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The following event was held at Silverwood Manor in September 2013

[Silverwood Manor, Events Hall]
Decorating the walls of this passageway are a few tapestries depicting Silverwood events of the past. One piece in particular seems dedicated to some kind of death-by-cookies game, while others are a simple representation of the sharing of knowledge. An oak arch inlaid with silver scrollwork stands at the end of the hall, and a heavy pine door with a wrought iron handle interrupts the wall between a framed bit of aged parchment and a silver filigree-framed portrait. You also see a blue mannequin with some stuff on it, a black mannequin with some stuff on it, a red mannequin with some stuff on it, a green mannequin with some stuff on it, a silver mannequin with some stuff on it, a brown mannequin with some stuff on it and a wide wooden case.
Also here: Vhanson, Ruppaz, Zappur, Lorekeeper Vidos, Vathendir, Lord Psycligious, Lord Ninurta who is sitting, Mentor Corlyne, Mentor Inurtia who is sitting, Lorekeeper Ghrayce who is sitting, Warmongar who is sitting, Aiya who is sitting, Seyna, Rowmi, Mentor Dasmik, Mentor Durakar who is sitting, Mentor Ohnus who is sitting, Nyiticein who is sitting, Mentor Jeril who is sitting, Mentor Rohese
Obvious exits: east

Speaking to Corlyne, Rohese asks, "Shall we get this party started?"

Corlyne agrees with Rohese.

Speaking nervously to Corlyne, Rohese adds, "And before my nerves get the better of me."

Rohese slowly empties her lungs.

Rohese glances around the room.

Corlyne takes a moment to observe Rohese. Rohese removes a pavonated leather-bound book from in her cobalt leather shrug.

Rohese warmly says, "Welcome, everyone."

Rohese says, "I'm Rohese and this afternoon Corlyne and I hope to show you that it is possible to tell a story without actually saying a word."

Rohese corrects, "Well...perhaps just the prologue."

Rohese diplomatically continues, "And without being too literal in the telling."

Rohese reassuringly says, "We don't intend to stand here and lecture you for the hour. It is our hope that we will give you something to think about and then we'll let you all do the hard work."

Rohese clarifies, "And by hard work, I mean we have a game for you and we expect you to do some of the talking."

Rohese exclaims, "So, let's get started!"

Rohese says, "First, I'd like you all to take a quick LOOK at what I am wearing."

Rohese glances down.

Rohese explains, "I've taken extra care in my attire today to give you an example of what this hour is about."

You see Mentor Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l Illistim.
She appears to be an Elf.
She is taller than average with a slender willowy form and appears to be youthful. She has silver-lashed misty grey eyes and silky smooth, fair skin. She has lustrous, hip-length silver blonde hair secured into a spiral knotted bun by some tapered agate-tipped hairsticks. She has naturally glossy, rose-pink tinted lips. Peeking through her hair are dainty upswept ears tapering to fine points which enhance her fey-like countenance. She has a nacreous paper white glaze brushed onto her well-groomed fingernails.
She has an inking of a faint star constellation on her neck, and a cascade of tiny silver stars tattooed over her right eyebrow that fades into her hairline.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a pavonated leather-bound book in her right hand.
She is wearing a glass peacock eye pendant, a glossy cobalt leather shrug plumed with vibrant feathers, a platinum wedding ring, a silk-strung electrum mesh reticule, a pale blue chainsil gown gathered at the hip into a sweeping train, and a pair of argent silk chopines atop low glowbark platforms.

Corlyne takes a moment to observe Rohese.

Rohese notes, "Elanthia is rich in history, culture and lore with a wealth of readily available documentation covering many aspects of it - both official and player written."

Rohese continues, "We strongly encourage you to read some of it when you have the chance."

Rohese mentions, "If you're not sure where to start though, just ask a Mentor!"

Rohese playfully adds, "I promise we won't set homework."

Speaking to Rohese, Durakar says, "Speak for yourself, I make no such promise."

Rohese giggles at Durakar.

Rohese emphasizes, "A lot of information can be gleaned about somebody by their appearance: by the clothes they wear, the arboreal, floral or gemstone adornments they prefer and the items they use."

Rohese brushes her fingers lightly against her chainsil gown.

Rohese says, "Character sheet information and profiles aside, I'm sure you've all guessed from the outset that Corlyne and I are both elves - the ears are a little bit of a giveaway."

