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Storyline Beyond the Arkati
Witchful Thinking
Gender Female
Race Golem
Status Dead
Hometown Mestanir
Affiliation(s) Grishom Stone

Mirayam was an urnon golem who arrived in the landing in 2010, with no memories of her past, and believing she was human. She was a construct of the summoner, Grishom Stone. In the fall of 2010, she accepted a position as registrar at the Wehnimer's Museum. Eventually, she came to be considered a bit of a hero by the citizens of Wehnimer's Landing.


You see Mirayam.
She appears to be a Human
She is slightly shorter than average and appears to be youthful. She has captivating crystal-hued eyes and smooth, cream colored skin. She has long pin straight, sleek raven-toned hair which falls gracefully to a point in the middle of her back. She has a delicately sculpted face and a slightly upturned nose.
She is wearing a thin black velvet choker, a pair of simple diamond earrings, a cross-strapped brown leather scholar's satchel, a thigh-length ivory bourde billowing poet's shirt, a hip-slung black leather belt, a pair of black sand-washed silk pants, and a pair of black silk slippers.

Statue Mirayam

Seomanthe sings to a sculpted granite statue:
"Sculpted granite statue crafted with care an grace,
Your form were once sommat else entire,
Though your purpose be unfamiliar in this new place,
This song may on thy path shed the light of fire"

The granite statue seems to respond to the magic of Seomanthe's song.
Seomanthe stands frozen, eyes glazing over.

Seomanthe's eyes glaze over as she stares, unfocused, into the distance.

Seomanthe recites:
"A quiet, metallic chime reverberates through your mind, obscuring your vision as a new landscape unfolds before you. Shadows suffocate a large chamber, where a stack of corpses, all women, pile high to the ceiling. A row of red robed summoners chant in a demonic tone as a large chunk of urnon in the center of the chamber begins to shift, taking on the form of a beautiful woman. Suddenly the woman's hands turn into blades and she rushes past the robed figures, cutting them down as she flees."

Seomanthe sings to a sculpted granite statue:
"Sculpted granite statue oh the visions you share,
They be strong and filled with feelings regretful,
And thy magic is near too much to bear,
But this tale must be told lest we grow forgetful"

The granite statue seems to respond to the magic of Seomanthe's song.
Seomanthe blinks a few times.

Seomanthe slowly empties her lungs.

Seomanthe recites:
"A dark haired woman with eyes a crystal hue walks the bustling streets of Wehnimer's Landing. Few pay her any attention as she clutches a red journal to her chest, eyes darting to every shadow, every alleyway as she passes by. She arrives at Erebor Square where she stands before the local museum, finally putting her journal away and smiling wide as she steps inside. The woman finds herself resting comfortably in a plush chair, an old tome in her lap and a content look upon her face."

Seomanthe sings to a sculpted granite statue:
"Granite statue now standing here to share history,
Just as thy inspiration always meant to be,
Though her ability to share life here may be ended,
Her sacrifice has truly I hope some hearts mended"

The granite statue seems to respond to the magic of Seomanthe's song.
Seomanthe shudders and lets out a gasp.

Seomanthe recites:
"Women and children are rushed inside of buildings as the local Wehnimer's militia takes to the streets. High above the town, large shimmering red portals appear in the sky and massive granite constructs begin to drop to the ground. Skillful archers man the towers while valiant defenders charge hordes of mein and steel golems, their weapons and magic keeping them at bay. Soon cries of death pierce the night as up from the ground crawls undead corpses, slashing and biting at those who try to flee."

Seomanthe sings to a sculpted granite statue:
"Granite statue thy value be near untold,
For it's true that here though the adventurers be bold,
Memories fade and lessons turn pale with age,
Your true gift will live on in songs an not only on the page"

The granite statue seems to respond to the magic of Seomanthe's song.
Seomanthe exhales, eyes returning to normal.

Seomanthe recites:
"Guards patrol the streets, dragging their wounded to safety as they maneuver through large chunks of granite. The red portals over the town have expanded and flash with an unsettling light. The dark haired woman stands in the center of town, her body shifting rapidly as it had during her creation. With arms raised to the sky, an intense blue light escapes her form and smashes into a portal, closing it with a thunderous boom. Defenders look on with grim faces as the woman then crumbles into dust."

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