, buttery flavor.
Warm and moist, the waybread is delicious.
some golden brown elven waybread
  • Elven messaging:
Blended into a delicate balance of earthiness and sweetness, the waybread has a thin outer crust that protects a moist, fluffy inner layer.
Hints of hazelnut, rowan nut, and acorns are testament to the origins of the flours used to create the fluffy cake, while nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves bespeak the delicate spices infused in the waybread.
  • Non-elven messaging:
Delicate spices, alien and unfamiliar, infuse the outer texture of the waybread before yielding to the fluffy interior.
Slightly dense, the waybread houses a nutty flavoring that is accented with delicate spices.


lemongrass biscuit
  • Erithian messaging:
The firm texture of the biscuit yields easily, releasing subtle notes of lemongrass blended with a rich, roasted acorn flavor. You distinctly taste an undercurrent of sweetened carrot as well.
Citrusy lemongrass suddenly bursts onto the tongue, quickly chased by the nutty tones of freshly chopped acorns. Beneath the obvious flavorings are the hints of myriad grains, subtly blended into a final biscuit.
some unleavened rose-infused rice bread
  • Erithian messaging:
You roll the coarse rice bread over your tongue, savoring the texture and the light taste of rose-infused oils.
Each bite releases aromatic and tantalizing evidence that oils infused with crushed rose petals, jasmine, and lilies bind together the rice.
petal-wrapped oatcake
  • Erithian messaging:
The oatcake melts in your mouth, blending three kinds of honey in a rapturous burst of flavor accentuated by earthy grains.
The sweetness of crystallized aster honey counterpoints the tangy daylily petals, and the sticky honey binding the crisp oatcake tastes of blackberries and moonflowers.

Forest gnome

a garlic-laced sweet corn cake
  • Messaging is the same for Forest Gnomes and others:
A heavy garlic aftertaste follows the sweetness of fresh corn.
The cake crumbles in your mouth, dissolving into a mass of garlic tinged sweetness.
a toasted squash blossom fritter
  • Messaging is the same for Forest Gnomes and others:
The fritter has a dense, chewy consistency, and is shot through with pieces of smoky toasted squash.
Bits of crisped squash blossom flake off on your tongue. Their taste is light and sweet, with a hint of smoke.
a sweet pineapple-glazed pumpkin loaf
  • Messaging is the same for Forest Gnomes and others:
The pile of the bread is dense, shot through as it is with roasted pumpkin seeds and chunks of chewy pineapple.
The sugared pineapple syrup on top of the loaf is matched in sweetness only by the candied pieces of fruit within it.
a cheese-filled manioc ball
  • Messaging is the same for Forest Gnomes and others:
Powdery white flour, dusted on top of the manioc pastry, mixes with the inner cheese filling, massing in your mouth to form a nearly unchewable glue-like lump.
The light flour pastry oozes with a mild white cheese, which coats your teeth but leaves you with little in the way of flavor.


a braid of cracked wheat bread
  • Giantman messaging:
Biting into the cracked wheat bread releases bits of honey and fresh grain tastes. It is comforting food, reminiscent of hearth and home.
Coarsely cracked bits of wheat combine with pockets of fresh-harvested honey to create a sturdy, but delicious bread.
  • Non-giantman messaging:
Pockets of honey add a naturally sweet twist to the cracked wheat bread.
This coarse, braided loaf of bread tastes of chunky bits of grain and heavy wheat flour. Nutritious, but not delicious.
a sugar-dusted travel biscuit
  • Giantman messaging:
The biscuit is hard, but not unbearably so, and while dry, a rush of sweetness from the sugar-coated top makes it palatable.
The biscuit crumbles in your mouth with a rush of sugar to compensate for the slight dryness.
  • Non-giantman messaging:
The faint tracing of sugar across the top of this hard biscuit does nothing to alleviate the relentlessly boring and dry taste.
Hard enough to almost break a tooth, the biscuit might be better if softened in a liquid. Perhaps a rum. A lot of rum.
a filled piece of bread
  • Giantman messaging:
A mix of healthy herbs and plants are at the center of this doughy bread with a browned outer crust. Natural goodness at its finest, and portable to boot!
You crunch through the outer crust and into the doughy interior and the herb-filled center. Bursts of fresh herbs, plants, and spices abound.
  • Non-giantman messaging:
The herbs and plants at the center of this portable meal stick in the recesses of your teeth and guarantee you'll be remembering this concoction for hours to come.
You bite through the outer crust and into the herb-filled interior. It is a bit like eating seasoned grass.


a thick piece of sea biscuit
  • Messaging is the same for both Half-Krolvin and others:
Thin strands of whale meat infuse the dark, dense biscuit, which is riddled with pockets of fat, sea salt, and spicy seeds.
Dark and dense, the biscuit houses layers of coarse sea salt and morsels of boiled whale meat.
a greasy seal meat and oat bread
  • Half-Krolvin messaging:
Delicate morsels of seal meat riddle the complex bread, which has the decidedly gamey and pleasing taste of reindeer fat on its outer layer.
Ground oats riddle the dense bread and add a layer of earthiness to the otherwise sea bound flavors of the seal.
  • Non-Krolvin messaging
Alien pieces of meat mingle with the greasy bread, which is almost too tough to chew.
Greasy and strangely flavored, the bread is remarkably dense.

