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The Rose
By: Lord Minatax

I saw a rose in the valley
Its beauty was something to see
I approached it with care and with diligance
For I thought it was calling to me

As I closed in to admire its beauty
No thorns on its stem did I see
I knew that this rose was a piece of heaven
But I found it did not call for me

Yes this rose it called out for another
So I left with a tear in my eye
I admit I thought about taking it
But I knew it would wither and die

As I left I saw another approach it
A warrior so strong and so tall
The rose began to sing as it saw him
I knew he was the one it did call
As he kneeled in front of its beauty

I turned and I whispered this plea
May your new love always treat you with kindness
The same kindness that youve always shown me