Sea Elf War

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The Sea Elf War (formally referred to as the Dark Elf - Sea Elf war) was a war between the Faendryl and the House of Ashrim, approximately around -5,000 years. It resulted in the complete annihilation of House Ashrim.

The war began with the assassination of the Faendryl princess, Chesylcha Sukari, daughter of the 37th Patriarch, Rythwier Sukari. It had been the last opportunity for the exiled Faendryl to re-establish themselves as members of the Elven Empire and the elven race. However, Princess Chesylcha did not make it to the wedding.

Instead, on the voyage to Ta'Ashrim, the Princess was murdered. There has been credible evidence in loresongs to indicate that her assassin was a Nalfein elf. Regardless, the Faendryl placed the blame upon the Ashrim and launched a fleet with their demon summoners aboard. The fleet of the Faendryl was no match for the Ashrim, and only three ships managed to reach the harbor of Ta'Ashrim. Unfortunately for the Ashrim, this was all it took to spell their demise. Aboard these ships, sorcerers summoned the worst and most powerful of their demons. In the next moments, the House of Ashrim was annihilated and the Ashrim, as a people, were mainly destroyed, with only a few survivors remaining.

The fallout for the Faendryl resulted in their complete rejection from the Elven Empire, and the perception by the other five remaining houses that the Faendryl could no longer be considered elves.