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Nakaira ('nə-kī-rə') Kedeviss Faendryl, formerly known as the Sea Witch or the Näkki, is a female Faendryl dark elf currently residing in the frontier town of Wehnimer's Landing.

Nakaira emerging from the sea onto Caligos Isle, as depicted by Stormyrain
Nakaira Kedeviss Faendryl
Race Dark Elf
Culture Faendryl
Class Sorcerer
Religion Luukosian
Disposition Disapproving
Nakaira Rising by Mnar


You see Nakaira the Defiler.
She appears to be a Faendryl Dark Elf.
She is average height and has an emaciated body.  She appears to have one foot in the grave.  She has piercing dark ink blue eyes and waxen-looking, pale skin.  She has very long, matted black hair in a wild miasma of tangles.  She has a gaunt, severely angled face and high cheekbones.
She is wearing a brilliant fire pearl suspended from a thick leather cord, an ebony hooded linen cloak, some elegant silver-insigiled conjuring gloves fastened with shadowglass buttons, an embroidered muslin book satchel, some thick velvet robes with a deep silk-lined hood, a water-stained corset gown of zaffre satin overlaid with black lace tatters, a series of bone bracelets carved with screaming faces, a sapphire-inset ring etched with leaping waves, a dark leather survival kit, and a pair of narrow leather shoes.


Nakaira Kedeviss Faendryl is the name of a female summoner assigned to the scout cutter Veil Shark, a ship attached to the invasion fleet deployed to destroy House Ta'Ashrim's lands and people during the Sea Elf War some five thousand years prior to the modern era. She was named "Näkki" and "Sea Witch" by Ashrim refugees, the former a reference to the legend of a malicious, shapeshifting water spirit who lured people to their deaths in the sea.

Known Affiliations

Sorcerer Guild
Order of the Shadow

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