Mordoch (prime)

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Mordoch Lorithnar

My mother died when I was young and my Father left our home and most of our belongings behind as he set of in search of something...what I'm not really sure, but looking back on it now it seems as if he went mad and was perhaps searching for my mother. Since he was really in no state to take care of me, I had to learn to fend for myself, and care for him as we followed every trail he decided to go down.

That's what lead me to the life of a ranger, I'm not incredibly suited for it, and had no role models, but I grew to love the land and when I had the opportunity, I wished to learn more about it.

Eventually my father left me at the inn on the outskirts of Danjirland, in the care of the innkeeper there, whom I came to know as mother and her daughter became my sister. I still check for my father on every merchant caravan that comes through, hoping one day to find him.