Rohese glances around the room, running a finger up and over the point of her ear, purposely trying to draw attention to it.

Rohese continues, "But despite our racial similarities we're from different cultures and this is reflected in my choice of outfit."

Rohese brushes her fingers lightly against her cobalt leather shrug.

Rohese comments, "Whilst I have chosen a cobalt blue as opposed to a sapphire blue, the allusion is still to the majestic color of the peacock which is reinforced by the addition of feathers and the inclusion of glowbark wood."

Rohese taps a pair of argent silk chopines atop low glowbark platforms that she is wearing.

(Rohese ruffles the feathers along the collar of her shrug.)

Corlyne amusedly says, "I, on the other hand, just wear a bunch of random things to confuse everyone."

Corlyne winks at Rohese.

Speaking to Corlyne, Rohese says, "But you look beautiful in a paper bag, dear."

Rohese says, "I will let Corlyne explain all that more fully in a moment."

Rohese says, "I am also holding something that is not only significant to my culture but I consider to be my treasured possession."

Rohese tilts her leather-bound book side to side, making the light play off it.

Rohese comments, "If anyone is interested in the more intricate and personal aspects of my book through the use of customised scripts, I will be more than happy to demonstrate it to you at the end."

Rohese says, "I can even demonstrate on Dreaer for you."

Rohese glances sternly at Dreaer.

Pursing her lips and drawing herself up to full height, Rohese's fingernails tap agitatedly on the cover of her leather-bound book. With a steely glint in her eye, she glances pointedly at the title and tightens her grip on the spine.

Corlyne seriously says, "The book is frightening."

Rohese nods slowly at Corlyne.

Rohese explains, "So all in all, it should be clear from a quick glance to those knowledgeable in elven cultures that I am of the House Illistim."

Rohese put a pavonated leather-bound book in her cobalt leather shrug.

Rohese preens and gives herself a quick once-over, then strikes a pose that is perhaps supposed to be impressive.

Rohese removes a pentagonal ivory-inlaid censer from in her cobalt leather shrug.

Rohese says, "Now, were I to be seen holding this, one could hopefully also discern my vocation or profession."

Rohese taps a pentagonal ivory-inlaid censer, which is in her right hand.

Rohese adds, "And were I to allow you all a closer look at it, you might also be able to determine which Pantheon and even more specifically, which Arkati I give patronage to."

Rohese smiles as she holds her censer aloft for all to see. Pentagonal in section, this censer draws heavily on an architectural design favored by the Queen of Enlightenment, imitating the ivory columnar structure of her sanctuary. Each of the five elevations includes a generous circular fenestration, providing an outlet for the perfuming smoke, and is surmounted by a quatrefoil. Slender gem-set chains of ruby, sapphire, and emerald, along with white and black diamond, thread through each ivory-inlaid silver tower to support the vessel.

Rohese says, "I could even burn wisteria incense for an additional clue."

Rohese comments, "So by virtue of a quick LOOK at me, and an INSPECT or SHOW of my censer, you can determine I am probably an elven cleric of the House Illistim whose patron is Lumnis."

Rohese mentions, "This is also reinforced subtly by the inclusion of agates in my hairsticks."

Rohese taps some tapered agate-tipped hairsticks that she is wearing.

Rohese continues, "As Lumnis is considered to be the Mother of Agates in established gemlore."

Rohese says, "Something else that is not quite so obvious is that the pendant I am wearing has a lot more to tell, particularly to someone of the bardic profession."

Rohese taps a glass peacock eye pendant that she is wearing.

Rohese explains, "Custom loresongs are a wonderful way of being able to record and share your story in a pragmatic way."

Rohese adds, "Again, if someone would like to experience it first hand then please feel free to ask me at the end."

Rohese asks, "Do we have any bards with us this afternoon?"

Rohese gazes with interest at her surroundings.

Rohese hastily exclaims, "Anyway, I've bored you all long enough!"

Rohese warmly says, "I will now hand over to my dear friend Corlyne."

Corlyne chuckles.

Rohese smiles at Corlyne.

Rohese takes a few steps back.

Corlyne recites: "Consider your character's outward appearance like a giant, 'Hello, I am' sticker. Players will often glance at your character and assess whether this is someone that they would interact with or someone they should avoid. Your roleplay is what defines your character.. it is their costume that helps refine that vision."

