Metamorphic Alterations

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Revolving Images items are sold off the shelf with two sides, and can be swapped between the sides using RUB. Eligible items include clothing, as well as jewelry and runestaves. More sides can be added, but only in rare circumstances and only by a select few merchants willing to do so. Alteration rules do apply, and it is important to note that all sides must be either LONGs or SHOWs, not a mixture of both, and need to be the same base item.

Tier 1


This gown allows for Metamorphic Alterations - the Original Version.  You can try to RUB the gown to cycle through various aesthetics.

Alteration Services:
  Any willing merchant may alter existing sides.  Each side will count as 1 service.  On the rare occasion, there will be clearly stated exceptions to this.
  The base 15/15/15 must make sense for all sides.
  ALL sides must be either a long or ALL sides must be a show.
  If you are changing the base, or changing from a long to a show (or a show to a long), merchants will update the other sides accordingly; however, due to the time sink, some merchants may decline the alteration.

Currently this item has 2 sides.

Side-Adding Services ("Unlocking"):
  If you have 2 or fewer sides, any willing merchant may add 1 additional side.
  If you have 3-5 sides, a handful of merchants may add 1 additional side during a session:
                   Blusteri, Ianwel, Rashiva, Roxe, Shahno, Sharlatta, Sophella, Toffit
                   [Other merchants will clearly announce if they have temporary ability.]
       [The above merchants may additionally or alternatively change your item so that it is
       the Expanded Version.  This is a one-way change (no take backsies!).  Depending on the
       number of sides you have, this can become a very time-intensive process, and as a result,
       some merchants may decline.]

  If you have 6+ sides, adding more is a special service that will not often be offered.
  NOTE:  Just because a merchant is skilled enough do this service doesn't mean it will fit in with their service offerings each time you see them.  Also, side-adding will generally be considered an unlocking service.

To see your current sides, ANALYZE again within 15 seconds.

The creator has also provided the following information:
******************** METAMORPHIC SIDES ********************

The base 15/15/15 is set up as "an aubergine,bourde,gown", and the the item is set up for LONG descriptions.

Currently, 2 sides total are set up:

SIDE ONE: an aubergine bourde gown with overlapping cotton gauze skirts
SIDE TWO: an aubergine bourde gown buttoned with tiny garnets

ANALYZE again for main info.


Verb First Third
RUB The fibula shimmers slightly as your fingers graze the edge. As XXX's fingers graze the edge of an aubergine bourde gown with overlapping cotton gauze skirts, the gown shimmers slightly.

Tier 2-6

Each additional tier adds an additional side.


an aubergine bourde gown an aubergine bourde gown with overlapping cotton gauze skirts an aubergine bourde gown buttoned with tiny garnets
a silver necklace a silver lariat necklace with mint crystal drops a long silver necklace of crescents in various moon phases
a slender orase scepter a spiral-carved scepter capped with a golden wyvern a slender orase scepter capped with a gem-set golden crown
Metamorphic Alterations Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Clothing
Item(s) Applied to Cloakworn
Alterable Yes
Item Verbs