Mayor's Minutes - A Proposal by Stephos

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[DeArchon Home, Kitchen -- 1/27/18]

Three brick ovens are set into a wall, and a long dark oak table is centered in the kitchen. A number of polished gold-inlaid plates are neatly stacked in a wooden rack near a tall pantry. You also see a long wooden table with some stuff on it.

Speaking grimly to Hlendril, you whisper aloud, "The Taladorian war of a few years back, left many casualties on both sides, not the least of which was Walkar himself."

Nehor sternly informs, "It is far too late for sweets."

Speaking to Nehor, Lylia says, "Madness."

Archales runs a hand over his kidskin jacket, cleaning off the surface.

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra says, "Thank you for your hospitality."

Speaking pointedly to Nehor, Hlendril says, "Never too late for sweets."

Hlendril says, "Or ale."

Speaking diplomatically to Stephos, you observe, "Still a lovely home."

Hlendril says, "Or women."

Nehor incredulously asks, "What is with this towns obsession with getting me to EAT things?"

Speaking to you, Goldstr asks, "Ye also allowed back in gere?"

Cryheart folds his arms over his chest.

Speaking amusedly to Goldstr, you remind, "I was invited, same as you."

Speaking skeptically to Stephos, Albanus says, "I might have something if everyone else doesn't drop dead from poison."

Speaking to Nehor, Kipara says, "We just love the thought of you masticating."

Nehor put a bacon-wrapped blood pudding donut in his climbing pack.

Stephos says, "My thanks."

Stephos says, "It has been maintained well enough during my absence."

Speaking to Archales, Ysharra says, "Indeed. Nice location, too. This close to the wall, it's protected, but you can easily reach the wilds. And the Burrows."

Speaking smoothly to Kipara, Nehor replies, "It is probably best to keep such pernicious fantasies to yourselves."

You amicably note, "Seems so."

Stephos says, "My wife may be along later, she is, obviously, quite busy with her new position."

You chuckle at Stephos.

Speaking kindly to Stephos, you jest, "Good."

Speaking softly to Stormyrain, Beldannon says, "Didn't we meet with rysus here back when the whole glass coffin and drangell fight was going on."

Speaking disinterestedly to Nehor, Kipara says, "Noted."

Speaking to Beldannon, Stormyrain says, "Yes."

Speaking to Stephos, Hlendril says, "I`m sorry, but I`ll have to pass on the drinks."

Maags says, "Oh hmm."

Stormyrain takes a drink from her cinnamon tea.

Maags says, "See."

Hlendril says, "I'd love to drink but I dont think now's the time."

Speaking to Maylan, Maags says, "Blessyous."

Evia says, "Oh, yet another new postion, heard she was good with those."

Speaking softly to Stormyrain, Beldannon says, "Seems like a lifetime ago."

Speaking to Beldannon, Stormyrain says, "It does."

Cryheart says, "Bless ye."

Cryheart nods at Maags.

Speaking softly to Stormyrain, Beldannon says, "I remember making my 20th train during that conflict."

Maags says, "Thank yous sir."

Speaking to Stephos, Goldstr asks, "So wha ye wantin if nae ta be usin yer wife's new position?"

Albanus snaps, "Strike the pleasantries, you wanted us here to talk about this murderer in white, get on with it!"

Speaking incredulously to Goldstr, you venture, "That's a rather person-- oh, you meant as Steward of the Coffers."

Stephos says, "I do not need to use my wife's new position."

Speaking curtly to Albanus, Nehor agrees, "To my everlasting shame I find myself agreeing with you."

Speaking to Albanus, Archales says, "No reason to grow so impatient, we are guests."

Stephos says, "I do not think it needs to be said, but, if so, I shall for the sake of being blunt."

Stephos says, "I still hold influence among many in this town."

Stephos says, "Including merchants and others within the guilds."

Nehor haughtily complains, "It is too cold for a stroll. Let us be about the business of...whatever it is."

XXX whispers, "Is Stephos an old friend?"

Dreuntar says, "Blunt is best."

Speaking annoyedly to Archales, Albanus says, "He wants to address us, he could have done so in the Hall, or outside it."

Evia says, "Jolly."

You quietly whisper to XXX, "He's a generally reviled person, for selling weapons to the krolvin during past conflicts."

XXX whispers, "I dont trust him."

Stephos says, "Profits create short term memories."

Goldstr mutters tools-maybe.

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra says, "You made that plain. You brought us help when the rogue Magister burned down the towers."

Kaveey says, "Someone start this meeting already please."

A few townspeople are escorted inside, and gather near the table.

Nehor darkly mutters, "Need a proper entertainer to present such things properly."

Speaking to Cryheart, Stormyrain mouths, "Hate you."

Cryheart says, "Aye."

Nehor glances between Stormyrain and Cryheart.

Cryheart nods at Stormyrain.

Cryheart rubs Stormyrain gently.

Stephos says, "We've seen what this pale butcher has done recently."

You muse to yourself, "Is he referring to myself, or the vigilante?"

Speaking to Stormyrain, Ysharra says, "He's never said anything less than sweet about you."

Speaking to Ysharra, Stormyrain says, "Outloud, that is."

Ceyrin admits, "I hope to see more."

Dinaden takes a drink from his brown Tamzyrr tea.

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra says, "There's some here who support his or her's actions, indeed."

Cryheart says, "Judgement is still reserved."

Cryheart nods at Stephos.

Stephos says, "So before we begin...."

Stephos asks, "What exactly, Mayor, or Captains, is being doing to bring this vigilante to justice?"

Stephos says, "If...anything."

Cryheart frowns at Stephos.

Speaking softly to Stephos, Wintersylph asks, "Your here because your precious Rooks are now being Hunted by this White Butcher and you need OUR help, is that it Stephos?"

Speaking wryly to Stephos, you answer, "Meteor swarms, daily."

XXX whispers, "If only he knew."

Nehor offhandedly quips, "Nothing, the militia is obviously open to bribery, as we've so obviously seen."

Maags asks, "Oh yous gave him a pardon and a promotion?"

Ysharra says, "I do not believe the Rooks have been the primary target. Just a few specific ones."

Nehor haughtily continues, "This man in white probably slipped them some silver to look away."

Speaking sardonically to Stephos, you comment, "It would likely do less damage than the vigilante himself, it seems."

Cryheart nods at Stormyrain.

Subarashi blandly comments, "Similar effort as is being put into dealing with the organized crime, from what I gather."

Ysharra says, "Sirrah Stephos, I have a question."

Ysharra curtsies to Stephos.

Stephos says, "In a moment, Ysharra."

Stephos says, "I'm still waiting for an answer to mine."

Speaking calmly to Stephos, you inform, "We are doing everything that we can, but we have precious little to go on. Unless you have something of note...? Perhaps."

Cryheart glances between Stephos and yourself.

You raise an eyebrow, your fractured bone shards only enhancing your skeptical look.

Stephos glances between Shinann and Stormyrain.

You quietly whisper to XXX, "In due time."

Stephos says, "It seems the Captains' voices are as idle as their actions."

Maylan wildly swats at the air around her, nearly knocking herself in the head.

Cryheart raises an eyebrow.

Speaking to Stephos, Shinann says, "I do not think we are required to report to you."

XXX leans over and whispers, "You could tell them someone is searching for their whereabouts, because I am."

Speaking evenly to Stephos, Stormyrain says, "I don't answer to you, Stephos."

Speaking quietly to Stephos, Izden asks, "Time to say your sway and influence?"

Ysharra says, "All together now..."

Stephos says, "I am a town citizen. You are responsible in some measure to answer to me."

Stephos says, "And if not me...then them."

Stephos gestures at the townspeople gathered nearby.

Speaking vehemently to Stephos, Nehor agrees, "Yes! Thats what IVE been saying!"

Cryheart says, "Ye take a presumptive position, Stephos."

Archales nods slowly.

Ulkov says, "Aye, I want to hear this answer."

Speaking to Nehor, Albanus says, "I think you found a friend."

You neutrally admit, "He's got a point, to some extent."

You look thoughtful a moment, then shrug.

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra says, "You certainly have a way with the locals."

Ulkov says, "Bonafide citizen."

Marijka counters, "Civil servants answer to all the people, not any one of the people."

XXX whispers, "Can you fill in a small piece of history for me? Why hasnt he been extradited?"

Dreuntar says, "I do not think that an answer is too much to ask to receive. I've been wondering the same myself."

Nehor accuses, "That Shinann woman witnessed two murderers and then had the gall to threaten the victim! No doubt she and the white assassin are in cahoots!"

Speaking to Stephos, Stormyrain says, "Those gathered have seen us working to assure that we are doing all we can."

Nehor folds his arms over his chest with an air of superiority.

Speaking calmly to Stephos, you add, "We are searching for his location daily, but again... precious little to go on."