Corlyne recites: "One way you can portray a particular type of character is through the use of fabric. There are everyday fabrics like cotton and linen, but there are also culture-specific fabrics that can provide more insight into your background."

Corlyne recites: "Chainsil, for example, is a fine linen common amongst Sylvans. Bourde, a striped silk, is frequently worn by Faendryl as formalwear. Cameline is thick wool woven and traditionally worn by halflings. Dwarves even have their own cloth called cordetum, the rough fabric aiding them in everyday mining and forging."

Corlyne recites: "While all these fabrics have certain cultural origins, this should not discourage you from wearing an 'incorrect' fabric for your culture, for it could also help create a backstory for your character."

Rohese taps a pale blue chainsil gown gathered at the hip into a sweeping train that she is wearing.

Rohese says, "As I did."

Corlyne agrees with Rohese.

Corlyne recites: "You could wear layers of oilcloth and leather and be a sailor. You could live in flannel and gingham and work tilling the fields. You can drape yourself in velvets and silks and spend life in the Elven courts. You could be a well-rounded traveler, a merchant, a beggar.. or perhaps a wealthy Nalfein with an expansive wardrobe and impeccable taste."

Corlyne casually glances around the room.

Corlyne slowly repeats, "Expansive. Wardrobe."

Corlyne recites: "Once you have figured out the fabric, it is time to pick your color scheme! There are so many ways to describe a color, from the simple 'blue' to something as verbose as 'ultramarine' and 'lagoon-toned', it is all in how you perceive your character and how you would like others to do the same."

Corlyne flashes a quick grin.

Rohese mutters something about Illistimblue.

Rohese shudders.

Corlyne looks thoughtfully at Rohese.

Corlyne recites: "One particular way to use color is for Elven heraldry. While it may be tempting to request an 'Illistim blue' shield, not everyone understands that the heraldic color of Illistim is sapphire blue. It is easier, at least in my opinion, to associate a color with something most people have seen before, like whiskey brown or slate grey, but I do encourage everyone to play around with descriptions!"

Corlyne recites: "Your character could be an assassin in dark, muted colors or a cat-loving priestess bedecked in calico fur-covered robes. Colors can help tell a simple story or even create a facade for those who do not know your character's true intentions. It is cliche, but the sky is the limit."

Corlyne recites: "Finally, we come down to your character style. Does your character live with the bare necessities or do you prefer all the extravagances? A hermit or forest walker might prefer to wear only a cloak, simple clothing and shoes while a nobleman wears several neckchains, rings on both hands and carries a cane. Either way, what your character wears or does not wear can help to paint a picture at a glance."

Corlyne recites: "For example, a warrior knight might wear the full regalia of armors and spurs for public display, but a paid-for-hire bodyguard might conceal a blade in a cloak or up a sleeve. An Oleani priestess may show off the flowery symbols of her deity, but a Luukos-worshipping acolyte may be hesitant to indicate so to a crowd."

Corlyne recites: "Once again, this should not stop anyone from portraying their character the way you prefer. If you want to brandish your blade in public to find potential customers, you can use your marketing ploy to your heart's content. If you would like to proclaim the glories of the serpent in North Market, you can wave your prayerbeads all day. Your 'Hello, I am' sticker is merely a way for you to introduce yourself to other players through the use of clothing and fabric, a sneak preview of your character before the interaction begins.

Corlyne recites: "And if you’d like to run around town naked, no one is going to stop you, although my clothing advice may have been in vain."

Speaking to Corlyne, Rohese says, "Thank you."

Rohese says, "So now you we've overwhelmed you with information, we're going to play a quick game."

Rohese says, "I'm sure you've all noticed the mannequins and the items in the case."

Corlyne indicates a blue mannequin as a possible option.

Rohese says, "There are six."

Rohese says, "We're going to give you ten minutes to determine what the appearance of each mannequin tells you from what they are wearing and then decide which item or items you would choose from the chests to go with it."

Rohese says, "Actually from the case."

Rohese taps a wide wooden case.

Corlyne notes, "Some of them don't have pants and for that I apologize."

Corlyne says, "Pants just aren't necessary sometimes."

Rohese says, "Or Dreaer stole them, take your pick for the excuse you prefer."

Rohese says, "You're welcome to do it alone or in a group and there are no prizes, so just have fun with it."

