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Use Ranged, Arrows
Shields, Staves
Bonus +15
ST/DU 10/30
Rarity Uncommon
Weight Modifier Unknown
Primary Color Unknown
Dyeable Yes

With its characteristic, shaggy bark on boles and limbs, the mossbark tree is easily identified within the hardwood forests it generally occupies. Featuring small, oblong leaves, it is a mid-sized tree with wide-reaching branches, giving the specimens a squat, wide shape. Mossbarks often grow in dense groves, where the moss from their branches combines to block passage through the trees. It is believed with good evidence that the mossbark uses this combination of mosses as a secondary means of propagation. While mossbark wood doesn't carry powerful magical ability, nonetheless, what talent it does have makes it a popular choice for all manner of magical items. The finished wood is light in hue, similar, although lighter than pine.