Speaking softly to Stephos, Wintersylph asks, "Your yer once a citizen of Idolone as well, Howed that work out?"

Ysharra asks, "Mm. The militia are volunteers though, are they not?"

Stephos asks, "Have they?"

Stephos peers quizzically at Stormyrain.

Stephos asks, "If they've seen such "work", why do they still gather and wonder then?"

You quietly whisper to XXX, "I pardoned him not long ago, within the province of the Landing alone, with larger purposes in mind."

Maags says, "The miltia are not civil servants they are volunteers because they care for the town and the people."

Hlendril says, "Militia are for times of war."

Speaking calmly to Stephos, you state, "I will attest to that."

Speaking doubtfully to Maags, Nehor disagrees, "Hah."

Speaking to Stephos, Stormyrain says, "Many have, it isn't as if we are a quiet group that tiptoes about in the night, or under whatever cover we can find."

You nod once at Stormyrain.

Speaking to Nehor, Maags says, "Truth."

Nehor vigorously shakes his head at Maags.

Maags nods enthusiastically at Nehor!

Speaking amusedly to Hlendril, you inform, "They do effectively function as the local constabulary as well, within reason."

Dreuntar says, "I've seen threats. Not much else."

Speaking to Maags, Nehor retorts, "I have seen evidence to the contrary this very night! With my very eyes!"

Albanus observes, "I believe he's calling you all incompetent and bad at your jobs."

Dreuntar glances at Shinann.

Maags glances skeptically at Nehor.

Stormyrain says, "Perhaps because as of now, we chase someone who moves in shadow and leaves little behind."

Stephos says, "Townspeople are coming to me, asking what is being done, what can be done."

Nehor arrogantly continues, "My dreamy, piercing, beautiful eyes!"

Speaking to you, Hlendril asks, "Why wont the Landing establish a standing army rather than volunteers?"

Speaking to Stephos, Goldstr asks, "Ye be hintin ye knows who it ne?"

Cryheart glances at some gathered townspeople.

Beldannon softly says, "Point me at something to kill or someone and I am your guy. These attacks from the shadows are from a lowlife no good coward in my opinion."

Stephos says, "It is not a position I seek."

Shinann raises an eyebrow in Stephos's direction.

Cryheart says, "Townspeople hae a short memory."

Speaking calmly to Hlendril, you answer, "Because we aren't Ta'Vaalor."

Albanus corrects, "Fog, not shadows."

You chuckle.

Lylia holds up two fingers and slowly pinches them together until they are almost touching.

Bernadette nods at Cryheart.

Maags says, "We has so manies storytellers."

Hlendril says, "Wehinmmer's is a independent city, not a protectionate."

Roelaren says, "Very short."

Speaking to Stephos, Stormyrain snaps, "Then their first mistake is coming to you at all."

Speaking softly to Albanus, Beldannon says, "Potato potato."

Speaking to Stephos, Nehor suggests, "Hold a play to shame the militia into action! OH! Or to entice this spirit out into the open! Winning hearts and minds!"

Speaking to Beldannon, Albanus says, "No, no it's not."

Speaking sincerely to Stephos, Maylan asks, "Why would the townspeople worry about someone who brings them justice?"

Speaking to Madmountan, Hlendril asks, "Is it?"

Stormyrain twists her head slightly, cracking her neck. She looks relieved.

Stephos says, "Justice is open to debate."

Speaking calmly to Stephos, you remind, "I have informed the townspeople of such, as well as a standing offer for reasonable clemency for those who confess their crimes. Would you like to take us up on that offer?"

You flash Stephos a toothy grin.

Nehor adds, "The pen and a well performed word will do more to help ship this town into shape than anything!"

Albanus explains, "Fog indicates the killer is versed in spiritual magic, not simply hiding in plain sight, like a Rogue."

Speaking to Hlendril, Madmountan says, "I wish that were the case. But we do have a loose association with the Empire."

Speaking wistfully to Stephos, you agree, "It often is."

Stephos says, "You first."

Stephos nods to you.

Speaking to Madmountan, Hlendril asks, "So that means the Landing is still part of the empire?"

Speaking amusedly to Stephos, you assure, "Oh, I have. Worry not."

Maylan says, "I spose. But I don't see why folks would worry much about the trash getting thrown out."

Speaking to Albanus, Subarashi says, "With the speed he seems to use it, quite well versed in such."

Stephos says, "Somehow, I doubt that very much."

Stephos says, "But, we digress."

Stephos says, "And I am in part to blame for that."

Speaking to Hlendril, Goldstr says, "Neveh beens er will be."

Hlendril slowly empties his lungs.

Speaking diplomatically to Stephos, you assure, "Most see fit to remind me of my sins daily. But this isn't about me, and yes, we do."

You grin wryly.

Albanus continues, "Some very skilled can hide in fog as well as a Rogue would shadows, but it is still fog."

You fold your hands behind your back, waiting patiently.

Speaking to Goldstr, Maags says, "They jus wish it."

Speaking to Cryheart, Evia asks, "Sometimes where there is an unusual crime wave occuring people will sometimes enquire of those with experience in criminality, eh?"

Stephos says, "I have called this meeting, so we can begin to unite our thoughts and actions."

Stephos asks, "What can we do, to trap or stop this vigilante?"

Speaking to Goldstr, Hlendril says, "Oh, I thought it is part of the empire, otherwise I`d evacuate out here."

Speaking incredulously to Stephos, Nehor exclaims, "Get these folks to unite?!"

Nehor laughs!

Dinaden says, "Use Rysus as bait, perhaps."

Stormyrain sighs slightly and rubs her temples.

Speaking to Stephos, Maylan says, "I really don't see much need to stop him at all."

Stephos says, "I have resources available at my disposal, to serve in such a way."

Maags looks thoughtfully at Maylan.

Speaking to Stephos, Hlendril says, "We should try to find who their family members is."

Roelaren says, "Who says we are not united."

Speaking diplomatically to Stephos, you assure, "I'm listening."

Subarashi says, "Rysus seems to be his target, yes."

Melivn says, "Hold a meeting and say there will be pie and punch, Id come for pie and punch."

Speaking to Nehor, Marijka says, "You're closer to uniting us than you realise."

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra asks, "Resouces?"

Ulkov says, "Which means he lives.."

Hlendril says, "We take them hostage then they`ll be flushed out."

Albanus corrects, "Rysus is a target, not the."

Stephos says, "Resources."

Maags asks, "Rysus is the target but it has bad aim?"

You study Stephos, a mixture of confusion and curiosity overcoming you.

Speaking to Stephos, Archales asks, "Does the title of "Dying King" mean anything to you?"

Stephos says, "Yes."

Stephos says, "It is news I had thought to share near the end of our discussion."

Evia says, "If one wishes to assist the militia in their work, one should speak to the militia."

Hlendril says, "The strings of killings can only be stopped with a force of action simmilar or greater than the perpetrator."

Speaking to Archales, Ysharra says, "That was my question."

Stephos says, "I suppose I will dilvuge now, and we can proceed with preparing a trap for the vigilante."

Speaking snidely to Evia, Nehor corrects, "The militia is impotent in this and other matters."

Speaking to Stephos, Hlendril asks, "So is me plan good?"

You amusedly remark, "Perhaps we should discuss it openly, where any can here?"

You flash Stephos a toothy grin.

Stephos says, "Rysus is dying."

Ysharra says, "It seems a curiously poetic turn of phrase dropped carefully into our ears."

Speaking to Ysharra, Archales says, "Yes its not a title I'm familiar with either, so I am quite curious."

Florania looks thoughtfully at you.

Florania glances at Stephos.

Madmountan says, "Shocker."

Speaking softly to Stephos, Wintersylph asks, "So it is true, you are trying to preserve the Brotherhood, and you need to enlist our help, JUST Admit it?"

Speaking thoughtfully to Stephos, you venture, "...go on?"

Speaking to you, Evia asks, "'re fine with this guy taking over the job of law enforcement and investigations now?"

Stephos asks, "Who are you?"

Stephos peers quizzically at Wintersylph.

Archales asks, "Is that in a philosophical sense as in each day brings us closer to death, or more immediate?"

Goldstr says, "Vigalante tolds us dat."

Speaking amusedly to Evia, you remind, "We're just talking."

Dreuntar says, "Perhaps we should continuously interrupt as he's trying to speak. It's worked well so far."

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra asks, "Or a prediction?"

Stephos says, "I am not in charge of the Brotherhood of Rooks, nor do I seek it again."

Stephos says, "But, that is not to say I do not hear whispers."

Florania quietly wonders, "And what about your wife?"

Florania looks thoughtfully at Stephos.

Stephos grins at Florania.

Speaking quietly to you, Albanus says, "I think he's trying to get on your good side."

Pukk quietly says, "I hear whispers sometimes too...but it is usually when I am very very hungry."

