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The mood script is a script that can be attached to armor and weapons. The Greater Mood script is shown below, whereas the Lesser Mood script is just the default non-custom ambient messages (see the saved posts listed in Resources at the bottom). The scripts are two separate scripts and so the Lesser Mood script would first need to be removed before the Greater Mood script can be added.

The following scripts are known to be incompatible with Moods as of April 2020:


>anal armor
You analyze your black fullplate armor and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:

Greater Armor and Weapon Moods:

This item contains mood messaging depending on flare type, and has a chance to fire off ambient messaging every so often.  It will also work for things like bless, elemental edge, and guiding light flares.

This item is currently dormant and won't do ambient messaging.  You may APPROVE to make it react again.

When getting the custom settings altered, it works just like getting an EzScript done.  You write the 1st and 3rd person messaging.  The custom abilities are like cantrips or illusions.  They do not cause permanent things to happen.  They shouldn't cause forced actions or emotions to others either.

Changing the flares, padding, etc. on this item is subject to having the custom settings removed, unless the messaging is generic.  If changed from ice flaring to fire flaring, custom messaging about ice would no long be appropriate.  Padding, weighting,  sighting, and defenders do not have default ambient messaging, but can have custom ones added and without the custom setting, they will never be ambient.

If you're unsure if you'll lose any of your custom settings, ask before getting any work done on this item that changes the flares, weighting, padding, etc.  Wave messaging is the same for both 1st and 3rd person.

  This has custom messaging for RUB.
  This has custom messaging for CLENCH.
  This doesn't have custom mood messaging.
  This doesn't have custom messaging for WAVE.


>clench armor
The eahnor veins of your armor pulse once before fading to black.  Tendrils of shadow suddenly begin to writhe along the pauldrons and rise into the air for a moment, taking the form of the head of a black drake, its eyes glowing eahnor red.  Moments later the shadows are gone, and your armor has returned to normal.

>rub armor
The eahnor veins of your armor seem to pulse with life for a brief moment, the crimson alloy appearing to flow like thin streams of blood across the glossy black surface of the plate.