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Meagle Everhue started his life in Elanthia as Drauglin Everhue, son of Tenser I'daho (no relationship to the great Arch Mage of old yet who is a wizard of amazing prowess and power) and Katrinia Veela (whose name rings clear and brings fond thoughts to most all in the land.) Although his family, which previously made a generous living tending apple trees in the southern reaches of the continent, raised Drauglin to continue in this tradition, it was clear at an early age that he was destined to do greater things. Incidently, Meagle's family has also left the apple orchards to go on to be great protectors of the land.

Catching a ride on a turnip truck when becoming of age, he arrived in Wehnemeir Landing with little more than the clothing on his back. A rambunctious and friendly adventurer, he quickly learned from the "Great Thrak" much about the customs of the Land, and quickly began to develop his knowledge of both the immediate area and the lands about him, doing good deeds where not necessary, and helping others where possible.

Although living a typical adventurer's life of hunting dark creatures who plague Elanthia, he attributes his character and personality to four events -- four visitations by Elanthian deity -- that have molded his personality.

At the age of 27, soon after his 5th training, he ran into a pack of thraks and manticores during bad weather, and paid what he thought was to be the ultimate price. Fortunately, Lormnistra was merciful and repaid him for his past kindness with another opportunity for life. This, his only earthly-caused death, was to underscore for him the importance of devotion to the weak, poor and innocent in the land, and he began to actively seek an understanding that there were greater powers in the land than just the creatures which plague it.

A nasty thing occurred at this time. Drauglin's mind was muddled by his first experience with death, and he could no longer remember anything about his past. For the next few years, he wandered the lands, maintaining the peace and eliminating the horrible creatures he encountered -- without knowing anything about his past. His parents, home, friends and family were all a vague and forgotten inkling in the back of his mind.

Shortly thereafter, he visited a monastery east of the city and discovered a haven for the worshippers of Voln. He found solace and a new purpose there, and pledged fealty and a hatred of the minions of Luukos. Indeed, Drauglin's undead-kindled wrath is nearly equal to that of Voln himself. He can often be found in remote places battling wraiths, bone golems, death dirges and other denizens of the dark. He wears the symbols of Voln and actively shares Voln beliefs even with those in the secret society. He wears braided armor and can be found armed with a white blade and a white shield, in honor of the lesser god who has pledged the release of every soul enslaved by Luukos. He aspires to eventually wear a full coat of black armor in honor of Voln.

His third brush with Elanthian deity occurred at the training year of six. While on his way to the abandoned inn south of Wehnemeir, he was struck down by an unknown force. Strangely enough, he was immediately ushered into the presence of Lormnistra, who again showed her mercy by bringing him back to life. Not knowing what happened, since there was no earthly presence that could have struck him down, he pleaded to the gods and was answered immediately by the Caretakers. It seemed one of these Caretakers of Elanthia, who naturally enjoyed throwing death spells, misdirected a spell down to the land and unwittingly hit Drauglin, instantly striking him down. The Caretaker Draug then bestowed upon Drauglin his new name, Meagle, and thus a new person was born into Elanthia.

His latest brush with Elanthian deity occurred as a result of the kindness of his mother, Lady Katrinia. While puzzling over the bridge to the Citadel in River's Rest (actually while making repeated dives into the ravine), his mother introduced herself and asked if he would assist in a greater puzzle. Not knowing why yet quickly agreeing to help her, he became significantly involved in a quest that would take him before Fash'lo'nae, the greater god of magic and forbidden knowledge. After several days of planning which would involve the lady Katrinia and the lords Doorthonion, Daphren, Tenser, Throin, Rekarth, Rozak, and Topoc, Meagle found himself part of a great plan to beseech that deity for information on a secret prize, one which would increase knowledge in the land. Although the quest would fail (for now), Fash'lo'nae (who would appear as a swirling and rising mist) would be merciful and only slay two of the lords. Meagle's life was spared and he learned never to say the words, "Your assistance or perhaps a guiding hand would be welcomed and well rewarded." Indeed, he was glad he didn't say those words, but more than that he was glad he was involved in this great adventure. It was then that he discovered his missing past, and the Lady Katrinia revealed herself and her family to their long lost son.

Meagle, 45 years of age, with shoulder length wavy blond hair, tanned skin, deep blue eyes and a kind temperament, currently resides in River's Rest, living where he can.

There are many in the land who would testify to Meagle's worth. These adventurers include the lords Gygantis and Hardyman and the lady Pameth (who he remembers them from the hobgoblin boulder long before they became titled), Faltranna, Zandermos, Zeeksabee, Dwarvious, Barachado, Rebelex, Traavels, and Dharah (a very good dwarf!)