Florania smoothly says, "It seems a natural question after some of the discussion at the debates."

Florania shrugs.

Stephos says, "It is said Rysus is on the mend, and does not heal, that he has been cursed by the earth mage's daughter during his assault on the Outpost and has been dying since."

Stephos says, "Perhaps it is a clever ruse, or a lie altogether...."

Stephos says, "But I trust the source."

Speaking affably to Albanus, you whisper aloud, "Smart man."

Xorus says, "Ah."

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra asks, "Rysus is a half-elf, is he not?"

Speaking calmly to Stephos, you state, "I would believe that."

Stephos says, "It is said he cannot walk, that his legs were twisted inward."

Stephos says, "His inner circle protects him."

Stephos says, "He could well be dead already."

Speaking wistfully to Stephos, you muse, "That does sound like Naimorai."

You chuckle.

Lylia thoughtfully taps a finger against her lips.

Cryheart raises an eyebrow.

Goldstr exclaims, "I guess Nairomai least did one ting good!"

Speaking to Stephos, Thrassus asks, "Why does the vigilante seek him with such fury?"

Speaking calmly to Goldstr, you jest, "Even an evil clock is right twice a day."

Florania curiously asks, "Then why wouldn't the Rooks give up his location? What good is he to them now?"

Florania suspiciously says, "I don't know if I believe the story."

Stephos asks, "A leader is more than legs, no?"

Stephos says, "There is war among the Rooks."

Speaking curiously to you, Albanus asks, "Run into a lot of evil clocks?"

Dinaden says, "He isnt dead."

Speaking evenly to Albanus, you answer, "Yes."

Albanus stares at you.

Ysharra asks, "When it comes to one like him?"

Arnylon asks, "I should hope so. If a leader were only legs, how would anyone get instructions?"

Florania simply counters, "He cannot lead well if he cannot get out to see the state of the town."

Nehor quips, "A True leader leads with words. Inspiring, passionate words."

You nod slowly at Stephos.

Hlendril says, "I am begining to believe this meeting only caters to the Elites of the Landing, not to the common people."

Stormyrain stifles a yawn.

Nehor disdainfully says, "And leaves the brutes and thugs to the thuggish, brutish work."

Ysharra says, "I only met him twice. But I'd say his vitality was something that kept pace with his spirit."

Lylia says, "The Rooks have always been a chaotic confederacy, except under one leader who managed them well."

Lylia looks thoughtful for a moment, then shrugs.

Hlendril asks, "Do i belong here?"

Speaking calmly to Stephos, you state, "An internal war hurts the Landing, as well as the Rooks."

Alasatia agrees with Lylia.

Speaking confusedly to Hlendril, Maylan asks, "The Landing has elites?"

You nod absently at Lylia.

Nehor shrugs at Hlendril.

Stephos nods at Hlendril.

You nod at Hlendril.

Speaking quietly to Nehor, Pukk says, "I know Brutish, and he works pretty hard."

Speaking to Hlendril, Maylan says, "We're a bunch of frontier bumpkins. There are no elites here."

You lean on Hlendril.

You nod at Maylan.

You chuckle at Maylan.

Speaking to Maylan, Maags submits, "The knights, maybes."

Speaking to Hlendril, Zosozpage says, "It involes the whole town and all it's people."

Lylia sets her mouth in a thin line of disapproval.

Speaking skeptically to Pukk, Nehor mutters, "Surely."

Maylan says, "Bumpkin knights."

Speaking to Maylan, Ysharra says, "You might amend that."

Speaking nonchalantly to Maylan, Hlendril says, "I dunno, Crux, Leaf, ye, Mad, anynoe who`s been here for several decades at least."

Stephos says, "While I have no problem using Rysus as bait, I do not know how quickly we would be able to locate him."

Stephos says, "Or if it is true, or he even still lives."

Speaking to Maylan, Evia says, "Ah but some are very practiced and polished bumpkins."

Albanus teases, "Maags is an elite tart lover."

Speaking to Ysharra, Maylan says, "Frontier bumpkins, Mister Sir Knight Sirs, and Land Pirates."

Speaking gently to Hlendril, you assure, "I was a stranger here once too, things change."

You flash Hlendril a toothy grin.

Hlendril exclaims, "Look, I`m not even a native here... I`m a bloody mercenary from Freakin Honneland!"

Maylan says, "I am rather fond of bumpkins, mind you."

Cryheart asks, "So, then this avenging vigilante is killing other Rooks?"

Hlendril nods to you.

Stephos says, "No."

Speaking to Maylan, Ysharra says, "And one Lady Rashere, to be sure."

Speaking amicably to Hlendril, you remind, "We've a few of those, too."

Speaking haughtily to Maylan, Nehor comments, "You must love this town."

Dinaden says, "If you could get a message to him, Im sure he would volunteer. Otherwise watch his Rooks dismantled by this vigilante."

Stephos says, "The butcher has killed Rooks, and other citizens."

You nod grimly at Stephos.

Speaking quietly to Maags, Pukk says, "You should see me eat donuts."

Maylan says, "And a Miss Lady."

Stephos says, "It's only a matter of time until it comes for more of you."

Speaking to you, Hlendril says, "Hope so."

Xorus says, "Mm."

Stephos says, "As it becomes enraptured in its cause."

You think to yourself, "Curious that he refers to them at 'it'..."

Speaking to Stephos, Dinaden asks, "Or you?"

Cryheart says, "But we are given the impression these citizens are bad folks."

Albanus observes, "He still hasn't killed a mountain yet."

Speaking to Hlendril, Evia says, "That is also where Sir Cryheart is from."

Speaking disdainfully to Stephos, you agree, "Of that, I have no doubt."

Stephos says, "I am no stranger to losing oneself in vengeance."

Stephos says, "Were I worried for myself, I'd remain in the shadows."

Stephos nods.

Speaking to you, Ysharra says, "I wonder if Goblyn might have some insight into this curse."

Speaking to Evia, Hlendril says, "He`s a knight not a merc."

Speaking to Stephos, Nehor remarks, "Vengeance makes for an...interesting story, if nothing else."

Cryheart nods at Hlendril.

Speaking to Stephos, Dinaden says, "Id be worried."

Speaking to Stephos, Mylenna says, "You are presuming to know how the ethereal being thinks. Your presumption might be well off the mark."

Speaking to Stephos, Ceyrin says, "You speak as if you know the will and intentions of this vigilante."

Stephos nods at Mylenna.

Speaking to Hlendril, Evia says, "I did not say what he was, but from where he came."

Xorus leans over and whispers, "Blood magic might be used to scry back to the weapon that inflicted a wound."

Stephos says, "True."

Stephos asks, "Mylenna, is it?"

Speaking to Stephos, Mylenna says, "It is."

Stephos says, "I can only operate on the knowledge I have."

Stephos says, "Inaction is not an option."

You nod in agreement at Xorus.

Speaking flatly to Stephos, Lylia says, "And what is your concern in this matter? You have little to gain. This is unlike you to care without recompense."

Maylan says, "Of course it is."

Albanus annoyedly states, "Let's make one thing perfectly clear, that person is not a spirit, or a ghost, or a wraith, or any sort of non-corporeal being."

Speaking quietly to Albanus, Florania wonders, "You know this for certain?"

Stephos says, "Perhaps what is more shocking, is how little you seem to care, or what little you have done to prevent this."

Stephos nods at Lylia.

Speaking calmly to Stephos, you state, "I agree that inaction is not action, but you might find our Captains hard-pressed to make any sort of perceived devil's bargain. As Lylia states."

Speaking to Florania, Albanus says, "We do, yes."

Stephos says, "Wherein I stand as a stark contrast."

Speaking to Lylia, Goldstr says, "His gain be da point ate."

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra says, "I wouldn't say I'm shocked about that, honestly."

Speaking to Stephos, Lylia says, "You do not know me, then, if you are at all surprised."

Lylia chuckles.

Speaking to Florania, Albanus says, "A common blacksmith would not have been able to man-handle a spirit."

Speaking to Stephos, Dreuntar asks, "What exactly have you done?"

Lylia says, "Good."

Stephos asks, "Now, are there any ideas of how to trap this vigilante, before I proceed with mine?"

Speaking dryly to Stephos, Nehor confides, "Oh, nothing about how little they care about what happens to the people of the landing surprises me."

Speaking frankly to Stephos, you inquire, "Let's cut to the chase. You have aided with weapons and reinforcements from Jantalar, what exactly are you proposing?"

You cock your head at Stephos.

Nehor adamantly suggests, "I still suggest a play to shame him out in the open!"

Stephos asks, "Who are you?"

Stephos peers quizzically at Nehor.

Speaking to Stephos, Maylan says, "You prop a box up with a stick, you see."

Speaking to Stephos, Hlendril asks, "Me?"

