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Mnar Akurion
Archer and Cat-Finished.jpg
As drawn by his player
Race Half-elf
Culture Seareach
Class Scout
Profession Ranger
Religion Devotee of Lorminstra
Affiliation(s) Member of the Obsidian Tower
Taking aim. By the player.
Mnar's companion, the sapphire-eyed pale golden margay Kuluvein, by the player.

Mnar Akurion is a half-elf ranger and scholar specializing in the history of the undead and the ways various cultures have interacted with them over the years. He is a master of the Order of Voln, devotee of Lorminstra, and member of the Obsidian Tower. He was the first non-Dark Elf to complete an apprenticeship with the Obsidian Tower and the first to be named Shorn-ri (cousin) by the Dhe'nar.

During the Vvrael Saga, he was a confident of and mostly hapless defender of Rayyne, Terate's beloved. At the conclusion of those events he became more closely involved in the defense of the Landing and Solhaven against the activities of agents aligned with Luukos and other dark gods. During the Griffin Sword Saga, he became increasingly radicalized by the seeming inability of the towns' defenders to act forcefully, and committed several violent acts against his perceived enemies.

In more recent times, people who know him say he has mellowed significantly, compared with the driven, sometimes impulsive partisan involved in the GSS.

Companions over the years include Selfane, Alisaire, and his close friend Juspera. His animal companion is a sapphire-eyed pale golden margay called Kuluvein.

Interesting fact: Mnar's player proposed the design and much of the functionality for Assume Aspect (650).