Rohese adds, "Just be sure to look closely at everything."

Rohese reminds, "Ten minutes and we'll talk it all through."

Rohese says, "So let's start with the blue mannequin."

Rohese taps a blue mannequin.

On the blue mannequin you see a layered cobalt silk robe cinched with scalloped ivory lace, a pair of glass-ringed tatted ivory lace sandals, an organza-strung necklace of vivid glass starbursts and a pale gossamer underrobe.

Rohese asks, "Who wants to start?"

Rohese glances around the room.

Rohese says, "Just shout out what you came up with."

Rohese asks, "Profession?"

Speaking to Rohese, Ghrayce says, "The light fabrics suggest a temperate climate."

Speaking to Rohese, Rowmi asks, "Sandles and a robe...maybe a cleric?"

Rohese smiles.

Rohese points at Rowmi.

Speaking to Rohese, Rowmi ventures, "Perhaps she should have a candle, with which to meditate?"

Rohese asks, "Any guesses as to the Arkati?"

Rohese taps an organza-strung necklace of vivid glass starbursts on a blue mannequin.

Rohese says, "There's your clue."

Jeril asks, "Phoen?"

Rowmi says, "Ooh, starbursts."

Rowmi asks, "Phoen?"

Rohese beams!

Rohese claps her hands.

Speaking to Corlyne, Rohese exclaims, "They get it!"

Corlyne grins at Rohese.

Rohese says, "So the candle would be perfect."

Corlyne says, "I was trying to create something that would be subtle enough."

Rohese says, "And perhaps the mat."

Rohese taps something in a wide wooden case.

In the wooden case you see a bezel-set carnelian thumb ring, an aqua-striated malachite stone, a tumbled yellow-gold sunstone, an obsidian-handled ebony wand, an ivory tusk drinking horn with mithril mounts, a spherical beeswax candle, a brass-rimmed compass housed in a leather case, a gilded scarlet dragonstalk, a shallow black glass teabowl crazed with gold, some long-handled forging irons, a leather-bound breviary inlaid with gold leaf, a wrinkled sheet of music, a silver-nibbed raven feather quill, and a soft bamboo mat banded with viridian silk.

Speaking to Corlyne, Rowmi agrees, "Very subtle, but clever too."

Corlyne winks at Rowmi.

Ghrayce says, "As would the sunstone."

Speaking to Ghrayce, Rohese exclaims, "Well done!"

Rohese says, "Clerics sometimes use runestones."

Rohese says, "That would be perfect."

Rohese says, "Now ... onto the black one."

Rohese taps a black mannequin.

On the black mannequin you see some leather-lashed brushed ebon suede sandals, some heavy-hooded ashen wool robes lined in onyx velvet, a cylindrical glaes-pebbled alum case, a dark leather cuff inset with a triad of silver rings, and a crisp ash black linen underrobe.

Rohese says, "This one isn't so easy."

Corlyne indicates a dark leather cuff inset with a triad of silver rings as a possible option.

Nouvard says, "The triad of silver rings seems significant."

Rowmi agrees with Nouvard.

Vidos says, "Waggler again would be my guess."

Aiya softly says, "I was thinking wizard."

Corlyne nods in agreement at Aiya.

Rowmi suggests, "He has a case, maybe he carries around ingredients."

Rohese nods in agreement at Rowmi.

Psycligious says, "I was thinkin' lockpicks."

Psycligious chuckles.

Psycligious says, "But I'm not good at this."

Rowmi grins at Psycligious.

Ghrayce says, "Or scrolls given the shape."

Rowmi asks, "I thought that at first too, but then what locksmith do you see in robes?"

Seyna agrees with Rowmi.

Rohese says, "Robes perhaps would hinder lockpicking."

Warmongar says, "Velvet lined robes, definitely a prissy type."

Ruppaz says, "Robes are good for Rogues, so they can dodge easily."

Speaking to Warmongar, Ruppaz says, "Tryin' to make me look bad."

Ruppaz chuckles.

Rohese smiles quietly to herself.

Rowmi ponders.

Speaking to Warmongar, Corlyne says, "Also probably true."

Speaking to Warmongar, Ruppaz says, "But you're right."

Ruppaz says, "Maybe a bit prissy for a stealthy rogue.."

Rohese asks, "So we have a prissy magic wielder?"

Rowmi chuckles to himself.