Speaking to Stephos, Maylan says, "And you put a cake inside of the box."

Nehor incredulously exclaims, "Who am I?!"

Elbromo says, "Moral duty lecture from Stephos..Ive lived."

Stephos nods at Nehor.

Gavrien sighs, "Here we go."

Speaking quietly to Stephos, Pukk says, "His name is Ney."

Speaking wryly to Stephos, you inform, "Nehor is a local.... thespian."

Ysharra says, "Hey Ney."

You grin wryly at Stephos.

Nehor offendedly boasts, "Only Lord Nehor, famous playwright and renowned performer."

Stephos says, "I see."

Stephos says, "Well met playright."

Speaking simply to Stephos, Albanus says, "Wait until we see his tell-tale fog, activate teleportation wards like they have at Ta'Vaalor. He couldn't fog away then."

Speaking calmly to Stephos, you add, "Hlendril here is a mercenary I've hired."

Speaking to Gavrien, Ysharra says, "I didn't make it up."

Nehor idly says, "Perhaps you've heard of my words? Of course you have."

Speaking quietly to Stephos, Pukk says, "But he likes to be called Ney."

Nehor nods once.

Speaking to Stephos, Marijka whispers aloud, "He's the most famous playwright in his own head."

Speaking politely to Stephos, Nehor says, "At least you are courteous, unlike...some."

Nehor sneers at Marijka.

Speaking to Nehor, Maags says, "Problies he wants to be the star in yous play."

Stephos says, "I care because I am part of this town."

Cryheart glances between Hlendril and yourself.

Speaking bemusedly to Marijka, you quip, "That shouldn't be hard, he's the only playwright in his own head."

Thrassus says, "Get him lost in a cave and you'll never hear higher pitched shrieks."

You nod slowly at Stephos.

Speaking to you, Marijka agrees, "Precisely."

Stephos says, "I will not hide from my crimes of the past. I know I let my hatred for the Empire consume me for far too long, nearly costing my marriage."

Ysharra says, "Has a set of pipes on him, true enough."

Archales asks, "Perhaps we can prevent the vigilante from making an escape using his magic?"

Nehor says, "But yes. The townsfolk seem to love this...assassin in white. But that is because he controls the messaging. He is the one setting the stage. So to speak! You need to turn the hearts of the town, and they will turn over this...vigilante."

Stephos says, "I despised the nobles of Idolone for what they did to Alendrial."

Zosozpage says, "It seems the only bait for a trap would be a person of very ill repute."

Speaking quietly to Archales, Florania ventures, "An antimagic field, then?"

Speaking to you, Goldstr asks, "Ye hirin Mercenaries?"

You nod slowly at Stephos.

Speaking to Archales, Albanus says, "I believe I just said that."

Stephos says, "But here, in Wehnimer's Landing, we found a home."

Stephos says, "I seek to help the people."

Goldstr scowls at you.

Speaking to Albanus, Archales says, "Then it was a good idea."

Speaking wryly to Goldstr, you state, "One, for now."

Stephos says, "A healthy town is a healthy environment for business."

Goldstr laughs at Stephos!

Speaking to Stephos, Hlendril asks, "Really? What kind of people?"

Speaking to Archales, Albanus says, "Master of the house over here is too busy giving his jaw a wag to have noticed."

Albanus chuckles.

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra says, "Tell your wife to sit down with Xorus and go over some banking reform."

Speaking to Stephos, Hlendril asks, "Are these people gulible?"

Arnylon says, "There is indeed opportunity for trade upcoming."

Xorus smirks.

Evia says, "Maybe he's gonna open a shop selling more phoney pardons."

Speaking to Albanus, Archales says, "Well in his defense, I didn't hear you either at first."

Stephos asks, "So, no ideas?"

Stephos asks, "And I shall proceed with mine?"

Hlendril says, "I do."

Stephos turns an inquisitive ear toward Hlendril.

Speaking to Nehor, Maylan says, "Dirty propaganda is what you propose."

Stephos nods at Hlendril.

Speaking to Stephos, Hlendril says, "I have an idea."

Maags breathlessly exclaims, "Oh please do!"

Gavrien folds his arms over his chest.

Stephos says, "We are listening merc."

Ysharra says, "Bait, is all I can think of to suggest. But we'd still need a way to catch him."

Dreuntar turns an inquisitive ear toward Hlendril.

Maylan says, "I myself prefer the truth."

You listen carefully to Hlendril.

Ysharra says, "Even if he or she waltzed into the noose."

Speaking to Stephos, Hlendril says, "Find out who their family is, take em hostage and lure em out."

Speaking to you, Albanus says, "Could you see if he has head trauma? Seems to be hard of hearing."

Hlendril says, "Simple."

Speaking offendedly to Maylan, Nehor corrects, "I use words that the audience will understand. Whatever...crassness...that requires."

Stephos gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

Stephos asks, "...and how, would we discover their family?"

Speaking to Stephos, Goldstr exclaims, "Donna break da laws!"

Speaking to Stephos, Kipara asks, "And what would happen to him upon capture, do you think? He killed a rapist, a kidnapper, and other sorted folk with bad reputations. What do you think would get the citizenry on your side?"

Cryheart says, "Two wrongs dont make it right."

Speaking calmly to Hlendril, you remind, "We would need to know their identity first."

Speaking softly to Stephos, Wintersylph asks, "We could fund the Krolvin to fight for us, ya got any experience in that?"

Speaking understandingly to Ysharra, Pukk says, "I see, you are considering using Ney as might work."

Speaking haughtily to Maylan, Nehor continues, "What you call propoganda I call just the Truth, performed...well."

Shinann raises an eyebrow in Hlendril's direction.

Speaking wryly to Cryheart, you quip, "No, but they do make a left."

Stephos glances at Wintersylph.

Speaking to Hlendril, Lylia says, "A fine suggestion. What if this person has no family, though? And we do not yet know who our local 'phantom' is."

Speaking to you, Hlendril says, "Well thats unfortunate."

Maags says, "We would not kidnap an innocent family anyhow."

Speaking regretfully to Hlendril, you agree, "It is."

Speaking to Pukk, Ysharra says, "Not quite. Nehor hasn't beaten any women that I know of."

Speaking to Kipara, Marijka says, "With this newfound fondness for explosive devices, it's only a matter of time before innocents are hurt or killed."

Madmountan says, "Yeah, I mean, we gotta know who they are to take their family."

Speaking to Lylia, Hlendril says, "If the person has no family then we go to the obvious supporter of his actions, the Hendorians."

Stephos peers quizzically at Albanus.

Stephos asks, "Have I missed something?"

Stephos says, "The room is quite loud."

Speaking to Ysharra, Thrassus says, "Yet."

Speaking to Stephos, Albanus says, "Oh, a little."

Stephos nods.

Hlendril exclaims, "I still wonder why those Hendorians are allowed around this Landing!"

Stephos says, "You have the floor."

Stephos nods at Albanus.

Speaking loudly to Stephos, Albanus says, "I was suggesting you had hearing problems."

Nehor sneers, "I do. Not. Do. VIOLENCE."

Speaking to Stephos, Zosozpage says, "The only thing I can think of is to offer a target to him that is too tempting to resist."

Speaking to Ysharra, Thrassus says, "Oh, I thought you said beaten by."

Speaking softly to Stephos, Wintersylph says, "You see Stephos you got priors of having others fight your battles, so why don't you be frank with us, tell us what you know, and maybe we'll help."

Speaking to Nehor, Thrassus says, "Apologies."

Speaking to Nehor, Hlendril asks, "How does one train without violence?"

Speaking to Hlendril, Goldstr says, "Hendors nae bad folks."

Stephos turns an inquisitive ear toward Albanus.

Speaking loudly to Stephos, Albanus says, "My idea is that the next time we see his tell-tale sign of fog, we activate teleportation wards like the ones they use in Ta'Vaalor."

Speaking patiently to Hlendril, you remind, "Not all Hendorans are bad, some are allies."

Cryheart says, "One idea, is to spread a rumor about someone being a notorious fiend....and then make it known that his person will be in a a particular area at a particular time...and hae miltia and experiences folks ready to capture this so-called vigilante is one thought."

Speaking to Goldstr, Hlendril says, "They`re imperial scum." Speaking loudly to Stephos, Albanus says, "If he cannot teleport away, we will have him."

Stephos asks, "Who would activate these wards and create them?"

Speaking to Nehor, Berkana says, "You're a bit thin skinned."

You glance at Cryheart and raise your hand.

You grin wryly at Cryheart.

Albanus points at you!

Speaking to Hlendril, Nehor explains, "The only violence I will do is to your preconceptions!"

Madmountan points at you!

Speaking to Albanus, Dreuntar asks, "Do we happen to have any spare teleportation wards lying around?"

Cryheart grins at you.

