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Spirit-well potions can be made by clerics in the Alchemic Potions subskill of Alchemy. The potions will increase the maximum spirit of the drinker for 20 minutes.

Any spirit gained as a result of using these +maximum spirit items will not be used against the imbiber in determining the Attack (AS) and Defensive strength (DS) formula when accounting for missing spirit.[1]

The amount of spirit the maximum is increased depends on the strength of the potion. These items are restricted by both level and a timed recovery period.

Each completed formula will yield two doses.

Alchemy Recipes

Minor spirit-well potion

A minor spirit-well potion increases max spirit points by 1 for 20-30 minutes. There is a cool down period between uses.

Profession Cleric
Discipline Potions
Spell 308
Uses 2
Rank taught 25
Rank end
Location Landing
An effervescent white potion
  1. Add blessed water
  2. Add 4 doses of mashed pale yellow daffodil
  3. Infuse mana
  4. Chant Well of Life (308)
  5. Add white pearl (whole)
  6. Boil
  7. Add glowing violet essence dust
  8. Simmer
Pale yellow daffodil on Roomdata

Major spirit-well potion

A major spirit-well potion will increase maximum spirit by two. A character must have at least 40 levels to use.

Profession Cleric
Discipline Potions
Spell 308
Uses 2
Rank taught 51
Rank end
Location Teras
A sparkling white potion
  1. Add blessed water
  2. Add 3 doses of white clover blossom
  3. Add powdered white starstone
  4. Chant Well of Life (308)
  5. Infuse
  6. Add clear tourmaline (whole)
  7. Add essence of soul
  8. Simmer
White clover blossom on Roomdata

Related Recipe

A flask of sparkling soul essence

1. Make

A flask of hazy green liquid essence
  1. Add water
  2. Add tiny golden seed
  3. Channel
  4. Add uncut diamond (whole)
  5. Boil
2. Distill hazy green liquid essence with an alembic in a guild alchemy workshop.


Effect beginning

You feel a rippling sensation spread through your body, bringing with it a profound sense of security as the connection between spirit and flesh strengthens.

Effect ending

Your feeling of security passes and takes with it the strengthened connection between spirit and flesh.
You feel drained!

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