Seyna says, "She would want the wand."

Rowmi adopts an agreeable expression.

Nouvard asks, "Dhe'nar sorcerer?"

Aiya softly says, "Oh, he."

Rohese exclaims, "Yes!"

Aiya nods.

Rohese applauds Nouvard.

Rohese says, "A Warlock, to be precise."

Warmongar says, "Oooh."

Corlyne adds, "Reminder that this is merely a game and not an invitation to be blasted by the Obsidian Tower."

Rowmi begins chuckling at Corlyne!

Nouvard smirks.

Rohese says, "I did check we had none of our Tower brethren present."

Rohese lets out a sigh of relief.

Rohese says, "So ... the red one."

Rohese taps a red mannequin.

On the red mannequin you see some front-pleated black twill pants with narrow cuffs, an epaulette-caught dark crimson wool jacket, some ebon leather boots pinned with a single gold wyvern, a single-knotted gilded rope necklace, and a leather case embossed with entwined quarter notes.

Dreaer asks, "A vaalorian bard?"

Seyna says, "A Vaalorian bard."

Rohese beams!

Rohese claps her hands.

Seyna grins at Dreaer.

Rohese asks, "More specifically?"

Corlyne asks, "Too easy?"

Dreaer asks, "A legionnaire?"

Rohese taps an epaulette-caught dark crimson wool jacket on a red mannequin.

Rohese points at Dreaer!

Seyna says, "It's hard not to be a dead giveaway when Vaalorians are involved."

Speaking curiously to Rohese, Rowmi asks, "Because of the knot?"

Rohese nods at Rowmi

Rowmi says, "And the crimson."

Rohese says, "It's part of their uniform."

Speaking to Seyna, Corlyne says, "Good point."

Rohese asks, "So what item might you see them using?"

Rohese rummages through a wide wooden case but it's clear she hasn't a clue if what she is looking for is there.

Nouvard dusts off his crimson wool cloak.

Jeril asks, "Isn't it a symbol of rank?"

Rohese nods at Jeril.

Corlyne grins at Nouvard.

Rohese says, "Squire Legionnaire, to be precise."

Dreaer says, "Maybe the dragonstalk."

Rohese lets out a little squeal of delight.

Rowmi says, "Because of the color."

Speaking to Dreaer, Rohese says, "You're good."

Rowmi agrees with you.

Rohese says, "Actually more than just the color."

Seyna says, "Sheet music."

Rohese says, "The dragonstalk is the flower of Vaalor."

Rohese points at Seyna.

Rowmi says, "Ohh."

Rowmi nods slowly at Rohese.

Rowmi brightly says, "I love these events, I learn something new every time."

Ghrayce grins at Rowmi.

Warmongar nods at Rowmi.

Rohese exclaims, "Now you're all getting the hang of it!"

Rohese asks, "This one?"

Rohese taps a green mannequin.

On the green mannequin you see a pair of knee-high taupe leather boots with wide cuffs, a supple olive green suede jacket slit high up the sides, a checkered linden and faewood hip quiver, a dark caramel leather three-finger glove, and an asymmetric necklet of carved faewood leaves.

Ninurta says, "Definitely an archer."

Rowmi says, "That is an archer."

Seyna says, "Archer."

Aiya softly asks, "A sylvan ranger?"

Seyna asks, "Green obsession, Sylvan?"

Rohese says, "Perfect."

Ghrayce asks, "Imaera?"

Rowmi says, "Faewood leaves."

Rowmi rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Aiya nods at Rowmi.

Speaking to Ghrayce, Rohese says, "Yes."

Rohese says, "So ...."

Rohese points at a wide wooden case.

Seyna says, "Thumb ring."

Rohese looks over at Seyna and shakes her head.

Rowmi asks, "Compass?"

Aiya softly says, "The compass."

Ghrayce says, "The horn or compass."

Rohese says, "Look more closely at the ring."

Ghrayce chuckles.

Ghrayce says, "Or both."

Seyna says, "Is a thumb ring for archery? Oh guess not."

Rohese says, "That would suit our Vaalorian bard more."

Seyna says, "It's all pretty."

Seyna grins.

Jeril says, "Why does a ranger need a compass? They'd just get lost anyway."

Rowmi snickers at Jeril.

Aiya softly asks, "It makes them feel better?"

Aiya shrugs.