Speaking to Cryheart, Marijka says, "That's so transparent we'd deserve all the ways it'd go wrong."

Maylan exclaims, "Entrapment!"

Speaking to Thrassus, Ysharra says, "I like Nehor. He's adjusting in a very loud and entertaining way."

Speaking to Maylan, Madmountan says, "Literal."

Speaking loudly to Stephos, Albanus says, "The Mayor could do so."

Hlendril says, "Everything the empire, especially those knights, have done to my people is beyond forgivable."

Speaking wryly to Cryheart, you admit, "She's got a point."

You glance at Marijka.

Speaking to Cryheart, Zosozpage says, "It seems to me that is really the only viable option."

Evia asks, "Sir Geijon tries to get here, but believes the door to be locked?"

Speaking quietly to Stephos, Izden says, "I am interested in hearing your idea."

Speaking loudly to you, Albanus asks, "Isn't that right mayor?"

Cryheart says, "Is one way to nae use violence and to catch this person."

Hlendril asks, "But of course, who`ll listen to this lousy merc?"

Cryheart nods to you.

Subarashi says, "Well, if you have a way of finding Rysus, we could take him first."

Speaking wryly to Albanus, you remark, "I'd offer, but the vigilante seems to have no interest in me."

Subarashi nods at Stephos.

You chuckle.

Stephos says, "A worthy proposal. Pursue it."

Stephos nods at Albanus.

Stephos says, "Gather those who can do the wards, practice it. Update me on the progress."

Speaking slowly to Albanus, you scold, "And before you say anything, I'm certainly not the vigilante."

Speaking loudly to you, Albanus says, "Did you hear that Mayor? He said pursue it."

Stephos nods at Albanus.

Speaking to Archales, Hlendril asks, "What?"

Shinann frowns.

Stephos says, "Now, as for my idea..."

Speaking to Hlendril, Archales says, "I was listening to you."

Maylan says, "I am also not the vigilante."

Subarashi says, "The advantage is that if we don't manage to draw him out, we still have Rysus."

Speaking loudly to you, Albanus says, "Get to work on your wards."

Cryheart says, "I would think this person is going to smell out any option."

Ysharra asks, "Is it necessarily teleportation, are we sure?"

Cryheart nods to you.

Chamorr heartily asks, "Is this place sancted?"

Nehor relievedly remarks, "Finally, we get to it."

Geijon says, "It seems I'm at the proverbial walking in on things moment."

Speaking boredly to Archales, Hlendril says, "Whatever, do as ye please."

Ysharra says, "There are devices and materials that produce the same effects."

Stephos says, "This vigilante goes after what it views as criminals." [edited for presumed intent]

Stephos says, "So let us give it some."

XXX whispers, "How can the vigilante have no interest? are you certain? you swore and oath to the lich king AND the vigilante personally stated the direction of the landing is towards darkness and chaos. I mean you do lead the town."

You quietly whisper to XXX, "I'm as surprised as you."

You think to yourself, "I'm not accustomed to people -not- wanting to murder me..."

Speaking amusedly to Albanus, you inform, "They aren't those sorts of wards, but I suppose they could be modified."

Gavrien raises an eyebrow.

Madmountan nods at Stephos.

Stephos says, "You have criminals locked up in your town jail."

Stephos nods to you.

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Speaking to Ysharra, Subarashi says, "I suspect training in spiritual magic alongside strong hiding skills."

Thrassus nods at Stephos.

Maylan says, "Oh yes. Let's release all of the criminals."

Speaking to Subarashi, Ysharra says, "Like a ranger."

Speaking calmly to Stephos, you state, "That sounds remarkably like something Walkar might would say."

Speaking to Stephos, Geijon asks, "You remain a criminal as far as most of us are concerned besides Cruxophim. Shall we get into that?"

Speaking to Stephos, Thrassus says, "Indeed, let them out and he will not be able to resist."

Speaking to Maylan, Marijka says, "That's not functionally a different plan than just using the Rooks as bait."

Stephos says, "You could announce a new release program, allowing some of the criminals into guarded custody, under my care, as I work to build a new establishment in town."

Stephos nods to you.

Maags says, "Didnts we tries and regret that a few years ago....using criminals as bait."

Subarashi says, "Or this..."

Subarashi's crystal green eyes slip closed and she issues a gentle summons to the spirits of water and moisture. Flashing around her, the spirits respond and leave trails of their power upon her fair, lightly sun-kissed skin, which she then channels and sends outward into the surrounding area.

Subarashi gestures.

A dense fog gathers around Subarashi and soon fills the room. Wispy grey tendrils writhe as they climb around Subarashi's form until she is completely enshrouded and disappears within the mist. Speaking musingly to himself, Albanus says, "I'm not sure if releasing a jail full of criminals into the streets would be the best idea..."

You nod slowly at Stephos.

Speaking heartily to Stephos, Chamorr says, "Pardon me a sec."

The voice of Subarashi says, "Or likely both."

Stephos says, "I also intend to finalize my purchase of the Begetting Besiegers shop in town, and some construction is needed there."

Evia says, "Are we being serious here, or conducting a farce."

Speaking to Maylan, Hlendril says, "This is the Landing not Icemule."

Speaking to Stephos, Madmountan asks, "Were you always this...un-subtle?"

Archales says, "Give the vigilante too many targets."

Madmountan starts chortling.

Archales nods slowly.

Speaking calmly to Stephos, you state, "As with any idea, I will consider the merits and costs."

Stephos says, "During the transport of these prisoners, we will be prepared to trap the vigilante should it show itself."

Chamorr stares down Nehor and lets out an eerie, modulating cry!

Nehor looks at Chamorr in utter terror!

Speaking quietly to himself, Meureii asks, "Why would they have to be released?"

Archales says, "Its just crazy enough to work..."

Hlendril says, "We shouldnt let criminals in."

Ysharra says, "Rashi..."

Thrassus nods.

Chamorr heartily says, "Carryon."

Speaking confusedly to Hlendril, Maylan asks, "Icemule released a band of criminals?"

Maags says, "Anyhow seems the vigilante is targetting those who are secret criminals."

Ysharra asks, "Did you learn that during your clerical studies?"

There is no justice other than your own out here.

Cryheart says, "Well..that idea sounds familiar."

Ysharra asks, "...wasn't there a Council candidate who studied at a temple?"

Ysharra glances at Xorus.

Subarashi says, "In my spiritual studies. It's simply a matter of guiding the spirits of water and air to form the fog around you."

Speaking to Stephos, Arnylon asks, "Your idea is to use criminals who are already sentenced and paying their reparations in the form of imprisonment as bait to be potentially killed?"

Geijon asks, "We should only need you for the vigalante. A proper ripe target if I say so or are you unwilling to be at risk?"

Speaking shrewdly to Stephos, you remark, "You know, an excellent point was made. You are certainly viewed as a criminal by many, would you be willing to offer yourself to such a venture?"

You peer quizzically at Stephos.

Maags says, "I likes Albanus' idea."

Kipara says, "The idea that releasing known criminals into the streets might HELP sway people's views on the local government and the Vigilante is...rediculous."

Speaking to Ysharra, Subarashi says, "A ranger could manage it as easily, with enough training in controlling summoned spirits."

Speaking to Ysharra, Thrassus says, "Malluch I think."

Speaking to Maags, Albanus says, "Aw, thanks Maags."

Nehor flails his arms about.

Nehor frightenedly wails, "Theyre back!"

Nehor cowers.

Geijon points at you!

You ponder the meaning of Stephos's existence.

Marijka repeats, "Releasing criminals is no different from using the Rooks as bait, and the Rooks are already free. Keep the others locked up. They're unnecessary."

Roelaren says, "Releasing known criminals is never a good idea no matter who does it."

Speaking to you, Geijon says, "Madness in Chief echoes my comments."

Speaking to Albanus, Maags says, "Persons should not be bait!"

You chuckle at Geijon.

Nehor screeches, "The murderers! They are here! Arrest them they assaulted me!"

Stephos says, "If you release the criminals to me, the vigilante will come for them."

Stephos says, "My involvement is almost bait enough."

Maags says, "We made that mistake in the past."

Lylia hides her face in her upturned palm and slowly shakes her head. After a barely audible sigh, she regards Nehor with world-weary gaze.

Speaking to Subarashi, Ysharra says, "Thank you, that helps...well, helps me add more scope to my thoughts."

Geijon says, "I apologize that I arrived late or promptly for the debate, depending on reference."

Ulkov says, "You sound awful sure."

Speaking to Stephos, Endoro says, "Won't he come for you anyways."

Evia says, "What...madness."

Speaking amusedly to Stephos, you counter, "Almost?"

You flash Stephos a toothy grin.

Stephos says, "I am sure of nothing."

Kipara slowly empties her lungs.

Archales says, "Is it madness."

Cryheart says, "Perhaps ye just walk about town would be sufficient."