a greasy willow paste bread
  • Half-Krolvin messaging:
Mixed with the rare treat of a willow paste, the dense bread embodies tidbits of salmon and seal.
Clearly fried in reindeer fat, the bread is a true specimen of krolvin delicacy. The additional treat of willow paste only adds to the delight.
  • Non-Krolvin messaging
Tasting as if the bark of a tree has been boiled in grease, the dense bread is revolting.
Layered with a bitter, fishy taste, the bread is alien enough in flavors to be utterly unappealing.


a reddish cream-filled tart
  • Messaging for Halflings:
Rich and heavy, the cream within the tart houses a sweetness that is pleasantly accented by the bold, spicy aftertaste of hot peppers and cardamom.
Perfectly crisped on the outside and delicately moist within, the tart is the perfect specimen of refined Halfling baking skills.
  • Non-halfling messaging
Rich cream, sweet at first but with a biting aftertaste changes the appeal of the tart and leaves your taste buds craving something to wash away or absorb the flavor.
Light and flaky, the tart houses a buttery flavor that is both appealing and pleasing.
a brownish cream-filled tart
  • Messaging for Halflings:
Delectably moist, the flaky bread is filled with thick balls of goat cream curds that are wrapped in a crunchy shell of sugar.
Perfectly crisped on the outside and delicately moist within, the tart is filled with a thick goat milk cream that is laced with sweetened maple.
  • Non-halfling messaging
Light and flaky, the various nooks and crannies of the tart are filled with an oddly flavored goat cream.
Rich goat milk cream is flavored with caramel and accents the moist tart.
a spinach-paste steamed dumpling
  • Messaging for Halflings:
Dense and moist, the round dumpling is made with spinach paste accented by coriander, red pepper, and garlic.
Delectably tender, the dense filling has salty ground lamb that has been rolled in scallions, crushed peppers, and coriander, with subtle undertones of horseradish and brown mustard seed.
  • Non-halfling messaging
Dense and moist, the dumpling has the subtle taste of spinach and spices.
Moist and chewy, the filling of the dumpling is a dense collection of ground lamb rolled in herbs and spices.
an oblong fried dumpling
  • Messaging for Halflings:
Sweet and nutty flavors permeate the dense dumpling and mingle with the gamey taste of the rolton mutton and onions.
A crisp exterior gives way to a decidedly dense second layer, which is flavored with salt, garlic, and coriander powders. At the heart of the dumpling is a mixture of mutton, onion, and caraway seeds.
  • Non-halfling messaging
Slightly tough, the dumpling is a bit too dense and filled with a collection of spices that seem oddly combined to your palate.
Crisp, yet oddly dense, the doughy dumpling has a mixture of mutton and spices trapped within.


a sugared barley and oat cake
  • Human messaging:
Crisp rounds of whole oats speckle the dense cake and are balanced by the earthy richness of clove and cinnamon.
Laced with ample amounts of unrefined brown sugars, the dense cake has a blend of ground spices that complement the whole grains of oat, barley, and rye.
  • Non-human messaging:
Sweet and dense, the cake has a decidedly rough texture.
Dusted with granules of unrefined sugar, the cake is a mixture of whole oats, barley, and rye seeds.
a sundried tomato and garlic loaf
  • Human messaging:
Slivers of fried tomato riddled the top of the chewy bread, which is liberally seasoned with garlic slivers, fennel seeds, and coarse cracked pepper.
  • Non-human messaging:
Heavy olive oils give the dense, rubbery bread an almost cloying aftertaste.
Thick, coarse salt and cracked pepper are baked into the top of the bread and cause the saliva glands to become overly active.
an onion and garlic-stuffed bread
  • Human messaging:
Filled with airy pockets, the delicate bread embodies the rich flavors of ground rye and barley with a strong ribbon of mingled onion and garlic.
Slightly greasy, the airy bread is seasoned with fennel, caraway seeds, garlic, and onion.
  • Non-human messaging:
Slivers of onions, still moist from baking, are encased in poppy seeds and riddle the airy bread.
Moist, yet light, the airy bread houses tiny cloves of garlic.
a thin crisp of hummus-topped bread
  • Human messaging:
Dense and riddled with flavor, the crisp is tender beneath the heavy hummus and breaks easily upon the palate.
Thick hummus, blending the rich earthiness of olives and the pungency of garlic, create a thin layer over the delicately crisped wafer of bread and provides a decided moist balance to the piece.
  • Non-human messaging:
Thin and dry, the crisp of bread is largely tasteless.
Slathered with a strange, dense paste, the dried crisp is alien in flavor.


a swirled disk of blue and yellow ground cornmeal
  • Messaging is the same for both Sylvankind and others:
The restorative flavors of the cooking broth has been absorbed by the cornmeal.
Sweet and savory combine in the cornmeal, enhanced by meaty flavors from the broth added during cooking.
a small wild rice and millet cake laced with maple syrup
  • Messaging is the same for both Sylvankind and others:
The slight sweetness of maple syrup winds its way through this bland cake of wild rice and millet.
Cut into a small round cake, the slice of wild rice mixed with millet and other grains has a bland taste, save for the lacings of maple syrup threading it.
a round of fried dough branded with a charred design
  • Messaging is the same for both Sylvankind and others:
The smoky exterior of the dough gives way with a slight crunch, revealing a chewy interior.
The chewy interior of the dough has a very herbaceous flavor, with just a touch of smokiness.
a wafer of candied seeds
  • Messaging is the same for both Sylvankind and others:
Grains of cayenne pepper add a brilliant red contrast to the earthen hues of roasted seeds and caramel.
Thin translucent caramel-like candy envelopes a variety of squash seeds dusted with a slight pinch of cayenne pepper.