Speaking to Jeril, Corlyne says, "Decoration sir. Decoration."

Speaking to Jeril, Vidos says, "They like to pretend."

Seyna says, "To get lost-er."

Speaking to Jeril, Rowmi explains, "So they can blame the compass."

Rohese says, "Now, my favorite one."

Rohese taps a silver mannequin.

On the silver mannequin you see some trailing ivory watered silk hand-wraps, an aqua satin atanika traced in teal butterfly silhouettes, a silver-chained elothrai suspending a summer agate teardrop, a pair of soft teal leather yatane with haon undersoles, and a long buttercup raw silk isiqiri piped in white.

Ghrayce says, "Erithian."

Rohese points at Ghrayce.

Aiya softly says, "An erithian monk."

Vidos says, "The bald ones."

Vidos nods.

Rohese beams happily at Aiya!

Rowmi says, "Monk, definitely. Erithian."

Rowmi adopts an agreeable expression.

Corlyne begins chuckling at Vidos!

Vidos says, "With the teabowl."

Rowmi says, "And the mat."

Aiya softly says, "Or the mat."

Ghrayce nods at Vidos.

Vidos says, "They always seem to be drinking tea."

Rohese exclaims, "Yes!"

Rohese says, "They have a special tea ceremony."

Vidos nods at Rohese.

Vidos says, "Can't just drink the tea like regular folks."

Inurtia says, "That they do."

Inurtia nods sagely.

Vidos shakes his head.

Jeril grins at Vidos.

Rowmi begins chuckling at Vidos!

Rohese says, "Fascinating should you ever get the chance to be invited or witness."

Rohese says, "And last but not least."

Rohese taps a brown mannequin.

On the brown mannequin you see a pair of low-heeled grey leather boots edged in steel rivets, a thick brown leather belt streaked in haphazard scratches, a leather-paneled steel blue cordetum tunic, a single metal cuff shaped like an ale barrel, and an ale brown leather apron with wide rivet-bound pockets.

Ghrayce says, "Warrior."

Aiya softly exclaims, "A dwarven um...ale drinker!"

Rowmi says, "He is a blacksmith."

Aiya ducks her head.

Rohese smiles.

Rohese says, "Yes, yes and yes."

Ghrayce says, "Eonake."

Rowmi says, "He will want the forging irons."

Jeril says, "Only some really weird dwarves don't drink ale."

Inurtia says, "I know about him."

Inurtia squints at a brown mannequin.

Inurtia says, "I'd say Mr. Brown likes long walks on the beaches of Kharam Dzu and often enjoys a mug of ale. The scratches around his belt suggests he's rather good with the women ... or he has really long fingernails that make it difficult for him to remove it himself. His absence of flashy colors leads me to believe he doesn't like to try new things and is afraid of change."

Jeril laughs at Inurtia!

Corlyne applauds Inurtia.

Rohese says, "And there we see an expert at work."

Rowmi laughs!

Rohese applauds Inurtia.

Aiya begins chuckling at Inurtia!

Inurtia says, "Just my thoughts on the matter."

Rohese advises, "Be careful what you're clothes say about you when you're with Inurtia."

Rohese says, "Now you all seem to have the hang of how appearances can tell you so much, you should start thinking about how actions help too."

Speaking to Rohese, Jeril says, "My favorite."

Corlyne loudly says, "Not THOSE actions Jeril."

Ghrayce steeples her fingers in her lap, quietly observing her surroundings.

Rohese states, "Our own actions and those of our roleplay items."

Rohese points at Ghrayce.

Rohese exclaims, "Like that!"

Speaking to Corlyne, Jeril says, "I've had some conversations without ever saying a word, it can be fun."

Rohese says, "She's saying, "shut up Jeril!"."

Seyna shifts her eyes to Rohese.

Jeril grins at Rohese.

Raising her hands before her, Rohese quickly backpedals away from Seyna.

Corlyne hopefully asks, "Did anyone have any questions before we start the shopping?"

Corlyne exclaims, "It's all for sale!"

Rohese exclaims, "We hope you've enjoyed this evening and we have sparked an interest in making outfits!"

Rowmi applauds Rohese.

Corlyne agrees with Rohese.

Rowmi says, "Terribly clever way of making us think."

Rowmi nods enthusiastically at Rohese!

Corlyne exclaims, "Thank you all for attending, we hope you enjoyed yourselves!"