Speaking skeptically to Stephos, Albanus says, "I'm not sure if releasing criminals to you would be the best choice, honestly."

Speaking frightenedly to Ysharra, Nehor pleads, "Don't let them get me!"

Speaking to Stephos, Geijon says, "You be the target. You are every bit as dispicable as any prisoner in jail."

Archales says, "Concentrate all the targets in one place."

Speaking jokingly to Stephos, you offer, "Perhaps a picnic?"

You flash Cryheart a toothy grin.

Arnylon asks, "Wait. Wasn't Hapenlok recently arrested?"

Chamorr heartily says, "Dont release da prisoners."

Speaking quietly to Stephos, Izden adds, "If no attack, you get free labor. You are shrewd."

Berkana starts chuckling at you!

Archales says, "Then you know where the vigilante will show up."

Speaking to Ysharra, Subarashi says, "I can't take good advantage of it. It's better at aiding people already skilled in stalking."

Chamorr heartily says, "Thats just nuts."

Speaking to Stephos, Ceyrin says, "You seem pretty sure about increasing the threat of criminal activity in an attempt to solve a vigilante problem."

Speaking amicably to Stephos, you remind, "We have a lovely pie shop here."

Subarashi says, "So keep that in mind."

Subarashi smiles.

Speaking to Nehor, Kipa asks, "Ya insulted everyone at one point, why would anyone protect ya?"

Speaking to Subarashi, Ysharra says, "So, if you had a group of people with disparate skills..."

Speaking to you, Maylan says, "Perhaps we could simply commit a crime, and then use ourselves as bait. Then we wouldn't have to release anyone."

Cryheart says, "Stephos did some crime in the past....just allow Stephos to walk about town...and the vigilante will seek him out."

XXX whispers, "Giving him any number of criminals for anything is a bad idea."

Speaking to you, Maylan exclaims, "So...prepare to be mugged!"

Speaking scathingly to Kipa, Nehor snaps, "Too bad no one can protect me from your stench!"

Speaking to Subarashi, Ysharra asks, "You could pull off everything we've seen this assassin do?"

Speaking amicably to Maylan, you enthuse, "Sounds lovely!"

You fail to gain sufficient advantage to pick her pocket.

Speaking to Nehor, Kipa says, "Wrong insult on that one."

Stephos says, "Ponder on it Mayor."

Speaking to Ysharra, Subarashi says, "Honestly, I think a ranger with enough training could easily do what he has."

You nod understandingly at Stephos.

Speaking diplomatically to Stephos, you assure, "Of course, I will consider all these possibilities."

XXX whispers, "His plan is quite solid."

Speaking to Subarashi, Marijka says, "I'm not convinced it requires a ranger."

Speaking to Subarashi, Ysharra says, "We are a sneaky bunch."

Stephos says, "You can see the reaction of the crowd alone."

Subarashi adds, "Or even possibly an empath or cleric. Or a rogue."

Cryheart says, "Thank ye for volunteering to walk about by yourself."

Cryheart nods at Stephos.

Stephos says, "No one wants me to be supervising a group of criminals on loan."

Stephos asks, "Do you think the vigilante would?"

Speaking to Subarashi, Chaoswynd says, "I'm inclined to agree. I had thought as much after the first killing."

You nod faintly at Thrassus.

Stephos nods.

Stephos says, "I have live tested my theory."

Subarashi says, "Even a warrior, though it's not their style."

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra says, "I don't mind."

Chamorr heartily says, "Cant we use crux as bait."

Speaking to Stephos, Geijon says, "Stop ignoring my logic, Stephos."

Zosozpage says, "Practice your web spells if you want to try and capture him alive."

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra says, "But no one ever leaves those kinds of decisions up to me."

XXX leans over and whispers, "He must truly be mad to think this proposition of his would work."

Meureii issues a muted bark that transforms into a keening yowl of sorrow for Ysharra.

Albanus says, "Capture him dead, we can revive him."

Albanus chuckles.

Speaking softly to Stephos, Wintersylph asks, "So the idea is to use wards to trap this being here once he come through his mist, but isn't that very dangerous to trap him here?"

Dinaden says, "Much of the leadership should suffice, in reality."

Speaking to you, Maylan says, "I'll run along and go rob the bank, and then I'll hang out in some dark alleys. It's flawless."

Speaking to Stephos, Geijon says, "Just because th' town elected a rational lunatic to be mayor doesn't mean we're lock step in support of his proclimations."

You think to yourself, "He called me a -rational- lunatic. I'm flattered."

XXX whispers, "I see a lot of risk and little reward with this plan of releasing criminals. My recommendation is to leave it as an alternative option while we pursue more favorable courses. At the very least, a bulk release of criminals would cement the townspeoples' support of the vigilante over legitimate authority."

Speaking to Albanus, Zosozpage says, "Not if he decays quickly."

Speaking absently to Wintersylph, you reason, "Without his teleportation, he'd be a lot more vulnerable during escape."

Speaking to Ulkov, Madmountan asks, "Is she really that...?"

Speaking to Maylan, Archales says, "Better hand off the silvers to me when yer done, just in case."

Stephos asks, "Ignoring your logic Sir Geijon?"

Speaking to Madmountan, Ulkov says, "Yea."

Archales holds out his palm, looking for a handout.

Geijon twiddles his thumbs.

Stephos says, "I was waiting for some to be found."

Stephos smirks at Geijon.

You quietly whisper to XXX, "Our work will continue. I imagine we have some time."

Speaking to Zosozpage, Albanus says, "Is what binding the soul is for...also we could have someone at the Temple waiting if he does."

Speaking heartily to Stephos, Chamorr says, "Last time you was in charge a criminals, dinna work out so well."

Maylan says, "That's silly. I'll simply turn them back into the bank for a note. They are much easier to carry."

XXX whispers, "I'm prepared to go forward."

Speaking to Albanus, Zosozpage says, "Aye but timing would have to be impeccable."

Speaking heartily to Nehor, Chamorr says, "Ya know, you is a funny guy."

Speaking imperiously to Chamorr, Nehor commands, "Speak not, rapscallion! You are a buffoon and a boor and mayhap not even a gentleman!"

Stephos asks, "What is your grand idea?"

Stephos peers quizzically at Geijon.

Endoro says, "I can't believe we're seriously discussing this."

You thoughtfully inquire, "Captain, what do you think of all this?"

Nehor stares darkly at Chamorr then sticks his nose up and turns his head away from him with a snap.

You ponder the meaning of Shinann's existence.

Speaking to Stephos, Geijon asks, "You are beyond a doubt th' number one criminal within the vicinity of the landing, both amongst us for past deeds and for someone like the vigilante. Why do we need the jail to be opened up when we have you as a target for him to reveal himself in attempting to slice open your entrails?"

Speaking to Zosozpage, Albanus says, "Just post a militia detactment in the temple, when he wakes up he'll be too weak to try anything. Shackles and chains."

XXX whispers to the group, "I'm really confused. Why in the name of the Arkati would we release criminals in the hopes of randomly catching the vigilante?"

Speaking softly to you, Wintersylph asks, "He might be very dangerous to all of us if we trap him, its just conjecture that he/it would be vulnerable, it turn out to be a "Lion In a Corner as well?"

Speaking to Stephos, Geijon says, "We've done this before, yes you are ignoring my reasoned logic."

XXX whispers to the group, "Its madness, being confused is the right answer."

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra says, "He makes a fair point."

Stephos grins at Geijon.

XXX whispers to the group, "Stephos seems to think it would make him too attractive a target to resist, thus allowing us to set an ambush for the vigilante."

XXX whispers to the group, "This seems like something this town would do, being as provincial and rudimentary as it is."

Speaking flatly to Wintersylph, you remind, "Such is a tactical estimate of ability, it's a fairly simple point."

XXX whispers to the group, "Pretties sure he jus thinks the mayor is much less intelligent than he is."

Stephos says, "I am, in theory using myself as bait."

Speaking musingly to himself, Archales asks, "He hasn't gone after Stephos so far, maybe he's not that big a target to the vigilante?"

Beldannon softly asks, "Have we left messages for the vigilante to come meet with us? we seem to meet with every other criminal and rifraff around?"

Cryheart says, "For the record, I am nae in agreement we release criminals in his charge to capture this vigilante..."

You whisper, "Bait, essentially." to your group.

Cryheart says, "Then just use yourself."

Cryheart nods at Stephos.

Stephos says, "Were I to go wandering around town by myself..."

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra says, "If the vigilante truly is protecting the Landing and driving out what he sees as risky elements..."

Speaking heartily to Stephos, Chamorr says, "Then whatchya need anyone else."

Speaking to Wintersylph, Albanus says, "Kind of hard to get out of a web, unless you're a berserker. I don't think this guy is a berserker."

Cryheart says, "Ye hae a past record."

Stephos says, "That is not logical for me to do."

Speaking to Cryheart, Marijka says, "I haven't heard anybody but Stephos voice the opinion that it's a good idea."

XXX whispers to the group, "I am also sure the list of names he suggests will be members of this Rook band and it'll be both bait and, if it doesnt work, a way to get back some of his following."

XXX whispers to the group, "It would seem based upon past actions he'd be bait enough."

XXX whispers, "His idea has merit, but you should use someone else as the bait -- someone more easily controlled."

Zosozpage says, "He is also going after criminals that are practicing their crimes now, not in the past."

XXX whispers to the group, "Being a war criminal should suffice."

Florania quietly suggests, "Maybe you could be accompanied by others, but the others would be invisible."

Speaking to Archales, Lylia says, "The killer only has two hands. It shall take our vigilante some time to work his way to murdering all the reprobates he sees."

Endoro says, "None of this is logical."

Stephos says, "The vigilante will suspect a trap."

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra asks, "Have any really thick, metal belts?"

Speaking to Lylia, Marijka says, "We don't know that."

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra says, "He likes gut wounds, from what I've witnessed thus far."

Staring into space, you pause to mull over multiple possibilities and potential nuances.

Stephos says, "It is not logical for me to expose myself in such a weak way to be some simple victim."

Maags says, "Also it is not ethical to use them as involunaries bait."

Speaking to Ysharra, Mylenna says, "Plenty there to wound."

Cryheart asks, "And the vigilante wil lnae suspect a trap, with ye walking about with known jailed criminals?"

Subarashi calmly says, "Releasing convicts with the intention of using them as bait is inhumane."

Cryheart frowns.

Stephos says, "Now, it is believable, for a work release of prisoners under my care."

Speaking heartily to Stephos, Chamorr says, "Just wlak up and down the street and whistle."

Speaking dryly to Lylia, Nehor quips, "Just have that Hapenlok fellow breath on them, and they'll all fall down retching."

Maags asks, "Care?"

Speaking to Marijka, Lylia says, "Oh, please tell me you have not fallen under the belief that this is some genuine phantom."

Speaking to Stephos, Geijon says, "You are a ripe target. The moral dilemma is your only justification for our aid. For many without such compromises your being dead by his hand would be justice. You need to be a bit more convincing. I am sure some people don't care to even apprehend him."

Evia says, "This is folly, and nuts, nut folly."

Stephos says, "How enticing, perhaps, to a vigilante, to off a handful of criminals and perhaps myself."

Speaking softly to you, Wintersylph asks, "You have the absolute wrong tactic, endangering all of us by trapping him here, Perhaps use the wards to keep his portal open, and then we send a high level hunting party after him in his domain, he wont expect that?"

Berkana says, "This is just ridiculous."

Speaking to Stephos, Shinann asks, "But the ones in jail are all right to expose?"

Speaking to Mylenna, Ysharra says, "You aren't wrong."

Goldstr says, "I second Sir Cryheart's words."

Speaking wryly to Stephos, you muse, "It is, aye."

Ulkov says, "I don't see the harm in this plan as of yet. So what we let some prisoners out. We know where they will be. The more bait, Stephos included, in one place, the more likely we get our fish where we want it."

You flash Stephos a toothy grin.

Shinann frowns.

Speaking heartily to Stephos, Chamorr says, "If we lose ya, we lose ya."

Speaking to Lylia, Marijka says, "Not at all. But I do not believe that we have exhausted the possibility that it is more than one individual. Ergo, more than two hands."

Stephos says, "Then we control the controllables."

Stephos says, "And we prepare to trap the vigilante."

Ulkov says, "And after it's done, we either got dead criminals.. or we round em back up."

Evia casts her vote with an emphatic "Nay!"

XXX whispers, "The vigilante is not known. Could it be Stephos?"

Speaking to Nehor, Lylia replies, "You clearly have not been near when he has removed his boots."

Geijon says, "Murder is murder. It's your only angle."

Chamorr heartily says, "Good grief."

Speaking dubiously to Wintersylph, you answer, "Why fight him on his own terrain when we can fight him on ours?"

(Lylia doesn't quite suppress a shudder.)

Speaking amusedly to Lylia, Nehor replies, "A point, a definite point."

Endoro says, "Why fight him."

Speaking to you, Geijon says, "Enforce th' law, Mayor."

Speaking to Marijka, Lylia says, "Indeed, that is so."

Xorus ponders.

Speaking to Stephos, Shinann asks, "And you think this vigilante is stupid enough to fall for this?"

Stephos says, "It may not fall for it, no."

Speaking coolly to Geijon, you remind, "That isn't my job. Talk to the Militia."

Speaking to Stephos, Madmountan says, "Maybe we could just dress you up as Rysus."

Geijon glances at you.

Madmountan grins at Stephos.

Speaking to Shinann, Ysharra says, "Indeed. That does run counter to what we know so far."

Stephos says, "But it certainly won't fall for me wandering the street alone at night like some have suggested."

Speaking heartily to Lylia, Chamorr says, "HEY, i resemble that remark."

Zosozpage says, "Have a lady stand in the street and scream for help."

You laugh softly, trying to hide your amusement from Madmountan.

Subarashi asks, "And really, the type of convicts who would be low risk to release early, well, aren't those the ones for whom the system is presumably working?"

Ysharra asks, "Sirrah Stephos. Do you have any thoughts on how he's found out about his targets?"

Stephos says, "What if..."

Stephos nods at Subarashi.

Speaking softly to you, Wintersylph says, "Because he expects that, thats why, and he/it willbe prepared, just like we are when we go on a hunt, when he is home, he will relax his guard and his fighting resources." [Point of clarity: I don't think the intent of warding spells was quite clear -- the suggested purpose was to disable the mist that allows them to teleport.]

Nehor indifferently comments, "I still think we should hold a play. Maybe not even for this...whatever it is you are all talking about honestly it sounds remarkable inconsiquential as it seems to have nothing to do with me."

Stephos says, "He does not release low risk."

You think to yourself, "Hmmm, 'release' is a curious choice of words."

Ulkov says, "All the more reasons to put all the undsireables in one spot. This ghost has an appetite needs sated. If there aint but one place to find food...."

Speaking to you, Geijon asks, "It's not your job to enact law, interpret and adhere to it as Mayor?"

Stephos says, "What if, the Mayor, of all the nerve...."

Stephos says, "Releases some of the worst."

Stephos says, "Surely that would draw out the vigilante's ire."

Xorus chuckles.

Maags says, "No."

Speaking softly to you, Beldannon asks, "Seriously though have we left notes for him to come meet with us? maybe he would and we can discuss his or hers indiscretions so to speak?"

Speaking wryly to Geijon, you repeat, "It is not my job to -enforce- it."

Evia casts her vote with an emphatic "Nay!"

Maags glances at you.

Ysharra says, "The family life of a cleric, and his gambling habits. A man going after a woman who was so afraid she hadn't told the militia."

(OOC) Shinann's player whispers to the group, "Don't start wishing me well... not that I would not appreciate it, but I am running a fever and trying to think here. LOL." [Poor Shinann...]

Speaking flatly to Stephos, Albanus asks, "Are you seriously suggesting we release murderers and worse?"

Speaking to Nehor, Lylia says, "I would welcome more theatrical entertainment in the Landing, truly."

Speaking to you, Maags says, "Yous are not even considering this, right mayor?"

Ysharra asks, "How did he find all this out? Are we facing a single vigilante, or a network?"

Speaking to you, Geijon says, "I'll give you that, but opening up the jail to this idea is a breach of your duties."

Stephos says, "I am not saying release them into the streets forever."

Speaking to Albanus, Madmountan says, "Stephos is good at getting that kind of person pardoned."

Madmountan whistles tunelessly to himself.

Speaking calmly to Maags, you repeat, "I'll consider anything from anyone, but that does not mean I'll do it."

XXX whispers, "It's career suicide if nothing else."

Speaking excitedly to Lylia, Nehor remarks, "See? This town YEARNS for culture!"

Speaking to Stephos, Goldstr says, "We knows only reason ye here be fer some sort a profit ! I be off."

Stephos says, "They would still have guards, those of my employ, and they would not be free to roam."

Stephos says, "Only free to work."

Speaking to Ysharra, Subarashi says, "I suspect one, likely someone with lots of connections, but I wouldn't rule it out."

Nehor passionately proclaims, "It CRIES out for entertainment other than pig races and turnip farming."

You quietly whisper to XXX, "It is political suicide, aye."

Maags says, "Wonts happen."

Wintersylph softly says, "The whole idea stinks, and remeber, we would not of considered prior to Stephos the manipulator sudden presence."

Speaking sardonically to Nehor, Lylia replies, "They yearn for cheap ale. Some of us do, however, crave something more."

Speaking to Subarashi, Ysharra says, "Someone who knows how to separate gossip from truth."

You fold your hands behind your back, waiting patiently.

Speaking to Stephos, Albanus asks, "And how, praytell, are you going to keep those kinds from, oh...murdering your guards, taking their weapons and going on a merry spree of carnage?"

Speaking sarcastically to you, Dreuntar says, "Perhaps there are some child molestors locked up, or maybe one or two who have tried to poison the wells around town. Sounds like a great idea to release them."

Speaking to Stephos, Kipara asks, "And what if this back fires, and the vigilante does nothing. Will the people lament the absense of their savior, or will they blame all of us for endangering them?"

Deckits says, "He wants Rysus.. so feed him Rysus, capture him - tie him to the tree in the towns center."

XXX whispers, "Yes, I suppose that is more accurate in this context. I just assumed you've been enjoying your political foray enough to make a career of it."

Shinann says, "Yes and the vigilante will not scout out the area... this is not a good plan, in my opinion. Those released are put at risk without a trial."

Speaking to you, Geijon says, "It seems like a vote is in order, now might be appropriete."

Stephos says, "I have sufficient means to protect my operations."

Speaking amicably to Geijon, you assure, "We will discuss, yes."

Speaking to Stephos, Geijon says, "Your operation is full of manipulation and secondary motives."

Speaking to Stephos, Endoro says, "Then go out yerself."

Wintersylph softly says, "We should use wards to keep his portal open and attack him from behind by following him in, take the fight away from our citizens."

Speaking suggestively to Stephos, Albanus says, "Then perhaps you should make yourself a target to the vigilante to draw him out, since you have the protection."

Speaking severely to Geijon, Marijka says, "Justice is not subject to a majority vote."

Kipara says, "If you have enough controls in place to herd these criminals, that it is hardly a prison break, it's just a chain gang."

Speaking bemusedly to Stephos, you admit, "I rather like the tie-Rysus-to-the-tree plan."

You chuckle to yourself.

Speaking heartily to you, Chamorr says, "Mayor, this is an awful idea."

Speaking calmly to Chamorr, you muse, "Noted."

Speaking to you, Evia says, "Mayor, this is an awful idea."

Speaking to Chamorr, Dreuntar says, "It's the landing. Awful ideas are rather our bulwark."

Maags says, "The mayor knows it is a bad idea."

Maags says, "He has to listen."

Speaking to you, Shinann says, "I do not care for it either."

Speaking to Stephos, Deckits asks, "I'm confused.. what would releasing prisoners do.. that putting you in a stockade outside the bank wouldn't?"

Speaking heartily to Dreuntar, Chamorr says, "True."

Speaking honestly to you, Nehor confesses, "My idea IS better."

Zosozpage says, "If anything have an innocent tied to a tree and someone threatening harm to them."

Wintersylph softly says, "Burning buisnesses, killed citizens, children, and some crazy monster running in our streets because we trapped him here."

Speaking to Wintersylph, Albanus says, "Not. Portals. You know that spell you use, to teleport yourself to someone? I'm pretty sure that's what he's using to pop around the city."

Speaking to Marijka, Geijon says, "Law is not subject to whimsical enforcement or approved centrufuge by the elected mayor of it's city."

Speaking to Albanus, Ceyrin says, "How bad the bad idea is."

Speaking amicably to Stephos, you inquire, "Let's just get a general opinion, shall we?"

You glance appraisingly around the room.

(OOC) You whisper, "VOTE YES or NO?" to your group.

RESULT: Overwhelmingly 'Nay!'

Pukk quietly says, "Now that most of you are voting nay."

Pukk casts his vote with an emphatic "Aye!"

Albanus asks, "What are we voting on?"

Subarashi quietly says, "Not my place, but I advise against."

Izden quietly says, "We're voting you new mayor."

(Lylia stares straight at Stephos as she raises her fist, thumb down.)

Speaking calmly to Albanus, you state, "A general foray into the popularity of Lord DeArchon's proposal."

Speaking to Stephos, Geijon says, "On recommendation of a known criminal with a mayors pardon."

Arnylon asks, "Before I vote. Is there cheesecake involved?"

Ulkov amusedly asks, "Does everyone even know what they're voting on?"

You amusedly remind, "To be fair... this is hardly a representative demographic, but if anything, it is skewed toward people who would follow Stephos into his home."

You flash Stephos a toothy grin.

Speaking quietly to himself, Izden says, "I think there's a snake in the grass, so why not light a fire."

Albanus says, "Letting out criminals is a terrible idea. Letting out criminals locked in solitary confinement is a worse idea."

Cryheart says, "The vote is aye or nae to release the criminals to Stephos."

You chuckle at Izden.

Lylia says, "I will follow many unsavory people for the sake of ginger tea with too much honey in it."

Nehor confusedly remarks, "Is there a reason we shouldnt follow him into his home? Seems clean..."

Ceyrin says, "I don't live here, but my opinon is that the framework of his idea has merit, but the details are terrible as presently stated."

Nehor honestly admits, "I was mostly just following this young lass here."

Nehor nods at Ysharra.

Speaking to Lylia, Ysharra says, "Agreed. Definitely one of my soft spots."

Stephos grins.

Speaking softly to you, Wintersylph says, "You took a vote, no the results stand."

Speaking sardonically to Stephos, you declaim, "Perhaps we could just take these criminals and feed them to the blood trees, surely that would get his attention?"

You flash Stephos a toothy grin.

Geijon asks, "Has th' white ghost even formally been wanted for arrest on any charges?"

Geijon glances at you.

Speaking to Ysharra, Lylia says, "It is never sweet enough for my tastes, usually."

Albanus glares at you.

Pukk quietly says, "Like a moth to a flame."

Speaking to Nehor, Ysharra says, "You play your part well enough."

Speaking politely to Wintersylph, you remind, "It was not a formal vote, just a general poll."

Speaking to Lylia, Ysharra says, "Spicer says it's not sweet enough? I'm ever so shocked."

Stephos says, "I understand my proposal, much like myself, is not that popular."

Stephos says, "I am not looking to win votes, but achieve results."

Geijon asks, "So we want to release prisoners so a vigilante targets them as criminals on the suggestion of a so called pardon criminal to capture or kill him when he's not even been charged with a crime yet?"

Speaking arrogantly to Ysharra, Nehor agrees, "Of course. I am not only an excellent playwright, but a Lord of the Stage."

Stephos says, "If you have something better, by all means, I will gladly help where or how I can."

Speaking heartily to Stephos, Chamorr says, "To say the least."

Speaking to Stephos, Thrassus says, "It makes sense to me."

Speaking to Lylia, Ysharra says, "Remind me to leave the honeycomb sitting on your plate when you come over for biscuits and tea, dear."

Archales asks, "Did we have an alternative plan?"

Madmountan whispers something to Stephos.

Stephos says, "In the meantime, consider it Mayor. I must be off."

Stephos asks, "I trust you will all show yourselves out in time?"

(OOC) XXX's player whispers, "Have we tried to reach out to this punk vigilante yet? I asked that a couple times never saw an answer."

Speaking to Stephos, Geijon says, "Last time I remember you helping it was arming Krolvin to kill us."

Speaking to Stephos, Shinann asks, "Why not use the people you have in your employ and replace the prisoners with them?"

Speaking amusedly to Stephos, Albanus says, "Rob the bank, taunt the vigilante in town square. Fool proof."

Evia says, "Where is Thrayzar when we need his good sniffer."

Evia sighs.

Speaking diplomatically to Stephos, you assure, "The effort is appreciated, of course. And the hospitality."

Speaking to Stephos, Lylia says, "Not until the tea runs out."

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra asks, "You aren't inviting us to move in?"

Speaking to Archales, Thrassus says, "Sit on our hands, I think."

Speaking to you, Nehor quips, "If we do use the criminals, can you choose ones that can dance? They can be extras in my play."

Speaking to Stephos, Arnylon says, "A rather unique proposal to be sure."

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra says, "I'm right down the street, by the by."

Speaking to you, Xorus says, "I will look into a way to scry from a wound back to the weapon that inflicted it. I have never attempted it, but it may be possible."

You nod slowly at Xorus.

You quietly whisper to Xorus, "I will look into that with you, a fascinating proposal."

Speaking quietly to Stephos, Izden says, "Thank you for your hospitality. I hope you found a good return on your investment."

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra says, "Should you or your wife need assistance with any of this."

XXX whispers, "Fabricating a criminal for bait is a much easier and more controllable situation."

Speaking interestedly to Nehor, Pukk says, "But they might want to kill you."

Lylia nods at Xorus.

Xorus nods to you.

Speaking heartily to Maags, Chamorr says, "Hold still."

Speaking to Stephos, Mylenna says, "Good evening Stephos."

You quietly whisper to XXX, "Perhaps we can borrow some knights."

Stephos bows.